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 My Miracle PayPal Blueprint

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Dear Paypal User:

STOP what you are doing RIGHT NOW and IMMEDIATELY listen very

If you plan to ever use Paypal, currently use Paypal, or have used
Paypal in the past, you need to pay very close attention to EVERY word
that I am about to say because this life changing information will
honestly have you jumping for joy in the next 5 minutes!

Have you ever heard of or actually been the victim of what’s now
known as “The Paypal Nightmare”? If you’re not familiar with
this term then you might be a little confused at the moment so let me
briefly explain what I’m talking about.

I’m not referring to being a buyer getting ripped off by some
bogus seller. In fact, I’m not talking about business between a
buyer and seller at all! I’m talking about a legitimate,
trustworthy, legal FONT-FAMILY: 'Arial','sans-serif'">

Limited account access with NO EXPLANATION

Frozen funds/money with NO EXPLANATION

Closed accounts for an unknown reason with NO EXPLANATION

Pending cases, lawsuits, or police reports related to Paypal

Problems with multiple limited accounts being linked to new ones

And MUCH more!

Many people that have ever had any trouble with Paypal believe that
Paypal is a very crooked company, but that couldn’t be farther from
the truth!

Believe it or not, Paypal is not out to get you, upset, scam you, or
anything else evil that you may have been told by other users or may
even be thinking to yourself at the moment. I know, I know some of you
that are reading this are probably completely disagreeing with me but
just keep reading and I will prove it to you I promise.

Although I disagree with some of Paypal’s practices, the bottom
line is that Paypal has one goal and ONE GOAL ONLY! That goal is for
you and every one of there other millions of clients to be 100%
satisfied after using their services so that they can keep you as a
customer for life and continue to make money off of you

Remember, if you don’t succeed at making money through Paypal’s
payment gateway, then Paypal will never make money.

With all this said, I still know exactly how frustrating it can be
to have your money or legitimate online income unethically snatched
away from you when you have done nothing but great business and abided
by EVERY rule that they have put forth in your eyes. The worst part of
these horror stories is that until now, it was nearly impossible to
get someone on the phone, and even once you finally speak to a Paypal
customer service representative, 95% of the time they will put you
through all types of nonsense telling you to fax and upload document
after document.

WILL BE LOST because you will never be able to open, link to, or even
use another Paypal account EVER again because they will find out and
ban you or anyone else involved.

If nothing like this has ever happened to you then consider yourself
very lucky, but understand that even if you have been doing huge sales
for years with absolutely no problems, complaints, or interruptions as
I had been doing, you need to understand that this WILL happen to you
eventually! If you have never used Paypal or have money FROZEN WE CAN

At last, the solution to your problems or future problems to be
prevented is finally here through a brand new revolutionary program

My Paypal Blueprint is perfect for:

Current Paypal sellers that have had no problems

Current Paypal sellers that have had limited accounts
FONT-FAMILY: Symbol"> Future or potential Paypal users

And the list goes on!

Regardless to who you are or how completely hopeless your current
Paypal situation may seem, it can always be fixed using My Paypal

Believe it or not, hundreds of Paypal accounts get limited (never to
be resolved) as well as frozen everyday for unknown and completely
unexplained reasons. There are thousands of people that currently have
their accounts frozen indefinitely with over $1,000 or more in the
account that they will never be able to touch out of the 75 million+
Paypal accounts that exists worldwide!

Here’s the problem. There is currently about a dozen unadvertised
and non publicized reasons why Paypal account holders get hundreds or
even tens of thousands of their hard earned dollars frozen EVERY year.
The rules, regulations, and guidelines put forth on the actual Paypal
website are not at all clear as to what you can and can not do.

In fact, many times you can have your account limited, money frozen,
and even have your account terminated even if you have violated
absolutely NO rules or even laws that are displayed on the actual
Paypal website and user agreement and you have abided by their rules
100%. My Miracle Paypal Blueprint breaks down in detail exactly the
dozen or so reasons why accounts become limited and suspended (what
Paypal fails to explain clearly) and exactly how you can easily
prevent it in the future through some simple steps and be 100% safe
from this Paypal nightmare forever.

Honestly, I personally used to believe that Paypal made their
clients business lives a miserable living nightmare on purpose, but
that’s actually not true and we have to stop that way of thinking

What I do know is that THERE ARE CURRENTLY OVER 10,000 PENDING
LAWSUITS AGAINST PAYPAL and more and more are being filed everyday. My
Miracle Paypal Blueprint is putting an immediate end to all of this

My Miracle Paypal Blueprint is nothing short of remarkable and
breathe taking! So here’s million dollar question. What EXACTLY does
our program do? Let’s sum this up and keep it all very simple.
Let’s just say that our program keeps you from ever having to deal
with any negative situations on Paypal EVER again!

Keep in mind that everyone’s situation will be at least slightly
different. However, our program has tons and tons of solution for
virtually any type of problems that you could eve encounter having to
do with law sending limits, limited accounts, frozen accounts, and
suspended accounts.

Our main focus is to simply get your Paypal account in good standing
if it currently not in good standings and if you are currently either
not a member, not selling, or in good standings, our tactics, tips,
and tricks will insure that you keep it that way FOREVER without any
exceptions or interruptions.

So to sum things all up for you, for all of you out there that deal
with Paypal or have dealt with them on any level and to any extent in
the past, you will be very pleasantly surprised to see these
astounding secrets that I have compiled for you.

My story is like tens of thousands of other legitimate sellers that
have been unfairly wronged due to the misunderstandings represented in
the Paypal system time after time in the past. I opened my first
Paypal account 6 years ago when I was fresh out of high school. I was
introduced to the concept of selling on eBay through a close friend of
mine and I was ecstatic about the whole idea to say the least! I
honestly couldn’t believe how simple as well as fun as it all

If you have ever sold anything on eBay then you know that in order
to sell you have to create a Payapl account whether you will be using
it or not. In the beginning the sales were rolling in like clock work
and I didn’t have a complaint in the world. However, as I continued
to use Paypal the horror soon began.

bright and early in the morning knowing that 3 of my auctions had
ended the night before in which all of them had a legitimate list of
buyers that had already made legally binding bids in which they were
obligated to make payment.

I logged into my email only to find that all three winning bidders
had made payment, but Paypal had LIMITED my account! After days of
trying to reach someone through phone or email, I finally was informed
on why my account was limited. For those of you that don’t know,
with a limited account you can:

Needless to say, although you still appear like the same operation
to your customers, with a limited account, you can’t actually make
any money. Keep in mind that 70% of limited accounts are NEVER
restored to full access. Remember that a business isn’t a business
if it doesn’t make money.

What’s even worse about these 70% of limited accounts that are not
restored out of the millions is the fact that Paypal can legally hold
your money for 180 days without explanation (which they always do) if
the necessary resolution “SECRET” steps are not taken immediately.
These “SECRETS” absolutely can not be found anywhere else in the
world except for my program! You can search Paypal’s forums, FAQs,
user agreement, and anything else that you can think of all day and
night, but much of what you really need to know is unwritten and that
is the honest truth.

Obviously, I followed the steps in my email to restore full account
access over the NEXT SEVERAL WEEKS (that’s a very long time) with
absolutely no luck. Finally, after faxing, emailing, and mailing
document after document to Paypal to verify my account and my
identity, I was sent an email from Paypal stating that they would not
be restoring account access and they are closing my account with just
over $11,000 inside of it!

I was outraged! They told me that I would have to wait a full 180
days to touch any of my money and that they didn’t and wouldn’t
have anything else further to discuss with me. Keep in mind that this
was several years ago and selling online didn’t give you many
options and alternatives back then. LIKE ANY NORMAL PERSON I DECIDED
TO OPEN UP ANOTHER PAYPAL ACCOUNT with different email addresses and
information. Of course I was still using my real name and address
hoping that I didn’t have that problem again this time because I was
going to be extra careful to stay within 100% of the guidelines even
more so than before.

Here is the deal.

Paypal limits accounts for a number reasons, but 90% of the time
they won’t give you a specific reason why just like they did me.

Believe it or not, I tried opening up several more accounts over the
years, and each time I used the account for at least 2 full months
with no interruption before they once again stepped in and froze my
money and limited my account after nearly 2 whole years of being a
verified member with a positive score of 91. Before my account access
goes limited and my money was frozen!

The Paypal nightmare had happened to me again! I was devastated
because nearly every penny that I owned at the time was in that
account. I was infuriated and honestly, I felt like I had really been
COST! I began to research all of the many other cases through Google
that had been reported and talked about in which other people had gone
through the exact same thing as I did.

It turned out that there were tens of thousands of people left in
what seemed to be the same hopeless position that I was in and
everyone just like me had no clue as to what to do next and were just
as frustrated as I was.

I’m the type of person that strongly believes in the old saying
“Where there’s a will, there’s a way”. With that said, I
wasn’t going to give up until I had found a solution to my Paypal
nightmare problems. Keep in mind that Paypal gave me the run around
and provided me with absolutely no real solution, explanation, and no
resolution for year.

I needed answers and solutions and I needed them fast! I researched
and researched different ways to make breakthroughs with limited
accounts as well as many techniques to prevent this Paypal nightmare
from ever happening again all together. I interviewed and traded
techniques, tips and tricks with dozens of other Paypal sellers and
users including some ex Paypal employees that revealed “WHAT PAYPAL
WILL NEVER TELL YOU”! After months and months of research, trial
FONT-FAMILY: 'Arial','sans-serif'">My Paypal Blueprint has everything
that you will ever possibly need to know in order to not only unfreeze
or resolve any limited or frozen account, but also to be 100% sure
that it never happens to you again no matter who you are or what your
situation may be. My Paypal Blueprint is awesome!

Here is what we cover in depth:

Resolve ANY limited account in as little as 24 hours!

Unfreeze your funds in as little as 24 hours.

Never be effected by the limited access nightmare ever again.

How Paypal really works and why accounts get limited.

How to WIN the battle against Paypal 100% of the time!

And the list goes on!

Honestly, there has never been anything ever remotely as helpful for
Paypal sellers. I just wish that this had been around for me 6 years
ago, but now you won’t have to go through the same heartache that I
went through.

Dozens of Paypal sellers, ex-Paypal employees, expert researchers,
and business partners of mine contributed to creating this masterpiece
and now it is yours for the taking at a very discounted price!

Every single piece of information found in "MY PAYPAL BLUEPRINT"
has been tested, and proven successful by either myself, or one of my
close partners, and has also been highly perfected so that you can
reap the same problem solving benefits that we have.


I can honestly promise you one thing with MY PAYPAL BLUEPRINT and
that is that

it is hands down the best and easy to follow program that I
personally have ever seen! This low INTRODUCTORY PRICE OF ONLY $27
WILL NOT LAST LONG! I urge you to get your exclusive copy of

the MY PAYPAL BLUEPRINT Program as soon as possible before the price
goes up!

Risk Free 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

This is how strongly we believe in the strategies that we are about
to hand you for next to nothing. We are confident that if you follow
the My Paypal Blueprint system, you _WILL_ never have to worry about
having any of your Paypal accounts limited and will be able to un
freeze any current accounts having outstanding issues that might seem
hopeless at the moment.

That is a complete steal that we are almost giving to anyone that
wants to take advantage of My Paypal Blueprint! We are so confident
that you will have ultimate success using what you will learn with My
Paypal Blueprint, that we are prepared to back it all up with a
completely risk-free money-back guarantee.

If you don't find yourself thrilled for _ANY_ reason _AFTER_ applying
our strategies to resolve any future or current account issues, you
WITHIN 60 DAYS_ with absolutely _NO_ questions asked. You'll get your
money back, and we'll waste no time whatsoever deactivating your
access to the My Miracle Paypal Blueprint.

Normally $197
Today's Special Price $27 right now ONLY!

Receive instant access to the members
only section even if it's 3am!


For customer support please email SUPPORT@MYPAYPALBLUEPRINT.COM.


If you ever need a best selling sales letter or e-book, visit us at

Copyright 2009 My Miracle Paypal Blueprint. All Rights Reserved
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