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A part-time schoolteacher’s shocking discovery...

“How I Pay Up To $100 Per Click on Google Adwords Ads For Amazon, Clickbank and other “hidden” goldmines....
.... and STILL Make As Much As $1,465 A Day
Without a Website!”

I Guarantee To Guide You To Online Success
Or Your Money Back...


Case Study #1

"crazy bidding"

$13,000 in 78 days from one keyword and two hours’ work

I bid up to $100 per click for this baby and STILL make $30 per click in commission...




This is a merchant I discovered a few months back using the techniques I explain in Guide # 2. It was almost embarrassingly easy to set up and create this Ad Group and I did it in a way most gurus would describe as “wrong”.

Clue: because I have become so used to creating killer keyword lists using the skills you will develop in Guide # 1, I was able to ‘guess’ the single keyword that boosted my bank balance very nicely indeed. And I still haven’t got round to doing it “right” for this merchant yet...

Dear friend,

If you’re fed up of wasting money on “half truth” guides, outdated e-books that just don’t tell the truth the way it is today...

... if you’ve had enough of so called “gurus” showing you pictures of their flash cars, big houses and private jets...

... tempting you with their million dollar earnings, pretending to give you the “secrets” that made them richer than you can even dream of, while really only giving you part of the story...

... giving you enough to get you hooked, enough to make you want to believe, enough to start you dreaming, but ultimately not delivering...

... if you want to make money using techniques that don’t even require a website...

.... methods that modern “grass roots” affiliates are profiting from while you struggle to make a decent living, read on...

... because this is what you won’t need...

• NO websites
• NO big budget
• NO technical knowledge

...to earn as much as...

$30 Per Click In Commission!


My name is Mike Auton and like you I have wasted too much time and money on low quality “get rich quick” scams that didn’t get me rich at all...

...I know how you feel… what it’s like get that new e-book that promises to change your life, to feel that rush as you start reading the first few pages and feeling like “this is the one”.

I know what it’s like to start feeling lost, the feeling that a ‘piece of the puzzle’ is missing, that there’s just too much to learn, too much that isn’t explained properly...

... the feeling that these so called “gurus” don’t really want you to learn what they know, that they just want to stuff their pockets with your hard earned cash.

I’m so fed up with the lies...I want to stop the rot. I may regret doing this, but I’m going to reveal...

How I went from zero to a $1,500 a day business with no technical knowledge whatsoever...

...with just a Google Adwords account...an understanding of Amazon UK, Clickbank and a few select merchants “they” don’t want you to know even exist.

STOP – If you are looking for a system that involves: Websites, Blogs, Ezine Articles, Free Ads, Direct Mail, Spam, Gambling, Search Engine Optimization, Article Writing, Ebay, this is not the guide for you…

... Google Wealth Magnet is about direct linking - promoting other people’s products online Without A Website....

It has taken me a full year of hard thinking and planning.

I’ve written several guides and thrown them all out because they just weren’t good enough, they just didn’t “lift the lid” on how easy it can be to make money online without a website AND on a low budget…but…

I couldn’t keep silent any longer

I know for a fact there are some “gurus” out there who would rather I didn’t reveal my discoveries to you at all, that some of them will no longer talk to me when they read this guide (and they will), but I’ve had enough of these over complicated, unclear, hyped up pieces of rubbish.

You see, these greedy “gurus” don’t like the idea of me revealing the ultimate money-making strategies which I have already used to raid Google for gains like $30,020.97 in 21 days and $5,375 commission for 2 hours’ work...

...(I made thousands of dollars more the next month, and the next month again all from the same 2 hours of work) all without a website or a lot of technical knowledge.

Of course they don’t. They know I’ve discovered a proven blueprint, techniques the top 1% use against you right now. Of course they want to keep the easy money for themselves....

But what they don’t know is that I have a plan...

I want to help you guys, the normal affiliates on the ground floor, the guys struggling to make a living while these super affiliates sit around hogging the real secrets, making millions while we have trouble breaking even...

...it’s you guys I’m interested in. I want to help you become my own private team of “renegades”.

All you need to get started is the decision that you’ll commit yourself to following the basic steps outlined in this course.

Only some of you will answer “yes” to these statements. You are the people this system is designed for. People I will be able to help...



I’ve had enough of out of date, rehashed Adwords guides that promise everything but only succeed in disappointing

I’m not a technical genius. I don’t want to make money from websites, blogs, article writing (not yet anyway), I just want to learn straightforward internet marketing – I want to learn to walk before I can run

I have had little success so far. I just want someone to show me some realistic, achievable techniques to help me get my business off the ground

I know there’s real money to be made online and I’m ready to follow the principles in this guide to get my own slice of the action

I’m fed up spending too much on advertising. I have not got a huge budget but I do want to get some “bang for my buck”

I understand that I may not make millions overnight but that if I stick with the principles in this guide it will make it easier for me to experience the “big pay days” that are truly out there, even for me

I accept that this is not a get “rich quick” scheme, but an actual home business that I can build by following detailed instructions

I want some “copy-and-paste” examples that are easy to understand for EVERYONE, young or old, experienced or “newbie”. I just want to ‘get it’

I have enough time to read the guide, open an Adwords account, open an Amazon and Clickbank account and learn the basics of pay per click marketing

I want to learn simple methods that work. I don’t want to worry about technical stuff like HTML, Article Submission, Web Design...

I won’t expect miracles, but I do want results. I want to make some real progress and I am willing to put some time and effort in to succeed.


If these comments apply to you, we should be able to work very well together with one common goal in mind: getting our share of the “internet goldmine” that is still out there in the giant sized affiliate programs of Amazon UK and Clickbank and some smaller, but equally lucrative, affiliate programs...
...if only you know where to look...and how...
Grab your bags because we’re off on a journey to financial success...

...but of course I wouldn’t dream of leading you anywhere without proving my credibility.

The proof I offer you is not to show off but to show you that I am leading you in the right direction, that there is still a path to the “big money” for average guys just like you - guys who have been kept out of the loop by an entire industry.

Yes it is more difficult to make money online than it was four years ago, but it is very possible to make killer earnings using the very techniques revealed in Google Wealth Magnet.

I know “insider” affiliates who are still making millions of dollars from direct linking RIGHT NOW using the techniques I describe in this guide.

These guys don’t have websites, they don’t even pay much for most of their advertising, they use techniques that “average affiliates” like you and me can master quickly and easily and make up to $10 per click in commission...day in, day out....

The purpose of this letter is to show you where to look – and what to avoid (probably more important in 2009 than ever before).

Google Wealth Magnet will show you exactly what the tell-tale signs of failure and success are in Amazon, Clickbank and thousands of other merchants, as well as the value of a little bit of patience at the right moments. Timing is everything...
I understand you want some proof that you’re going to generate job-killing income, so read on to discover how I made...


A Staggering 10,302% Profit!

Case Study #2

Promoting the Affiliate Programs the gurus don’t want you to know about

“Big Bucks” for pennies

$832.20 may not seem like that much to you… but what if you could earn this much commission for an advertising cost of just $7.74….?

While you probably think these conversions aren’t even possible, you are way, way off the mark. I made this money from a merchant that lets anyone promote their products on any search machine. You can, too.

The truth is… these sales are realistic if you look forget “old school” outdated techniques. In fact, throw out your old guides because they are probably 100% wrong.

"In The Last 12 Months I've Generated So Many MASSIVE Affiliate Pay Days I Can Afford To Quit My Job, Live Out My Dreams and Live The Life I Deserve"

Like you I started out as the “little guy”, trying desperately to unlock the door to financial success. I really wanted to improve my life. I was fed up of the Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 grind and wanted ‘out’.

I’d had enough of coming home after work with not enough time to do the things I wanted to do and having no energy to do them anyway.

I was so determined to “make the change” that I scoured the internet searching high and low for information, for that little ‘nudge’ in the right direction.

I’m not a greedy person; I just wanted to make enough so that I had some control over my life.

I wanted to be able to go on holiday when I wanted, to buy the car I needed and, yes... to tell my boss where to stick my job (I really didn’t like my boss, but that’s another story).

I’m guessing some of this will sound familiar to you. I’m also guessing we share a common goal: financial independence.

After much looking and after buying too many “reveal all” scams that failed to reveal much at all, I stumbled upon a short article on Internet Marketing which described direct linking, and things started to get interesting...

...I had found my way ‘in’...

...and I’ve got to tell you, until a year ago I crammed Internet Marketing and direct linking into every spare moment I could find.

I lived, breathed and studied “my way” to make money online, at the beginning mostly using Amazon UK.

I tested other countries in which Amazon has affiliate programs and found the “big money” was being made in the UK - and I developed a system that really worked: day in, day out.

I bought plenty more e-books on Internet Marketing and direct linking that also promised the world, but they didn’t give me the real picture...

...none of them taught me an effective, up-to-date way of making money online today.

But once I uncovered techniques that could work for anyone, regardless of their experience or budget, with no need for websites or tons of technical know-how, my whole perspective changed.

I began to really believe...

Although I was making more money in weeks than I was earning in a year in my day job, I wanted to grow my business as quickly as possible, so I looked for other direct linking opportunities.

I discovered how people really make easy money on the internet...

I was determined to work out for myself how the biggest, best and most successful underground “guru” affiliates in the Internet Marketing industry were really making the big money.

So I signed up to Clickbank, started promoting some of their merchants and had some success doing so. I was gradually increasing my income and my options.

Not content, I practically spent every free minute looking all over the internet for other sources of income from direct linking.

I’d developed some killer techniques for direct linking, so I knew I was good at Adwords advertising.

I was confident I could make the profits from merchants that others might struggle to make money from and that I could keep my costs down.

And I'll be straight up with you... I'm not a whiz kid or a “guru”. I'm a normal guy just like you.

The reason why I believed I could make money in affiliate programs other than Amazon UK and Clickbank – both of which I’d grown to love – was that I had mastered the basic principles of modern direct linking.

I had taken the crumbs “they” had allowed me to learn in their so called “reveal-all” guides and I had turned them into modern day practical techniques, techniques the “average affiliate” like you and me could use with almost no technical knowledge.

And what makes me a successful at direct linking is I know something only a select few people in the world know, something I can guarantee you haven’t have heard about before...

I'm about to tell you a story of how I unearthed Google’s "hidden millions" and uncovered a formula to quietly skim piles of cash from an "internet goldmine", all from the comfort of my own home and for a relatively low cost.

And do you know what I discovered?

There are simple techniques guaranteed to let you quietly help yourself to a giant mountain of cash – so grab your shovel and get digging...

These well kept secrets have already made me enough money to live comfortably from for years without even needing to think about where the next pay check is coming from.

I know now for a fact that this closely guarded formula has made people with very little technical knowledge millions - and they don't want anyone to know about it.

You see, since I’ve started making serious cash from direct linking a few “big players” have begun to notice me and get nervous.

They know I’m ‘not one of them’ but they also know I have unlocked a door they wanted closed to everyone but themselves.

And I’m about to give you the key…

This is the true story of how I broke their secret code and made as much as $13,000 from “one little keyword”

Now I’m relatively new to Internet Marketing, but I’ve heard plenty of stories from “insiders” who were there five years ago and more.

I know how things have changed, how it’s harder to compete with the real gurus...

In the "old" days it was a breeze to make massive profits.

You went to a merchant, picked a few of the top selling products and advertised on some related keywords on Adwords.
Advertising costs were low, competition was almost non-existent and the profits just poured in.

"But The Bubble Burst And The Hard Work Started – Most Internet Marketers Had To Think Hard About How To Make Money."

And a few worked it out... and made millions…

And they guarded their “insider” techniques carefully, unwilling to share their methods with the “little guys” like you and me.

But at some point the party had to stop.

Because I have unearthed at least some of these life changing techniques – enough to generate thousands of cash dollars on autopilot, sometimes on a daily basis...

...and I am personally making it my mission to let you in on the “secrets” they want to keep to themselves.

I’ve had enough of the lies, the deceit, I want you to know the truth...
...And that's how I have come to develop...

"Google Wealth Magnet" - the most powerful, 'step by step' affiliate money making system suitable for all levels of experience and budget that I've ever come across - and believe me I’ve searched high and low.

Google Wealth Magnet

• - The “secrets” you have been waiting years for... the answer to the question, "how do I make big money with AdWords today"

• The affiliate marketing tricks that the six figure guys use - exposed in easy to repeat “step-by-step” detail

• Learn why you've been living a lie and get revenge on the gurus....

• ...AND you don't even need technical knowledge, a website or a blog to profit, not using my ‘insider’ tricks!


Let me tell you like it really is...no BS...no hype....


This is the first time I’ve put together a guide like this.

I am not an accomplished author so if you’re looking for an e-book that is completely slick and polished, this may not be the course for you.

But there are ideas, chapters – whole sections – that I have never dared put down on paper before...

And these “secret” techniques will unlock doors for you – maybe even on the day you read the guide – that otherwise might have taken a lifetime of expensive “trial and error” for you to find the key to.

Right now...I bet you’re just not sure...you’ve been “scammed” before by e-books that have promised the world and simply not delivered.

You just want to make some money online, right? You want a slice of the pie “they” don’t want you to even touch...

Let me make you a little promise:

Give me a few days.

Read this guide.

You will start to make money.


A $1500 A Day Success Story!

Once you learn what I have to coach you...and put it into action...it would be impossible for you to be the “little guy” again.

It would be impossible for you not to know how to get your first “foot on the ladder” to financial security – starting with virtually nothing as I did only a few years ago.

I hope you’ll give me the benefit of the doubt. If you’re open-mined, please read on....

...But if you aren’t the kind of person who’s willing to learn, please do not bother reading any more of what I have to tell you.

Unless you believe that there is real “life changing” money to be made online – unless you believe in me – this course will not work for you.

Anyway, before we get our hands dirty...let’s get acquainted. Maybe I should tell you a bit about myself.


I was born in Liverpool, England in 1975. I had a pretty normal childhood. I did all the stuff I was supposed to as a kid: I went to school, passed my exams, even went to university.

But all the time I felt like I was doing what “they” wanted me to do.

I underachieved all the way, doing the bare minimum to keep people off my back and stay “under the radar”.

After 20 years of doing what I thought the world expected me to do, I decided to quit it all and travel around the world. I lived in several countries, learned a few languages, circumnavigated the globe, made a ton of friends.

Finally, I was living “my life”. I had taken control.

But then I did something that I just can’t explain. I went back to the life “they” always wanted me to have: I finished my studies and became a teacher.

To begin with I actually thought I’d made a good decision. I’ve always enjoyed helping people understand things and kids are just little people, right?

But I’ve gotta tell you after a while it started getting to me.

But maybe not for the reasons you think...

Sure, the kids could be a real pain at times, but I remember being a kid myself – I hated school – the problem wasn’t the kids, it was my colleagues and my boss, the whole ‘real life’ day to day drag.

No-one seemed to see things they way I did. Everyone was so caught up in their own little lives that they weren’t open to “out of the box” ideas.

My colleagues would complain that they had no money, no time, no energy, no way of getting out of the life they had and you know what...

...it depressed me

I thought to myself “this can’t be it”. This is what “they” wanted me to do, to be?

I felt like I was drowning in a sea of a grey existence that most people just seemed to have accepted as “unavoidable”, the inevitable: work your guts out for 30 years or more, take all the rubbish your boss throws at you, use all your energy on your job and have little time for fun – remember fun?

I couldn’t take it anymore...

I looked for an ‘out’.

And I looked.

And I looked...

...and gradually I started finding hope...success...a way out of the life I now knew for sure I never wanted again.

I started making more money from a few days “work” at home on my computer than I did in a week’s teaching. I could taste my new life opening up in front of me...

In my fist year I was making a few thousand dollars a month purely from direct linking. Maybe not enough to excite the “gurus”, but it excited me. I knew I was on to something...

Every month my earnings increased. In the space of a few months they trebled.

I was making some serious cash...then came October, November and December of last year...

...when the “big pay days” came. I’m talking crazy sales, crazy commissions: $13,304.18, then $23,833.23, then $33,130.16…

...and that was just the beginning. I knew I had discovered a great money making system, but I also knew there was more to be made and I was right.

I ‘tweaked’ my techniques until a lot of what I did was on autopilot, no more sitting for hours at my computer on simple unprofitable tasks.

I refined my tactics, ruthlessly threw out time consuming jobs that weren’t making me serious cash, anything that wasn’t making me big money was cast aside.

It was the best thing I ever did...

...because it freed up time for me to learn new techniques, new “fortune building” tactics, to enter new markets, discover new “hidden” niches.

My business grew rapidly, while my time spent working shrunk dramatically.

I was doing 25% of the work I had previously done for more money than I had ever made - day in, day out.

I started with a goal, you could call it a dream. I believed there was something better out there: the life I wanted.

For me the goal was to be free of the shackles of “ordinary” life. I wanted time, money and fun...and I had it!

I know what you’re asking yourself right now...

Why would I teach these incredible wealth secrets to total strangers for the small fee this course sells for?

It’s a difficult question to answer. The truth is there are lots of reasons....

Maybe it’s because I like to teach people stuff. Maybe I want to show those so called “gurus” that the “little guy” can beat them at their own game.

Maybe I too would like to be recognised as a serious player and not just an ‘outsider’ looking in. Whatever the reason – you’re in for a treat.

I named the course "Google Wealth Magnet" because that’s what it’s designed to be...

...It’s designed to help you pull in the “big money” with almost no technical knowledge in a short period of time.

"Of course, most e-books are no use... you need an edge if you plan on making a real killing... and that is where this unique Google Wealth Magnet guide comes in..."

... because even if making money on Google Adwords is the way to go, you wouldn't think it with the amount of guys who have tried and failed.

There are seriously dozens of Adwords manuals out there, some as cheap as $47, some as expensive as $997.

And you know what? Every damn Adwords guide seems to give the same information!

I swear! The problem is that the authors wrote these guides two years ago or more... and the rules of the game were different then…

But their "old school" outdated techniques just do not work any more!

You need someone who is out there making the money today... someone who has bought $1000s of dollars worth of Adwords guides, joined countless “coaching” sessions, and still wasn't satisified...

...someone who had to come up with his own way of doing things in today’s market, today’s conditions, who made it all work, despite the “half truths” out there...

...someone who has learnt simple, effective techniques the hard way, with no websites, no real technical ability, and still come out on top...

I’m being serious.

I’m going to guarantee it. If this course fails to make you some serious cash after you’ve tried all the techniques covered in this guide, after you’ve really “given it a go”...

…seriously, I want you to send me an email explaining what you did in an attempt to increase your income. Maybe I can help you out.

In short, you need Google Wealth Magnet because it is the only Adwords guide that tells you the truth like it really is, and the only manual that guarantees to make you money.

It is that simple - in fact... if you plan on profiting from Adwords, you hardly have a choice.

Is It Immoral To Make Money This Easily?

Part of me says, yes.

When I see other people around me working their lives away for relatively low salaries, I do feel bad sometimes.

I mean, I hardly feel like I’m working for my money. All I do is get up when I ‘m ready, switch on my computer and make more money in a month than I used to in a year...

Is this immoral? Maybe, but I can’t help but love it...

Listen, maybe you do not want to become one of the filthy rich elite...maybe you just want a better quality of life for you and your family...that’s fine...but I do have to tell you this...

...It’s just as difficult to make a “good” income in this business as it is to earn the mega bucks the real gurus are earning...

...and I do not mean this in a negative way...I mean it in the most constructive way possible.

After all, if you find a way to turn a dollar into five dollars a hundred times, why not do it a thousand times? This is the way the “big guns” are doing it, the way I have learned to.

So anyway, let’s get going right now. I’m really excited for you. I remember what it was like first learning the “secrets” that had escaped me for so long, that took me so much time and money to discover.

I could hardly sleep at night. I couldn’t stop thinking about the money that I’d earned in a single day from a few clicks - once I’d made the “breakthrough” I am going to pass on to you.

Seriously - I am really jealous. I wish I could relive one more time what you’re about to learn...but I’ve had my turn.

So I’ll have to be content picturing all the people in their homes reading this guide, putting it into action, earning awesome cash from the comfort of their own homes, taking control of their lives.

I’ve been writing this course in my head for at least a year now. It’s been begging me to write it all the way....

Am I happy with the end product?

Absolutely. The very guide you will hold in your hands is not just an empty set of “half truth” sentences and chapters...

...it’s literally a road map...a “tried and tested” blueprint...a formula for making serious money on the internet today. Because what so many intelligent internet Marketers don’t realise is that...

“...you don’t really have to ‘be an expert’ to make excellent money from direct linking...”



FACT: My guide works because it wasn't produced by some academic theorist sitting in an ivory tower with no practical experience in the trenches.

This formula was developed from techniques that actually work, in real life, in practice - you always suspected these techniques existed, but never knew where to find them, until now...

These secrets can be used by anyone from single mothers, students, the unemployed, to small businesspeople making a very comfortable killing...all the way to the super affiliates, the six-figure gurus.

These techniques are not “half assed”. They are powerful. They are life changing. They could even be seen as underhand. But let me tell you...

“...the single biggest mistake internet marketers make...and...how the guys who do not make this error...can make almost as much money as they want!”

I am offering you the chance to digest, absorb and take in this complete system for itself. The chance to click once and prove that dreams can become reality, and that we are all sitting on a goldmine IF we know where to look...

Enough already – let’s get going!

The next few moments will expose you to amazing secrets... if you truly want to make huge “recession-proof” profits then keep reading...

Through a long process of listening, studying, meeting the right people, picking up hints, gradually uncovering small pieces of the jigsaw and hunting for clues, I was able to uncover an intriguing reality that is totally unsuspected by the average affiliate marketer.

It took me many months of research, but here's what I discovered...

What everybody ought to know…
About direct linking

What is direct linking?

Put simply, direct linking is creating an advert for somebody else’s product on a search machine like Google.

You find a merchant who runs an affiliate program, you join it, get a unique code that belongs only to you and when you create your ad on Google Adwords you insert your code in the URL (the address of the web page for the product you are promoting)

If the product you’re promoting costs $100 and the merchant you’re advertising on Google gives you 10% commission, you earn $10.

Some merchants have only one or two products they sell online, while others – the “major players” like Amazon and Clickbank – have literally thousands of products for you to promote and profit from.

Why should I use direct linking?

For the same reason you might start any new business. To make money.

You can earn up to 10% for promoting Amazon’s products. Do this a few times for one of their best selling products and you can be sure that were not talking pennies here....

Of course you’ll have some advertising costs, but the rest of your earnings can be used for whatever you want: go on that holiday, buy that new car, travel….

...or put the money back in your business to make you even more money, more earnings, more commission.

How does Amazon UK work?

Pretty much like the thousands of Affiliate Programs out there.

You sign up to be an affiliate – it’s pretty easy to do this – and you start promoting their products in search engines like Google.

Apart from the incredibly large range of products there are to promote for Amazon, Amazon UK does have one big advantage over most of its competitors...TRUST.

You can almost guarantee if a searcher is looking for a product and sees Amazon UK is selling it, they will want to buy from Amazon, often even if Amazon isn’t the cheapest merchant advertising.

Why? Because Amazon is a brand name people trust. They feel like they can shop safely with Amazon and that they will receive the product on time.

This is a huge benefit for us as we can compete with other merchants safe in the knowledge that most searchers just won’t want to buy from them if they can avoid it.

How does Clickbank work?

Clickbank is probably the world’s biggest e-book vendor. Once you’ve signed up to Clickbank you will have the choice of literally thousands of products to promote.

After Amazon, this is one of the best places for a direct linker to start searching for products to advertise. If you want to cut your teeth on another source of income, you’re looking in the right spot.

What about these other merchants you talked about?

How soon you start advertising for other less well know merchants will depend on many factors, one of them being experience.

It is no accident that I recommend you promote merchants in the order I write about them in Google Wealth Machine.

I am handing you a tried and tested template of how I muscled in to the big pay days.

When you’re ready, Google Wealth Machine will give you the skills you need to seek out these “hidden” goldmines and avoid potential money losers.

You will be supplied with a map, a route and a compass. The rest will be up to you...

How much commission can I earn?

That depends on the product, the merchant and how much commission they offer their affiliates.

Some merchants pay incredibly well for what may seem to be very little to the untrained “newbie”. Other merchants may pay relatively little but sell in very high volumes (which can also be extremely lucrative).

In my experience there are some crazy commissions to be earned out there (see Case Study #2). So it’s fair to say the sky’s the limit. Even on a low budget.

The average commission is somewhere between 5 and 10% from most merchants but as unbelievable as it may seem some merchants will pay you simply for sending people to their site – even if they don’t buy!

Most companies pay monthly, some wait longer for payments from customers to clear, some pay immediately, as soon as a sale is processed.

Do I have to pay to become an affiliate?

‘No’ is the normal answer. I’ve never paid to join a single affiliate program and would be sceptical of any merchant who required me to pay to be able to sell their product.

The beauty of direct linking and affiliate marketing is that it is so simple. You don’t need to be an online expert, don't need to have a lot of money and you can start earning right away.

Your only costs are the electricity that powers your computer, your internet connection and your advertising.

How much does it cost to advertise a product?

This cost of a click depends on many factors. Google will charge advertisers more or less for a click based on the following aspects:

• your account history (example: if Google approves of the content of your ads for the different products you are promoting)

• your campaign history (example: if Google likes the way you’ve created your Ad Groups)

• the landing page quality score (if the webpage you link to is of a high standard)

• the keyword quality score (example: if Google thinks you’re sending searchers to the right page for the product they’re interested in)

• your display URL (example: if the name of the site in your ad is the correct name of the site you are sending searchers to)

• your CTR (Click Through Rate = how many people click on your advert)

• your bid (how much you decide you are willing to pay for a click)

• and of course how your competitors compare to you in these areas.

Now this might seem like a lot to you, but I will give you a series of “cut and paste” examples that “cut through the crap” and tick all the boxes Google wants ticking...

Can more than one affiliate promote the same product?

Google and most other search engines only allow one affiliate to promote any single web page at the same time.

This means if you want to promote a product that somebody else is already advertising, you will have to compete with them
(tip: the way to do this successfully is in Google Wealth Magnet and the answer’s not what you think...)

What is Google Adwords?

This is the place where you create an account that allows you to put adverts on Google’s search machine.

MSN and Yahoo have similar set ups – as do many other smaller search machines – basically opening an Adwords account is the first step to launching your Internet Marketing business.

Why do advertising costs change?

At any given time your competitors may decide to pay more per click than you have set as your maximum bid. Adwords functions a bit like an auction...

...knowing when to pay more and when not to is a simple but often misunderstood skill in affiliate marketing, a skill that many affiliates do not know the “secrets” to...

...these secrets are waiting to be revealed to you... if you follow my nasty little steps.

When should I stop trying to outbid my competitors?

There are many different techniques that help you avoid spending too much on advertising and keep your profits high.

Deciding when to outbid and when to let somebody outbid you depends on many variables. The matter of timing is very important to the affiliate marketer.

I can't blame people for failing but I can help them avoid the mistakes 95% of affiliate marketers make...

Who will click on my ads?

This is totally your decision. You have control over which countries, languages, even which cities your ads do or don’t show in.

If you want your ads to only show in the US, that’s where they’ll show. You can control the location of your promotions in the Adwords interface.

What if I don’t live in a country I want to advertise in?

It doesn’t matter where you live. You can programme Adwords to show your ads anywhere in the world, no matter where you are.

You can make money in Canada while sitting on a beach in Rio de Janeiro...and I have...
Why would people click on my ads?

There are more than 200+ million search queries per day On Google…

…that’s every day, 24/7, 365 days a year: millions of people all looking for products and solutions and the numbers keep on growing...

If you advertise the product or service they need, they will click on your ads. You’re providing a service and you’re about to get very well paid for it!

How can I make a profit?

There is a very simple formula for making money online and it’s the same as in all businesses – keep your costs low and your turnover high.

Google Wealth Machine will guide you every step of the way and provide you with a "connect the dots" path to profit, no matter what your budget. You will learn...

How To Make The Maximum Money
In Minimum Time

Listen: six years ago I thought I wanted to have a “normal life”. I got myself a job, went to work every day and gave it my very best. I kept at it until I was damn good.

But there was a problem...

You see, no matter how good I got at my job I could only earn enough to have a normal life.

The kind of life that everyone else seemed to have accepted as inescapable.

So, I kept scratching and searching until I came across the Amazon Affiliate Program otherwise known as Amazon Associates.

This is where I first uncovered a way of making money by selling almost anything without even meeting the customers in person...with no contact at all...not even an email!

It took me many months of trial and error, but I developed some killer techniques that consistently siphoned off huge amounts of money in today's new and different "Google game" and left my competitors scratching their heads, wondering how they had lost massively profitable keywords and Ad Groups.

Within a short period of time I was promoting the vast majority of Amazon UK’s top selling products.

In fact it’s fair to say if you bought a popular product from Amazon UK after clicking on a Google ad, you probably clicked on one of mine. I know because I checked!

I was quietly skimming tens of thousands of dollars a month from Google alone. I realised I had blown the lid on at least one of “their” lucrative capers and I was hungry for more....

I developed “Stealth” bidding techniques that allowed me to compete with anyone and everyone, techniques that required little time to set up or monitor.

I was earning real money and the maximum time I needed to do this was just a few hours each week.

I’m not kidding. This is an example of what my “stealth” bidding techniques brought in...

Case Study #3

Promoting big selling products using “Stealth” bidding techniques

Beat the gurus at their own game

This is an example of how I earned $30,020.97 in 21 days from one account I have with Amazon UK (I have several accounts, but this one was the best at the time).

The amounts you see are in British Pounds.

This was around about the time I got to know the main guy in charge at Amazon Associates. I had managed to remain “under the radar” until these sales.

From then on we were on first name terms.

After all I was generating millions of dollars in revenue along the way...not bad for a part time teacher...

Direct linking is simple

That’s how you will feel once you’ve completed this course. In fact you’ll wish you had started earlier. Once you’ve learned the basics, it’s very straightforward.

You may be shocked at just how simple it is for super affiliates to make easy money on the internet, guys with not even a single website to maintain.

Now let’s look at how you can start earning immediately with direct linking...

First I’ll show you step by step how to build your direct linking business from scratch, using my proven system

The first stages of building a business are always the most difficult. That’s why I’m going to reveal to you a system that is so drop dead simple that anyone can get started with ZERO experience.

Yes, I Am Talking About Making Fast Profits Within Days From Now...If You Do What I Tell You To.

But something else that you must not forget (if you want to be a successful internet marketer) is...

Consistent Income Month After Month Is More Important Than Occasional "One-Off" Success!

This is why I provide you with the exact blueprint I used to create the lifestyle I believed was mine by right.

I’m not going to lie to you and make you unrealistic promises. This is not a “get rich quick” scam. You may well earn thousands of dollars, week in week out, using these techniques, and yes there are people making millions with the exact same methods....

...But Google Wealth Magnet isn’t aimed at the super affiliates.

To be honest, I hope they don’t buy this guide.

This guide is for the average guys who just want to find a way to get their first foot on the ladder to financial independence.

It’s aimed at the guys who are probably one adwords campaign away from success, the real people who aren’t afraid of a bit of hard work to realise their dreams but just don’t know where to look....

....until now.

Google Wealth Magnet Is Possibly The Most Significant Advance In Effective And Simple Direct Linking For Many Years

This is the exact same formula that elite super rich internet gurus are using today. From New York to London to New Delhi.

Allow me to show you how to...

Learn devestating adwords techniques safely and easily, from absolutely anywhere in world.

It doesn’t matter how experienced you are at the internet marketing game, in fact this course will work even better for you if you don’t have any experience.

Google Wealth Magnet is designed you get you on your feet, get you started and build the foundations for the home business you so desperately want.

Why on earth spend up to £997+ on so many scam e-books when Google Wealth Magnet gives you virtually the same effects but costs just pennies a day?

For the last year I have been breaking free from the lies we have both been fed and I want to help you do the same.

If you are a struggling newbie or still waiting to discover the riches they promised you, read this guide and I guarantee you will know everything you need to generate job-killing income.

Learn up-to-date methods, so that you almost have no choice but to become independently wealthy!

GWM EBOX on left

Within minutes, you'll get your hands on my unreleased and brand new money making secrets and copy-and-paste examples.

This secret blueprint may shock you, but the real truth has to come out sooner or later...
Here's a very small sample of what you'll discover:


How “average affiliates” and newbies are making a killing from direct linking
Learn simple methods, forget about technical knowledge...
How To Pick The Best Products To Sell Online
Knowing which products to sell is a very real problem for many affiliates. I will show you the tell tale signs that almost guarantee the products you pick will be profitable, no matter what your budget.
Which Categories Are ‘Hot’ And Which Are ‘Not’
It’s a simple fact that some types of product sell in much higher volumes than others. Google Wealth Magnet reveals the hottest niches to promote in.
How To Check Out The Competition
There are times when we need to know who we are competing against. Even in the seemingly anonymous world of direct linking there are little known ways of discovering who you are swiping profits from.

How To Find “Hidden Gems” = Niche Products
Not all big earners are easy to find. Using my proven blueprint and a little imagination, discover money makers even the best direct linkers haven’t found.
The Lazy But Effective Approach To Direct Linking
Sometimes you don’t have the time to do things “right”. I hear you. Allow me to show you how to promote products in a fraction of the time it takes your competition.
The Free And “Lo-Tech” Way To Create A Keyword List
This is a great technique for the times when you want results “on the fly”. Very easy to implement, this no cost method allows you to test a market at top speed.
How To Create Comprehensive Keyword Lists
When you want to make the maximum profit from a particularly “hot” product, you will want to “dig deeper” and discover the killer keywords your competition has failed to find.
Which Keywords To Choose And Which To Lose
FACT. Not every keyword will make you money. You need to be able to spot the keywords you must avoid, or they will literally halve your earnings.
Reasons Why People Bid High
Some direct linkers may seem to have the edge over you, when actually you have the edge over them. Google Wealth Magnet reveals the tell tale signs.
How To Create A Campaign And An Ad Group
Not sure about the basics like how to get started on Google Adwords? Don’t panic, it’s in the guide!
How To Create Tracking IDs
If you don’t know much about keyword tracking, you need to! This is how you are able to spot the winners and the losers, cut your costs and dramatically increase your profits…
“Insider” Bidding Techniques
Go to Google, write an ad, pick some keywords…job done!
Right? Wrong, very wrong.
If you don’t know up-to-date keyword bidding techniques, you stand every chance of getting “stung”… big time! It’s all in the guide…
“Stealth” Bidding
Direct linking today is a very different animal from a few years ago. If you are to succeed in the modern affiliate game, you’re going to need a few killer techniques up your sleeve.
Some might describe these methods as unfair, others as underhand…I say do what you have to do in the modern day world of affiliate marketing.
What To Do If The Competition Fights Back.
And they will…but follow my tried and tested “insider” tactics and you’ll be immune to almost any attack.
These techniques are incredibly simple and they really work.
My ‘Favourite’ Style Of Ads.
What should I include in the text of my ad? It’s a good question. Google Wealth Magnet supplies the templates that still help me siphon tens of thousands of pounds from Google, day in day out.
Monitoring Sales.
If you don’t monitor sales, at least occasionally, you might as well not bother. You’ll love doing this when your sales increase…I still get a buzz when I look at my stats…
Analysis of Amazon UK, USA, France, Germany.
You’ve heard of Amazon (who hasn’t?), but want to know more about the different countries Amazon operates in.
Tip: I have a favourite location that makes me the kind of money worth waking up for, and I earn it on autopilot…
Insight Into The Inner Workings Of Clickbank.
You’ve heard of Clickbank, but you want to know more. I don’t blame you. This is where anyone who’s anyone registers their e-products.
You will definitely want to learn what I have to reveal…
‘Good Practice’ I Just Don’t Bother With.
If you’re anything like me, you’ve read countless e-books all telling you what is “right” and what is not.
I throw the rule book out and still make very good money doing so.
You decide if you want to do things the way “they” tell you to, or the way I and a few renegade direct linkers generate awesome cash.
How To Pick The Best Affiliate Programs And Affiliate Networks.
Not all affiliate programs are made equal. Apart from Amazon and Clickbank, there are some seriously profitable programs out there that I will guide you towards.
How To Decide Which Products To Promote And Which To Leave.
This is an important skill for any direct linker. If you want to know which merchants make it very easy for you and which don’t, you’ve come to the right place.
You’ll be amazed at how cheap it is to promote some of them…
How To Create An Affiliate Account.
We cover all these basics and more in Google Wealth Magnet. Remember, this guide is designed to get your business of the ground…we leave no stone unturned.
Which Keywords To Use In Your Advertising.
This is a more advanced skill that will have a huge impact on your spending and your profits. Some of my techniques are unconventional, some just good old common sense.
Save yourself the months of trial and error I went through and skip to my proven copy-and-paste examples.
How To Build A Quick Keyword List.
I know what it’s like to be low on time. Remember, I’ve made serious money and held down a day job.
I understand that sometimes you just want to try out ideas without spending hours preparing the ground in advance. Allow me to be of service…
Shortcuts to fast profits.
You want to do things quickly and so do I. The most profitable direct linkers work fast.
Once you’ve mastered the basics, I will provide you with the tools that have made me tens of thousands of dollars for literally a few hours’ work.
Clue: I make job killing earnings from just a few hours work, so can you!

And much more!


Take from the gurus and borrow from the super affiliates…

…You'll have a step by step, easy to follow guide at your fingertips...and it's all written in easy-to-understand language that you can actually use!

If you have a low budget but big ambitions, this guide has been written for you.

Learn Advanced Adwords techniques - the ones they would probably try to ban if they could…

As soon as you download this, you will be on the path to running your own successful home business with no inventory to keep, no products to handle and no website to maintain….

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