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Are you sick and tired of settling for a mediocre life?


“Isn't It Time For Me To Teach You EXACTLY What I've Taught Online Gurus, Screenwriters, Broadway Actors, Entrepreneurs, Stay At Home Moms and People From All Walks of Life To FINALLY Live The Life Of Their Dreams?”



You Can Attract All of the Money, Happiness and Success You Desire...

From the Desk of Kristen Howe


Here's the deal...


I know you are searching or you wouldn't be here reading this. I know you are sick and tired of settling for a 'Less Than' Life. I know you are struggling and can't see a clear way out.


Let me ask you this...


How long have you struggled? How many years have you settled for less than you desire? How many dreams have you given up on and ignored because they were 'Just Dreams'?


I know you are finally ready to transform your life, but...

Are you overwhelmed by what it will take to break out of your unbalanced, unfullfilling life and feel unsure of where to start? 

Are you sick of failure and feel like you have tried everything to transform your life and have ended up with no results and less money? 

Are you scared that the 'gurus' and 'experts' will just take your money and only give you some of the steps you need and then leave you hanging with no one left to trust? 

I know your frustration, I know your fear -- I've been there and was living a mediocre life that seemed to just happen to me until I made the decision to live my life on purpose and advance to the life I REALLY wanted - 1 step at a time.


So, What Do I Know?


Here's my story -- in early 2002 I had somehow gone from the spotlight of Broadway to walking dogs in New York City and making less than $300 a week.  I had lost all of my motivation, inspiration and vision, was living off my credit cards and woke up every night at about 3 am in a state of panic about how I was going to be able to keep living this way without drowning.


In August of that year I made the devastating decision to become an adult and settle for less than what I always dreamed of.  I decided to grow up and pushed any thoughts of going back to performing away. I took immediate action and charged $10,000 on my credit card to work with a well known 'Guru' and get my own online coaching business started.


Unfortunately this turned out to be one of the 'Gurus' that didn't have my best interests at heart and only cared about getting my credit card number.  I was now $10,000 further in debt with an online business that was sucking money out of my wallet every month.  I was still only making $300 a week, my relationships were suffering and I missed being an entertainer.


And then the breaking point came -- one night I sat in my apartment, feeling alone and helpless.  For the first time in my life I believed there was no way out. I felt like I was being sucked under and that everything I had hoped for was vanishing forever.


And then I heard a voice yelling from underneath all the pain and sorrow and self pity -- it was my voice and it said, "It doesn't have to be like this!  You don't have to settle, there is always a way!"


And then I did the strangest thing.  I sent an email (it was almost midnight) to a personal development author and coach who I knew lived in NYC.  The email said something to the effect of:




Hi There!


I know you probably get thousands of emails like this every day and there is no way for you to know that I'm serious and not looking for you to fix my problems, but I am in serious debt and need some ideas so that I can turn this around fast -- this isn't just about money -- this is about me not giving up on the idea that my life can be amazing.  If you have any ideas let me know.






Imagine how surprised I was when 1 minute later an email came in that said, "What's your number?  I'll call you right now."


He called and asked me if I'd ever done sales. I hadn't, I had only coached, but I told him I was open to trying anything.  Long story short, within 2 months we were in an office with me running his sales team and coaching program.  We did over $1 million that year and grew from there the next year. I even started performing again.


This is what I discovered...

It is my passion to live big, create big, love big and help other people Go Big…

I ran the coaching program for this bestselling author for 2 years before branching out on my own. My honest and proactive methods have helped me successfully coach hundreds of people nationally and internationally in many areas including Business, Marketing, Time Management, Personal Development and Fitness. 

I’ve performed on Broadway and in Movies and TV, I’ve traveled all over, walked and trained dogs, run sales teams and coaching programs, driven cross country and up the coast, talked to cab drivers, Presidents and the homeless…the point isn’t what I’ve done, the point is all the people I’ve met and I’ll honestly tell you that within each of us there is the potential to live a huge and powerful life, within each of us there is a glimmer of greatness, within each of us is the chance to Go Big.

You Don't Have to Settle



I’m here to help you get clear, get honest and get moving, one step at a time toward that life that you thought may only be a dream.


I know what it was like for me and I know what it took to get me unstuck. It took clarity, accountability, focus, inspired action, passion and a step-by-step plan. And that's exactly what I'm going to give to you with your Go Big Now! VIP Membership.



Discover EXACTLY What Drives You

Reveal the Exact Road Map to Where You Really Want to Go

Uncover Your Purpose and Instantly Learn How to Make Your Passion Your Solution

Build Your 'Passion to Profits' Action Plan

Hidden Advantage --Harness the Power of Accountability to Turbo Charge Your Results




"You helped me stay focused during one of the most difficult, stressful, transformative times in my life!"

"I'm writing to say thank you for coaching me for over a year and helping me move closer to my creative goals.


You were tremendously helpful to me! You helped me stay focused during one of the most difficult, stressful, transformative times in my life.


I wanted to write to thank you and give you a progress update:


My script is going to William Morris tomorrow. I have a star who wants to attach, and his agent and managers have to approve it first, but all signs look good. Getting a script to William Morris is like going to the Superbowl, and I'm very excited about what's about to happen.


In music, [a well known music producer] has agreed to meet with my songwriting partner and I, and potentially find a producer for our album of originals and guide us through the process. So this is also very exciting!


Thank you for being so supportive of me and believing in me. I really appreciate all of your help and encouragement!


I'll let you know if anything else develops so you can bask in the glow too :D


Hope all is well with you!



Stephanie James





"Kristen is the Real Deal!"

"When it comes to coaching people to ‘Go Big’ Kristen is the real deal.


I have seen her help people literally turn their lives around and highly recommend her coaching.


She is straight forward, compassionate and most importantly gets results!"



Mike Litman

[ www.TotalCoach.com](http://www.TotalCoach.com)


Take Inspired Action Each Day and I Guarantee Your Life Will Transform...



If you are ready to Go Big Now! and finally say 'Enough' to struggle and a life of mediocrity that just passes you by then I will give you the EXACT process I have used to take myself and many others from unclear, frustrated and broke to creating and living the life of their dreams...


With your Go Big Now! VIP Membership you will gain access to everything you need to break free and live an extraordinary life.  If you use the tools I give you, take action and follow through I am 100% certain you will transform your life...if you don't, I don't want your money...


My Rock Solid Guarantee:


Here's the truth...


I want you to know you have nothing to lose with your Go Big Now! VIP Membership. I want this to be a no-brainer for you to decide that today is the day you start living your extraordinary life.


Once you become a VIP Member, you'll have an entire 60 Days to fully try out the program..


You can use every tool, get on the calls with me and ask questions, download the bonus materials and homework -- I'm not kidding, you'll have Complete Access to Everything for 2 FULL Months!


If you aren't getting the results you want at the 60 Day mark, even if you haven't even tried the program at all or just decide you don't like me and what I have to say...


Then I don't want your money and I'll give you a full refund.  It's as simple as that -- no conditions, no questions, no pressure just a full refund if you aren't completely happy after 60 Days.


Want further insurance?


Here you go -- your order is processed through Clickbank so you don't even have to ask me for the refund -- you can cancel it directly with them and I have no say in the matter.


It couldn't be any easier -- use the program for 60 Full Days and if you aren't happy you get your money back -- that's it!


 If You Want This to Be Your BEST Year,
When is the Best Time to Start?



Be honest, did you answer "Now!" or "Later"?


You see, there are 2 types of people -- the type that answered "Now" and the type that answered "Later".  I'll tell you point blank that if you answered "Now", the Go Big Now! VIP Membership is exactly what you need.  BUT if you answered "Later" it is not for you.


With your Go Big Now! VIP Membership I will personally see to it that you get the exact tools, techniques and strategies I have used to help so many people quickly achieve a life they only dreamed was possible. 


Your Go Big Now! VIP Membership will:


Give You the Clarity to Discover Your Purpose in Record Time.

Hand You a Step-by-Step Inspired Action Plan to Drive You to Your Ultimate Life Vision.

Guarantee Success by Surrounding You with the Mindset of Success and Accountability. 



What's This Going to Cost Me?


I’m going to do something different than everybody else out there…


I’m NOT going to give you the option to have 30 days in the Go Big Now! Monthly program for free or even for $1.


By doing this I know I risk losing a lot of people...


So why am I doing it this way?


There are 3 reasons…


(Reason #3 Reveals Something Most Membership Sites Don't Want You to Know!)


Reason #1: 30 days free or for $1 gives you the message that I want you to TRY this program. I don’t want people who are just going to TRY…I want people who aren’t dipping their toes in the pool but are ready to dive in. I’ll still protect you with a 60 day guarantee, so the risk on your end is removed…but I want you going into this EXPECTING that it is the right program for you.


Reason #2: I know from experience, that if you get something for free or even for $1 the chances increase to about 90% that you’ll put off taking action on the exercises. When you have something invested you are 90% more likely to start changing your life NOW and that is why you are here.


Reason #3: Many people with membership sites hope you'll agree to try their site for free or for $1 and then forget about it and not remember to cancel.  This means they get your money every month even if you aren't taking action and getting results.


Here's how I feel about it...


If you are going to sign up and then forget about this program…I don’t want your money.


I am not going to lure you into this program in the hopes that you'll give me your money and forget about it.  To be blunt, I don’t want you as a Go Big Now! VIP Member unless you are absolutely committed to following through.


I'll tell you a secret (that no one else ever admits) I'm going to over-deliver and get personally involved in your success and protect you with the 60 Day Guarantee because I need you to be successful as much as you do.


Why? Because the more results you get by following this program, the more you talk about it and spread the word and say, “Hey, this Kristen Howe is the real deal!” 


For the monthly Success Strategies I give you, you could be a member for just $147/month, but if you become a VIP Member today, you won't pay $147, not even $97, for a limited time, you can become a Go Big Now! VIP Member for just $47/month!


WAIT!! My Success Strategies alone are enough to walk you to the life of your dreams, but I told you I want your success story, so I'm going to give you some extra 'Go Big Boost' tools to turbo charge your results!



Go Big Boost #1
"Monthly Go Big Now! Focus and Action Call"

($97/month Value)


Every month get on the phone with me and I'll share exactly what you need to do and focus on that month to significantly increase your results..


Free Yourself from Lack of Focus Forever

Stay on Track with a Clear Action Plan

Stop Guessing -- Discover Proven Systems that Work


Go Big Boost #2
"Go Big Now! Answers & Accountability"

 ($97/month Value)


Every month you'll have the chance to get on the phone with me and the other VIP Members to ask whatever questions you have.


Instantly Remove Roadblocks with the Answers You Need to Handle Whatever is Holding You Back.

Harness the Power of Accountability by Stating What You Are Committed to Achieving Each Month.

Permanently Break the Pattern of Procrastination.


Go Big Boost #3
"Go Big Now! Monthly Greatness Library"

($47/month Value)


Every month you'll get VIP Access to a different bonus designed to give your results a Turbo Boost.


Access Custom Picked Tools Designed to Make You Unstoppable

Get an Unfair Advantage with Your Personal Greatness Library

Discover the Secrets of the Success Masters


Are you ready to get clear, get honest and get moving toward the life that you thought may only be a dream?  That's exactly what I'm here to help you do. 


But let me be honest with you, it won’t always be easy.  It’s simple, but not always easy.  You have to be ready to do the work.  I don't mean HARD WORK and will power, I mean that you need to be ready to show up to play the game 100% no matter what. If you are ready to commit to that, then I am ready to commit to you and your success!



Go Big Now! VIP Membership:


Go Big Now!:            VIP Membership


Go Big Boost #1:     Monthly Focus & Action Call


Go Big Boost #2:     Answers & Accountability


Go Big Boost #3:     Monthly Greatness Library


Total Value:







Listen, I could charge much more than $47/month for this but as I said before, I want it to be a no-brainer for you to decide to step into your extraordinary life NOW!


This isn't just a bunch of sales hype, I will raise the monthly membership price soon and I don't want you to miss out on getting your VIP Membership at this low and fare price.  


The great news is that when you become a member today at just $47/month, even when the membership fee does go up, you will still only pay $47/month -- you will never be charged anything more than that.



"My business went from making $1,000/month to over $30,000/month..."

"6 months ago I was so frustrated in my life and felt like I was on a mouse wheel going absolutely nowhere.


I really didn't know what I even wanted anymore - what I needed was Kristen and her Go Big Now Coaching!


She got me out of a place of paralysis in all areas of my life.


Honestly I went from feeling lost and unenthusiastic about where my life was going to excited and fired up!


But what really matters is results so here are my results in a nutshell:


From February to October...


My business went from making $1,000/month to over $30,000/month.

My health went from stressed out and feeling awful 24/7 to literally having the spring back in my step - I have more energy and clarity then ever.

My relationships went from one-sided disappointments to nurturing, well-balanced thriving relationships.

My acting career went from slow motion to me creating and producing my own work!


Truly there's so much more I could write...


She helped me turn my life around and I want to say thank you even though that isn't nearly a big enough phrase to express how grateful I am!



Erin Stoddard -- Actress & Entrepreneur

[ www.imdb.com/name/nm2706647/](http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2706647/)



"My projections were exceeded by 50%!"

"In January '09, I launched an industry-specific Boot Camp with high expectations. My sales projections were exceeded by 50% and I attribute that success to the input I had from Kristen Howe.


She is a savvy marketer and coach whose experience I will continue to tap as I move my company profitably forward in a difficult economy."



JW Smith

[ www.camp-consulting.com](http://www.camp-consulting.com)


 If you are ready to take your life off hold and break free, become a Go Big Now! VIP Member now!





Get Clear -- Find Your Purpose -- Live an Extraordinary Life!

Most people will wait and tell themselves they'll start changing their lives tomorrow.  It's time for you to decide if you are most people or if you are ready to claim your extraordinary life.


Become a Go Big Now! VIP Member and immediately put into action the many strategies I have used to double and sometimes triple my clients income and put them on the path to living the complete life of their dreams.



Hidden ADVANTAGE - Reset Your Inner Thermostat - Stop Deflecting and Start Attracting the Right Opportunities, People and Experiences to Fast Track You to Greatness.

Stop Wasting Your Time and Energy Forever, Put an End to 'Surviving' and Immediately Start 'Thriving'.

Discover the Most Effective Way to Communicate With People So They Can't Wait to Do Business With You.

Tap Into Your Inner Power and Finally Realize Your Wildest Dreams.

Harness the Power of 1% to Completely Transform Your Life.



This is Your Life!  This isn't something to take lightly...


Become a Go Big Now! VIP Member and I will guide you, give you the steps, push you and hold you accountable, but I am not going to do it for you.  You have to go 'All In' with me and commit to do the work and keep going when it gets tough...


If you do that, I know you will be unstoppable!



Go Big!



Kristen Howe -- Go Big Coach


PS: I know you can live the life of your dreams and I know I can help you live your Ultimate Life faster than you ever imagined possible -- this is your time, this is your life and you can't afford to wait any longer...


PSS: Remember, you are completely protected by my 60 Day Unconditional Guarantee and when you join today you lock in your low membership price of $47/month even if the price doubles or triples in the future!  You have nothing to lose, if you are really serious about stepping out and claiming your extraordinary life, become a VIP Member Now...









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