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You could have the best website in your niche, loaded with great
products, graphics, and information, but if your customers can't find
it through search, it's worthless. Finally, an Ebook that teaches you
how to stick your head above the competition so you can finally be

From: Damian Papworth
Gold Coast, Australia

If you're reading this letter, we likely have a lot in common. We're
both serious about making money using the Internet , and we both know
that the only way to do that is by beating the competition when it
comes to ranking on the major search engines.

As the owner of a small business, I rely on the SEO knowledge I've
gained over the past 10 years to put food on the table for my family.
With this Ebook, I have put the fruits of my labor at your disposal,
because I want your site, your small business, and your products to
get the attention they deserve.

Allow me a moment to tell you a bit about what I do. When I work on
my websites, I leave the graphic designing and computer programming to
other people, because that's their field of expertise. I concentrate
on one thing and one thing only, because it's what I do best:
maximizing the amount of traffic that comes to my clients' sites (as
well as my own, of course). By the same token, designers and tech
geeks don't really understand what I do, and that presents a big
problem for people trying to sell products and services over the web.

You see, the people who build websites often don't know what it
takes to make a mark on the major search engines. The result is a site
that looks fantastic,but gets lost in the Internet. Things like
conversion only matter if you're actually getting unique visitors to
come to your site.

This Ebook will teach you everything you need to know to structure
your site the way that Google and the other search engines want it
structured. Moving forward with this knowledge in hand, you'll be able
to find a web developer who understands what steps are necessary to
build a site that will be highly visible on the web. As the site moves
forward through the stages of development, your new Internet wisdom
will keep everything on the track to high rankings.

Is your site already built? If that's the case, and you're not
getting the traffic your products deserve, don't despair. You'll also
find simple, concise information in the book that will help you fix
the backend stuff, while working towards the goal of building high
quality inbound and outbound links.

Using the tools in this Ebook, you can turn your website into a
Google powerhouse. Within weeks, your site will be fully exposed to
the Internet, and that means new customers, more sales, and greater

This is your chance to make your site available to billions across
the globe. Forget pay per click traffic that doesn't convert, or
expensive online advertising that's not targeted to your customer
base. Purchase this book as your ticket to organic search engine
optimization, and you'll have the tools at your disposal to bring
visitors to your site for free.

Take a look at what other people are saying:

"I spent over $1000 getting my website designed by a so-called
professional graphic designer. It looked great but after three months
I wasn't getting any inquiries and I couldn't find it on Google. Then
my friend bought me a copy of this e-book. I went back to my designer
and he didn't understand half of the things contained in the book.
That's when I realized I needed real help. Ocean Feather rebuilt the
site following the principles in the book and now I am number two on
the first page of Google. The phone is running hot with inquiries and
soon I will be number one. Don't trust your website building to anyone
- use an expert."


"It didn't take long for me to figure out that the thousands I'd
paid my developer for the perfect website were pointless, because
nobody was coming to see it. Everything looked great and worked well,
but we were invisible to Google's eyes. I came across this Ebook, and
the rest is history. I used the easy to understand tips in the book to
transform my site from an overlooked dot on the Net to one of the
premier performers in my niche.


If you are:

* a small business owner with a non-performing website
* a small business owner who cannot get a straight answer about how
to get your website ranking on Google
* a small business owner who is about to build a website but
doesn't know where to start
* a designer, developer or graphic artist who builds websites, but
has never considered the search engines and how the internet works

this eBook is definitely for you. So do yourself a favor and buy a
copy. At only $49.95, the information will help your website perform
in a way that will build your business, improve your brand and most
importantly, sell your products.

$49.95 is such a small investment to make to ensure your website
works correctly. For most businesses, this will be covered by less
than one sale. Of course you can afford it. The real question is
whether you can afford not to buy it.

From over 10 years in the industry, I believe over 80% of web
developers do not understand how the internet works and therefore they
create pieces of design, not internet sites. Sure, they call them
websites, but if they are not designed with the search engines in
mind, they will not rank or be found in the search engines.

Arm yourself with the information you need to ensure your website is
not another design masterpiece that will never be found. Be one of the
20% of websites in your industry that is structured correctly and
therefore found in Google.

And you can try our book absolutely risk free. If you do not find it
to be an absolutely clear and easy to follow guide, on how to
structure your website for Google and the other search engines, we
will give you your money back no questions asked. Just send us an
email and we will return your money.

Simply click through the payment link below to process your payment
and you will be able to download this information immediately, from
the direct download link on the confirmation of payment page. The
download is in PDF format so it can be read anywhere with the free
Adobe Acrobat reader. This means you can start fixing your website
within 5 minutes of now. It is that simple.

Click the link below to place your order securely...

Shipped directly to your address with a 100% money-back guarantee!


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they been reviewed tested or certified by Google.


Copyright (c) Ocean Feather Pty Ltd 2009


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