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Imagine this scenario; you stop in a local store to buy a new coffee maker. Upon entering the store you look around to locate the kitchen appliance section. Unable to locate the section, you turn around to ask where the coffee makers are located, but to your dismay there isn't a sales clerk in sight. In fact, there isn't even a sales clerk in the ENTIRE store, so you walk out and try another store.

Unfortunately, this exact scenario is happening right now on
your web site.

It doesn't matter what product or service your trying to sell. Customers have questions - It's Just That Simple!

The above example is clearly the poster-child of a poor customer service experience, but it doesn't have to be that way! "But I already have my email address and phone number on my site" you say? This is better than having no contact info, sure (and I have seen a LOT of sites with ZERO contact info!) But you are still not providing your site visitors with the kind of customer service they truly want.

Think about it. When a potential customer is on your website and they have a question, often times they do not want to pick up the phone to call you, for several reasons. Maybe they are at work and can't speak freely, or perhaps they are simply hesitant to get a "sales pitch" when they have a very specific question.

Email also has its drawbacks which cause potential customers to leave your site and look elsewhere, especially if they are in a buying mood RIGHT NOW (which most people are - we live in a world of instant gratification, ESPECIALLY online.) People know that email takes time to be received and a reply sometimes can take several days. They have a question now and they want an answer now.

You only have 5.3 seconds to engage a web page visitor or they're gone.

According to the largest web browsing study to date, Harald Weinreich and colleagues analyzed over 135,000 page visits and determined that the average time a new visitor stays on a new website is just 5.3 seconds! 

But even if Mr. Weinreich didn't complete this study, one would only need to look at the largest retailer in the world to see that engaging the customer in the first few seconds upon entering a store has a huge impact on sales. 

We've all seen them and even joked about them, but the "Wal-Mart Greeter" is a perfect example. In our scenario above, we would have walked into Wal-Mart and been met by the greeter with the now famous "Welcome to Wal-Mart" greeting. We would then ask - "Where are the coffee makers?" The greeter would then point us in the right direction and Wal-Mart would be on their way to securing another sale.

Now you can have your own "Greeter" to engage customers just like the big name sites.

It's no wonder more and more big name sites like flowers.com, overstock.com and dell.com to name few, have successfully implemented automated Greeters within key pages of their site. The Greeter simply invites a customer to a LIVE CHAT with an "Available" representative. Check out this screenshot from Dell.com:

Live chat is quickly being adopted as a standard communication channel for serving customers. From your customer's point of view, it is no different than using MSN Messenger™, Google Talk™, Skype™, Yahoo Chat™ or AOL Chat™. They already "get it".

Offering live chats on websites have caused conversion rates to skyrocket. Unfortunately, for most small to mid-sized companies or independent sales agents live chat just wasn't affordable or practical. After all, who wants to be chained to their computer for 18 hours a day?

So how can you reap the benefits of offering live chat, but still maintain your freedom and active lifestyle?

The answer is Web Lasso™

Introducing Chat To Text's Web Lasso™! Web Lasso™ allows you to benefit from the use of Greeters the way the big sites do, but get this, you're not tied to your computer! You can choose to send visitor messages from your web site directly to your cell phone! (No other "Live Chat" service offers this!) So if you're out in the field, at the beach with the family, or enjoying a day on the golf course you can still respond to your customer's questions and watch your sales explode!

Wait it gets even better! Let's say you're busy with other customers or just having too much fun to take a live chat right now. Web Lasso™ will engage the client automatically then ultimately take a message with the best time to contact your new potential customer.  So now your website appears to be staffed a full 24 hours a day, 7 days a week but you never have to pay customer support staff to "man the phones."

See Web Lasso™ in action!

Web Lasso™ will forward your live chats to one of several places. Web Lasso will basically "track you down." If you're by your computer you'll use our Chat To Text™ desktop application**. Our Chat To Text™ application works like most instant messenger client applications, like Google Talk™, AOL Instant Messenger™, MSN Messenger™, and others.

[Click Here And Count To Three To Demo Web Lasso's Automated Greeter](javascript:;)

Here's how it works:

First, a message pops up letting you know someone would like to chat with you: 

Then you reply using the Chat To Text™ application and your reply is immediately sent to the visitor while they are on your web page: 

You can chat with as many people as you can handle. Here is me chatting with Jack and Jill: 

Suppose I'm not at my computer?

Don't worry, if Web Lasso™ can't get you at your computer...no problem! Web Lasso™ will forward your live customer chats to your cell phone as a text message*** (or to your email address.) We call this Follow-Me Texting™. You simply reply to the messages right from your cell phone or e-mail client and your site visitor gets the reply instantly! Remember, no other "live chat" service in the world offers this mobile feature!

And again, if Web Lasso™ can't reach you on your cell phone it will instantly convert from live chat mode to taking a message from your website visitor, so you'll never miss another sale again!

It takes just 1-minute to boost your web site conversions by giving your visitors the kind of customer service experience they demand.

Sign up for Web Lasso™ today and you can start boosting your conversions in 1 minute. Simply log into your account and select the type of image to display on your site and when you would like it to appear. You can choose to have your Greeter launch immediately or, say, in 30 seconds after the page loads.

Or, our Live Text Chat allows you to select a static image for your site that people can click on if they need help. And our E-mail Chat allows you to add an image to your email signature so recipients of your emails can chat with you right from your emails.

Setup is a breeze, we'll walk you through everything (if you can copy and paste, you can have Web Lasso™ up and running in no time - no complicated scripts to install.)

[Click Here To See A 1-Minute Video Demo Adding A Greeter To A Website](javascript:popUp('http://www.chattotext.com/videos/web_lasso_demo_video.htm'))

Ok, how much is Web Lasso™?

Unlike other live chat services, your investment in Web Lasso™ is only $9.99/month. This gives you unlimited chats from your web site to your PC or cell phone.*

Give it a try for 30 days. If you don't see a drastic improvement in your business as a result of adding a Greeter to your page simply cancel the service. No harm, no foul. (See our Guarantee below.)

BONUS: Rope in even more sales with the Web Lasso™ Chat Footer!

Just like the ability to send chats to your cell phone, this bonus feature is so new even the big guys haven't implemented it yet! Some say the chat footer is so eye catching it will outperform the Greeter. You be the judge:

[Click Here To See An Example Of The Chat Footer](javascript:;)

Notice how the Chat Footer appears at the bottom of the page and floats over the content no matter where you scroll. Now that's hard to miss!

But that's not all.

When you signup for Web Lasso™ today, not only do you get the Greeter, Live Text Chat, E-mail Chat, and Chat Footer, but you also get the full Chat To Text™ Suite of services, including:

Follow-Me Texting™ - Your text messages follow you wherever you are. If you aren't available on your PC it will send the message to your cell phone. E-Text™ - You can choose your own email address, like joesmith@chattotext.com and give this to your clients, friends, and family. When they send an email to this address it will initiate the Follow-Me Texting™ sequence (first sending to your Chat To Text™ desktop application on your computer if you are available, then to your cell phone.) Web Text™ - You can choose from a variety of designs to place a button on your social network page (like Facebook, MySpace, or Bebo) which, when clicked by your friends, will initiate a chat with you using the Follow-Me Texting™ sequence (first sending to your Chat To Text desktop application on your computer if you are available, then to your cell phone.)

And you have nothing to lose by giving it a try, since it comes with a No-Questions-Asked-Money-Back-Guarantee. If you don't get more business from your web site or you don't like the service for any reason...even if you don't like the colors we used in the interface...simply shoot us an email (customercare@chattotext.com) or call us (888-512-9855) or submit a helpdesk ticket (www.chattotext.com/help) and we will promptly refund your money. With a smile. Sign up right now and we guarantee you'll get more business from your web site!

Best regards,

Shawn Pringle and Scott Messina
Founders of Chat To Text, LLC

P.S. In case you were wondering, you can choose from many different styles of images for your Greeter and your Chat Footer, and our design team is constantly adding more for you to choose from. If you would like a specific design for your Greeter or Chat Window please let us know in our member forum. Here are some design choices:

*standard text messaging rates from your phone company apply

**compatible with PC computers only, sorry Mac users

***SMS capabilities are limited to US and Canadian cellular phones
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