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If you follow the simple system within this guide,

YOU WILL Increase The Response Rate Of ANY Print Advertisement By 400%! Guaranteed!

Yes, that's right, 400%, this is not a misprint.

This ad-writing guide is written specifically for YOU - The Small Business Owner.

We've spent years testing response-rates and trialling ads, and now our guide will show you step-by-step, EXACTLY how YOU can write an ad that is guaranteed to improve your ads at least 4 times over.

1000's of small business owners have been successfully using this system to help generate more phone calls, walk-ins, bookings, quotes and appointments!

More Enquiries = More Sales = Bigger Income!

If you could generate more new customers, how would this affect your life?

Recent Feedback

>> 'Great prompt service thank you' Wayne

>> 'Nice and easy, no problems' Bruce & Karen

>> 'Good straightforward trade, 100%' John

>> 'Top trader, fast and god info thanks' Steve

>> 'Thanks you very much for the smooth professional service and helpful emails. I was very impressed with the quality of the information you provided and am sure it will prove to be very useful in future endevours'

>> 'Great trade thanks and really appreciate extra docs sent through e-mail' Dion

The Small Business Print Ad-Writing Guide will cause a massive 400% explosion of response to ANY:
Yellow Pages Ad / Phone Book Ad / Directory ad Newspaper Ad / Classified Ad / Editorial Feature Magazine Ad / Feature Brochure / Flyer / Pamphlet / Voucher Email Campaign Sales Letter / Direct Mail Letter Basically ANY published print advertisement you can be work with this guide!

'Increase the amount of calls you get from your phone book ad by 400%!'

Points Of Difference

Written by an established marketing company. We are an ACTUAL practising small business consulting company. You can be assured that the information presented is up-to-the minute and credible. It Is ACTUALLY unique! There are many "FREE" guides and books out there, but none which are willing to back-up the information they present with a SOLID money back guarantee... to be honest I wouldn't risk my money with them.
We don't just advise, we TELL you what to do! We don't namby-pamby around with advice here and there. This Guide SPELLS out in black & white EXACTLY what you should include and NOT include in your ads. Easy-To-Follow System - The guide is set out in a simple format which you can easily follow to create YOUR OWN ad copy, layout and additional content specific to your business.

'National, State or Local, this system will improve ANY newspaper ad you want to run'

How To Write Better Ads

Ever wondered why your ads keep bombing? Well, we know, and by the time you've read this guide... you'll know too!

Here's a taste at what you'll get in the Small Business Print Ad Writing Guide:
How to do full competitor advertising analysis. Crucial for directory and phone book advertising. 5 essential appearance elements you absolutely MUST have to attract the attention of readers! How to deal with the publication sales reps to get the best deals and only pay for what you need. Step-By-Step instructions on how your ad should be laid out. That way you're in control of how your ad SHOULD look. How to create killer ad copy using YOUR own knowledge of your business. No one knows your business better than you do! The 6 fundamental attributes that your ad MUST have (which MOST ads don't!) in order to increase your response rate by a full 400%! 5 headline writing must have's and have nots! Not all headlines are created equal. Learn how to determine which type of headline is best for you. You'll learn the ONE major principle to make people call you over your competitors EVERY TIME! The secret of how to get people to TAKE ACTION! and want to spend their money with you. How to monitor your ads to ensure you only spend on publications and ads that work. No more throwing money away on under-performing ads!

What Are The Benefits?

You WILL make HUGE money instantly!. Apply this system to any of your ads and with virtually no extra effort on your part more than 4 times as many phone calls will be coming into your business. The pay-back time  is VERY short! For most businesses this guide will more than pay for itself after just ONE extra sale. 
Once you have the guide you can duplicate the system over and over again for ALL ads that you write FOREVER! Once you have this information you can use it for your current business, your other businesses and ANY businesses you may have in the future.
FREE lifetime updates and access to extra bonus materials FOREVER!
The system in this guide is suitable for EVERY type of business including; Accountants, automobile businesses, bars, builders, cafes, designers, doctors, dentists, electricians, plumbers, restaurants, retail stores, services, trades people, Basically ALL businesses that you can think of!!!! 100% Tax Deductible Business Expense - Use your business to pay for this guide as part of your advertising budget.
This System Works for ANY Ad in ANY Business in ANY industry in ANY country!

How To Write Better

...magazine ads



Here's What Some Of Our Happy Clients Have Said About It...

'I've been advertising in the Yellow Pages for years and my ad really just looked like my business card. It never got a great response, but I figured that as long as I was in the book, people would find me.

Last year I changed my ad using the principles in the Small Business Print Ad-Writing Guide and I've had an amazing response!

Just this one ad is helping my company thrive in the recession. We get at least five calls a day off it, and previously would only have got five a week! That's a fantastic response!'

Lester, Action Electric Limited

'I found out from using the Small Business Ad Writing Guide that I'd been marketing my body contouring product the complete wrong way, and that was why my big advertising spend wasn't generating a single call.

The guide showed me how to define my business more for the benefit of the customer, and make me look at the product differently.

The ad went from no inquiries per publication, to 6 inquiries! And with an average spend of $1,500, this makes me happy!'

Debbi, Golden Tan Solariums

'I was getting a zero response rate from an ad in a mothers magazine. The ad was costing me over $300 a pop and making me nothing!

I re-wrote my ad using the principles in the Small Business Ad-Writing Guide and got 151 hits to my website on the first day of the publication!

From this, my consultancy was booked out for a month! Now, I just bring out the same ad when I need it because I know it will get this type of response every time!'

Tania, Sleep Easy Limited

'Before I got this guide I was struggling to get cash-flow into my business.

Within TWO MONTHS of implementing the strategies, my turnover increased by $12,000 with a marketing campaign which cost me less than $500!'

Anita Adams, Astute Accounting

'I was dubious about getting help for my business.  I'd been doing OK on my own for 7 years.  However, just two of the strategies in my Yellow Pages ad, has immediately increased my turnover by 50% - and this result is in my off-peak months!  My phone is ringing hot!

This result has turned my business around which has made all aspects of my life more positive. It's going to be a great year!'

Graeme, All Clean Carpet Cleaning

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Marketing Truth #8: Do Not Let The Publisher Write Your Ad! Advertising executives only care about ONE THING, selling advertising space - because that is what they're paid for.

Once they've sold you, they are likely to suggest something involving the least amount of work possible. Probably a MASSIVE brand or logo with some bullet points (they less they have to write the better!).

SIGN UP now and you'll also get;
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Do You
Commit Any Of These
7 Common Marketing

Try some ads and hope they work (after all the advertisers say they will work so they should ...right?) Surf the internet for FREE ideas and advice on how to write ads (FREE advice is worth every cent... risking your hard-earned advertising dollars is worth more!). Ask your friends and co-workers what they think (are these people your target market? are they in the same mindset as someone looking to buy from you? I don't think so!).
Never invest in proven advice from an expert (after all what will they know about your business?) Keep spending on advertising just hoping it'll work (the more you throw at it ... the more chance of it working right?) Keep chasing new clients (because you have been told that's where the money is right?) Never follow up on existing clients (hey, why advertise to people that spend with you already, seems pointless)
If that sounds familiar don't worry you are in very good company. 99% of small business owners we meet are doing exactly the same as you!

FREE Bonus Marketing Materials

We're currently offering 7 high quality freebies as part of the package absolutely FREE.

We update and add new material regularly which you can access anytime!

Here's a quick run down of 3 of the bonuses...

FREE Marketing Bonus #1

'How To Make Maximum Profits In Minimum Time'

84 pages of marketing genius to transform your whole business. This guide is sold elsewhere for $149.00 (just Google it and you'll see).

Here's what you'll find out in this amazing guide;
How to turn $200 into $16,000 in less than 14 days with effective ads. How to steal customers from your competitors using a little known direct mail technique. How to get $15,000 worth of FREE advertising for your business each year. 15 easy ways to keep your customers coming back - and keep spending their money with you. How to turn price shoppers into buyers - even if your prices are higher than theirs. How to make an extra $100,000 a year publishing your own newsletter. How to market your product to the world using the internet.
If you spend more than $500 per year on ANY sort of ad or promotion (and what business doesn't?) - this manual is essential reading for you!

PLUS you get it for FREE (normal value $149.00)

FREE Marketing Bonus #2

'How To Create Your Own Website For Less Than $1 a Week'

Full step-by-step guide, including screenshots and pictures, making the whole process very very easy. The biggest mistake most businesses make when deciding on their domain name (www.domainname.com), and how to avoid it. Where to get the cheapest domain names! 5 key elements your site NEEDS to have to get a high search ranking on Google. How to write effective sales copy to increase your enquiry rate and number of sales. How to build a list of potential customers for you to farm for future sales. Access to the ABSOLUTE BEST online website building tool on the market! How to easily create professional looking logos, images and banners using simple software ALREADY on your PC! How to set-up a secure system to sell directly from your website. How and where to get FREE web hosting!
How to create killer Google Adwords Campaigns (Google Adwords is THE BEST marketing tool in the world!), to drive hordes of traffic to your website.

FREE Marketing Bonus #3

'78 FREE and Low Cost Ways to
Add at Least $17,000 or 27%
to Your Small Business Profits
in the Next 90 Days'  

57 pages of quick hit marketing tips to give you the ammunition to make some serious money in your business! RRP $99.

This guide provides hard-hitting marketing tips and ACTUAL strategies for you to implement RIGHT NOW in your business to help you;
Showing you a step-by-step method to increase sales by adding multiple selling channels. How to sell more by giving you tips to increase the effectiveness of a variety of marketing tools. How and where to find FREE places to advertise to increase exposure and sales.
So, Here's a Run Down of What You'll Get;

#1. The Small Business Print Ad Writing Guide

FREE Bonuses!

#2. BONUS 1: How To Make Maximum Profits In Minimum Time

#3. BONUS 2: How To Create Your Own Website For Less Than $1 A Week

#4. BONUS 3: 78 FREE And Low Cost Ways To Add At Least $17,000 or 27% To Your Small Business Profits In The Next 90 Days

#5. BONUS 4: 21 Marketing Truths You Should Know

#6. RECENTLY ADDED: How To Create Your Own Usable Optimised Database in Excel

#7. RECENTLY ADDED: How To Send Bulk Personalised Emails To Your Database Using Microsoft Word

#8. RECENTLY ADDED: 27 Golden Rules of Ad Writing











You Get It ALL Today For Just $39

Saving You a Massive $383!

NO shipping or postage costs because you get it all online via PDF download.
NO payment fees, extra costs or ongoing fees. All you EVER pay is $39.

[Instant Access Download Now](http://1.chch8051.pay.clickbank.net)

[](http://1.chch8051.pay.clickbank.net)Access To Download Page
[](http://1.chch8051.pay.clickbank.net/)ALL in PDF Format
[](http://1.chch8051.pay.clickbank.net/)100% Secure Site
[](http://1.chch8051.pay.clickbank.net/)Write Better Ads NOW!
[](http://1.chch8051.pay.clickbank.net/)Proven Product - NO Risk
[](http://1.chch8051.pay.clickbank.net/)100% Tax Deductible Business Expense



Our Guarantee: If by using the principles in the Small Business Print Ad Writing Guide to write an ad for your business, the ad fails to generate a 400% increased response rate, we'll refund your money and let you keep the book and any other material that you've received as bonuses.

P.S. If you're still reading this far then you definitely NEED to buy this package. At $39 I'm practically giving it away. I mean that's not even a main course at a nice restaurant!

P.P.S. If you have any questions about your purchase, I'm just an email away. As tons of small business owners already know, I'm available to answer your questions. And you'll get a personal reply.
My email: neville@printadwritingguide.com

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