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"Do You or a Loved One Feel as if Life Has Dumped You Into a Well of
Depression...With No Way to Climb Out?"

The Following Important Message is
ONLY For People Suffering From
Depression Or The Blues:

From: Charles Brown
Written Thursday, 11:34 AM


Dear friend,

If you or someone you love is suffering from depression, then this will be the most important and life-changing letter you will ever read...

My name is Charles Brown, and I've just put the finishing touches (October '09) on a book that I guarantee will change the way you view depression 'cures' and even 'self-help' books in general. 

What Makes This Book So Special?

Karen, Nancy, Luanne, and Chuck (myself) - that's what (or more specifically, that's who).  Or in two words, the jaw-dropping "Case Studies."  (Read on and you will see what I'm talking about here.) 

But gobs of serious research and planning went into the 'official' tutorial part of the book as well.


Because you want your climb out of depression and into the light of understanding and happiness to be as easy (and even fun) as possible, that's why.  Otherwise you will get bored, confused, and ultimately give up.

But now, I've got something very important to ask you:

You’re probably dying to identify the culprit of the unending sadness, down-in-the-dumps attitude, right?

And we can't forget that "blah" feeling, can we?

Absolutely not!

Believe me, I know exactly how it feels. Read on to
discover why I can say that with confidence and
why this is great news for you...

Depression is a serious problem, as I'm sure you are aware of by now.

It has the power to totally cripple your emotions, push you to the edge (sometimes even OFF the edge) and even cause you to self-destruct.

This is no joking matter.

Here's 4 examples from my own life, which are quick glimpses into the "Case Studies" section that you will be privy to when you get your copy of "Outsmart Your Depression By Learning More About Yourself; A Step-By-Step Guide With Extraordinary Case Studies" - © 2009, C. Brown

Example 1:  Karen

My sister, Karen, battled depression for years--she even attempted suicide...twice.  (Thankfully, she wasn't successful.)  She had lots of reasons to be depressed.  She'd become addicted to heroin in her teens, had two abortions (that I knew about), and lived in the seediest section of Richmond, VA for much of her life.

But Karen tried to pull herself out of the hole she'd dug for herself over the years.
She ended up with a fellow named Dennis who became a decent dad for her 4 kids.  But one day Dennis was shot and killed right in front of Karen and her kids!...

You'll discover the shocking details of this ghastly incident in your copy of "Outsmart Your Depression..."
(This appalling story is NOT for the feint of heart.)  But there is an important lesson to be learned here.  You'll discover how  PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) can affect adults as well as children over the long run, and how best to handle it. 

But Karen will also give you some intriguing insights into bipolar disorder and psychology in general.   This is a 'can't miss' Case Study.   

Example 2:  Nancy

My ex-wife, Nancy, was on Prozac, Zoloft, or Xanax (amongst other prescription mood-altering drugs) the entire 13 years we were married.  One type of depression she suffered from is called "Seasonal Affective Disorder." 

But an interesting dynamic existed between Nancy and her dad that was altogether different than the one between her dad and her three sisters.  You will have some "aha" moments when you see how genetics ("nature") made her susceptible to manic depression, and how her dad's behavior ("nurture") also contributed.

This story just may change the way you think about some people in your life.

Example 3:  Luanne
My younger brother, Kevin--who I am very close to--was married to an awesome woman, Luanne, who lost her battle to depression back in '05. This amazing story has many twists and turns--it seems anorexia and depression, tragically, seem to go hand-in-hand.

But you'll be stunned at the incredible lengths Luanne goes to, in her attempts to win Kevin back...from a hit-and-run car crash, to the story's surprising end. 

Be sure to have plenty of Kleenex close by for this one, as you'll learn just how serious anorexia nervosa really is. (Before Luanne, I doubted anorexia really qualified as a "disease," but like depression - I found that it truly is a disease.)

...It's an amazing story that will leave you utterly speechless.

Example 4:  (myself)

And I, Charles Brown, have had my own bout with the terrible disease known as "depression," back when I was a teen.  And like my sister, Karen, I too attempted suicide.  (My tool of choice was my car. I am extremely lucky to be here with you right now)...

Although (at first) excruciatingly painful for me to talk about, I reveal the details of my story and my incredibly lucky survival.  It is a harrowing tale, and you're invited to come with me to discover more about depression and - more specifically - teenage depression and the effects that marijuana and alcohol can have on a teen's developing brain.

...That is, if you can handle the 'ride along.'

But this is what got me started on my search for a simple solution to conquering depression...made me keep my 'antenna and radar up' for years--tuned and receptive for any tidbits of useful info on conquering depression...

(Hey, it became "personal" now.)


So Is Depression A Serious Illness? You Bet It Can Be.
And It Can Happen To ANYONE...

...including Smart Folks Like You and Me:

Luanne was a petite, pretty electrical engineer.  She had everything to live for.  She had wonderful, loving parents and she grew up in a nice neighborhood.
Nancy lived in a town with her 3 loving sisters living closeby, with parents that looked after her and with friends that she grew up with.

Karen and I grew up in a loving family with parents that loved each other and never argued...we were raised going to church most Sundays, took regular family vacations.  We were raised in a nice, family-oriented middle class neighborhood in a big 'ole 2-story stucco house...had a big yard with cats and dogs. (I've always felt if there was such thing as an "ideal" upbringing, that my siblings and I had one.)

So Why In The Heck Did We Ever Get Depressed?!!

...The point is there really doesn't need to be a "good" reason to be depressed!
Depression happens to nearly everyone--even 'smart' folks like you and me--at one time or another.

But the impact that severe or even mild depression can have on your life, and the lives of your friends and family, can be truly devastating.

Having said all that - all hope is NOT lost.  Not even close! 

...Because my experiences with depression are the catalysts that brought you "Outsmart Your Depression By Learning More About Yourself; A Step-By-Step Guide With Extraordinary Case Studies" - © 2009, C. Brown

I've taken the time to research this often confusing topic of depression in detail, because I've seen what it can do to me, my family, and my friends.  And in its
extreme form, depression can become a life-or-death matter!

...And I figured if depression was so common amongst a family as 'well rounded' as mine, I could only imagine
how many more good people like yourself would
be battling depression too!

I saw a need that was waiting to be filled.  What do I mean when I say "...a need waiting to be filled?"

...I've been finding that nearly every book and 'ebook' on overcoming depression is woefully short on good, usable info...Even though most are way too long--hundreds of pages, bloated with facts and figures and other 'nice to know' info that does nothing but make me want to take a nap after reading but a few pages....zzzzz....zzz..zzzzzzzzzzzzz

So I created a nice, neat, SHORT ebook (only 114 pages!) on how to overcome depression that is LONG on sensible, immediately-usable info.  A publication that could be devoured in one long sitting by just about anyone; no need for big, fancy words and baffling medical talk...

An easy-to-understand, short and to-the-point manuscript (or "ebook" as they're called nowadays) that you can afford, understand, and apply to your own life immediately and expect results fast.  Natural cures for depression that you can implement now.

And having done that, I'm now able to provide you with a fresh, new opportunity to [*cure](disclaimer.php) your problems once and for all - never to be suffered from again.  It's time to start laughing OFTEN, loving life and enjoying simple pleasures again.

Here's a sampling of what you will discover in your copy of "Outsmart Your Depression By Learning More About Yourself; A Step-By-Step Guide With Extraordinary Case Studies" - © 2009, C. Brown

     Before you seek expensive therapy or potentially harmful drugs, you must be TOTALLY sure that what you’re suffering is “bona-fide” depression, and for the 3 tell-tale symptoms EVERY doctor looks for (along with the secret to getting an accurate diagnosis), turn to page 12.   
On TOP of this, I’ll shine a flashlight inside your brain to reveal how your neurochemicals and parts of your brain work together to make you experience those unpleasant feelings! (You'll have one of those "aha" moments.)
  Despite what some say, depression is NOT your fault! In fact, on page 14, I’ll discuss how these 11 common factors and other totally uncontrollable circumstances could be the cause of the depression that is preventing you from enjoying your life as much as YOU want!   Chances are, you’re suffering this very moment from one of the more than 7 types of depression. To take the first step towards healing and pinpoint the EXACT type of depression sinking your spirits, turn to page 18 for a comprehensive explanation of the characteristics, causes, and symptoms of depression in its every form.    I don’t have to remind you about how life can seem constantly miserable when you’re depressed, but if you check out page 24, you’ll realize how the 3 most common outward effects of depression may also be hurting the emotions of others (and making your fight against depression that much more of an uphill battle).    …And on page 26, I’ll open up your eyes to the havoc your depressive effects could be wreaking on your career, including the surprising reality about how your depression, your job, and your boss can be a most lethal combination.  (Along with the 3 most common emotional reactions of friends and co-workers that you must be prepared to deal with.)    When depression rears its ugly head, pangs of guilt often strike…when you haven’t even done anything wrong!  For specialized advice that you can trust to uncover the deeply-hidden source of your guilt, you MUST ask yourself these revealing questions listed on page 29.  And don’t miss out on the one must-know tactic that is practically guaranteed to clear that guilty conscience once and for all…it’s only 30 pages away!  If you feel that the root of your depression or one of its effects is a lack of self-esteem, then you MUST follow these 3 unbelievably simple steps beginning on page 35 that have helped others like you pinpoint the root cause of their low self-esteem and raise it unexpectedly.  A significant number of depressed people possess an unhealthy amount of "Perfectionism."  If you even THINK you exhibit this “All-or-Nothing” attitude that demands every aspect of life to be perfect, check out pages 36-39, where I’ll arm you with the knowledge and powerful mental tactics designed to free you from this ruthless mental chokehold!   Do you feel like life’s difficulties are dragging you into a hole you can never climb out of? If hopeless thoughts and feelings like this are even a rare occurrence, then the information contained on page 42, with its must-have tips and tactics that have been specifically designed to break this unrelenting mental spell, could be crucial to your recovery.  If you feel just plain sad even when there’s no reason to, then I’ve written page 43 with you in mind – learn the confounding reason WHY this chronic sadness seems to just creep out of nowhere, and discover how following a few simple steps can mentally “re-program” your mind to repel these “sad spells” before they even start!  If you’ve lost interest in just ONE of the everyday activities listed on page 45, then your depression could be feeding a potentially devastating lack of motivation. But if you let me take you by the hand and guide you through these 4 astonishingly simple, easy-to-follow steps described on page 46, your attitude and “will to live” will rejuvenate in no time.  You can’t just talk yourself out of depression, but you CAN follow the professional tips, tricks, and techniques on page 48 to learn healthy new ways of thinking that will help you conjure motivation out of thin-air and deflect ALL forms of negative emotions in mere minutes.  Modern science has ushered in a daunting era of cutting-edge medications, but before you even THINK about hitting up your doctor for the latest “happy pill,” consult page 53...I’ll wade through all the whiz-bang marketing to dig-up the most vital information about the 3 most-commonly prescribed anti-depressants.  (Including side effects and other precautions the drug companies want to keep under wraps!)  Also, if you’d rather seek treatment without turning to the billion-dollar drug companies’ often unhealthy medications, then take a look at these totally natural and inexpensive remedies on page 60…including a centuries-old natural cure plucked straight from the garden of Mother Nature herself. 
(It has exhibited an astonishing potential to relieve depression.)  *SPECIAL REPORT*: If you’re ready to totally WIPE your depression out of your life and prevent it from ever rearing its ugly head again, then take charge with your exclusive “Depression Destroyer,” a 10-step guide containing the latest methods effective at wiping out most mild to moderate cases of depression.   *Case Studies*: These alone are worth 10X the price of admission! (These shocking and fascinating true stories from your author's own life will floor you and make you realize that it's not merely "important" that you take your recovery very seriously--but that your life could very well depend on it! )



...You'll discover all that and much, MUCH more inside your exclusive copy of "Outsmart Your Depression By Learning More About Yourself; A Step-By-Step Guide With Extraordinary Case Studies" - © 2009, C. Brown

But before we go further, it's my duty to get you to [CLICK HERE](disclaimer.php) to read the disclaimer...
Then return to this exact spot and continue reading, because I have a little 'surprise' for you...

I realize, however, that you may have tried other "self-help" books that did not do squat for you.  So at this point (and even after my best efforts at 'salesmanship in print' here), you may still have your doubts.  You may wonder if you'll be stuck with yet another product that doesn't deliver on its promises.

Well, I promise you this won't be the case for "Outsmart Your Depression..."

...Because your book is quite simply the 'best of its breed,' hands down.  Nevertheless, I realize this is my opinion - because there hasn't been time yet for many people to read it and give testimonials.  Maybe you can be one of the first!

In any case...

I DO NOT WANT YOUR MONEY if you are not completely and 100% satisified with it.

...That's why I'm giving you a full 60 days to read it and apply what you've read to beat your depression, start laughing often and loving life and yourself. 

I will gladly send you your money back - no questions asked - if you don't feel that this is the best money you've ever spent on overcoming your depression.  You deserve to enjoy life to its fullest like everyone else.

(Matter of fact, turns out that Clickbank - the payment processor for your book - automatically gives 
you 60 days to return any product sold through them - so you're covered anyway - no matter what!)

Just be sure you actually do read and apply what's in the carefully-crafted pages of "Outsmart Your Depression By Learning More About Yourself; A Step-By-Step Guide With Extraordinary Case Studies."  Because I truly believe this is your chance to learn more about yourself and this disease called "the blues" or "depression" and overcome it once and for all!
....You will have some "aha" moments that will stir your soul!


..But if you're anything like me, you have a tendency to 'put off' taking real action.  So I'm going to help you overcome your natural tendency to procrastinate by offering an awesome time-limited BONUS.

(Later I have an amusing short story for you about a missed opportunity I created for myself by procrastinating.  I think you'll be able to relate :-)

...But first, your bonus and everything you're going to get when you order now! 

 !! BONUS!! 
If you order your ebook now, you will get absolutely FREE a
professional studio-quality audio* of the ebook.  Having the ability
to 'read' a book while commuting to and from work is great.
It takes the chore out of driving and leaves you with a nice
feeling of having accomplished something worthwhile -
other than just getting from point A to point B.


...But you must reserve your copy by
midday on November 4, 2009. 
After this, the bonus will disappear.

1. The personal examples from my life--the "Case Studies" on Karen, Luanne, Nancy, and myself (which are priceless and worth AT LEAST 10X the investment in the book alone)--are NOT recorded on the audio; they are FYEO (For Your Eyes Only) in the e-book itself.

2. Since the original recording was done, I have edited the ebook quite a bit; I've added to the tutorial in many places. That being said, the audio recording nevertheless captures the main essence of the tutorial and covers the main points. It is the perfect companion product to the ebook and a great way to reinforce the main text. Result: You'll get more out of it.

So here's what you get for only $37 $27
(Right off the bat you get The $10 'Pre-Launch' Discount since you're here early!)


Well-Researched e-Book
Carefully Written For You 
Well-Researched E-Book 18 Months In The Making, But Drawing On 30 Years of Experience and Observations

But don't let the image on
the left of a huge book (or
"e-book" as they're called)
fool you: Your guide is
only 114 pages of instantly-usable content;
no fluff, no filler. All the
information you need
without extra info that will
only have you drowning in
information overload.
(Which leads, of course,
to "Paralysis by Analysis.")

You don't want fancy
medical talk or baffling
techno-speak - just
down-to-earth but innovative depression-
beating strategies that
will get you started on
your voyage to happiness.

Shoot Me An Email Anytime   Unlimited Email
Support: 'Shoot me'
an email anytime!

Do not underestimate this
benefit! Simply email me
anytime for any reason at
the following address:
Charles [at]
(substitute "@" for "[at])
I'll be here, I don't plan on
going anywhere, and I don't
plan on dying anytime soon!

Case Studies: You will be stunned,
amazed, and ultimately discover
more about yourself.   Case Studies:

Allow Karen, Nancy, Luanne, and myself offer our life experiences to help you understand your depression better and understand yourself better. This will go a long way in helping you overcome and destroy any lingering depression you may have after finishing the tutorials.

Parenting Tips To Avoiding Teen Suicide

Bonus Section just added:  "Parenting Tips To Avoiding Teen Suicide."
Yes it's an awful subject to broach, but one us parents can't ignore. As you know, I had my own bout with depression as a teen, to the point of attempting suicide. Now as a father of teens myself, I thought I knew just about everything there was to know about raising teens and teen depression.

...That is, until I attended a 10-week course called, "The Parent Project." I won't go into the details here, but please trust me when I say there is a lot you can and should be doing to help your teen, and I share that with you. I've summarized all the important points from the course for you, saving you gobs of time. That being said, if the course is offered in your area, I highly recommend you go - even if you have no problems whatsoever with your teen now.

Bonus Audio Package Can Be Yours 100% FREE but only if you order
by midday on November 4, 2009 
and no later!
  Limited Time Bonus!

Here is your excuse for reserving your copy of "Outsmart Your Depression..." now.  Because this audio of your Ebook is the perfect companion product.  But only if you order by midday November 4, 2009. (Procrastination is not good for you - never has been!)

Only $37 $27 For Everything!
(Except the Audio Bonus Package if you're too late.)

[Your order will be processed through a secure
server with 128-bit SSL Encryption, then you can
click a link to get to your treasure-trove of goodies.]





Side-Story On

Many years ago I bought Tony Robbins' flagship course on being the best me I could be. (It's been so long, I can't remember what the course was called - I just figure all of his stuff is about being the best you can be!)

Anyway, I put $300 dollars on my charge card (not including shipping) for a shoebox sized box that contained cassette tapes, a daily logbook, and a couple of thin pamphlets. Now this was when $300 was a lot of money (hey, it's a lot to me now!)

After opening the box and looking over the contents, I set it down with big plans to "start lesson #1 tomorrow."

...Fast forward about 3 years later: I let it go at a yard sale for a mere twenty-five bucks. Never, ever used it. Don't let this be you with my book! I don't want your money if you're not going to use it. It is my goal that you will use it and be one of my success stories. That would be just so awesome! - C. Brown

 Read this first

...then below:

I'm obviously hoping you order - but honestly for
your sake more than mine. If you do, just be sure that you actually read and apply the easy-to-follow instructions and tutorials.

The Case Studies - I'm not worried about you
reading them, I think you won't be able to stop reading until you've gone through them all. They're pretty darn intriguing, to say the least, and most certainly worth many times the investment in the e-book.

But it's the tutorial I want you to put to use in accordance with the easy-to-follow plan you'll be given. (Don't worry, it's easy - I'll show you how to
get the most out of it while enjoying it.) 

Yep, if you aren't careful you just might find yourself having fun while you go through all of this!

Don't procrastinate any longer, your happiness may well depend on your decisiveness to go ahead and reserve your copy of  "Outsmart Your Depression By Learning More About Yourself; A Step-By-Step Guide With Extraordinary Case Studies" - © 2009, C. Brown

...and everything that comes with it.  (By the way, I truly hope you 'get in' before the Audio Bonus Package expiration date, and the 'Pre-Launch $10 Discount is over :-)





P.S.  Now's the time to take action to get your life back while learning more about the person that is you.  You owe it to yourself to discover little nuggets of 'inside information' about yourself that will lead to a better understanding of you and your brain.  Hey, your brain wants to help you enjoy this life like you deserve, but you have to give it some guidance from the core person that is you.

...But don't worry, I'm here to help you help yourself.  But it's your move now:
[Click here now](http://curedepressiondisorder.com/dlg/sell.php?prodData=cb%2C5) to reserve your opportunity.

P.P.S.  If you're still 'on the fence,' remember the iron-clad guarantee:  The risk is 100% on me.  Simply email me for a quick, one-click refund if you aren't absolutely ecstatic with your new guide.  Don't procrastinate another second, [click here now!](http://curedepressiondisorder.com/dlg/sell.php?prodData=cb%2C5)" 

P.P.S.  This is your window of opportunity.  [Open it](http://curedepressiondisorder.com/dlg/sell.php?prodData=cb%2C5).



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