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How to Run an Insanely Profitable

Business Without Lots of Money,

Staff, Offices, an MBA, or

Employee Drama…

Dear Business Owner:

What’s your biggest roadblock to building your dream business?

Can’t build a website? Can’t find traffic? Don’t know how to get a prototype of your product? Have no clue about SEO or Social Media

Go ahead and give it some thought – because I will show you how to erase this roadblock and put your business on the fast track starting today.


Ok, the first step is to understand a critical shift in business thinking. Here it is

Work is obsolete.

Figuring it out by yourself is outdated.

Putting in the elbow grease is a waste of time.

Some people may think this is lazy thinking; A sign that our generation is spiraling down the drain.

Actually it’s the complete opposite. Our Outsourced World is perhaps the most profound human productivity innovation since the assembly line – and my friend – it’s time you started making money, saving time, and enjoying a new life on remote control.

How I Created 16 Books and 20 Websites
and still Have a (great) Life…

Hello, my name is Susan Hill and I make a full-time living helping people, like you, build profitable businesses
Without needing offices Without Human Resource departments and orientation meetings Without the hassle of watching, managing and babysitting employees And Without needing a fancy pants team of executives and expensive consultants
My entire business is run by remote control –

For example…

Even though I don’t have a clue about HTML, PHP, or membership site scripting I still am able to launch a professional money-making site within 7 – 10 business days.

Although I am not an attorney, I have a legal team that works for me for a fraction of what others pay.

Plus, my day to day chores like checking online stats, distributing articles, blog posting, customer service calls and more are handled by my virtual assistant who lives 2,600 miles away.

I can do this because we live in the Age of the Free Agent, where just about anyone can create successful businesses from the comfort of their spare bedroom.


Free Agents are independent professionals that offer their considerable expertise at unbelievably affordable rates. Just a few years ago, these Top Guns were cocooned in glass corporate towers but then

The Great Recession Slammed into
the American Economy Like a Run Away Train

Today, 14 million corporate refugees are looking for work in the United States. Lawyers, Marketing Strategists, Copywriters, Graphic Designers, Executive Administrators, Engineers and spooky smart computer programmers have been shown the door with no real hope of getting their old jobs back.


 All of them (and more) are looking for work. They all are hungry, ambitious, and trained to compete by their prior “corporate masters”.

Almost any skill or task that needs doing – can be done by this army of free agents.


Here’s the eye-opening part…

I’m just describing the United States. Globally there are entire nations that are training their citizens to be outsourced professionals. India, the Philippines, Australia, UK, and South America all have freelancers ready to compete for …


Meet the Outsource-A-Holic

I am proud to admit that I am an Outsource-a-holic.

And you should take up the habit too!

An Outsource-a-holic’s operates on a different level than old-school entrepreneurs.

You can recognize an Outsource-a-holic because:

Their business works for them. They don’t work for their business!

They almost never look busy

They never seem to have cash flow problems and

Their business grows even when they are on vacation, sabbatical, or just taking it easy working half-days

These entrepreneurs are the #1 business in their market and they make it look easy.

Ask yourself –

Is your business stalled because you are trying to learn a new skill (like website design?)

Are you frustrated and exhausted because your “to-do” list never gets any shorter?

Do you KNOW you need help but have been burned in the past by freelancers and so-called experts?

Are you afraid to outsource tasks because you believe that it will cost more and get you less than doing it yourself?


If so then I want to introduce you to a website that has made it simple for a small business to look and operate like a large international conglomerate –

Have You Heard of Elance?

Elance.com makes it easy for people like you and me to quickly find experts to do just about any business task you can think of.

Elance makes it easy to post your job, interview candidates and review bids. After you’ve selected your professional, the site handles paying your “provider” and records any feedback.

As you read this, Elance is handling outsourcing arrangements for 26,861 assignments.

Go ahead and take a close look at this screenshot…

Did you notice that 99,460 professionals are chasing after just 26,861 assignments! This is the definition of a Buyer’s market which means you can name your price and have your pick of the best talent – in the world.

Have I got your attention yet? Let me put it another way.

How Would You Like to Take 8 out of 10 tasks OFF your To Do List Right Now!

In just a few minutes you could be posting these chores on Elance and watching some smart guys and gals working their tails off for your business.

How about an example of who is on Elance right now – ready and willing to take some work of your hands -

[ ](pre-order.html)
[ ](pre-order.html)

Let’s Play the Outsourcing Game….

I’ll choose a need and tell you actual people who are ready to expertly take the task off your hands…

Need Fortune 500 Quality Press Release?

This young woman in her mid 30’s who has worked as the Media Manager for a large reputable advertising company who decided to become a stay at home mom.

After writing press releases for some of the biggest companies in America, she is happy to apply her skills to write for Elance for a fee of $75 or less. She can write a press release, circulate it on the Web, and have it drive targeted visitors to your website in less time than it takes you to make your morning coffee.

Need Quick Research for a Business Pitch?

A part time librarian who is fascinated by research and determined to find exactly what you are looking for.

She’ll use her access to research tools, databases, and directories to answer any question you may have about your market, your competition or your next office presentation and can even put in a format that is ‘ready to use’
Want to Use Social Media to become an Authority in Your Niche?

This twitter expert is waiting to compete for your project. Elance’s Twitter experts can set up your account, build a custom background and build you a Fan base that will grow on autopilot.

You can even kick it up a notch and build your own Twitter application to swell your follower ranks, popularity and bottom-line profits.
Hate to Write?

You don’t have to pay top-dollar for writing talent. On Elance you can hire a self-taught, copywriting master who is eager to build their portfolio with your project.

Here’s the kicker, they’ll charge only a fraction of what you would pay top-shelf pros. For just $300 - $500 you could easily make your money back plus a substantial profit.    
You Can Get Personal Too!

Do You Love Vacations But Hate Planning Them?
Want to take a quick trip to someplace new or plan a more extravagant family vacation, try a personal travel planner.


Need Someone To Help With the Little Stuff?
Get your own Super Assistant


How about Your Personal International Concierge?

Do you travel to foreign countries for business or pleasure? How about hiring someone as a personal local travel assistant to recommend local restaurants, events that only the locals know about and even act as a translator to get everything booked so your trip is flawless in every respect?

Are you seeing the possibilities to have your cake and eat it too? 99,000 people are waiting to help you now.


Read This Before You Place A Bid…

Although Elance is easy and safe to use, you will need to use a specific method for getting the most out of this powerful site.

You will need to know:

How to post your job to attract just the right talent

How to select the right professional so the job goes as smoothly as possible and gets you the result you're looking for.

And how to manage the job to completion so you can hit the ground running once the job is finished

Most people take the hard route and end up frustrated with the whole outsourcing experience.

Other’s like myself play Elance like a expert pianist and get immediate time and money saving results.

So before you place your first bid I recommend you pick up a copy of my new guide.
Elance Made Easy
“Insider Secrets of an Elance Power User”

Now you won’t have to learn the best way to outsource your projects by trial and error. I’ve already done the hard part. All you need to do is use the easy techniques in this Guide to accelerate your business starting today


For example, you’ll learn:

How to hire the perfect expert for your project and who you should avoid at all costs (it’s not who you may think!)
What type of bid you should never take and when you should pay top-dollar
A quick and easy way to write job listings that attract top-gun experts like a moth to a flame
How to tell the difference between a expert provider or a dead-beat scam artist

My tried-and-true approach for paying exactly the right amount for any job (this will save you thousands of dollars alone!)
Which country has the best designers for banners, websites, squeeze pages and all other design specific jobs. And, they are only a fraction of the cost you will pay if you hire any other provider from any other country
Why you should never hire a writer from these two countries (and…no it’s not who you might be thinking)

What country you should never do business with regardless of who the provider is and what they have to offer Plus..  
3 questions that never fail to uncover top-shelf writers whether it be gardening, weight loss, sports enthusiasts, self improvement or how to be a better bird watcher or photographer.

Where to find the best technology and programming talent for just about any project you can think of

If You Think That Outsourcing is Not For You
Then Consider This…

Your competition may believe differently.

With the resources I just revealed they can copy your business in less time and with far less money. They can find a capable professional to duplicate and improve every function of your company

They can hire:

A business strategist to evaluate your business, create a better model and offer ongoing support to make the business a reality

A merchandising and retail expert to review your product pricing and devise a plan to push you out of the market

 A Marketing strategist to create a multi-pronged plan to use a minimal marketing budget to drown out your message and steal your customers

This isn’t meant to scare you. It’s a warning. The time you spend running your business like a one-man shop only gives your outsourced competitors an advantage.

The risk is too great especially when you realize that the answer is so cheap.

I Will Teach You my Entire Elance Made Easy System

for Much Less Than You Think... 


Fortune 500 companies recognized a decade ago

that outsourcing expertise was worth billions.

Now it’s your chance to compete like the big boys without spending “big boy bucks”.

But how much is Outsourcing expertise worth?

Take a look at the screenshot from Payscale.com. If you were to hire someone to find freelance talent, interview, and manage them you would pay a professional like myself, at least $50,000 per year. And it would be worth every penny.

But you won’t need to pay that to get the
expertise packed in Elance Made Easy.

In fact, you can get the entire Elance Made Easy system right here!

[ ](pre-order.html)
[ ](pre-order.html)
Think about this: How much is your time worth?

Let’s just assume that you can bill your time at $25/hour. Most executives or business owners can bill themselves at substantially higher fees (like 10 times this amount)

Here’s the math:

Average time for a beginner to design a simple Wordpress blog: 8-10 hours or $200 - $250

Average time for a beginner to write a press release: 4 hours: $200

Average time for a beginner to write a Salesletter: 10-12 hours (ouch): $250-$300

You can see how Elance Made Easy can quickly pay for itself with just one successful project. Of course, you could do these projects yourself, but do you want to work an extra 8 hours next week to write marketing materials?

Or would you rather spend that time with your family while a professional handles everything?

One more point you should consider…

Go Ahead and Give Elance Made Easy a try.

You can finally finish those projects that have been holding your business back. With the skills you will learn, you will be able to surround yourself with competent professionals who are focused on your success. Best of all, you will learn how to recruit an army for pennies on the dollar.


This is an opportunity that you must grab by the horns right now before someone else beats you to success with your idea.


I’ve made it easy to get started today…


Just click the Add to Cart Button below to process your payment information. After completing this short process, you will be given immediate access to the Elance Made Easy guide and 3 Jumpstart Audio CDs. You can download and start using the system immediately. You can even be ready to post your first job TODAY!

[ ](pre-order.html)
[ ](pre-order.html)


Go ahead and get started now.


All the Best,

Susan Hill
Author: Elance Made Easy
Elance Approved Power User

P.S. Remember you have nothing to lose and you are entirely protected by my 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. Click here to get immediate access to Elance Made Easy now!

Still have questions, feel free to contact us here, info@elancemadeeasy.com


lower = better; 1 = best

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