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Attention T-shirt Entrepreneurs:

"Who else wants to save time and money 
while starting a business that has an 
unlimited amount of potential?"

Discover the tools you need to make huge profits with your t-shirt business!


Dear Friend, 

There may be a thousand different fashions out there today, but there is no denying that the one thing everyone can agree upon is the t-shirt. The t-shirt market is currently extremely hot! With just a bit of ingenuity and solid guidelines you could easily embark upon a satisfying and rewarding career by beginning your own t-shirt company! 

This is a booming industry with an unlimited amount of income potential. There’s no need to sit back and watch your opportunity for success pass you by when there is something you can do about it.

The ideas for t-shirts are virtually endless. The sky is the limit when it comes to the number of different things you can put on a t-shirt. From wise to funny, whatever you have to say can go on a t-shirt. Chances are, you already have a few ideas in your head that would make excellent slogans for t-shirts.


Now You Can Start Your Own Successful T-shirt Company

T-shirt Profits: The Complete Guide to Running a Successful T-shirt Business shows you everything you need to know about starting your own t-shirt company from the ground up. In this guide you will:
Discover exactly why this industry is currently on fire and how you can benefit from it Discover how to define your niche and profit from it Find out how much time you need to devote to your t-shirt business Discover critical elements to help you get your business off the ground in no time! Learn when to design yourself or when to hire someone else Learn how to set up your business structur the right way for unlimited success
Find out where to get money to start your business

Learn all about the t-shirt production process and how to find a manufacturer
Find out how many t-shirts to start your business with  Discover resources for wholesale t-shirt blanks, including eco-friendly t-shirts Find out the right printing method for your t-shirts Calculate how to price your t-shirts to sell like hotcakes Learn the difference between the wholesale and retail markets Find out proven strategies for working with retailers Learn how to promote your t-shirt business like a pro Discover effective methods that will save you hundreds on shipping costs Discover how to start a t-shirt company for free Learn the steps you can take right now to turn celebrities into raving fans Learn how to use email marketing to gain more customers Discover the secret to selling thousands of t-shirts to home shopping channels Find out if you need a sales representative or distributor Learn how to contact the media and get featured in top magazines Discover how to promote your t-shirts with blogs Find out how to set up your online store and get huge amounts of traffic Learn how to write a press release And much, much more!!!!

If you have ever dreamed of starting your own business and you have an appreciation for t-shirts, whether they are serious, funny, zany or just downright weird, this is the guide for you!

Regardless of whether you have absolutely no experience in producing t-shirts, this guide will literally take you by the hand and walk you step-by-step through the entire process, from conception to marketing and everything in between!

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"Exactly what I've been looking for!"

"Wow, this is exactly the kind of information I was looking for. I've been wanting to start my own t-shirt business for over a year, but wasn't sure where to start. After reading T-shirt Profits, I know how many t-shirts to order, where to order them from, how to set up my website and how to promote my t-shirts. Thank you!" - Amalie G., New York, NY
"The section on marketing is my favorite"

"I purchased the T-shirt Profits e-book because I was looking for sources where to buy blank t-shirts. Once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. The section on marketing is my favorite! I learned so much about how to market my t-shirts and I've already implemented your ideas and have seen increased sales on my website." - Ron, Brooklyn, NY

"Excellent resource"

"I feel so lucky to have found your book. It's an excellet resource for everything I need to know to make money with my shirt business." - Reshma A., Sacramento, CA
"T-shirt Profits saved me hundreds of dollars!"

"I've had my own t-shirt company for almost two years now, but there's so much I didn't know! Reading your e-book has saved me hundreds of dollars in shipping and packaging costs. The ideas in the book are brilliant." -Robert Chang, Slat Lake City, UT 

"I learned something new on every page!"

"I learned something new on every page and I've been running my own t-shirt company for over a year." - Michelle Grayson, Sarasota, FL
There has never been a better time to start a t-shirt business. Everyone is looking to make their opinions known and t-shirt apparel is just the way to do it. Tap into this burgeoning industry and set yourself up for success!  
Not sure how to go about the ins and outs of starting your own t-shirt business? Not to worry because T-shirt Profits: The Complete Guide to Running a Successful T-shirt Business shows you everything you need to know. Whether you are looking to start a full-time t-shirt company or just want to make some extra money on the side, you will discover all of the tips needed to make the process of getting your business off the round fun and easy!  

Check out the massive table of contents: 
Chapter 1 - Coming up with a marketable idea
Size of T-shirt Market
Market Observations
Some Things to Consider
Defining Your Niche 

Chapter 2 - Before Starting Your Business 
How Much Time Is Necessary?
Retail or Wholesale?
Adding New Designs
To Hire or Not to Hire
Hiring Designers or Designing Yourself
Do You Need a Business Plan?

Chapter 3 -Setting Up Your Business Structure 
Business Structures
Business Licenses and Paperwork
Trademarks, Patents and Copyrights
Pros and Cons of Registering
Coming Up With a Business Name
Financing Your Business

Chapter 4 - Manufacturing Your T-shirts 
Choosing the Materials of a T-Shirt
Buying Blanks vs Finding a Manufacturer for Private Label
Manufacturing in the United States vs. Overseas
How Many T-shirts to Manufacture
Re-labeling Your T-shirts
Where to Purchase T-shirt Blanks
Eco-friendly T-shirt Blanks

Chapter 5 - Printing Your T-shirts 
Printing Costs
Types of Printing
Printing On Your Own vs. Outsourcing

Chapter 6 - Pricing Your T-shirts 
How to Price for Retail
How to Price for Wholesale
Cost of Goods Sold

Chapter 7 - Storing and Shipping Your T-shirts
How Much Room Is Necessary?
Shipping Supplies
Shipping Methods
Should You Hire a Fulfillment House?

Chapter 8 - Selling Your T-shirts - Retail 
Your Website
Craft Websites
‘Print on Demand’ T-shirt Websites
Local Events and Fairs

Chapter 9 - Selling Your T-shirts – Wholesale
What You Need to Sell Wholesale
Retail Stores
Cable Shopping Channels
Trade Shows
Should You Hire a Sales Representative?
Should You Work with a Distributor?

Chapter 10 - Marketing and Promoting Your T-shirts 
Your Website
Characteristics of a Good Website
How to Get Traffic to Your Website
E-mail Marketing
Contests and Giveaways
Product Reviews
Celebrity Endorsements
Postcards, Flyers and Other Advertising
Writing a Press Release
Pitching Your Story to the Media
Finding Media Contacts
Media Kits

Chapter 11 - 10 Tips for Success in the T-Shirt Business

Appendix - Resources 
Web Hosts
Email Marketing
Logo Designers
Payment Processors
Legal Issues/Business Forms
Online Store
Online Postage/Shipping
Online Communication Tools
Press/Media Lists
Fashion Resources 



T-shirt Profits: The Complete Guide to Running a Successful T-shirt Business will also provide you with crucial media and marketing information to help you make the most of your new business. You will never again have to wonder how to go about marketing your business. Everything  needed to start your business, run it like a pro and market it for success is included in this comprehensive guide.

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I'm also giving away three bonuses worth $900

Bonus #1 - Online Fashion Media Contact List

Includes nearly 250 media contacts for top bloggers, including InStyle Magazine, Daily Candy, E! Online, Style.com, AOL, About.com, Yahoo! Shine, Glamour Magazine and tons more (a $450 value)

Bonus #2 - Interviews with 15 T-shirt Entrepreneurs

Learn the secrets of running your own t-shirt business from 15 entrepreneurs who've done it all! In this interview series, you'll discover their "secret weapons," formulas for success, tips for working with retailers, how to use social media to increase your sales and more (a $100 value)

Bonus #3 - Free Email Consultation Services

As a T-shirt Profits owner, you may access my email consultation services for FREE. Email me any questions you have about starting your own successful t-shirt business and receive a one hour consultation by emai for FREE (a $350 value)

Hurry! These bonuses are only available for a very limited time only!



Start Your Business Faster

Everyone knows that the secret to success lies in the strategy. You could have ten great ideas but if you don’t know how to set up your business and promote it, they could all be for naught. You will never have that problem again with this guide. Take all of those great ideas you have for t-shirts that are sure to be popular favorites and learn how you can turn them into a successful business venture. Avoid all of the pitfalls and instead get started on the path to success!


Risk-Free 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

I'm so certain that you will find everything you need to start your own successful t-shirt company that I am going to provide a 100% risk free money back guarantee. Here it is: All you have to do is try the guide for 60 days and if you are not 100% satisfied with it, you get 100% of your money back!

No questions asked! Just let me know and you will receive a 100% money back guarantee!




If for any reason whatsoever you feel that the information in T-shirt Profits wasn't worth at least 10 times the $97 ONLY $47 you paid, I'll gladly refund you the full investment, no questions asked.

And you can even have a full 60 days to try all of the strategies you'll learn in all of your materials.

Here’s to your success!


Andreea Ayers
T-shirt Entrepreneur

P.S. Are you tried of coming up with great ideas for t-shirts and then shoving them to the back of your mind because you think you can’t do anything about it? Stop the negative thoughts! Take charge of your own life and start your own successful t-shirt company. This is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss out on!


"I had over $12,000 in sales last month"

"I implemented some of the marketing techniques in T-shirt Profits and within two  months I had over $12,000 in sales. This book is great! I read it over and over and every week I implement at least one marketing technique that I learned in the book. Thanks for such an amazing resource." - Billy, Los Angeles, CA
"The best book on the subject"

"This is, hands down, the best book on how to start a t-shirt business. I read quite a few of them and nothing compares to T-shirt Profits." - Michaela Loma, Ann Arbor, MI
[Click here to order T-shirt Profits](http://1.eyecloud20.pay.clickbank.net)  

P.P.S. You have absolutely nothing to lose! Remember, if you are not 100/% completely satisfied, just contact me anytime during the next 60 days and you will receive a full 100% money back guarantee. Save time and frustration by discovering everything you need to know to start your own t-shirt company. Get ahead of the game and beat out the competition!

P.P.P.S. And congratulations on your new business venture!


Contact me at [info@teesforchange.com](mailto:info@teesforchange.com) for any questions


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