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What interests consumers nowadays?

           How about natural health care, losing excess weight, ...plus saving money ?!
    Earn 50% commission with our informative, illustrated Ebook;   Fasting for Health and Highness

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        The author, Ken Albertsen, has written books on a variety of topics, displayed on bookshelves in the US, Europe and Asia.  Due to repeated requests for 'how to fast" info, Ken put pen to paper and came up with this handy guide which articulates all a person needs to know about cleansing fasts.  By fasting on and off for forty years, Ken, has stayed at a trim 150 pounds (6 ft tall) and has never spent a night in a hospital. Several types of fasts are discussed, with a focus on safety and optimum health health, .....what's easiest, and works best! 

       This is not an extremist book espousing dogma, but instead offers readers all sorts of options and access to scientific studies related to natural health, and lets the reader decide what's best.   An easy-to-do juice fasting regime is also great for avoiding medical bills in the future.  It's no wonder that orthodox doctors and hospitals don't much care for fasting, as it wouldn't help pad their ample incomes, if everyone fasted periodically.

     The word 'Highness' in the title, alludes to the fact that a good fast will get a person higher, like getting a delightfully mellow high without drugs - in a mellow way.  Fasting brings a person closer to his/her natural state - rather like enabling oneself to experience one's default condition on a physical, mental and psychic level.

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115 page illustrated E-book, with diagrams and color photos
offers a wealth of info about fasting, including details
showing the ease of an effective do-it-yourself cleansing/juice fast.
Each order gets processed right away, and within seconds the customer receives easy instructions on how to access the complete illustrated e-book (plus the other two freebies!) all available as pdf and/or as html - and viewable via handheld devices and mini-PC's.

"Fasting is the greatest remedy

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