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Spiral Vision 101

It's not too late for you to start and grow a successful business online...

"Discover the Best Ways for Making Money with Internet Marketing"

You're about to discover the biggest reason Internet business owners struggle and fail

From Catherine DeGeorge
Tuesday, 9:33 AM

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

If you've been struggling to build a REAL online business... maybe for years now... you are not alone.

Have you ever wondered why you aren't making as much money as some of the other entrepreneurs you see around you?

Has your frustration reached high enough levels to begin doubting whether or not there's something wrong with you?

And do you ever find yourself wondering...

"Why Has Building a Successful Online Business 
Become So HARD?"

Frankly, if you've ever asked yourself any of these nagging questions, you are NOT alone!

See, I know EXACTLY how you feel.

How do I know?

Well, a few years ago I was just like you, I was struggling...

When I left the offline world in search of "Internet Riches", it was not easy.

You see, before I became an expert in Internet marketing, I was a Realtor for 18 years.  

And although I was one of the first Realtors to have my very own web site back in 1995, I realized that the Internet was going to change the industry forever. So I decided that I would need to get a quick education on how to manage my web site myself.

So I started hitting seminars given by the best gurus and I bought ALL of their programs and studied diligently. I even took an extensive 6 month course where I was mentored by the best Internet marketing company in the world.

But would you believe that when I finally had everything set up just the way I wanted it, I realized that what I had poured my heart and soul into was already outdated! You see, while I was so absorbed in building my new business, the Internet had changed radically.

I was devastated!

So once again, I began my search for all of the latest breakthrough techniques that I could apply to my business. I signed up with countless sources to learn everything I could get my hands on.

I studied and studied and followed everything that all the gurus were teaching. I followed every single technique and repeated the process over and over again, just like they told me to.

But like many of you, I found myself in a position of doing everything myself and working so many hours that my friends and family thought I fell off the face of the earth. And I saw no end in sight.

Besides that, I was struggling to pay my bills and was getting deeper and deeper into debt. It always seemed that more money was going out for marketing, or spent on my education, than was coming in! But I always pressed forward, knowing something better lay ahead for me.

And after several years of intense dedication, I did manage to develop a group of websites that made a small amount of money...

But where were those “Internet Riches” I had been guaranteed?

I felt like I was spinning my wheels… I was doing the same thing over and over and over again.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat… Wash, Rinse Repeat…

I was doing exactly what they taught me but I was getting nowhere!

And although, I began to see my web sites bringing in some money, it was no where near the “Internet riches” that I had been promised for all of my time, money and efforts invested into these crazy online businesses!

I couldn’t figure out what was going on. Why weren’t these techniques working for me when I was following their instructions verbatim?

And then one day it hit me…

It was the business model that wasn’t working, not the techniques!

The problem is that everyone is teaching with the same business model and no one has realized that there is a much better way… until now!

You see virtually everyone teaches the "funnel" method of marketing...

You know the one... drive as much traffic to your sales funnel as possible, constantly fill it up, sift out what works and then repeat the process over and over again.

But with all the changes that have occurred online in the last few years, this model has quickly become outdated.

This model teaches one-way marketing techniques and creates an inefficient work style! In other words…

It’s a huge waste of time!

And I kept thinking there's got to be a better way!

So I went back to my real estate days and started dissecting how I was able to sell three homes in one day in a completely dead market.

I thought, and thought, and thought about it…

You see, I had used a unique technique that had presented itself to me in a dream. But I needed to figure out how to use that same concept in other areas of my life.

And then once I started implementing the same process to my Internet businesses, I was astonished by how quickly I saw tangible results.

It didn’t take me long to realize that I was REALLY on to something here and I needed to share it with the world!

So I expanded on the technique and refined the steps and transformed the process into a new business model that I call “Spiral Vision”.

And now I want to teach you the steps of Spiral Vision that will be your building blocks for success, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned Internet marketer.

Once you see, and understand this new way, you'll never go back to the old methods again....  even though the "old" methods are what practically every other expert is still preaching.

In today’s competitive market, you need an edge and this provides one!

The new strategies I’ll teach you provide a new way of thinking and a new mindset.

The breakthrough techniques you will learn in “Spiral Vision” make this the most powerful Internet Marketing Course available today!

With my new business model you will not reinvent the wheel over and over and over again… but rather, build your business with upward momentum from what’s working - which makes much more sense.

My new business model is more efficient and profitable and is a much more productive way to set up a successful online business.

If you want to go to the next level online and launch your own mega-successful business (or ratchet up your existing one to new heights), this course is for you.

This new breakthrough system literally provides you all you need to get your own money-making site up and running in no time flat!

This is the stuff you need to know

All the rest is filler and will waste your time!

Look, here is why people give up and quit:  They don't have the right information or any idea how to do this easily.  It seems hard... when in fact IT IS NOT HARD AT ALL!

So you can go out and spend $200,000 and buy every single course out there and learn all this stuff using the old methods or you can follow me to cut through the fluff and learn what you need to know.

I can save you weeks, months and perhaps years of your time because I will teach you how to have a successful online business in…

6 easy to follow steps, in 10 days, for under $100!

"It was incredibly valuable and highly insightful information with a new way of looking at things online. My biggest relief was how simple the process really is." ~Lisa Sparks

"This is really all one needs to know to start making money on the internet, easily. Thanks!" ~ James McDowell

"I was blown away by all the valuable content! I now know without a doubt I can be successful making money online." ~ Tim Clarkson

Finding the right teacher 

An excellent teacher is someone who has been where you are, someone who

has been through REALLY tough times, but still came out on top.

…someone with a demonstrated ability to take complicated concepts and ideas and reduce them down into simple, step-by-step action plans that anyone can follow.

I'm living proof that when you learn these lessons, you really can change your life faster than you ever dreamed possible.

So if you would like to get better results, faster in your life... then I have some very specific lessons to teach you.

The real "secret" is learning the rules of the game so you can flow through life and get anything you need and want without the struggle that most people experience on a day to day basis!

You can keep on struggling with life and keep on getting what you're getting. Or you can learn the way to online success once and for all!

I'm going to teach you what it REALLY takes to be truly successful, no matter what the world... or economy... or other people are doing. I'll teach you that exact steps and rules the GUARANTEE your SUCCESS!

In just a moment, I'll expose you to my discovery of Spiral Vision and this step-by-step system that led me to sell three homes in one day in a dead real estate market.

What this discovery will do for you will be life-changing!

Changing Market Solutions

So if you're sick and tired of all the latest flashy ways to make money online... if you're looking for the REAL scoop of how you can quickly get going in your own successful online business generating prospects truly on auto-pilot... and if you want a simple, proven step-by-step system to follow that actually works, then you need to take a look at this new business model called “Spiral Vision”.

The great news is that by following the Spiral Vision steps, you can program your business for massive growth and huge profits for many years to come.

So, if you've been having any problems with getting a profitable site online...

Then you should get excited because I will be sharing my NEWEST proven ways to profit online with simple steps that virtually anyone can follow to build a list and convert prospects into buyers.

Plus, I promise to reveal my new business model... the one I ditched the "funnel" for.

This brand new business model is more productive and efficient for YOU to use than the 'old' model everyone else uses.
And, it’ll allow you to make your dreams come true more quickly, too!

I'm going to give you the basic building blocks for online success. We'll start from the ground up.  In this course we will cover the essential tools needed to get you started (or to boost your profits for an existing business) that will set the foundation for running a successful Internet business.

Most people fail to succeed online because of the wrong frame of mind. But Spiral Vision will teach you the right mindset for success.

It's going to revolutionize the way people learn about making money online.

Here's what this Course can do for you:
More time to do the things you've ALWAYS wanted to do but never got to do
Never wake up to an alarm clock again
More time to spend with your loved ones

More money to increase the quality of your life

Being able to take the 30 second commute to work

Working WHEN and as you please

Take more vacations and actually make money while vacationing...

It’s dangerous not to evolve!

In the world of internet marketing this new business model can be very powerful and will provide you with the updated tools you need to be successful.

You'll learn the specific steps you can take right away that will instantly increase your sales, revenue and profits.

Anyone who wants a successful online business should implement this new business model…

Even if you’ve already been trying to market a website or business with no success…

Even if you don’t have a website yet….

Even if you already have a successful website…

You’ll Discover How to Siphon Leads Into Your Online Business, Build Your List and Get More Sales

Just imagine if you could put into motion a few small marketing actions that would deliver an unstoppable flood of traffic and sales with no easy way to stop it….

And considering you could repeat this process as often as you wished, this could be an unstoppable source of traffic for your online business!

It's ALSO Crammed Full Of Hundreds of Super Advanced Moneymaking Secrets That Most Gurus ONLY Share In Their $1,500+ Guides and Seminars!
That's right:

While other Internet marketing experts leave you with training wheels on your new business website, hoping to up sell you into more expensive seminars, courses, and video packages for $1,500 to $4,500+...

... "Spiral Vision" is your COMPLETE GUIDE to starting an online business.

Profit While 'The Market' Has Others Floundering

The real secret to big profits is in sending a steady stream of eager buyers to your web site.

This is where nearly all online businesses fail miserably. However, this is exactly where the new business model I discovered comes in. I learned how to quickly, easily and inexpensively attract huge numbers of visitors to your site. 

With my step-by-step guidance you can go from not having a clue what to do to quickly getting your site up and running ready to take orders and put money into your bank account. This includes figuring out what you should be selling, too.

Plus, I’ve included all the secrets of finding customers, and keeping them coming at a steady, automatic pace.

I will share with you the most cutting-edge ideas that work in a soft or declining market so you can profit no matter what the economy does.

These are challenging times that require us to summon a whole new vision of leadership from deep within — a vision that has the power to create passion, inspiration and focus for everyone whom we touch.

Do the right things to grow your business now, regardless of the economy...  

Find out how this new "Business Model" can expand your customer base, 
and create a rabid following of people foaming at the mouths to 
snap up

everything you offer!

Spiral Vision will give you specific strategies for improving your online business, including:
How to avoid the #1 fatal mistake 90% of online businesses make

The secret that will increase your sales by at least 80% 

Why approximately 90% of Internet businesses fail 

The quickest, easiest way to start collecting email addresses from your web site in the next 24 hours!

The single most crucial decision that you will make in your online business

How to write a compelling opt-in offer that will attract as many as 45-50% of your website visitors to give you their email addresses!

The wrong thing that most people spend all of their time, money, and energy on

How to automatically generate 33-50% more sales, without lifting a finger

Discover the one thing that has the power to increase the response by up to 1,700%

Learn how to recondition your mindset so that you begin to draw opportunities toward you and your business

Discover the secret techninques to manifest the changes you really want

Gain the strategies and tactics you need to increase your sales, revenues and profits to record levels


This is the one-and-only "Magic" Formula for making money online (everything else is just a more complicated version of this simple, POWERFUL formula you MUST know and understand)!

I’ve helped hundreds of people get started in only 10 days so I know what I’m doing. And I can help you too!

But you don’t have to just take my word for it…

Here's What Others Are Saying...

"Catherine's new business model makes so much sense and really clarifies how to super accelerate the cash flow from your online business. This is a 'must have' for business owners, from novice to expert, seeking more traffic."
~ Karla Watson

"This course is the fast track to internet marketing success. I am putting the Spiral Vision Mindset to use today!" ~ Sarah Bloom

"After reading the first chapter of “Spiral Vision”, not only did I learn a new simple but powerful way to run by business, but now I can’t wait to finish the rest of the book so that I can implement the strategies needed to take my business to the next level. "
~Mike Tisdale

"This course is a "Must Have" for any business person who is serious about sustainable growth and innovation. It offers valuable advice on how to build a business that supports growth, and upward success."  ~ George Sheppard

"Spiral Vision provides straightforward, practical, must have tools and information if you are serious about building your internet business quickly and successfully." ~Carrie Simpson

"At a time in which most are struggling with the bad economy, this formula presents a model for turning bold, innovative ideas into unmatched success!"
~ Niles Sutton

"Spiral Vision is great for a beginner who is trying to determine how to design their online business. I saw results within the first week!" ~ Ruth Shivers

“I was shocked by all the good content in the book. Catherine obviously wants others to succeed, too. She makes me excited for my own business and future." ~ Lynne Ellis

"Go and buy this course right now!!! You will definitely be glad that you did, because I can guarantee you that this was money well spent. I still think that Catherine is not charging enough for all of her countless hours spent creating these courses. The course was excellent … keep up the good work Catherine!!"  ~Rob Carlson

Okay, so what will this cost me?

Well, you can go out and spend $200,000 and buy every single course out there and learn all this stuff using the old tired and weary methods, or you can save your money and follow me to cut through the fluff and learn what you need to know.

As you have seen, I have helped other aspiring marketers to get a successful start and I can help you, too.

So let me tell you what you will be getting that will change your life starting today. Your success story starts now, so...

Hurry, Grab Your Copy Now

FORMAT: Gain Instant Access to your Spiral Vision eBook in PDF Format


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