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Pageant Questions | The Ultimate Guide to Winning Pageants

You are about to learn the secrets that helped me win the Miss
Wisconsin USA Crown and help my girls win pageants EVERY single year

Winning a pageant is based on much more than good looks alone. You
are only a few minutes away from discovering what separates queens
from girls who lose pageants time and time again.
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Dear Future Pageant Queen,

My name is Suzi Hosfeld. Let me start off by telling you that I am
concerned. I AM CONCERNED that you are being misled by information all
over the internet when it comes to how to win a pageant and
effectively answering pageant interview questions. I have been in the
pageant industry since before WINNING THE MISS WISCONSIN USA title in
1983 and competing in the MISS USA PAGEANT the same year. I've never
left, because it's such a passion of mine.

You've probably noticed that some people on the internet claim to be
pageant coaches, but do not have the experience and results to back it
up. BE SMART GIRLS! I truly care about your success.

My models & actors can be seen in the pages of every fashion
magazine as well as TV shows and sit-coms. My pageant successes are
many and include: Lees Garcia-2009 MISS FLORIDA US INTERNATIONAL and
Lucas, top 15 at Miss Florida Teen USA, 2009 MISS TEEN FLORIDA WORLD

I have been a preliminary director for Miss Florida USA and am
currently the Owner and President of Envy Models & Talent height:
40px;" alt="signed"
Suzi Hosfeld, Former Miss Wisconsin USA, Pageant Coach


You have seen some of the major beauty pageant blunders on TV, like
what happened to Miss South Carolina in 2008. The fact is this happens
much more often than you think, but in smaller pageants that are not
broadcasted on TV. You can save yourself this embarrassment. You see,
most girls enter a beauty pageant and go about it in a lazy way.

How to win a pageant isn't something that you can just base on good
looks alone, the girls who win pageants over and over again are the
girls who educate themselves on every aspect of the pageant.

With My All Access E-Course You will Learn:

The Top 101 Pageant Questions that are Asked at Every Pageant
How to Choose the Right Pageant System for You
The Complete Guide to Picking the Perfect Swimsuit
Every Tip You Will Ever Need to the Evening Gown Portion
How to Answer Beauty Pageant Interview Questions
What the Judges are Looking for in You
How to Be Remembered by the Judges
How to Have the Perfect Walk
And TONS more...


Ridiculously Special Bonuses:

1 Hour of Personal 1 on 1 coaching with me (value $100) Limited
number available...see P.S. below

The Top 11 Qualities of a Winning Queen Guidebook (value $27)

The 1 Week Prior-to-Pageant Ultimate Exercise and Nutrition Guide
to Looking Perfect on Stage (value $27)

All This AND Bonuses for only $37

Here's what other girls who have taken my training have to say:

"Suzi- Thank you for preparing me for the pageant, the long hours,
the workouts, the practice...I could not be prepared without you."
Jenna Canfield
2009 Miss Sarasota Teen USA

"Suzi-You are amazing! Thank you for all the direction, the
assistance and the late hours. You were such a great help and
motivation-could not do this without you!"
Kendra Altemeyer
2009 Miss Fort Myers Teen USA

"There are only two words I have..."Thank you!"
Donna Snow
Miss SW Florida


Competing in a Pageant is nerve-racking in and of itself, and then
there's the Question and Answer portion. You have spent soo many
hours, days, weeks, and even months preparing yourself, making sure
you have the perfect gown, perfect hair, and a perfect body ready for
the pageant. The day of the pageant comes much quicker than you
expected and you know that you've done just about everything in your
power to look your best. And then there's the Pageant Interview
Questions and Answers portion

There's plenty of reasons why the Question and Answer part of the
pageant has so much fear and anxiety built around it. Just think, you
standing there in front of the judges, your family, friends and the
rest of the audience. You have to expect the unexpected pageant
interview questions! Many girls train for years to be fully prepared
to answer whichever beauty pageant questions come their way. The last
thing that you ever want is to kick butt in the beginning of the
pageant just to have it completely squashed by your STUTTERING,
NERVOUS response. We all remember what happened to Miss South Carolina
like it was yesterday.

In the E-Course you are going to learn everything you need to know
to make sure that you perform at your peak on the actual day of the
pageant. It's not some wimpy advice just telling you to smile and keep
your head on straight, this is actual information that I have used to
help my girls win pageants for decades. You have full access to it
once you purchase the course.

All This AND Bonuses for only $37

100% Money Back Guarantee

When you purchase the THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO WINNING PAGEANTS, if you
aren't 100% satisified with the product, we will happily refund every
single penny, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

P.S. I am only offering the Bonus 1 Hour Coaching Session with me to
the next 100, 77, 52, 27, 7 girls that order the e-course. My time is
extremely valuable, so I just can't leave this offer out there

P.P.S. You will be given instant access to all of the E-Course
materials IMMEDIATELY after you check out. I won't hold back on

Last Chance

Remember, it's only $37

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