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My name is Joel Comm, In June 2003, I discovered a little known
google program that sends MASSIVE PAYCHECKS OUT EVERY MONTH.

I regularly make 5 FIGURES A MONTH using this program and "I still
use it today."

Even though major newspapers like the NEW YORK TIMES and the WALL
STREET JOURNAL have written about this program it's still largely


First, let me make some things perfectly clear..

* You DO NOT have to be a computer programmer to do this..
( I couldn't code my way out of a paper bag)
* You DO NOT have to be a geek..
_(Okay, I'm a bit of a geek, but you don't have to be)_
* You DO NOT need fancy equipment or expensive software
_(Just a basic computer and an internet connection)_
* You DO NOT have to maintain inventory
_(There's no products to order, store or ship.)_

And before I forget this has nothing to do with MLM or network

This is SO SIMPLE even my 67 year-old mother can do it.


MY FIRST PAYCHECK FROM GOOGLE was for a measly $30.00 a day.. but
when I cracked the code.. it shot up to nearly $500.00 a day.. And I
was just getting started.


I looked at my first 5+ figure check of $11,823.65 and thought I
must be dreaming! "

"THERE HAS GOT TO BE A MISTAKE", I thought. "Google is going to
call me up and ask for their check back." But the call never came.

Deep down, I knew it wouldn't.

Each time I logged into my Google account, my eyes nearly popped
out of my head--THE PROOF was right there in my Google stats!


This is a 100% REAL SCREENSHOT of my recent Google earnings for
just one day. page.

With Google's permission, I'm able to reveal how much I'm making...

By the way, if you didn't notice.. THAT'S FOR JUST ONE DAY!

Every month like clockwork, Google sent a paycheck until they
started direct depositing...


Since then I have deposited over THREE MILLION DOLLARS from this
program and have HELPED OTHERS make Millions More..

I'd love to show you the checks, but according to Google I can't do
that, so instead I'll share with you the story of DOZENS OF OTHER
PEOPLE who I've taught my Google secrets to.

Who is Joel Comm?
Joel Comm is the hands-down leading authority on making money
with Google. One of the most in-demand speakers on the seminar
circuit today. Joel has written the web's best-selling book on
making money with Google... and the NY TIMES BESTSELLER "The Adsense
Code." He regularly receives 5-figures a month from Google.
*Adsense is Google's Program which pays website owners to display ads
for Google's advertising clients.

CNN - "Founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google has redefined
search by inventing a new advertising model and created a vast
business empire."

MSNBC - "Google is clearly the leader in this regard. "Most people
start their day out on the web by going to Google," says Carnegie
Mellon's Monroe. Neither Yahoo nor Microsoft, he adds, "offers
software or services that are significantly more compelling than

MSNBC - "Humanity emits the data, and a handful of companies - the
likes of Google, Yahoo!, or Amazon.com - transform the info into
insights, services, and, ultimately, revenue."

ABC - "In April 2004, Carter learned about AdSense for content
sites. He recognized that it would enable him to reach thousands of
advertisers and screen ad quality with minimal time and effort. Carter
immediately experienced a jump in advertising revenue of 400%. His
monthly advertising revenues, including AdSense, grew from $1,500 to
$7,500." But it gets better. The case study concluded with the fact
that AsktheBuilder soon began to make $1,400 a day in ad revenue, but
according to Carter, that is now incorrect. Today it makes
significantly more than that."

WSJ.com - "If you'd like to try to make some money with your blog,
be sure to check out the section on using Google AdSense"

CBS - "Google performed well in the fourth quarter, despite an
increasingly difficult economic environment. Search query growth was
strong, revenues were up in most verticals, and we successfully
contained costs," Chief Executive Eric Schmidt said in a statement.


"I'd like to publicly thank Joel for helping to increase my Google
revenues from $1,000 a month to over $10,000 in less than 3 months
(same traffic and everything). I'm now living a semi-retired lifestyle
at the ripe old age of 29. Thanks for changing my life!" - Gary Fields

"Joel, I'm in a state of shock. Two weeks ago after implementing
your suggestions in a methodical manner, (complete with the daily
journal), my daily revenue has exploded 20 fold. This is a miracle.
Thank you very much." - Hugh Smith

"You have made it so mind-numbingly EASY for people... this system
is without comparison."...

Oh my God! Joel, I am being straight up here because I respect you
so please don't take this the wrong way..I think you've made a MASSIVE
mistake - you can't possibly release all this in one package at this
price...I've not seen anything like it in the ten years I've been
online. - Michael Cheney

I hope people can see the value and opportunity that this package
offers them. Any serious Google marketer would be crazy to pass up on
this opportunity! Thank you Joel! -Bernie Wiemers

Holy @*%$ Joel!
This is by far the most complete "Instant Business" package I have
ever seen.

Every once in a while someone comes along with a product that makes
me say "If only I'd had that when I was trying to get started!". This
is one of those occasions.

As with all of your products you have once again over-delivered.
Keep the great stuff coming for all of us. - Sam Knoll

Believe It Or Not, I Discovered Even MORE Breakthrough Strategies
for Making Boatloads Of Cash With Google!

You Can Literally Make Thousands Of Dollars, Even Tens Of Thousands
Of Dollars Per Month Using My Google Secrets. And I've Created The
The Profit Vault System To Make It As Simple As Possible For You.

Whether You Are A Beginner Who Doesn't Even Have A Google Account
Yet, Someone Who Is Making $20 To $30 Dollars A Day - Even If You Are
An Advanced User Making Thousands Of Dollars A Week--

I Will Reveal My Secrets In A Step By Step Course Which Includes
Ebooks, Tutorials, Videos, Audios Coaching Sessions, Interviews With
Internet Millionaires, Taped Million Dollar Conversations And
Ready-to-use Template Systems and More.

The "Profit Vault" Course Includes absolutely Everything You Need To
Build Your Own Google Empire. It Is The World's Most Comprehensive
Course On Making Money With Google !

Chris Pirillo, Lockergnome.com

Internet Tourbus

"If you are ready to step into the Google big leagues, buy (before
he realizes that it's WAY underpriced) and follow his advice. I did,
and the results are amazing."
BARBARA J. FELDMAN, Surfing The Net With Kids

"I spent a couple hours implementing your suggestions and BAM --- I
have been making an extra $50 per day since. I can't believe I
allowed myself to just "leave that money sitting on the table."
Alice Seba, AliceSeba.com

"I was able to triple my Google income, practically overnight. And I
haven't even applied it to my main site yet!"
Randy Cassingham

"I really liked how you showed exactly what works and what does not
work with ad sizes, colors, and placement on your websites."
Jeremy Gislason, SurefireWealth.com

"I went through and revamped my ads on my sites using the techniques
you talked about and the results are already showing. I've had more
clickthroughs in the last few hours than I have had all week
Daiv Russell

"I just knew that somewhere, someone was going to come out with a
detailed instruction manual on how to do this right. Thanks A
Scott Foster

"I've already installed several of your suggestions, and in a
matter of hours my results jumped off the meter on one of my sites!"
Van Day,

"First, I was a tad skeptical, but I can honestly say your product
definitely works. The last few days, based on tracking, has produced
more clicks and results than the previous day."
Thomas Vilfroy

"My clickthroughs INCREASED 700% and earnings went from $3-5 to $30
or more per day. $900 extra a month for NO work seems like a good deal
to me."
Richard Allen

" I turned my sleepy little free games link site from a "pays for
hosting" level to a "makes two car payments" level of income.
Dave Nixon

"I decided it was time to make an investment...and it looks like my
clickthroughs have has doubled!"

"My Google revenue - overnight - went from around $1.30 a day to
$6.81, then $8.74 the following day. I was in dream land - I hadn't
even started thinking about building content yet."
James L.

"I implemented some of your basic changes. At the present rate, I'm
on track to make in the first five days what I historically have made
from Google in an entire month. That's more than quadrupling...holy
frickin' cow!"
Mark Baker

" Joel, I'm in a state of shock. Two weeks after implementing your
suggestions, my daily revenue has exploded 20 fold. This is a
Hugh Smith

"I'd like to thank Joel for helping to increase my Google revenues
from $1,000 a month to over $10,000 in less than 3 months (same
traffic and everything). I'm now living a semi-retired lifestyle at
the ripe old age of 29. Thanks for changing my life!"
Gary Fields

" In just the 4 days I have been implementing your ideas, my Page
clickthrough rate has jumped significantly! This should put me over
the $2500 - $3000 a month mark I have been looking for!"
Jimmy McDonald

"It is the best investment I've made this year. I'm going to earn
about $2,500 on my very first month with Google.
David Shemula

I have watched my commissions grow from $30 per month to over $1200
in only 2 months."
Kevin S.

"In the month since buying my clickthrough rate has more than
TRIPLED and my daily earnings have QUADRUPLED, Thank you SO much!"
Name withheld upon request

"We're already seeing immediate increase in revenue utilizing just
a few of Joel's techniques....well done!" Dr. Mike Woo-Ming

"I just wanted to tell you that I have tripled my stats after
Shawn Mcgarvey

"I have seen my Google revenue triple. It's amazing!"
Gregg W.

"I'm still slowly making the changes and testing. However already
I've had a 100% average increase in income from Google."
Andrew Williamson

"It has now been six months since I implemented your ideas and I am
very pleased to say that my Google revenue has increased by 500%.
John Mussi

"I've only just started using the techniques you describe and
already I've seen a 600% increase in m clickthroughs. You've
definitely shown me what I need to do to start turning my virtual
real-estate into a solid monthly revenue generator! THANK YOU!"
Val from Canada

"I've increased my Google income by almost 300% by applying your
Bingwen Lu

"Unbelievable... but after only 1 day of changes on 3 of my
sites... my click-through ratios have nearly tripled!
Ed Hudson

"Joel, One effortless change you suggest is undoubtedly lining the
pockets of thousands of website owners many times over with higher
Google click-through rates."
Michael Nicholas

"I implemented some of the suggestions my income increased about
$100 a day!
Vickie Barnes

"Joel is telling the truth when he talks about 'lazy changes.'
After spending less than 10 minutes making the changes he suggested,
my income from Google has just about tripled."
David Lester

"We doubled our Google income almost overnight from $20 to $40+ a
day and our clickthrough rates have exploded! And the funny part is
that we've only started using just a couple of tips so far! "
Steve Rinaldi

"Joel, I was able to quadruple my Google income this month over last
month. And I haven't even finished applying a number of your simple
Joe Reinbold

"I have increased my Google income from $.03 per month to $380+ per
month. I am receiving my first check in a few days, and am sooo
Tonya Pruitt

"Before buying, I was making about $50/month. After reading your
first book and implementing several of the tips/strategies, however,
my average has gone up to $800+/month! Consider me a VERY satisfied
Gordy Seeley

"Literally from taking the information you provided and making two
simple changes on my sites, overnight I am getting more than double
the clickthroughs from what I had been getting over the past 5 weeks.
Jay B.

"What a great resource! My Google profits doubled within 24 hours.

Tracie Johansen

"Last January I was earning about $60 a month. I started
implementing the easiest changes possible, taking advantage of the
'low hanging fruit' as it were, and incorporating your ideas about
placement and color. I just hit over $350 for this month. Thanks for
sharing your knowledge in such a digestible format!"
Ellen Ferlazzo, writer/designer

"As an MBA student, I


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