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We could have a big group hug

and cry on each other's shoulder 

or instead,

We could Do Something About It!

Here at Infertilitysupportgroups.com we are 


There are MANY THINGS you can do to overcome Infertility!!!

Let's get started!!!

Hello, My Name is Dan Kaighen

I have put together here on this site THE ABSOLUTE best and greatest tools to help you have the family of your dreams!

First, I want you know right up front that I am a pastor.  Through the years, my wife and I have counseled with many couples who wanted to have children, but were not able to.  

The truth is, my wife and I were married 7 years before we had our first child.  We sought professional help, but with no insurance, and the costs being so ridiculously high, we decided to go natural.  Now, thank God, we have 6 kids.  That's right!  6!  Our oldest is a soldier in the United States Army, serving our country.  Our second is a highly trained, college-degreed and very gifted pianist, with a group of students she teaches lessons to every week.  I could go all the way down the list, ...but...

You didn't come to this site to hear about my kids...

You want  to have a wonderful family of your own!

Second, at the bottom of this page are links to all our site pages with more information than you can shake a stick at.  It will take you many hours to read and understand all the intricacies about reversing infertility.  It is all organized and classified for easy access.

No stone is let unturned as we look at all the reasons a couple can't have children.  ALL of them.  Something isn't working right when a couple can't have kids.  We were made to reproduce.  

Here at Infertilitysupportgroups.com, not only do we lay out all the physical causes for infertility, but we then set a course of action!

Action is the key! 

Don't give up!

Don't quit!

There is Hope!

Third, in this next section are the absolutely most:
sought after! Helpful! Best Selling! Highly Recommended!
Ebooks on the Internet!  
Just before we got married, my Pastor made me read a book about marriage.  (some of the pictures were a bit shocking!)  He knew I had a lot to learn, and books are the easiest way to learn!  
To this day, I am glad he made me read up on marriage.

The titles on this site have been carefully chosen to help couples who are having trouble conceiving.  Whatever it is that is keeping you from having a baby is probably dealt with in one or more of these books.
 The Topics include:  

Marriage harmony Health and fitness Stress and Panic Attack Female Issues (To view the information page,
simply click on the title or the Book)

Required Reading #1

[Lisa Olson's amazing book](http://b1ae66blocw2wz3l44jaidv349.hop.clickbank.net/)

["Pregnancy Miracle"](http://b1ae66blocw2wz3l44jaidv349.hop.clickbank.net/)


There is absolutely nothing like it anywhere!
It has done more to help infertile couples than any other Ebook out there!

Required Reading #2

["The Magic of Making Up"](http://7b6ad9omrcv6tv3fn8k8pl0r34.hop.clickbank.net/)


A stable home is absolutely essential for that new little
bundle of joy.  Let's get the home right!

Required Reading #3

[Master Cleanse System](http://b21307ljob-wvt9wwjwe0mfz1a.hop.clickbank.net/)


Here is a real winner (or should I say, weight loser!)
It DOES work!
Not only will you lose some unwanted weight,
but you will also cleanse your body in a most
healthy manner.

Now, I know that not everyone is infertile because of being overweight,
but the truth is, our weight affects us socially, physically, and spiritually.

"But buying Ebooks is too expensive!" you say.

Not so!  A trip to the Doctor's office is going to cost you more than a few ebooks.  And the books will be money well spent.  Seriously!

Remember what we are after here!!

Besides, knowledge is power.  When you have done your research, the solution will be much easier to obtain.  Look, You are not the first person to face infertility.  It is becoming a very big issue.  Many women are waiting until later in life to think about having children.  Then they find, to their dismay, that for some reason, they are infertile.  You need to understand infertility if you want to conquer it.  Usually, your body is telling you something is not right.  Finding it and fixing it solves the problem.

When you click on any of the book links on this site, you will be taken to their information page.  You can read what each one has to offer, and see the testimonials from satisfied customers.  Each one will tell you their price and comes with a 100% Money back guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied, you get your money back.  No questions asked.  
You download them to your computer immediately upon purchase in
.pdf format and save them to read at your leisure.

And Finally  I would like to ask you to please sign up for my 12-day email mini-course dealing with Infertility.  When you fill in the information in the box below, you will receive Immediately, in your email, your first lesson in the series.   A new one will be sent to you daily absolutely free!  If you don't find the information to be helpful and practical, you can unsubscribe at any time.  And NO, I do not share email lists with anyone.
Please sign up!

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In My FREE 12 Day Mini-Course, You'll Learn:
What infertility is all about, and what it IS NOT! What difference can food and exercise make? The #1 Cause of Infertility Herbal Remedies tried and trusted for thousands of years Is being labeled: "Infertile" by a doctor permanent? What is ART?  Can you use ART successfully? Does pelvic pain always mean endometriosis? Does IUI work?  How?
And so Much, much more!

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Thanks for visiting Infertilitysupportgroups.com
It is my great joy and pleasure to be a help.
Please send me your personal testimonial when (not if) you have overcome Infetility.  
Good Luck, and May God Bless you.

Dan Kaighen[](http://www.norwalkbaptist.com)

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