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Potty Training Secrets Exposed - Offer

Potty Training Secrets ExposedProviding Expert Guidance to Ensure Your Toddler is Trainedwith Ease, Without Stress, and Within Just 1 to 3 Days.

the "Secret Blueprint" to Potty
Training your Toddler in 1

AND A WARNING - "Diaper Dependence" can be hazardous to
Your Child's Health, read on for the shocking facts ... 


A personal note about potty training your
toddler, from Dr. Wayne Jensen (PhD (Med))
Dear Friend,

If you're getting ready to
begin potty training your toddler... or you're already
pulling your hair out trying... give me just 5 minutes and
I'll show you the fastest, easiest way to do it.

It's fun for your child.
You'll save weeks or months of frustration. And in just a few
days you'll never have to change a diaper again.

If you have
tried potty training your toddler, you are probably feeling
exhausted and demoralized as your child battles with you and
struggles to catch on to the idea. You are probably wondering why
it is so difficult! Does this sound familiar to you? Well, you are
not alone.
Many other parents
starting out with potty training will be feeling exactly the
same pains and frustrations. I know what your are going
through. You see, my partner and I were going through this too
with our first son. But then I started studying the
subject extensively for an answer to our problems in potty
training. I was sure that one could reach a simple solution to
potty training, once you have a proven system to

After reviewing the literature and consulting
extensively with many specialists, quite frankly I was shocked at what I discovered. I
don't mean to alarm you. I wanted the peace of mind in
knowing our son would be potty trained quickly and
safely. But when I did the research and found the health issues
associated with this, I was truly concerned.

Here are Some of
the Discoveries That I
developing countries, the vast majority of children are potty
trained by the age of 18 months to 2 years. This was true also for
Western countries, 50 or more years ago:

Studies released by Harvard University in 1956 revealed that 80% of
American kids were potty trained by the age of 2

Nowadays in
the Western world, the age at which just 50% of toddlers
are trained
is close to 3, and 26% of children are still not trained by the age
of 4!

is this? 
The answer that I discovered, is what I term
"Diaper Dependence". 
You see, the only really significant change to
have occurred in the toddler world over the last 50 years or so in
developed countries, is the shift from wearing uncomfortable cloth
diapers to the modern disposable diaper. The technology in
disposable diapers has increased to the extent that young
toddlers today have No
Concept of the feeling of being wet,
so they don't
have an incentive to get out of

 ... And the consequence of disposable
diapers? The average age at which kids in western society are
potty trained today has been delayed by well over one

 The disposable diaper
companies know this all too well, but it is very much in
their interests to have your toddler in their diapers
for as long as possible. There is a lot of extra profit
for them in having your child in diapers for an extra
There are many "experts" that even suggest
that your task is to introduce your child to the concept of the
potty, but to leave it up to your child in essence to
"let you
know" when they are ready to use the potty. If I may
be frank, this myth is ridiculous! As this appears to be
the easy option, it is now also a popularly held view
among some parents who seek an "easy" way out.

I'm sorry to have to say this, but leave it up to your child at
your peril, for you will
substantially delay the age at
which your child is trained, and at possible risk to their
Your child does
need to exhibit certain signs of readiness for toilet training
prior to commencing, or you will be wasting your time.
But once these
signs of readiness become evident, you need to be
and follow a proven
method to guide your child through the potty training
process, for the
least stressful and quickest route to

"My, Very-Strong Willed Son was Potty Trained in Two
My husband and I have been trying to train our
3 year old for the past three months. We read many books and
articles and nothing seemed to motivate him. I stumbled upon "Potty
Training in Three Days" as I was frantically searching for answers
on the internet.  We bought the book, listened to the
wonderful audio interview with an experienced doctor and began
right. My, very-strong willed son was potty trained in two days!!!
The ideas and suggestions in this book are wonderful; I would
recommend it to all parents.
— Lisa (& Michael) Epstein.
2nd Grade Teacher,
Kyrene del Sureno USA

"Stacey was Happily Eliminating on
the Potty by Herself on the First Day of the Training
I was
having endless trouble potty training my 2 and a half year old
daughter. I could get her to sit on the potty but she was too
afraid to poop! I tried "Potty Training in 1 to 3 days", followed
the method and was amazed by the results. Stacey was happily
eliminating on the potty by herself on the first day of the
training programme!
— Leanne Bryant,
Melbourne Australia
"I got the Guide, followed the Step
by Step Procedure and got Fantastic Results"
I wanted to have my 2 year old
son potty trained, but it was proving to be a frustrating
experience and an uphill battle. I was hesitant to purchase the
'Potty Trained in 1 to 3 Days' audio guide. It sounded too good to
be true. But there was a guarantee and I thought, how could I lose?
I got the guide, followed the step by step procedure and got
fantastic results. Liam is now potty trained and I don't have to
change any more diapers!
— K.

The only parties to gain from delaying the
potty training of your child, are the diaper companies and
possibly also the so-called "experts" who promote the idea!
The diaper companies stand to make BILLIONS of dollars by
delaying the age at which your child is potty trained, so
there is a lot of money at stake

"So What?" You might be
Well, the real problem is that parents
like us are left to pay the expense
in the consequences
for our children, the environment, and the cost
in thousands of dollars for
disposable diapers.
What is most alarming - delaying potty
training can have severe health and psychological
consequences for your child, the scarring of which can
continue on well beyond their toddler years! A little dramatic, you
might be thinking, but just consider this...

 6 Reasons Why Your Child Must Get Off
"Diaper Dependence" 
Before It Is
Too Late

Issues: Have you ever heard of a condition termed
retentive encopresis? It is associated
with unresolved constipation issues, and can become apparent
from the age of 3-4 years plus. Retentive encopresis is also
commonly known as uncontrolled pant soiling.

This condition results in the stretching (and
sometimes tearing) of the lower intestines from enlarged, hardened
stools, to the extent that your child will no longer have the urge
to defecate. 
This can be problematic
and very humiliating for your child as he/she grows older,
requiring medical intervention and in some cases having to re-learn
how to recognize the need to eliminate. Retentive encopresis can
result in conditions such as mega colon, anal fissures and bladder
infections. Delay potty and bowel training for too long, and you
will increase the likelihood of your child ending up with this
nasty condition. But it can be avoided in the majority of

Psychological Issues: I
am sure you can imagine the embarrassment and humiliation your
child will feel if they are the only one at kinder or starting
school, and having kids laugh at them for still wearing

Cost to
You: You will be costing yourself thousands of dollars
in disposable diapers (and feeding the negligent multinational
diaper companies) and perpetuating the acceptance of delayed potty
training in the community. Delaying the potty training of your
child by 12 months will cost you around $1500 to $2000 in
disposable diapers, wipes and cream!

Time: Every extra day that your child is not potty
trained, you will be required to change around 3-4 diapers, when
your child could be taking care of themself.

Trainability: The later
you leave it to train your child, the more persuasion you have to
go through to have your child accept going without their lifetime
security of diapers.

Cost to
the Environment: Disposable diapers are one of the
greatest contributors to the waste landfill issues we face

But my real
message to you is not about the complications associated with
diaper dependence.
My Real Message
To You Is That There Is A Really Simple Solution to
Having Your Child Potty Trained Early, Quickly, And With The Least
Stress For You And Your Child!
Now Just Imagine that
you …

Solve The Potty Training Mystery Within 72 Hours And
Your Toddler Is Diaper Free
 .... The
frustrations and pains of potty training will be forgotten. What’s
more, you will not have to deal with your child’s mind
games over potty training. You will not have to change
another single diaper again, or deal with the cleaning of
soiled pants and floors! Instead, you will regain your valuable
time and money on the cost of diapers you will never have to
purchase again! And when your child is potty trained, he/she will
be beaming with their sense of pride and

Look at me

know that as a busy parent you have no time to waste. You need
answers to questions that will give you 100% confidence to take Action
and train your child when
the time is right. You need a ‘Down to
Earth’ method that
you can put into action immediately
, and won’t leave you lost and stumbling halfway through potty
training. And when you are juggling your toddler, house and daily
family demands, sifting through books or browsing the internet in
the hope of finding the relevant information may not be the most
practical to fit in with your busy life. I know what the demands of
a busy parent’s lifestyle is like – it never ends!
I also know that there is a much easier way forward to potty
training in the minimum amount of time…

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Expert Reveals Proven
Strategies For Accelerated Potty

As part of my  research, I discovered a
pre-eminent world authority in potty training. I met this child
care expert after many hundreds of hours of research. As a
result, I have created an Audio Potty Training
Guide, “Potty Trained in 1 to 3 Days”. The complete
“Potty Trained in 1 to 3 Days” Audio Guide is an interview
carried out by Dr Wayne Jensen with Suzy Mor, which walks you
through the most down to earth, effective and easy to use
process available for potty training your
child fast.  So you don't
have to go through the painstaking search of finding the truth
about potty training - I've done that for
Suzy Mor provides highly
regarded consultation support and advice to her client base on the
US East Coast in relation to coaching and addressing problems
encountered during potty training. Suzy is also a mother of 4
children. The interview is structured to take you step-by-step,
"holding your hand" if you like, through the entire potty training
process, from A to Z.
So here's the deal. Implement the
step-by-step instructions contained in this guide, and you will
discover the power and effectiveness of the strategies employed.
Follow "Potty Trained in 1 to 3 Days" exactly, and you will
literally set your child free from diapers within 72


 Click Here to

complete "Potty Trained in 1 to 3 Days" Audio Guide is also a
real time saver. It is an MP3 file that can be downloaded and
listened to on your computer, an I-pod or any other MP3
compatible audio device. You can listen to the potty
training guide while you are doing things with your kids
or doing chores around the house, while driving your car
or going for a walk. It is a far superior way to discover the
secrets to the most effective potty training
system, in contrast to the devotion of time that will be
required to read a book.
With this
audio, you will also understand right away the required
phraseology - your tone of
voice and the emotional
content of what you should be communicating with your
child. What a great way to free up your time while
learning the turn-key steps to
accelerated potty

 But I do not want you to just take my
word for it, so do not buy my product. That's right - DO NOT buy my
product if you have ANY reservations, until you have tried
my competitors' products and tested them out. Only when you are
unsatisfied after trialling my competitors' products, as I
know you will be, should you buy “Potty Trained in 1 to 3
Days”. I can guarantee you that they will not give you
what I am offering you here, which is a complete solution to
your potty training issues!

Just A Fraction Of What You’ll 

Hold you by the hand,
Step-by-Step Instructions, following a Proven System which will
have your child running to the potty or toilet
to do Pees and Poos!

A proven Modeling Process, that will accelerate
your child's learning and potty

How potty training can be a
Fun and Rewarding experience for both you and your

At What Age you can start
potty training your child

When The Time Is Right to
start potty training your child. Pick the wrong time, and you will
end up taking far longer!

Guidance on everything you will need to carry
out potty training

How to Deal with

How to keep your child On
Track once potty trained

How to Deal with Regression
before it becomes a disaster

Overcoming your child’s Fears
in using the potty or toilet

How to Deal with Incontinence
and Bedwetting

How to Deal with

How to deal with Encopresis
(pant soiling), or better still preventing it from happening in the
first place!

How to deal with a Difficult

Techniques to employ to
persuade your child to use the potty

Specific Examples of what to
say to your child in given situations, to have them wilfully

How to Deal With Accidents, in
different situations

How to deal specifically with children of
Different Ages

How to deal with the first
Outside Trips while your child is being potty trained - using
"foreign" toilets can be daunting for your

"Ryan is now Constipation Free
and Potty Trained, and Very Proud of It!"
My son was refusing to poop on the potty. He
also had constipation issues. I didn't realise just how important
it was to deal with the constipation issue before addressing the
potty training, until I listened to "Potty Training in 1 to 3
Days". The audio guide provided sound advice on how to overcome the
problem. Ryan is now constipation free and potty trained, and very
proud of it!
— Dianne Leigh,  Silicon
Valley USA

"I was Truly Amazed by the
I was a little skeptical to start with, but I
followed the step by step process and I was truly amazed by the
results. My 2 and a half year old daughter was potty trained in 2
days! Thank you so much!
— Rachelle Wilkins, Birmingham
"Jay absolutely loved the role playing, and was potty
trained in just one day!"
I am a single parent, and I
was daunted by the prospect of having to potty train my 3 year
old son, who can be quite a challenge. However, the guidance given
in the audio guide and manual was perfectly pitched and really easy
to follow. Jay absolutely loved the role playing, and
was potty trained in just one day! I would recommend this
product to all parents.
- John
Los Angeles

Seven Reasons That You Will Be
Eternally Thankful That You Are Taking Action Right

  You will get Instant Access to the most easy to
use, specific and relevant potty training guide available for your
child. You won't have to wait for this order!

  Your child will be Potty Trained by an expert
Within 72 Hours of commencing if you take action and follow
the step-by-step instructions after downloading "Potty Trained
in 1 to 3 Days"

  The Ease And Convenience of an
audio guide, that you can listen to without having to stop what you
are doing. A real time saver!

  You will not have to change Diapers again.

  You will not have to deal with your child’s

  You will not have to deal with Cleaning The Mess - the soiling
of clothes and  floors!

  And Your child will be So Excited About Their
Achievements, that they won’t be able to wait to use the
potty again!
following the process outlined in “Potty Trained in 1 to 3
Days” exactly, you will have your child potty trained
within 72 hours or less, without the stress that is often
encountered in other methods. You will be amazed by the results
after following the step by step system.
I Bet By
Now You’re “Worrying” About The Price

If you were to enlist the
services of a world class potty training consultant to address your
problems, you can expect to pay around $150 to $250 per hour for
the privelege. You can however receive all this advice from
highly regarded potty training expert and consultant Suzy Mor, by
purchasing "Potty Trained in 1 to 3 Days". The
added benefit is that you can listen to our proven audio program
over and over again, to be sure you know exactly what steps
to take! I have made this exclusive audio guide which covers all
you need to know to potty train your child, available to you for
just $38. You will need to act fast, however, as this offer will
close as of Midnight tonight.

As a special promotion, I am also offering
"Potty Trained in 1 to 3 Days" for a limited time,
at the special price of $38. So take advantage of this limited time
test offer, and order right away to free your child from diapers in
just 1-3 days, starting today.

The only thing that I ask in turn for this
special offer, is that you consider dropping us an email to
let us know how you go with the program. You see, we are looking
for testimonials from satisfied customers that have used our
product. Hence the special price for you.

Receive $46.90 In Gifts
– FREE If You Act

While the offer of the complete and highly researched
“Potty Trained in 1 to 3 Days” at the special
price of $38 really is a bargain deal for what you get, the offer
gets even better! Place your order before Midnight tonight, and we
will also give you the following for FREE,
to ensure you succeed with the accelerated potty training



“Accelerated Potty Training Made Easy”. I understand
that potty training is something that all parents wish would
miraculously happen on its own - something that you didn't
have to deal with. But unfortunately, the parents'
involvement is one of the keys to potty training
We provide you
however with a step-by-step ebook at your
fingertips, to the principles of accelerated potty training, to
make sure that you are getting all the key points to potty
training in less than 72 hours. The guide is for the busy parent
who does not want to waste time, so it is very concise.
It will tell you exactly what to do, step-by-step, in an
easy to read and practical, "Down to Earth" format. This ebook is
not about theory - it is about implementing and
putting into Action a proven system for the potty training
of your child. After all, the ultimate goal is to have your child
out of diapers in record time! Valued at
Potty Training Made Easy” Will

What "Acceleration Concepts" are and
why they are the key to facilitating
rapid and low stress potty training.

A proven Modeling
Process, that will
accelerate your child's understanding of using the

Preparation for the potty
training exercise, so that it will be smooth

instructions for the potty
training exercise

How to
Get The Timing
Right for the potty training of your child

How to make potty
training Fun and Low Stress for both
Yourself and Your Child!

How to Train
Twins and Multiples
(with two alternative approaches)

How to get your child to stay dry and diaper
free during Sleep

Dealing with

Dealing with Resistance
and difficult

Dealing with your
child's Phobias

How to overcome Power

How and why you should
Reward your

Resolving Constipation

How to deal with
Encopresis (pant

Preventing Regression
from turning into a

A comprehensive list of
all Items Required
for potty training

issues and when you will
need to see a healthcare specialist or



      Six Bonus “Potty
Training Wall Charts” that your child will adore, valued at $11.95.
Six Downloadable colourful character and theme wall charts that you
can use to

Stimulate and Encourage
your child to keep going to
the potty!

Use to Monitor and Track your child’s
progress, including times and number of pees
/ poos,  and a comments section to make notes
on progress and accidents.

Wall charts available for

Fairies chart



Wall charts available for

Dragons chart

Cars chart


Please note that these bonuses are only guaranteed for a
limited time as a promotional offer, as I will be offering a
potty training package in the near future at a price reflecting the
value of these bonuses as well. In order to guarantee that you get
the free bonuses worth $46.90 you must order today. That’s a
total value of $114.90, for just $38 when you buy “Potty Trained
in 1 to 3 Days”.

And if $46.90 in free gifts is not enough to have
you scrambling to get this before someone else beats you to it,
there’s still another reason for you to take advantage of this
limited opportunity. You’re protected by our…

No Frills 100%
Total Satisfaction Guarantee

    My Unconditional, Risk
Free, Money Back Guarantee!
Keep "Potty Trained in 1 to 3 Days"
over an 8 week period, and if within this time you  are not
totally happy with the results you have achieved by using our
product, I will refund 100% of your purchase price. You even get to
keep the bonuses! 
Wayne and
Katherine Jensen

incredible limited offer is guaranteed through 8 weeks from the
time of purchase. Click Here
right now to purchase through the secure ClickBank
SSL server and get started!



Processed Through
ClickBank Secure SSL Server
don’t forget, you have eight whole weeks to put
the “Potty Trained in 1-3
Days” plus bonuses to work for you and start

How potty training
can be accomplished within 1 to 3

Changing Diapers again

How to Free up your Time,

How potty training can
be Fun for both You and Your
Child, and will bring you closer together!

Being Stress Free, with a Happy, Healthy and
Well Adjusted (potty trained) Child

How to deal with a range of
Problem Issues (resistance,
regression, constipation, encopresis, bedwetting and much more)
that you may face with your child during and after Potty Training,
that could otherwise lead to physiological and psychological

if you’re not totally thrilled, you get a 100% Instant Refund,
Guaranteed. Plus you get to keep all the great bonuses
("Accelerated Potty Training Made Easy" and "Potty Training Wall
Charts") for Free (worth  $46.90).

To Your Success in Potty


P.S. You can
preview "Potty Trained in 1 to 3
Days" for 8 weeks with no risk at all. You're protected by
an iron-clad 100% super-guarantee and you even get to keep the
$46.90 in free bonuses just for taking a peek! Thats how absolutely
certain I am that you will find tremendous value in this product
offering.  This is a limited time offer only, so
here to take up the offer via
the assured security of ClickBank.   

Processed Through
ClickBank Secure SSL Server

Still undecided? Still don't like the price? Then consider this -
every day you delay in having your child potty trained will cost
you around $4 to $5 in disposable diapers, wipes and cream. This
then amounts to around $120 a month, and $1500 a year. So I put it
to you that if you download the audio guide and
bonuses immediately for just $38 and have your child potty
trained within the next week or two, you will be making a big
saving. How long do you think it will take you without having
us as your coach? The convenience of the guide will pay
for itself for the price of just 10 days' supply of disposable
diapers, wipes and cream. Just remember, if you are not completely
satisfied with the results, just ask for your money back, per the

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