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Earn multiple streams of Internet income with ClickBank


Hi, this is Evodio Walle.

Welcome to Unlocking ClickBank, the NO-BULL system for generating wealth on the Internet as an affiliate marketer.

The reason why this is called a no-bull system is because I will make only one promise to you.

I will not waste your time with BS advise that leaves you stranded like in the middle of the road like cattle.

Let's start with getting a few things straight about this program.

This is not a get-rich-scheme.

You will have to do real work in order to see any results.

The results you'll see will be in direct proportion to the preparation and effort that you put into it.

This is not another DVD box set. So don't expect anything in the mail, nor expect to see any cutesy box illustrations on this web site.

I have 17 years of sales and marketing experience, and I'm not going to stuff it all into a tiny box.

Instead, I invite you to ride shotgun with me and let me guide you through the unfamiliar streets as I teach you the things you need to know to make lots of money on the Internet.

The program materials are available for download on the members-only website.

However, I will be adding new material to the site each week, so it's not advisable to cut and run.

Wealth building is a process.

I will not waste any time proving to you that it's possible to make lots of money online.

You already know this is possible, otherwise you wouldn't be on this site.

I will only use your time to drill some key principles into your head to get on track and start making money.

This program is not your usual program, and I am not your usual soft success coach.

I will not tippy toe around your sensibilities, but instead will give it to you straight on.

Most people don't make it in online marketing because they follow weak leaders who promise that it'll be easy, then they get discouraged when they realize it's real work.

A strong leader will
march you into battle tell you where to dig in provide you with plenty of ammo, backup fire, and intel
You can always count on having a direct line of communication with me when you get stuck

It takes money to make money.

The last time I looked, my internet connection and the laptop I work on weren't free.

Along the way you too will need to spend some money to get started.

There are services that will be essential, and shortcuts you can take to make things go faster, but they aren't always necessarily free.

You may need to hire talent to supplement any lack of knowledge you have in certain areas.

But that's optional if you're willing to work hard at learning what you don't know.

There is only one thing worse than being ignorant about a topic, and that's not knowing what it is that you don't know.

This program is designed as a system to give you a cookie-cutter blue print to replicate what I do to make lots of money online.

This program is not about making a specific quantity of cookies.

The whole idea behind a cookie-cutter template, is that you can cut into the dough, over and over again, and turn a profit.

The amount of money you can expect to create will be in direct proportion to the effort you put in, and the level of sophistication you put into your process.

Do you think that Mrs. Fields' cookies uses a single person in a bakery to stamp out all those cookies by hand, one by one?

You bet she doesn't. Mrs. Fields is no longer even in the bakery. It's all automated.

In the same way, I will start you off with something simple, then likely push you to where it's uncomfortable for you.

There will be growing pains.

I will guide you every step of the way, and you can always ask for more clarification when you feel that something doesn't sink in.

There are products that tell you that you don't need anything to start.

How on earth do you start a business with absolutely nothing? Be wary of those products.

You think you have a chicken and egg dilemma?

Just take start with the chicken, make barbeque chicken, sell it, buy a dozen baby chicks from the feed store, and in no time you'll be rollin' like ol' McDonald.

The most important thing is to decide to start, and to use a proven template for success.

I am not a "blow smoke up your skirt, you can do anything easily, positive attitude" type of guy.

I'm a no excuses,

nose to the grind stone,

get to work, type of guy

I'm going to give it to you square between the eyes.

I'm harsh on the charlatans out there promising that it'll be easy.

You might even quit half way through this video when you hear the things I'm going to say.

But I believe you're serious about wanting to make some serious cash online, and you want some real answers and are willing to forego the niceties to get them.

What this program isn't

This program isn't some new age, think your way to getting rich type of system.

This isn't that world famous program "The Secret". I've got a big issue with that secret.

The Secret's basic philosophy is that whatever think about, talk about, comes about. That's fine.

But, that's only part of part of the story and will leave you short on results.

A secret that gives you only half of the instruction manual is worthless.

You want the real secret? Here it is…

Whatever you think about, talk about, and get off your ass and do something about, comes about.

Telling someone they can think themselves rich, makes about as much sense as telling them they can think themselves into being thin and healthy.

At some point you just have to put down the chips and beer, get your fat butt off the sofa, and do some exercise.

Think thin and scarf down a large pizza and see how much weight you lose.

Think rich, and blow money on products that don't give you clear instructions on how to actually do all the necessary stuff you need to form a successful online business, and see how far that takes you.

Some of the principles taught in this book will be tough.

I don't know you, or where you're at in your learning.

You may barely know how to use a mouse. If you can read and follow instructions, I'm willing to work with you.

I don't make many guarantees in life, or in this program, but I will make this one…

If you stick with me, and do what I ask, you will make some money online.

Maybe you won't be a millionaire. Maybe you won't even be a "thousandaire", but you will not waste money on learning the things I will teach you about making money online.

This program is about work. I won't sugar coat it.

Getting rich online requires work, and there are plenty of people out there doing it.

Sadly enough most people won't even put in the time to learn how, and fewer even do anything.

Being rich is never easy, unless you're one of Trump's kids or your last name is Hilton.

One last thing…

The work I'm talking about begins with this program.

From time to time you will have to put this program down and go execute on one of the steps.

Then you return to the program and you go execute the next step.

Think of it as a workbook. Do what I tell you to do.

You have to participate actively in order for this program to do you any real good.

You can't generate wealth online passively.

But you can generate passive income online and do the work up front.

Ok, enough chit chat. let's get started.

Fill out the form on the right to get access to the next video, and we'll discuss in more detail what you need to do to make lots of money online.

See you inside!


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