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* Sales Training and Sales Psychology to Achieve Your Greatest
Business Goals



Do you have big income dreams for yourself,
yet you struggle everyday in your sales career?

Dear Struggling Sales Person....

If you are looking for a proven way to break through your sales
barriers and double, triple, or even quadruple your sales commisions,
this may very well be the most important book you'll ever purchase.

The truth is...selling to homeowners is not so difficult when you've
got the right sales philosophy. Most sales people create barriers out
of fear of dealing with difficult people and difficult situations.
You've probably come across a few difficult-to-close customers from
time to time, haven't you? The kinds of customers who say,

"I don't want anyone to come out to my home, I just want an estimate
over the phone!"

"I'm getting estimates and
you're the first one."

"I just cant afford it right now."

Get this book to see how I sell over $2M in sales.

Michael O'Grady, Author of
"How I Sell Over Two-Million in Sales to Homeowners, and
how you can too"

These objections may make you cringe.
They may even upset you.
Would you like to put an end to your customers' objections before
they even start? What if I told you that you can quickly and easily
gain a homeowner's trust and respect before you ever sit down at their
kitchen table? Would you want to learn how?

Imagine, arriving at your customers homes ready with an approach that

earn their trust "> make them
want to do business with you!

You've probably read many books or listened to audio tapes on how to
get along with people. You may have taken sales training courses,
attended sales conferences or been trained by sales experts. I'm sure
you learned a great deal of valuable information that you use everyday
in your line of work.
But if you're still struggling with sales, you might not have learned
enough about the science of winning over a customer before you even
meet them. It is a science - in fact it's sales-psychology.

Over the course of my 23-year sales and management career, I've
learned which approaches work and which don't work when selling to all
kinds of customers and in all types of difficult situations.

From my learning experiences, I've adopted philosophies and
sales-psychology techniques that work extremely well with...

any customer, any sales situation,

For many years, I have tested and proven the strength of my sales
techniques over and over again. The way in which I approach and work
with my customers stands the test of time. I've broken many industry
sales records, achieved my company goals and have personally
experienced a very successful sales career as a result.

I'm now at a point in my career where I've become passionate about
teaching these sales philosophies to more people in the in-home
services and contracting industries.

I enjoy teaching my clients and readers in a way that "they get it".
I'd like to see more people using these sales approaches simply
because they work. The proof is in the pudding, as they say.

After using these sales philosophies, you can expect to see drastic
results in your sales numbers. It's all about the numbers and, we all
know in sales... the numbers don't lie.

Whether you're a business owner, a sales person, or a selling
technician, the philosophies that I'm giving you will help you improve
the way you approach and work with your customers. You'll learn how to
handle all kinds of difficult selling conditions and challenges that
affect your ability to earn a great deal of money.

Ever wonder when the best time of day is to sell to homeowners?

What do you do when you're customers tell you they "Don't want anyone
to come out to my home"?

Wish you had a miracle closing technique for your most difficult
sales call?

In my e-book, I give real solutions to real sales challenges in the
in-home services and contracting industry. When you use these
approaches, you'll see drastic improvements in your customer
relationships. As a result, you will improve your sales numbers. You
can expect to...

* Increase Your Average Sales Ticket
* Increase Your Closing Rate
* Increase Your Total Sales Volume

If you work in residential replacement or add-on sales, you can
expect closing rates over 75%.

Service technicians...you can increase your average ticket by over
300% or more.

Business owners can expect to see double-digit profitability and
gross sales increase by 300% and more.

If you're a one-man operation, you can drastically increase your
sales, your profitability, and give yourself the freedom to work on
your business rather than in your business.

If you're a large contracting company, these techniques will help you
to stop putting handcuffs on your sales people and let them soar to
new levels while identifying those who should not be in sales at all.
You'll be able to make the proper and necessary changes to grow your
sales department.

How do I know this will work for you? After using the competitor's
sales presentation early in my sales career, my closing rate stayed
stagnant, around 50%. After implementing these philosophies and
changing my approach to my customers, I've successfully closed over
80% of my sales for the past 6 years while also increasing
profitability to double digits.

Let's face it. No one wants to be mediocre in their career or
business life, and no on wants mediocre income, profits, or
commissions. We go into business for ourselves or work in the sales
profession because we have big dreams and we want to make big money.

We don't want to struggle in business or worry about money. That's

I know this first-hand. As a business owner I know what it's like to
have to sell just to make payroll. I know the worry and pain of
wondering how you're going to make your next mortgage, car, or
insurance payment. I know the pressure of meeting your sales goals
just to get-by.

All of the philosophies that I teach are rooted in real-life and
real-work experience....over 20 years of sales and business experience
to be exact.

I've enjoyed writing this book and including real life examples of
difficult, everyday selling challenges and how easy it really is to
overcome them. Each chapter deals with a difficult selling situation
along with an easy-to-implement solution that gets you on the same
side of the fence as your customer, that results in -

happier customers and greater closing rates.

This e-book could be the difference between walking out of a home
frustrated, and walking out with a signed contract. The secret is
found in the way you approach your customers before, during, and after
you've met them.

This isn't rocket science that I teach - it's just simple sales
psychology strategies for dealing with difficult people and difficult
selling situations.

If you work in the in-home services or contracting industry and
you're struggling with your sales, you probably come across all of the
challenges that I write about. The approaches that I give you will
help you hurdle these obstacles and take your career, company or
business to the next level. Go from being mediocre to being GREAT at
what you do!

There is a Proven Sales Approach to
Explode Your Sales Numbers text-align: center;">I Want to Share it
with You!

sales psychology techniques today.

Using simple sales techniques, I've trained new sales people with no
sales experience sell over 1 million in sales within their first year.
Some people are content making only $30,000 per year in commissions.
Is this you? Or do you have bigger income dreams than this?

If you're struggling with hard-to-sell customers and difficult sales
situations, but you really want to make more money, you won't want to
pass on this opportunity. The question is...

How motivated are you to
sell more jobs ">Take this opportunity now.

It's is an opportunity to learn new sales techniques, implement them
into your day-to-day work and watch your sales numbers sky rocket like
you've never seen.
After implementing the sales approaches, you'll see how valuable they
really are. It's taken me years to learn, test and prove how well
these techniques work in the real business world.

How much would a sales system that's
proven to generate over $2 million
in sales volume be worth to you?

If I were to teach these techniques in a workshop or sales seminar, I
would charge my trainees a fee of $120 USD, assuming that I can teach
it all in one day. Luckily, I'm not charging anything close to $120

In celebration of the launch of my sales training programs, I'm
making my core sales principles available to you at a promotional
membership price of $34.99 USD.

This is my membership price, which includes a free subscription to
Sales-Psychology.com, which will give you invaluable resources like
complimentary e-books, free newsletter subscription, free sales guides
and live webcasts - available to subscribers only! Plus, when you'll
immediately receive a bonus mini-guide and goal setting sheets.

Here's what you're getting for the promotional price of $34.99 USD...

1. eBook: "How I Sell Over Two-Million in Sales to Homeowners, and
how you can too" ($120 value) plus...

2. Free sales eBooks, newsletters, guides and training workshops
(invaluable) plus...

3. Bonus Mini-Guide: "7 Strategies for Taking Action on Your Greatest
Sales and Business Goals" with ready to use goal setting sheets ($15

Click below to lock in the price of

before the cost goes up for good.

The sales and business solutions that you've been waiting for are
here...you just need to take action.

To Your Sales Success!

Michael O'Grady
Michael O'Grady
Founder, Sales-Psychology.com,
Sales Training Expert, Author, and Entrepreneur


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