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STOP! Your window of opportunity to get your girlfriend back is rapidly closing - read this article before your time runs out and she's gone forever... 

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Has your girlfriend walked out on you? Are you losing your mind thinking of her sleeping with other men? Do you desperately need to win her back as soon as possible?

Read every last word of this article and you will discover how to get your girlfriend back before it's too late!

Getting your girlfriend back after a breakup is not as difficult as it may sound. But it’s going to take some unconventional tactics to make it happen. It’s all about pushing the right emotional triggers. These are specific to women only. You have to know which buttons to push and how to push them. Fortunately, you have come to the right place, because you are going to learn that and more!

When you are done with this article, you are not only going to get your girlfriend back, you are going to become a much Better Man in the process!

Just wanted to tell you that after getting your system, I was blown away! It was so much more than I expected.

The bonuses alone are worth the price. Not even 30 days after reading your book, I had my girlfriend back in my arms and things are better than ever. I can't believe it. My life has changed! Thanks So Much!

Steve Duzak

Cleveland, OH

Does this story sound familiar?

I recently received the following email:

Dear Adam,

My girlfriend of two years called me last night and said she wanted to talk about the relationship. I didn't give it too much thought, so I went over there to see what she wanted. Imagine my absolute shock when she said that she wanted to end it! I was FLOORED! I didn't know what to say. She told me that she needed some time for herself and that it wasn't me, it was her. I thought everything was great and then all of a sudden, she drops this bombshell! HELP!

Jim C.

Without asking him, I knew that Jim would answer yes to the following questions:
Has your sex life become boring and mechanical? Does your girlfriend often seem distant? Has she been spending more time away from you? Have you been arguing more? Does she seem to have a wandering eye? Is she always complaining about your behavior? Have you felt invisible to her? Has she been talking about other “guy friends?”

These are classic symptoms of a girlfriend who is ready to move on.

These behaviors do not occur overnight. They do not simply appear out of nowhere. They are a result of a pattern of relationship neglect. And that neglect is a result of YOUR behavior!

Face it, you have lost your mojo! Somewhere along the line you forgot what it was that made your girlfriend fall in love with you. Maybe you got lazy. Maybe you didn't realize what you were doing. But do not despair. YOU CAN GET YOUR GIRLFRIEND BACK, no matter what the circumstances are!

You need a very specific, step by step program to get your ex back that is almost unstoppable. It is easy to follow and works for any guy. Not only will it help you to get her back, it will turn your entire life around. You will become something that you never thought was possible. A man who gets whatever he wants, whenever he wants it, and on his own terms.

Are you: 
Feeling severely depressed? Crying when you hear sad songs? Constantly checking your email and voice mail to see if she called? Rehearsing what you would say if you saw her? Imagining her sleeping with another man? Thinking of her having a pleasurable orgasm with a strange guy?
If you have been experiencing any of these issues, I need you to do something right now...



I am going to give you a very important piece of advice. DO NOT CALL your ex. DO NOT CONTACT her. Cut off all communications now! This is very important. You will understand why soon enough. In fact, the whole first chapter of the program is devoted to the subject of what to do RIGHT NOW.

Because this is such an important step in the process, I am going to GIVE YOU the first chapter ABSOLUTELY FREE. I don't care if you never read the rest of the program, as long as you read this, you will be ahead of 99% of the rest of guys who want their girlfriend back.

Just put your name and email in the box below and I will send you the first chapter immediately. 
Please Enter Your Name and Email Below to Get The First Chapter of The Better Man System! Name: Email:

Hurry, time is running out for you to get her back…

Good. Now that you have stopped communicating with her, I'd like to tell you a little bit about who I am. My name is Adam Connor, and a few years ago my long time girlfriend decided to break up with me. I was devastated. I didn't know what to do. She was my whole world. I wanted to marry her! Or at least I thought I did. I had never felt so low in my life, so I decided to make a plan to get her back. I studied all the books on the market, listened to "dating" seminars, even took a few online romance lessons. Nothing seemed to be any good. Then I had a light bulb moment!

It's not her, IT'S ME!

I realized what the problem was. I had become a weak, little man. Now at first I didn't see it, because I was so wrapped up in the relationship, I forgot what it meant to be a real man. But over the course of a few weeks, I started to really figure out why she wanted to leave me. And I vowed that I would get her back, no matter what I had to do. After completely rethinking my life and my situation, I was able to implement a series of steps that not only got my girlfriend back in record time, but also made me a highly desirable "alpha type" male. Not only did my girlfriend want me, but a LOT of other women did too! It was an amazing transformation! 

I had become the person I always knew I could be...

I was so inspired that I sat down and hammered out a rough idea of a system that I wanted to share with other men who have not only lost their girlfriends, but lost their masculinity as well. After much trial and error, what I came up with was The Better Man System. Straight to the point, and easy to follow, this is a no bullshit system for recapturing your youth, changing your life, and rebuilding your manhood!

Introducing "The Better Man System"

How to Get Your Girlfriend Back by Becoming a Real Man
Inside this program you will discover... 
How to take control of the situation…pg 4 How to figure out exactly what you want in life..pg 10 What exactly you should be looking for in a girlfriend…pg 16 What to ask yourself to determine if she is the right one for you…pg 19 If you should move on or fight for her…pg 17 Why did the relationship fail in the first place…pg 22 How to create a new vision of yourself…pg 30 The best way to develop a new confidence and swagger…pg 36 How to find a new passion and drive for life…pg 43 Why women go crazy over a man with purpose…pg 44 The reason you should start getting in shape now…pg 50 How to become a popular guy with a lot of friends…pg 57 The ideal profile of a strong man…pg 63 Why you should be dating other women…pg 67 The step by step process for getting her back into your life…pg 72

This is simply put, the most comprehensive male improvement system on the market. It is a complete transformation program that will turn your life around and get you back in the game. Not only will you get your girlfriend back, you will:
Become mentally unstoppable Transform into a physically fit and active man Become wanted by many beautiful women Learn how to take control of your future Develop a driving passion for life Turn yourself into the ultimate man Learn how to live the life you want

Order Today and Receive the Following Bonuses! 

The Better Man Ultimate Guide to Fitness is a no nonsense guide to getting you into the best shape of your life.

Contains workout and nutrition tips and techniques that are easy to follow. Using this guide, you will soon be in the best shape of your life

Value $24.99

The Better Man Guide to Online Dating will show you exactly how to log on and find beautiful women eager to go out with you.

You will never again worry about spending a Saturday night alone, and your ex is going to go CRAZY when she hears about all the women you are dating!

Value $19.99

The Better Man Guide to Setting Goals will show you how to make a plan for your life that works and gets results.

A great guide for putting together all the pieces and accomplishing some major new things.

Value $19.99

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This is a complete system that will get your life back on track. Not only will you get your girlfriend back, you will become a more rounded, more focused, and virtually unstoppable BETTER MAN. After using the program you will:
Understand why she left and how to prevent it from happening again. Become more confident, focused, and driven Look and feel the best you ever have Have a rock solid plan of how your life will unfold Be a man that women desire and other men envy Be in total control of any situation Find yourself in a new and exciting state of mind Have more friends and fun than you ever had Know what it takes to become an Alpha Male Learn how to meet and date other women Be on a path to fortune, success, and happiness
And most importantly...


There are other break up systems on the market that only show you little techniques to use to try and trick your girlfriend back into your life. And while they may work sometimes, they are not a lasting fix. Once you get her back, you will slip back into your old ways and she will be gone again. And most likely the second time she leaves she will be gone forever.

The Better Man System is more than just a quick fix. It's a lifestyle enhancement program. You won't be learning little goofy tricks that work only part of the time. You will be learning how to change your life, from the top to the bottom. This isn't only about getting her back. This is about taking control of your life. When you are through with this upgrade, you will be better than you ever imagined you could be.

It's not just some Tony Robbins rah-rah stuff about personal optimization or any of that crap. It's a no-nonsense, straightforward and common sense approach to getting your life back on track and getting your girl back in your arms. And the best part is that it's easy. You will be making simple adjustments to your daily life that will eventually add up to a large change in who you are. After a month, your friends won't even recognize the person you have become, but you can be damn sure that they will be impressed!
Dude, thanks so much. I can't even begin to tell you how much my life has changed since using your system.

My girlfriend left me for another guy and I was crushed. After about a month using Better Man, she came RUNNING   back to me. And not only that, but I haven't been this happy and focused in years!

Chris Ludwig

Phoenix, AZ

Your program is something else. I had no idea how I was going to get my ex back, and then I happened to stumble upon your site.

Well, needless to say, I got her back in record time. And the best part is, that I know why she left and how to prevent it from happening again. You the man!

John Pees

Boston, MA
I have tried the other "systems" on the market, and there is no doubt that Better Man stands alone as the most complete.

Getting my girlfriend back was just the icing on the cake. I also got my LIFE back. I was floating along doing nothing with myself and then I used your system and that all changed. I figured out what I need in life and I am going to get it. Thanks again.

Anthony Reams

Columbus, OH

Based on the other systems on the market right now, and the advice I have received from others, I should easily be charging around $197 for this package. Hell, the bonuses alone are probably worth that! But I want this program to get into the hands of as many men as possible. I really think that if more guys followed the advice in the Better Man System, then maybe there wouldn't be so many emasculated wimps out there. And that would make the world a much better place! So, if you order now you will get the complete Better Man System, including the 3 bonuses.  And the best part is...

You won't pay $197. 

You won't even pay $97. 

I KNOW that this product is worth AT LEAST that much, but for a limited time, you will only pay:


A savings of over $150! 

[ Click here to order the Better Man System now!](http://www.bettermansystem.com/order.html)
[ ](http://www.bettermansystem.com/order.html) 

That is a HELLUVA deal, no matter how you cut it. Less than the cost of a round at the bar! And don't worry. You have a full TWO MONTHS, that is 60 days, to put this program to work for you. If you don't like what you read, or if you put the system into motion and don't see any results (which is virtually impossible, by the way), you can simply ask for a refund. No questions asked.
[ ](http://www.bettermansystem.com/order.html)   
The Better Man System is the foremost self improvement program for men. It is so comprehensive and easy to use that I guarantee it will work for you. After putting it to use, you will see dramatic changes in every area of your life: 
Higher Confidence Better Focus Well Defined Goals A Driving Purpose Better Looks More Beautiful Women More Friends More Fun More Happiness

And best of all, in no time whatsoever...


Now is the time to get busy. Your girlfriend is already moving on in her mind and you have little time to waste. Get your copy of The Better Man System and get to work tonight. In only a matter of days you can be well on your way to rebuilding your life, refocusing your passion, and bringing her back to your arms. This is a system that works for any man, in any situation. I understand that you may have some doubts and I would like to remove those by giving you 60 days to try it out. And regardless of why she left you remember...

This system will work NO MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCES! 

Even if:
Your girlfriend is with another guy now You cheated on her She cheated on you You don’t know what you want to do She said she wants nothing to do with you Her friends and family are against you There seems to be no hope left

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can't I find what's in the Better Man System free online? 

A. Perhaps, but I honestly don't believe you can. Of course, you can spend about three weeks looking at all the free information online (only to find that it's pretty mediocre) when you could have actually started using the The Better Man System to get your ex back and change your life...where would you rather be spending your time? Remember, the first few weeks are the most important, there is no time to spare!

Q. What about the other ex back guides out there in the marketplace? 

A. Yep, there are ex back guides out there and you may find some of them useful but it's my personal belief that The Better Man System goes into a huge amount of detail that a lot of other guides don't go into. This is a COMPLETE system that focuses on changing your entire life for the better, and as a result you will also get your ex back.

Q. What if The Better Man System doesn't work for me? 

A. The Better Man System works if you apply it as directed...however, if by chance I'm wrong according to your personal situation (and I hope I'm not)....or if you haven't got your ex back in 60 days or less (or well on your way to) then simply ask for a money back guarantee.

Q. In what format is The Better Man System? 

A. Its in .pdf format so you can download it straight to your pc or mac now. Then you can read on your computer or print it out.

Q. How long will it take for me to receive The Better Man System? 

A. About a minute from now. All you need to do is click on the download link buttons or graphics on this page, follow through with your purchase and then click on the download link provided to you.

Q. Is the Better Man System compatible on MAC and PC? 

A. Absolutely.

Face it, there is really no more time to waste. You haven't been living up to your potential and as a result you lost your girlfriend. What are you going to lose next? Your job? Your apartment? Don't become another loser who accepts mediocrity as the norm. Become something bigger. Become something BETTER.

There is no financial risk at all for you. If you don't like the system, simply return it within 60 days for a full refund. It couldn't be any easier for you. Download the program, put it to work and within a month, you will be well on your way to a Better life and your girlfriend will be running back to you. I hope you found some good information here and I am CERTAIN that once you put this system into motion, you too will be convinced that there is nothing else like it on the market.


 YES! I want to take the first step to changing my life and getting my girlfriend back by ordering The Better Man System!

Congratulations! You are now on your way to becoming the best you have ever been. Stronger mind, stronger body, and stronger will.

I realize that if I try it out and do not like the system, I can return it within 60 days for a FULL refund, no questions asked. [](http://www.bettermansystem.com/order.html)   

 P.S: With every passing second, your ex is getting hit on and flirted with - and it is now only a matter of time before they move on and leave you and your relationship in the past. Don't let it come to that – grab your system today and start becoming a BETTER MAN!

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