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Creative thinking with ASIT

A bit disappointed with conventional creative-thinking methods?

"ASIT, A Revolutionary Creative-Thinking Method, Will Lead You Step-by-Step from Deadlocks to Breakthroughs"

Boost your creative thinking skills, advance your career and improve your financial standing.

Join the Ford Motor Company, Intel, Motorola, LG, leading
universities and others who already practice creative thinking using ASIT to invent on demand.

All this can be done in the comfort of your office or home with our unique ASIT online courses!

Read on to learn more about the exciting ASIT method and how you can learn it and use it to generate ideas that will make everyone say:

"Wow! Why didn't I think of that?"

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can be used to solve tough problems and to find amazingly simple and creative solutions.

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Hi! My name is Dr. Roni Horowitz. Back in 1980, when I was studying aeronautical engineering, I became interested in finding a real effective creative thinking method that would help me achieve my professional and personal goals.

I read every possible book and took every possible course, but I couldn't find what I was looking for, until I came across the "Systematic Inventive Thinking" course 13 years ago.
This course taught a method called TRIZ. I enrolled immediately and
from the first lecture I knew...

...this was the method that I'd been looking for!

I loved the TRIZ concept and was amazed by the creative solutions it helped me find.

When I started teaching TRIZ a few years later, I began to notice many ways in which TRIZ could be improved to become even more powerful and much easier to learn.

I decided then to dedicate my Ph.D. studies to improving and simplifying TRIZ.

And the result is here in front of you - a brand new thinking method called ASIT (Advanced Systematic Inventive Thinking)!

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Learn ASIT and you'll be able to.

Solve problems and invent new products
in a way you never thought possible

Become a serial producer of bright ideas

Gain an unfair advantage over your competition

Be a part of a vibrant, intelligent, creative community that thinks like you

Teach others (including your kids!) how to become more creative

Win the admiration of your colleagues, superiors, and subordinates

your quality of life by injecting creativity into everything you

Because ASIT is...

academically proven: empirical tests have shown dramatic
improvement in the capability of solving problems creatively

used by leading companies such Ford, Intel, Motorolla and FedEx

a fully credited academic course at several
universities (yes, assignments and exams and all the good stuff)

Unlike brainstorming, lateral thinking and mindmapping,
ASIT is a highly structured step-by-step method

Your ASIT starter - the "ASIT Premier" course

Now that you've seen how ASIT can help you achieve your creative goals, you'd probably like to know how to learn ASIT.
That's the easy part! Invest only $ 29 and sign up for our ASIT Premier
ASIT premier is a 70-minute multimedia course consisting of 15 chapters packed with ASIT theory and instructive case studies.
On completion of the course you'll be able to start using ASIT to creatively solve your own problems or to help others solve theirs.
Because ASIT is such a unique approach to creative thinking it requires an extraordinary medium to teach it.
That's why only the best multimedia talents have been chosen and have worked for six months (enjoying every minute!) to provide you with this exceptional course.
And you're only minutes away from indulging in our amazing creation!
Don't miss our FREE demo presenting the first three chapters of the course and a summary of the rest. Turn on your speakers and...
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ASIT Premier online course.
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Once you receive the access code to the ASIT Premier course
you can enjoy unlimited online viewing. You can also enjoy a
fully downloadable version of the course to view it comfortably from
your desktop or laptop without having to connect to the Internet.

This is what other people have to say about the ASIT Premier course

The ideas and methodologies of ASIT are very intriguing. Overall,
I am impressed and can see where these techniques could be readily
applied in my job as a software development manager. I could feel
the juices flowing as I went through the introduction. Good stuff.

Robbie Hughes
FedEx Services, IT
Manager of Enterprise Server Development

is known for its breakthrough creative thinking for our clients. We are
always looking for ways to get smarter, sharper, faster. ASIT is the
sharpest thinking I've seen in a long while; the principles serve
as a roadmap and a shortcut to better solutions.

Jim Holbrook, CEO
Zipatoni, Marketing Agency

created flowcharts galore, mapped the last neuron in your mind,
brainstormed your brains out and are still without a workable solution
your latest problem or challenge?

If that sounds familiar than you MUST get your hands on this course
on ASIT.

You will experience one "A-ha" moment after the other
as crystal-clear
examples demonstrate the principles behind this revolutionary thinking

I view ASIT as a blueprint to guide and structure the thinking
process, literally "forcing" me to come up with solutions
to problems. On top of it - most of the time those solutions are
not only workable but are elegant and creative as well.

Professional or personal settings, ASIT works.

Marko Zirkovich, USA

around on the Internet for some user-friendly practical tools that
one can use to increase their creativity - I stumbled across start2think
- what a find!
As an occupational Psychologist that helps people and organizations
to increase their intellectual capital I am always on the look out
for new techniques that allow people to think more and find 'effective
surprises' to business solutions. I have used these and similar
techniques in workshops and in one to one coaching sessions for years,
but never found a website that pulled all the thinking together and
takes you through it all in an interactive learning experience.

I do find that some people take to the new way of thinking quicker
than others and some need to be warmed up (personality at play here)
- but when people are in the flow - they amaze themselves with what
they can come up. And the same goes for me too. I was struggling with
a name for a workshop that we were running and we needed to create a
powerful hook with the title - one that sparked off some interest.
Using ASIT's division method allowed us to create a real snazzy
title that looked right, sounded good and moreover the client loved….
thank you!
David Langdon
Business Psychologist

Using ASIT can bring about surprising results even for the most difficult problems:

technique is terrific; it also helped me to solve two problems. One of
them was something we needed to do and had no idea how to do it.
We tried to do it during the whole month without success. Then, following
ASIT principles, I thought about a solution that does not involve
any new technology and which is very close to the problem itself. The
solution was so simple that I laughed for an hour - it took only 10
minutes to implement and the most important thing ...IT WORKED!
Vlad Azarkhin
Software Development Manager

I am an
entrepreneur and inventor with products developed and sold in more than
40 countries.
Over the
past 20 years, I have searched for, studied and applied the best creative
methods that I could find. Recently I obtained the ASIT Premier Course.
After having studied the course I realised that it offers a unique,
enjoyable and powerful method towards problem solving.
It works!
Shortly after receiving the course, I was able to quickly and effortlessly
solve a number of complicated problems whilst simultaneously achieving
a highly lucrative breakthrough innovation. Subsequently I repeated
the process a number of times with great success.
Course represents excellent value for money. In my experience,
the results achieved far outstrip the relative low cost of the course.
I would
strongly recommend the ASIT Premier Course to anyone seriously interested
in problem solving and breakthrough innovations. For me, it led to a
profound paradigm shift in my view towards problem solving and creativity.

W.J. van Straaten.
CEO: Novacor (Pty) Ltd.; Inventec cc.
Rep. of South Africa

I had a
very important goal of restructuring our finance department. We were experiencing
certain difficulties that we recognized as symptomatic of a structure
that did not support the tasks and responsibilities of the
of the diversity of the companies, I wanted us to be very creative
and come up with something very original and innovative.
when I stumbled across the start2think website. I was intrigued
by the Tony the Fish exercise, so I signed up for the course. The
money and time investment was modest. The results, however, that we
achieved are phenomenal.
Thank you
for developing this course and making it available on the Internet.
It is an extremely powerful problem-solving tool, and I highly
recommend it.
up the great work!
Finance Manager
Essex Chemie AG (part of Schering-Plough Corporation)

I cannot
thank you enough for producing the ASIT Premier course. It
has proven to be invaluable to me as a computer consultant and

enabled me to find better solutions for my clients.
I have
recommended it to all my clients, and I know that if they take the
time to watch this course they will find it just as rewarding as I did.
I have
looked at many books and articles on problem solving but I have always
found them too esoteric or academic for my tastes. Your course was challenging
yet it wasn't too cryptic. I am sure that anyone with a high school
education and a desire to learn will get the full benefit of this
Paul G Carter

Order the "ASIT
Premier" course NOW and get these
special FREE Bonuses:

1. The "Introduction
to ASIT" E-book

Premier course will most definitely stir up a desire to
learn more about ASIT, and this is exactly where the e-book
comes into the picture.

The e-book consists of 11 chapters and 95 pages of theory, examples,
case studies and thinking challenges, many of which do not appear in
the ASIT Premier audiovisual course.

The e-book is a friendly and enjoyable read written in
a discussion format addressing you, the reader, personally!

2. ASIT Techniques
- Volumes one two and three

A collection of amazing ASIT stories, puzzles and case studies.
See how one company, after just two hours of ASIT, found ways
to increase their profits by a few million dollars!
Download these 3 magnificent 60 page e-books (180 pages altogether),
grab a beverage of your choice, and settle down to read the 30 eye-opening
stories, each illuminating a different aspect of ASIT.
These volumes will help you get a better understanding of ASIT and
how you can use it to solve your own problems.

Order your ASIT Premier course NOW!

Your investment in
the full "ASIT premier" course is only 29$.

Now it's
a perfect time to order your course. Simply press the ORDER button
below and you will be transferred to our secure credit card billing
service clickbank.com.

completing the payment process at clickbank, you will be transferred
to a new page where you will get the web address and the password for
the online course as well as the link to your download version of the
course and your bonuses.

Try it risk free!

positive that you'll benefit immensely from this course. But should
you, for any reason, feel that you did not benefit from the course as
much as you expected to, no hard feelings. We'll simply give you a full
refund, no questions asked! so you really have nothing to lose.

You can start learning ASIT in less than a minute from now!


the ASIT Premier course
through our secure service ClickBank

Wishing you an enjoyable learning,
Dr. Roni Horowitz
If you
have any further questions, I would be more than happy to answer them.
Just send an e-mail to me, Dr. Roni Horowitz, at


You can also call us at 972-3-7510044 or 972-52-551076

Companies interested in special
prices for unlimited "site license" (to current and coming products)
please contact us.

Your first ASIT challenge - Save Tony the fish!

Dov Fridman 10
Ramat Gan

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