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Attention Metal Plating Enthusiasts...

"Yes! You Can Do Your Own Professional
Grade Metal Plating, Quickly and Easily and for a Fraction of the Cost, With This Top-Notch Metal Plating Information."

"Finally, the metal plating "Bible" has been created."

"NO Matter What Specific Metal Plating Task You're Dealing With -- Your Questions Have Been Answered In Great Detail"

"Read on for the answers to ALL your metal plating questions..."


From: Craig Bellinger
Tuesday, 9:54 AM
July 6, 2005

Dear Friend,

If you're interested in saving a truckload of money by doing your own metal plating, regardless of application, quickly and easily and from the comfort of your own home or shop, then this will be the most important letter you ever read...

Here's why:

Good information on metal plating and/or electroplating is extremely hard to find. All over the country there are thousands of individual folks just like you, that are very interested in learning how to do their own metal plating.

Many of these people are intersted in things like...

Learning how to do their own metal plating instead of paying large ammounts of money to an outside company.

Knowing exactly what they need to buy, specific to the type of plating they want to do, in order to do their own quality metal plating on the smallest budget possible.

Information on safety issues, legal issues, waste disposal issues, and countless other vital areas of metal plating information..

Of course those are just some of the areas that people are desperately needing information in. However...

Getting This Type of Step-By-Step, Nitty-Gritty
Metal Plating Information, Has been Incredibly Difficult..

That fact couldn't be more true. Sure, it's possible to find super-expensive, boring, and hard to understand metal plating manuals... but unless you're a rocket scientist.. or you enjoy reading the dictionary, these books will only leave you more confused!

If you value your time at all, you don't have time to screw around with with high-tech manuals with writing that doesn't connect with you and form a clear, paint-by-numbers picture, of any and all steps and techniques you need to know.. In order to get going with what you want to accomplish with your metal plating.

You Need Clear, Step By Step, Hold-You-By-The-Hand - Metal Plating Information That Leads You Through Exactly What You Have To Do....

Information That Deals With Specifics - Covering Every Conceivable Metal Plating Issue That Could Arrise, The Dozens of Possible Plating Situations That You Might Be In - And What You Need To Know Or Do To Get the Job Done!

Up until recently, this type of metal plating information was impossible to find. There just wasn't anywhere for an apiring metal plater to turn to if they needed easily actionable, straightforward, and useable metal plating information that they could learn and use immediately.

Not only this, but being to to get access to metal plating information specific to the type of plating you as an individual are dealing with or need assistance with was an even harder feat to accomplish.

I realized that their was a serious need for a huge, authoritive resource that would cover every single aspect of metal and electroplating...especially as the activity pertains to the individual metal plater. The guy who wants to conduct professional quality metal plating on his own, spending the smallest amount of money possible, quickly, efficiently, safely and easily.

Several Professional Electro-Chemists Were
Hired To Create What Would Become the
Definitive Guide For the Aspiring Home Metal Plater

Thanks to the vast efforts of 3 true metal-plating experts, what could effectively be dubbed "the Bible" of metal plating for the home or shop metal plater has been created!


The "Metal Plating Bible"

The definitive guide to metal plating for the home, or amature metal plating enthusiast .

If it's Metal-Plating related, this book covers it, in excruciating detail. No matter what you need to know about metal plating, this book will tell you!

[Click Here To Order Your Copy ](http://1.esecrets.pay.clickbank.net/)

And It's Not Like Any Other Book You've Ever Read On Metal Plating




          Simply because, every section, every chapter, every piece of metal plating information is there because "You Asked For It". Well not "you" really. But real live questions. Questions from people who desperately needed assistance with their own metal plating activities, and even the experts themselves who are aware of various "hot-topics" that contain absolutely vital metal plating information that you must be aware of in order to be successfully do your own metal plating.

We surveyed people who were looking for specific metal plating information that they need infomation on. Literally, dozens of radically different situations were brought up.

          Then I and my trusted Metal Plating Experts Researched & Answered All of Their Most Pressing Metal Plating Questions in the course, along with a whole lot more!


Which means there's no "fluff" in this course, these are the answers to the questions and problems that most people involved or wanting to be involved in metal plating experience. These are simply the real answers you want to know, and nothing else.


Ready to Order?


Here's Just Some Of What You'll Learn Inside:
Complete information the fundamentals of metal plating, detailed info on the electroplating process, and other plating methods, how they all work with different metals, choosing power sources, supplies and more

Exactly how to set up your own metal plating shop at home with the absolute smallest ammount of money. All about the equipment you need to buy based on your specific metal plating goals.

Discover how to make 90% of the chemicals you'll need yourself, saving yourself mountains of cash.

Exactly how to plate any type of metal, on a small scale, with sparkling perfection!

Secrets of plating metal on hard-to-plate areas. We'll cover the most difficult plating situations including plating nuts and bolts, insides of metal boxes boxes, on ridged surfaces, alongside holes, plastics and more. There will be no surface or object you can't flawlessly plate.

3 Powerful Ways To Perfectly Restore Old Plated Items, bringing them back to life with the luster and beauty they had many years ago.

The complete of list of hazardous matierals that you must be aware of if your doing metal plating, or you'll be risking your health.

Everything about electric current, how it flows, why it fluctuates, and how to set it and control it for consistent, optimal results

Crucial information you need to about disposing of waste wash water. This is imperative to know so you don't get yourself in serious legal trouble. The proper methods of wash water disposal so you can be be worry-free.

How to calculate processing costs. This is very important to know if metal plating is your business. Know your margins and you'll be in complete control of your profits!

Extensive information on the best shiners that will make your metals shine with brilliance, dazzling your clients or your friends.

How to scientifically check the thickness of the plating on any piece of previously plated metal, so you can leave nothing to chance, and achieve seamless perfection upon re-plating.

Tons of info on Strip-Solutions. Which ones are the best, for which metals, and in what situations.

Valueable information of minimizing the loss of the metal being plating. How to get the most out of your electrolite solution, and make sure you're getting the biggest bang for your metal plating buck.

Exactly how to do plating on jewelerly and coins, without risk of damage. Specific information on best power sources, along with tips about brushes you need to use when dealing with jewelery and other wire type items.

Everything about government regulations. Getting the appropriate permits (if needed), where you can dispose of your waste-water and other important legal issues

How to completely eliminate lead in when working in semiconductor regions.

The truth behind solutions and rectifyers. Are you making this lethal mistake that's ruining your entire metal plating results?

How to completely eliminate unwanted stresses, regardless of what metals your dealing with. No more settling for less than perfect results!

Are pits and bumps driving you up the wall? Here how to prevent them from ever happening. This one's right under your nose, you'll be shocked at it's simplicity.

What solutions componants are used in the plating of silver? gold?
You'll get detailed information on the exact solutions, and electrolsys componants that you must be using with each particular type of metal, including, gold, silver, cadnium, tin, chrome, copper, bronze, rhodium and more, along with the most appropriate voltage settings to use in each case.

How to brush-plate like a professional. Everything you need to know to achieve outstanding brush plating results, in a myriad of different situations, regardless of metal being plated.

How to plate metals on wire with ease, which metals and wires are best used together for completely flawless results, everytime.

How to treat the effluents of metal plating rendering them non-toxic using a simple process - eliminate your worries you may have about contamination issues.

Complete details on how long the process of metal plating generally takes. Know what to expect so you're not caught of guard.

All about using additives such as levelers or brighteners. Become an expert plater by knowing how custom-tailor the plating process, producing the exact results you want.

Little known knowledge about plating with polymers. Is it possible? We'll tell you the truth.

The best sources to get all the metal plating supplies you'll ever need, at the cheapest prices around. This valuable resource list will save you thousands!

Exactly how to plate only a certain part of an item, while making sure no other parts get plated. You'll cherish this practical information.

Important information about how to treat your newly plated items, so they don't' fall victim to any molecular mishaps, or unforseen changes.

And The List Goes On...
Ready To Order?

As you can see, every possible detail and situation that you might need information on is covered in depth, inside the Metal Plating Bible!

No where else will you find such a large ammount of easy to understand, step-by-step metal plating information, that will take you by the hand, and show you exactly what has to be done, in every imagineable plating situation that you may be in or may come accross, no matter how out of the ordinary it may be.

If you want to perfect you knowledge and skills of metal plating, in the shortest ammount of time possible, then the Metal Plating Bible is exactly what you need.

How Much Is It Going To Cost?

Around now you probably wondering how much the Metal Plating Bible is going to cost. The truth is, the information contained inside the Metal Plating Bible is like no other information you'll find anywhere else.

The enormous ammount of research, and the large amount of money I had to pay to get 3 hardcore mechanical engineers to take the time to create this project was nothing short of immense. There quite honestly is no other resource avaible that will get you on the fast track to flawless metal plating like the Metal Plating Bible will.

Most books you find on metal plating cost upwards of $100. These are the books that are filled with hard to undstand writing and loads of filler that make learning metal plating about as easy climbing Mount Everest.

The Metal Plating Bible not only goes into more depth than other books, but it goes into all the specific situations that you might encounter, situations that other books won't even touch.

And best of all, it's all given to you in a simple, clear and consise, step by step fashion. That by itself puts the Metal Plating Bible in a class of it's own. However, you're in luck, because you're not going to pay anywhere near the true value of the information presented in the Metal Plating Bible.

Here's Why The Metal Plating Bible Won't
Cost You Anything Near What It's Worth...

Due to the powerful technology the internet provides, I'm able to save big on product fullfillment by selling the Metal Plating Bible as a downloadable ebook over the internet.

Because of this, my production costs are almost nothing, so that's why I can pass on the immense savings to you! Best of all, you can get instant access to the Metal Plating Bible, as soon you press the submit button on your order form!

You won't pay $100.00, you won't pay $50.00, you won't even pay $39.00!

If you order now, you can get instant access to the complete Metal Plating Bible for the absurdly low price of only $29.95!

That's right, only 29.95, for access to the most valueable, detailed, and easily actionable, source of metal plating information available. Information that complete beginners can immediately learn from and use to do their own professional quality metal plating in record time!

But.. to make this deal even sweeter, I'm going to completely take away every last bit of risk assciated with the purchase of this product with my 100%, Total Satisfaction, Money-Back Guarantee!

100% Total Satifaction - Money Back Guarantee

[Order and download](http://1.esecrets.pay.clickbank.net/) the ["Metal Plating Bible"](http://1.esecrets.pay.clickbank.net/) Risk-Free. If at anytime, you find that you are not absoulely thrilled with the product, if it doesn't live up to every one of it's claims, just ask and you'll receive an immediate refund of the compete purchase price. NO hassles. I can only offer such a rock-solid guarantee like this because I know the information contained in the[ "Metal Plating Bible" ](http://1.esecrets.pay.clickbank.net/)will be exactly what you're looking for and that you'll be nothing but thrilled with the results it enables you to get from your metal plating efforts.

[Click Here To Order and Download the Metal Plating Bible for Only $29.95, Risk Free ](http://1.esecrets.pay.clickbank.net/)

To your metal plating success,
Craig Bellinger

Metal Plating Enthusiast



P.S. You wont find this type of step by step, paint-by-numbers information on metal plating anywhere else. If you want to short-cut your way to metal plating success, then[ order the metal plating bible.](http://1.esecrets.pay.clickbank.net/) The low price of $29.95 will not last long. In fact, people have been saying we're crazy to be selling it for so little. [So order now, Risk-Free. Your satisfaction is guaranteed 100% ](http://1.esecrets.pay.clickbank.net/)


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