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Ballistic Blogging for Cash : Learn how to blog for an at home

If you want to become an Internet Marketer making your living from
home, please read this to the end.

How a burned-out traveling sales executive, with no technical
know-how, became an Internet Marketer and how

YOU can do the same!

Who am I? My name is Luke Hawthorne. Up until a few years ago, I was
a burned-out rat-race executive with absolutely no technical knowledge
of internet-marketing. I knew I couldn't keep working for somebody
else for the rest of my life, because it had become obvious to me that
there simply was no future in it. I was simply making other people
wealthy and I was selling my life for a monthly salary.

I had no pension and I could see no security for my family's future.
I was simply living from month to month. I couldn't even THINK about
the possibility of retirement.

Yes, I traveled extensively. I have been all around the U.S.A. and
to European countries for my work. For a while, it was quite
thrilling. It was hard work with long hours, but hey, I was a company
executive traveling all over the world and being paid or it. However,
after a couple of years, that initial thrill wore off even though the
job was still enjoyable. I thought I'd made a good number of friends
and colleagues along the way, but I now know that some of those just
liked my expense account.

After about the fourth year, and another 200,000 miles by air, my
enjoyable job started becoming a lot less than fun. The economy was
tanking and selling anything was becoming progressively more of a
challenge. In all fairness to myself, I did a very good job. During
the second to last year at the company they had a change of
management; the owner's oldest son was made CEO, in effect making him
my new boss. He was just completed his Undergraduate Degree and knew
exactly nothing about the business. Of course, it wasn't long before
he started making decisions that would negatively impact both his
company and my job.

Even in the poor economy, he set higher targets. Of course, I was
promised bonuses for hitting these often outrageous targets, and I
actually DID achieve them, but they frequently found excuses not to
pay them to me. One time the reason was I missed the target by less
than 1% (AND they fudged the figures!).

I realized then that even if I did keep meeting these tough targets,
I'd still be no better off, and certainly no closer to a secure

Then came the demands for more of my time. Suddenly they weren't
happy with the 60 hours a week I was putting in, often working 14
hours a day. Getting up at 5am for an 8am flight to my first
destination-city was no longer acceptable. Now they demanded that I
catch the 6am flights on Monday mornings which meant waking at 3 a.m.,
and the return flights each Friday had to be after 6pm which would put
me getting home anywhere between 10pm and midnight. I suggested
traveling home on Saturday (much to my wife's dismay) but they told me
that if I chose to do that, I would have to pay my own accommodation
on Friday nights.

I'd been writing my monthly reports diligently for years, and
suddenly even THAT was no longer good enough. First they wanted weekly
reports; okay, I could live with that. But then, the new boss wanted
me to write are port at the end of EACH DAY; who I saw, at what time,
what was discussed, what the outcome was, what sales they could expect
from that customer..............well, you get the idea.

In short, it was becoming impossible. Sales were still good, the
best, in fact, that the company had ever seen, but either they wanted
me gone and were too scared to fire me, or they simply wanted the
impossible. Either way, I knew my time with them was coming to an end.

But I had a problem. I didn't know how to do anything else. I had to
be able to make money so that my wife and I could survive. My wife
still worked but the thought of trying to get by on just one income
made us both fearful. I am well past middle-age (let's just say I'm
over 40!) and though I know lots of 'handy-man' kind of stuff, I
really had no other skills to make money. I HAD to find something and
it had to be something that I could start on a shoe-string.

You see, I had made the mistake that many people do. I thought that
the party would never end. I thought the economy was stable. I thought
that I could rely on social security and have a state pension when I
reached 65.

If YOU expect to retire on social security, I urge you to study more
about it. Your state pension will NOT be there when you retire, and
even if I'm wrong and there IS a pension waiting for you, it won't be
enough for you to live on comfortably.

I think we all now realize that "saving for the future" is just
nonsense. Saving money never made anybody wealthy and it never will.

Investing, on the other hand, has made many people very wealthy, but
I was not one of them, and the general rule is, you needed to have a
good amount of money to invest (in stocks or whatever) to be able to
make a good return. Let's face it, even getting a 20% return on your
investment (which is almost impossible by the way) is virtually
worthless if you've only got $1,000 dollars to invest!

So, here I was, about to quit my job and I didn't have a CLUE what I
was going to do. Yes, I could have toughed it out for another year
(maybe), but I was completely burned-out. I was fed-up with always
being away from my wife, I was fed-up with airports; I was fed-up with
airplanes; I was fed-up with taxis; I was fed-up with hotel rooms, and
I realized that eventually this would start to show in my work. My
sales-team would see it, and our customers would see it. Then, it
wouldn't be long before I was let go.

I held out as long as I could, but one night my wife and I were
talking about it and she said to me "Well then, quit!" Huh? We
discussed how we'd get by for an hour or so, she made a great point.
"They're either going to fire you or you're going to resign. You can
leave on their terms or on yours! Either way you're not going to be
working for them much longer, and if you keep doing what you're doing,
you'll never get anywhere..........so quit!"

I love that woman!!!

I handed in my notice at the end of the month.

Now I HAD to find a new way to make a living. I knew several things
about myself that I was NOT prepared to do. Now, I'm not too good to
stack-shelves, and was quite prepared to do that if I had to. But,
before I let things get to that point, I tried to analyze my skill-set
and see if I could apply what I knew to something else.

In my heart I'd always felt that I could run a business well and
make it very profitable. After all, I'd done it for others. However, I
didn't have the capital to invest in a business, and I wasn't about to
put up our home as collateral against a loan for what, in this
economy, was going to be a very risky endeavor. So, whatever I decided
on, it had to be inexpensive to start and also inexpensive to run.

I'd heard about and read about many people making money on the
Internet, but in my arrogance, I pretty-much dismissed this notion. I
did this for a few reasons, but mainly because I knew NOTHING about
the technical aspects of Internet Marketing. Yes, I knew about
marketing, but that was in the REAL world. I could plan a great
sales-campaign and I could get the sales-team all fired-up to go out
there and "sell" for me. I could even layout a pretty-good
product-brochure. But doing this ONLINE? That was a WHOLE other story.

I didn't know the first THING about it. Websites? I knew how to FIND
them. I knew how to surf the web. I could navigate my way around a
website okay. But to design a website? To put products ONTO the
website? And then to get potential customers to FIND the website? I
didn't even know where websites were! I mean, I knew that they were
"on the Internet", but I had no idea what that REALLY meant.

What WAS clear was that I had to do some studying. I spent literally
weeks, over 10 hours each day surfing the Internet for ideas. I bought
nearly $1,000 of 'How To' books, CD's, DVD's and Video courses, but I
was getting nowhere fast.

Each night when my wife returned home from work, she would ask me
how I was getting along. At first I'd tell her "okay" and that I'd
"learned a lot" today, but that was mostly to make her (and myself)
feel better. In reality I was getting nowhere.

One of the Video courses I'd bought was particularly good, so I had
the idea to contact the guy who made it, and ask him if he would teach
me. What did I have to lose? He could only say "no." As is often the
case, when you are ready to learn something, you will find somebody to
teach you. The man I found is now one of the most successful Internet
Marketers in the world. At the time I contacted him, he was getting
there, but he hadn't made it quite yet.

The good news was, he was prepared to teach me, for a fee, of
course. The cost was high, but I figured the potential rewards were
worth it. My wife and I discussed this at some length and we
figured-out a way that we could afford it, which basically meant
cashing-in a Certificate of Deposit which we'd been keeping for a
rainy day. Well, now it was raining!

When he asked me what I wanted to learn, I was kind of taken aback.
"Everything" is how I responded to him. He told me it wasn't possible
to learn everything that he knew in three months, so I said "Okay,
just teach me the easiest way you know to make money online."

His reply: "No problem!"

He spent the next three months showing me the simplest way he knew
to make money on the internet. I've since met an even better mentor
who has taken it upon herself to personally coach me and without whom
I would still be struggling to this day.

Now I'm telling you all this because I want you to realize that even
though I had absolutely NO Internet Marketing knowledge until then,
and that I really wasn't a very 'tech-savvy' kind of person (I could
surf the web and do emails, that was IT!), there IS training
available.........and it's available right HERE! Everything I've
learned from my mentors and from my own studies and mistakes I've
summarized for you and called it:

_Ballistic Blogging for Cash_

Every name I came up with for the product already had the
domain-name taken, until I tried '_Ballistic Blogging for Cash_' so,
that's what I chose, and while I know it's a little "cheesy," it is
kind-of memorable.

What is _Ballistic Blogging for Cash_ exactly? It's an online video
course that consists of seven videos, each of which will walk you,
step-by-step, through the process of:

How to get your own domain name for your new company

How to get a place to put your website

How to get free software to create your website

How to make your website look fantastic automatically

How to make the search-engines find your website

How to get products to sell that cost you nothing to buy

How to put the products onto your website

How to accept payments without a credit-card account

How to get people to come to your website

How to get free software to promote your site

I don't know about you, but whenever I decide on something that I'm
a little unsure about, I ask myself two things: "What's the possible
risk?" and "What are the possible rewards?" If the potential rewards
FAR outweigh the risk, then the decision is easy for me.

Ask yourself these questions: "What is the risk if I try this
business?" What are my possible rewards?"

I finally reached the point where I figured-out that I was only
really at risk if I DIDN'T change the way I made money.

I don't know who said this originally, but there is a saying that
goes something like this:

"One definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and
over and expect different results." I FINALLY realized what that
meant. I could keep doing what I've been doing making OTHER people
wealthy, or I could change.

I don't want you to even THINK about quitting your day job like I
did. I was desperate to get away from that company and I knew for a
fact that I had NO FUTURE with them. I'm simply suggesting that you
try this business for yourself and see how you like it.


What this business offers:

Very low start-up cost

Very low running costs

No stock to buy and store

No cold-calling for leads

No face-to-face selling

Extremely low-risk

Very high profit potential

FUN (yes, really!)

Now at this point, all the "How To" books that I've studied about
writing sales-letters say I should now add three or four
"testimonials" from other people telling you how fantastic the
video-course is. I'm not going to do that.

Why? Because I don't want to insult your intelligence. You can
simply DECIDE FOR YOURSELF if it's any good! Once you've seen just the
FIRST video, I'm convinced that you will want to keep the course. You
KNOW you will get a full refund if you don't think this business is
for you.

Here's my official Guarantee to you:

Guarantee/Refund Policy

You can use these videos and if at any point up to and including 8
weeks from your purchase you can get a full refund if you are not
happy for any reason whatsoever. You are completely covered by the100%
money-back guarantee - if you are not happy just contact me within 56
days of your purchase and I will issue you a total refund. I DON'T
CONTROL THIS! Ballistic Blogging for Cash is being offered through
CLICKBANK who ALWAYS offer refunds should they be requested, so long
as it's within the 56 day guarantee period. They offer this with No
questions asked.


The product and bonuses will be delivered to you digitally via
instant online access to a secure area of this website once your
payment has been authorized. Due to the high bandwidth requirements
the online videos demand it is recommended that you have broadband
Internet access. We can make no guarantees that your specific PC setup
or Mac setup will be compliant to view the videos. In the unlikely
event that you are not able to view the videos contact us as soon as
possible (and not later than 56 days after you get access) and you
will be refunded in full.

NOTE: The videos will be provided to you online in streaming Flash
format. For copyright purposes the videos are only available online
and cannot be downloaded or distributed on CD.

The price for learning how start your own online business is only

Whatever decision you make, it will be the right one FOR YOU.

Here's to YOUR success!

Luke Hawthorne.

PS. _Remember, there is absolutely NO RISK to you. I'm taking all
the risk. If you don't think this business is for you, just ask for a
refund, and you'll get it in full_.

P.P.S. _This time next year you may be able to start planning your
early retirement and be the envy of your friends and family. Give
yourself that chance!_

_"My only regrets are for the things I didn't do." - Unknown_


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