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Go "Green"
10 Steps for the Savvy CIO

Get a complete action plan for getting your IT Organization "Green"


A must read for IT management
A CIO's Handbook

The growth in data centers for power & cooling has significantly
increased along with prices. As we start the summer months, we foresee
data center powering ">

You will save thousands of dollars just by implementing one item in
this action plan.


* Is your business as efficient as it can be?
* Are you happy with your profits?
* Are you satisfied with your productivity?
* Are you confident that your business will grow the way that you

" IT Cost Solutions provides you with tools by reviewing your areas
">In this plan 12 page action plan you will learn the following in
getting up and running:

* Energy Issues
* E-Waste
* Electronic Waste Recycling Act 2003
* Energy Costs
* Assessing your IT org/infrastructure
* Being Eco-Friendly in the workplace
* Data Center Design
* Incentives for the IT manager
* Building a team
* Green Strategy
* 10 Steps to get on track
* And more......

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