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C-Section Recovery & Surgery:
How You Can Speed Your
C-Section Recovery, Stress
Less & Avoid Unnecessary Pain!

Discover Exactly What It Takes to Recover Faster,
Avoid Pain After Surgery & Quickly Get Back Into
Shape after Having a C-Section


Greetings From:    Elizabeth McGee, B.A. Psychology 

Dear Mom To Be,

If you found your way to this website you probably have one or more of the following  concerns...

•  You've just had a c-section and you're concerned about your physical and emotional recovery.

•  You have been told you need a c-section and want to understand the possible complications, risks and health concerns for both you and your baby.

•  You've had a c-section in the past and want to better prepare yourself in the event you will need another c-section as well as understand the risks for having multiple c-sections.

•  You are pregnant and want to prepare yourself in case a c-section may be necessary.

Whatever concerns, fears and questions you have, I can help. I'm here to support you every step of the way. That's because I too had all the same worries and fears you have right at this moment.

When I was having my c-sections, I especially remember the information I had was confusing and incomplete, not to mention my first c-section recovery was long and painful. 

I also remember being extremely concerned about the risks that the doctors, nurses and yes, even my friends didn't tell me about. It wasn't intentional; most of it was simply overlooked.

"Before you have your c-section surgery, prepare yourself,  
...but not with advice from your girlfriends."

With so many c-sections being performed today it's easy to experience "information overload" particularly from the internet, chat rooms and forums.

I believe there is a real need to help women sort out the issues, eliminate the confusion and clarify concerns ...but more importantly a woman needs guidance, support and reassurance that she CAN recover quickly and have an all around better experience.

This isn't a time for fear, pain, fatigue, depression or loss of control. You want to cherish every moment of your precious baby’s birth, that means no surprises, the fewest complications possible, less pain and of course a speedy recovery.

So let me put your mind at ease. It is possible to have all these things and I'd like to show you how.  

Who Am I And Why Am I Telling You All This?

My name is Elizabeth McGee and both my children were delivered via c-section. Not a very extraordinary statistic but enough of being under the knife that I know how unnerving and painful it can be. 

I've also heard many horror stories and met several women that have had very negative experiences.  That struck me as such an unfortunate tragedy. 

I believe that much of this is because women today are fed misinformation, they are confused and extremely unprepared for what's to come.

Having been there myself I feel compelled to help women avoid the confusion and help them learn how to prepare. Because I am also a mother I also know how precious these moments are -- and you don't want to lose them to pain, depression and complications that you could have avoided.

I've learned several things through my own c-section experiences but I've also learned from the experiences of others. That's why I've gathered together an extraordinary collection of essential facts, personal & medical remedies, tips, wisdom and simply good advice that women all over the world are   using  ...the things I wish I had in the days before my own c-section surgery.


The  Biggest Problems With Having A C-Section Are...

They are often unexpected.  Most first time moms don't expect to have a C-Section.  At the first moment you hear those words, it can be frightening, it's a moment you don't want to experience. 

Healing takes so much longer.  Make no mistake, having a c-section is major abdominal surgery and your body is mildly traumatized.  You don't want to leave healing and recovery to chance. 

Bonding with your baby and breastfeeding are typically more difficult.  Discomfort and pain can lead to undue stress and worry. In addition, friends and family don't often relate to what you are experiencing creating insult to injury. 

Fatigue and loss of energy are highly common after a c-section. You've just had major surgery with a new born baby that needs your attention, life can be turned upside down and it's hard to see light at the end of the tunnel.  


But There IS A Solution!

I have created 'The Worry Free C-Section Guide'  to help moms feel better about having a c-section simply because they will have the background and knowledge they'll need to help them create an experience that is less traumatic and much less stressful. 


You'll get help for:

- Eliminating Pain
- Bonding with your baby
- Having more energy & less fatigue
- Avoiding the Risks to both you and your baby
- Escaping depression 
- How to relax and avoiding the stress

No more worrying about future births, miserable hospital stays, fatigue, pain, ugly scarring, health risks, having sex again, going back to work. 


"Highly Recommended to anyone having a baby"

To: Elizabeth   >
From: Becky >
Tue, March 27, 2007 5:27 pm

Dear Elizabeth,

I want to thank you very much for your wonderful tips and c-section recovery advice. I had no idea how likely a woman is of having a c-section!

But you've really enlightened me on everything I need to know about c-sections and all the considerations I have when making the decision to have one.

This book is a MUST HAVE for any mother to be for having a stress-free C-section by helping us understand what to expect and coaching us on making the right decisions.

I highly recommend it to anyone having a baby or planning to get pregnant. Actually, it would make a great shower gift!

Becky, Alberta


Here's Just Some of What's Inside
"The Worry Free C-Section"

You will be better prepared for surgery because you'll know the intimate details of  what happens and what you can expect.  You'll be familiar with every step of the process and the choices that will confront you.

You will be in control of your pain  from the very start. You'll know exactly what to do in order to effectively manage and avoid your pain before you even get to surgery. 

You will understand the types of anesthesia, w  hat they are and how to decide on what method is best for both you and baby.

You will know what v  vitamins, supplements & herbs you can safely start taking right now that will promote faster healing after surgery. But be warned, there are some that you must not take.

You'll find out how to quickly relieve the dreaded gas pains that are so common with  abdominal surgery.

You will know the 3 things you must do every day for a speedy recovery.   These are simple yet powerful things that will speed your c-section recovery and restore your energy . Without them, recovery will drag on.  

You'll learn how to tell  the difference between what's normal and when to call your doctor.  These are the things that help you avoid those stressful panic attacks when you don't know what to do.


"Helps drive out fear"

To: Elizabeth   >
From: Sheila >
Sat, Mar 3, 2007 6:41 am

Hi Elizabeth,

I'm a nurse that works with c-section moms and you have covered so many of the questions & concerns that moms have.

Your style of writing is comforting and I'm so impressed with the candid, useful information  you offer regarding  c-section recovery. Women will experience a lot less fear and more support. I'm so glad that someone has taken the time to help women in this way.

This is the kind of information women need to help drive out their fears and destress more.

You're a real blessing --
Sheila H.

And there's more...

You will get Incision care tips that can greatly reduce the chances of an ugly scar. 


A common yet known complication of  abdominal surgery are adhesions. I'll show you how you can reduce, even prevent them.

You'll be able to avoid the mistakes that cause painful and the all too common infections that can greatly delay healing.

Important questions you MUST ask your doctor.  Have you heard the saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know”?  If you’re not a medical expert, you won’t know what to ask. You'll get precisely the questions you need to gather your own questions. 

Find out how to minimize Post Surgical Stress with tips and strategies for how to prepare your home, your friends and family.

Understand your baby's health scores,  These can be alarming if you’re not sure what they mean. You'll know what's normal and what's not. 

You'll discover and know w hen its ‘really’ safe to get back to things like having sex again, going back to work, housework, exercise, etc.

You'll get the help you'll need to fight back the 'baby blues' and keep depression from getting a-hold of you.

Discover the breastfeeding techniques that help make breastfeeding more comfortable and help resist your urge to give up.

Get exercises and exercise methods that can dramatically reduce your tummy bulge in a matter of days. These are the secret techniques that helped me get my shape back, fast!

You'll know how to determine if a VBAC (Vaginal Birth after C-Section) is right for you, plus find out what you can do to increase your chances of having a VBAC.


[Take a Tour of the Worry Free C-Section](ebook_tour.html)


"I'm Confident I'll Have A Smoother c-section Recovery"

To: Elizabeth
From: Cheryl
Mon, Feb 19, 2007 7:48 pm

I'm going to be having my second c-section and I'm confident I'll have a smoother c-section recovery and I'm also feeling much  better prepared  and less stressed this time thanks to you.

Also, you've offered some unique tips that I'm sure will help my recovery go much smoother and faster this time.  Wish I'd had this information three years ago.

I especially appreciate the exercise tips for my flabby tummy!

Thanks so much!
Cheryl N.


There's simply no other Guide or book like this for how to:


Avoid Pain & Boost your energy 
Look better & Feel Better Sooner 
Effectively communicate with your doctor about what YOU want. 
The diet & Exercise tips that are easy but go a long way to get you back in shape. 
...and much more 
but if that’s not enough …if you order today, you'll also receive these additional bonuses absolutely FREE!



  BONUS #1 

Baby Safety Tips - A $21.00 Value 


• If you think your home is safe for your baby



Everything you need to know about how to keep your baby safe is in this complete step-by-step guide.


It walks you through all the potential hazards of the home and surrounding areas and advises you on how to prevent disaster and keep your precious baby safe ...you won't find this in any bookstores.





  BONUS #2 

Pregnancy Nutrition - A $17 Value


• This excellent 206 page resource will answer common questions all new parents have. Covers month by month growth and development, checkups, feeding, safety and much more.






  Bonus #3
Top OB/GYN Interview - A $25 Value

• Top OB/GYN & Surgeon in his field answers interview questions about on C-Sections, c-section recovery and health Issues.

• A Professional view of the issues surrounding cesarean sections and not just someone's opinion. 



  Bonus #4
"How To Create A Super Baby" - A $25.40 Value

• How To Create A Super Baby" - The vital things you must do in the first year of your child's life!  

Every parent wants to make sure they provide for their child the best they can, but infants don't come home from the hospital with a manual.  Loving your child is the easy part. Making sure you raise them to the best of your ability is not.   


         Bonus #5  

 C-Section   Tool Kit - A $10 Value



• Set of 10 fill-in-the-blank forms that make it super easy for you to get and stay organized with meal planning, childcare, grocery shopping and more.


• Tool Kit that includes  10 Ready to Use Forms for Getting and Staying Organized, Plus an Essential C-Section Birth Plan.





    Bonus #6

Man's Guide to a C-Section Birth - No Cost Value, Just fun!


This is charming true story of the c-section experience from a Dad's perspective ...and it comes with a little advice for Dad's.







Get the Worry Free C-Section Guide along with these 6 special bonuses, immediately downloadable for just $17.



This is Your Most Precious Baby's Birth, Make it Memorable Not Miserable!

"Make this the positive and memorable experience it should be, aren't both you and your baby are more than deserving of that."

The 'Worry Free C-section' has helped hundreds of new moms and it can help you too, I guarantee it or you can keep the guide and bonuses for free and I'll return every penny of your money!


"Extremely Informative Tips"

To: Elizabeth
From: Kelley
Wed, Mar 6, 2007 8:15 am

Elizabeth offers extremely informative tips on an operation that I knew nothing about. I had trouble finding information that wasn't confusing and I wasn't getting the answers I was looking for, so Elizabeth was a big help.

She does an excellent job of giving you both sides of the story from experts and women who have been there. It's much easier now for me to go into labor knowing what could happen in regards to having a c-section.

-Kelley Hudson


 See what else [they are saying](Worry_Free_C-Section_Reviews.html) about the "Worry Free C-Section"!


 You Will Be Completely Satisfied

NO QUESTIONS ASKED…no gimmicks rules or special requirements.

I'm so confident that you will be delighted with this guide and all of the FREE bonuses that I INSIST on sending you a full refund if you don't feel it was everything I said it would be.

Your satisfaction is assured through the no-risk, you-can't-lose, 100%, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

But if the thought of having a surgical birth is causing you  stress, fear and anxiety then you will absolutely  find that the Worry Free C-Section is exactly what you need!


Click below to get your complete Worry Free C-Section package right now (the eBook and 6 special bonuses, immediately downloadable) for just $17.

Order Today! 
Order today and you will immediately receive...  
•  The Worry free c-section Ebook
•  6 Free Bonuses
  - Baby Safety Tips
  - Pregnancy Nutrition
  - OB/GYN Interview
  - How to Create A 'Super' Baby
  - C-Section Tool Kit
  - The Man's Guide to a C-Section Birth

The Worry Free C-Section and bonus books are downloaded online so you will have access to everything in the next 2 minutes! Your order is 100% safe with Paypal.

(Note: Your order will show up as "Paypal" on your credit card statement. 


I'm dedicated to helping & supporting you in this emotional time. I hope to hear your story and get to know you better...

Many Blessings,

Author, "The Worry Free C-Section" 

Click below to get your copy right now (immediately downloadable) for just $17.



**All the eBooks are in adobe PDF format
which can be viewed on Macs or PC’s




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