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If you love baseball,
you’ll love 60 from the ‘60s.

Meet the stars who made the 1960s
“Baseball’s Real Golden Age.”

In 60 from the ‘60s: 60 Players Who Made the 1960s Baseball’s Real Golden Age, you’ll re-live the glory that was major league baseball in the 1960s.

Great pitchers? No decade ever produced a better crop of arms.

The pitchers of the 1960s posted the best combined ERA of any decade since the baseball went lively. In 60 from the ‘60s, you’ll relive the exploits of some of the best hurlers ever to toe the pitching rubber:

Sandy Koufax, who won 97 games from 1963 to 1966 while leading the major leagues in ERA each of those years.

Bob Gibson, who won 20 games or more 4 times during the 1960s and posted the lowest single-season ERA in the modern era.

Jim Bunning, the first major league pitcher to win 100 or more games in both major leagues.

Whitey Ford, the Yankee Hall of Famer who saved his best years for the 1960s.

Even hapless Roger Craig, who had the misfortune of being the best pitcher on the worst team in baseball history.


PLUS … Don Drysdale, Juan Marichal, Denny McLain, Dean Chance, Hoyt Wilhelm, Camilo Pascual, Sam McDowell, Warren Spahn, Gary Peters, Dick Radatz, Mike McCormick, Steve Barber and more. All profiled in 60 from the ‘60s!

Did the 1960s have great hitters?
How about Aaron, Mays, Killebrew, Clemente?
And that’s only the beginning!

With so many great pitchers, you might expect a fall-off in hitting for 1960s batters. Not true for the decade’s best hitters, the ones you’ll find in 60 from the ‘60s. Hitters like:

Roberto Clemente, who won 4 NL batting championships on his way to 3,000 career hits.

Willie Mays, who hit more than 220 home runs from 1961 to 1965, and 350 for the decade.

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Tony Conigliaro, the precocious Red Sox slugger who was one tragic pitch away from almost certain enshrinement in Cooperstown.

Hank Aaron, whose incredible offensive statistics for the decade went largely unnoticed until he came knocking at Babe Ruth’s career home run record.

Harmon Killebrew, the muscular Minnesota Twin who hit 40 or more home runs 8 times in his career.


PLUS … Carl Yastrzemski, Orlando Cepeda, Dick Allen, Willie McCovey, Ernie Banks, Frank Robinson, Al Kaline, Frank Howard, Ron Santo, Lou Brock, Vada Pinson, Jimmy Wynn, Ken Boyer and more. All profiled in 60 from the ‘60s!

More Hall of Famers played in the 1960s
than any other single decade in baseball history.

Fifty players currently in the Baseball Hall of Fame played during the 1960s.

For some, like Ted Williams and Warren Spahn, it was the capstone on a great career. For others, like Tom Seaver, the 1960s served as a hint of records to come.

Their stories are here. And what they did in the 1960s will amaze you.

Packed with baseball information
you won’t find anywhere else.

Inside the pages of 60 from the ‘60s, you’ll meet …

The pitcher who won the most games during the 1960s ... but never won a Cy Young Award. (page 60)

The second baseman (career batting average: .266) who outslugged Mantle, Maris and the rest of his Yankee teammates in the 1960 and 1961 World Series. (page 48)

The Hall of Fame pitcher who came back from a leg fracture to win 3 World Series games. (page 16)

The Hall of Fame outfielder who once threw out a third-base runner at home plate – off a single to right field! (page 63)
The first baseman who was the first player to hit 30 or more home runs in each major league. (Hint: He’s not in the Hall of Fame.) (page 123)
The All-Star shortstop who played all nine positions in a single game. (page 71)

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The 300-game winner who won 75 games after turning 40. (page 54)

The NL batting champion who, as a college basketball player, once led the NCAA in scoring. (page 75)

The AL pitcher who tossed 11 shutouts in a single season … winning 6 of them by 1-0 scores. (page 51)

The two-time 20-game loser who struck out 8 New York Yankees (in 4.2 innings) during the 1964 World Series. (page 73)

The double-play wizard who won a World Series by not making an out. (page 92)

The American League rookie with the wrong name who led the league in hits, batting average and 3 other offensive categories. (page 96)

The only player to hit a home run in his first major league at-bat, and pitch a no-hitter in his first major league start. (page 125)


Records can be broken.
But what these players accomplished
– and the stories behind their accomplishments –
should live forever!

What pitcher today can match the season-after-season excellence of Koufax, Gibson or Spahn? What sluggers today terrorize pitchers year-after-year the way Mays and McCovey and Killebrew did?

You’ll find all of them profiled here … and more. 60 from the ‘60s is the one place where you’ll discover:

How a veteran right-handed pitcher helped bring a pennant to Baltimore … by leaving town. (page 18)

 How the “strongest man in baseball” (according to Ted Williams) once hit 10 home runs in 6 consecutive games … in only 20 at-bats. (page 69)
Which pair of 1960s stars each won 16 consecutive Gold Gloves (Hint: One of them was a pitcher.) (page 47)

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How a Hall of Fame southpaw shortened his career by sliding into second base. (page 27)

 The one thing Mickey Mantle did that most helped Roger Maris break Babe Ruth’s single-season home run record. (page 15) 

60 from the ‘60s brings together 60 player mini-bios in one volume, with each player’s stats for the decade and for his career … plus 60 more “honorable mention” acknowledgements of players who might have lacked the impact of the top 60, but nonetheless made a noteworthy contribution to our national pastime’s greatest decade.

How many of these great players do you remember?

Where were you when Maris blasted #61 … when Koufax tossed his fourth no-hitter, fighting through the pain that came with every pitch?

Complete games today are almost as rare as no-hitters. Where were you when starting pitchers were expected to finish their starts, and it took a hard-throwing right-hander nicknamed the “Monster of the Midway” – with a blur of a fastball and enough wildness to keep hitters swinging from their heels – to set the stage for today’s procession of tag-team relievers?

Where were you when Robbie and Yaz won back-to-back Triple Crowns? And when Denny McLain had more wins in one season than many of today’s pitchers have starts?

If you were there, isn’t time to once again savor baseball the way it was meant to be played … 2-hour games with great pitching, power hitting, and with no free agents, steroids or facial hair to be found?

If the 1960s were before your time, then it’s time you were introduced to players who were legends that walked among us … and whose accomplishments were as true as their love of the game.

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Hardball Bob
Founder, 1960sBaseball.com

P.S. The question I get most often about 1960s baseball is: "Were those guys really that good?" The answer, of course, is "Yes." They put up incredible numbers because they were incredible ballplayers ... in my estimation the best collection of ballplayers the game ever assembled. So my promise to you is this: nothing in this book is made up or exaggerated. (It doesn't need to be.) Everything, to the best of my knowledge, is accurate and true. If you're used to baseball as it's been played in the major leagues for the last 10 or so years, you might have trouble believing everything you read in 60 From The '60s. But believe me when I say it's all true. And these bigger-than-life accomplishments are, to me, what make the 1960s baseball's real golden age.

P.S.S. Your satisfaction is of course guaranteed. If you aren't 100% satisfied with this book, return it for a full refund ... no questions asked. 


What others are saying
about "60 From The '60s":

“You can’t read through 60 from the ‘60s without a new appreciation of the talent on the field in the 1960s. We haven’t seen anything like it since.”

R. Clevenger
Parma Hts., OH

“A ‘must read’ for every true baseball fan.”

M. Scovil
Jacksonville, FL


“Hardball Bob’s passion for baseball comes through on every page.”

M. Leahey
Madison WI


“This book brought back a million memories.”

J. McGinty
St. Louis, MO


“… players like Koufax, Mays, Clemente … they would have been stars in any era.”

P. Morrison
Decauter, IL


“I’d forgotten how great these guys really were. It’s like reminiscing with an old friend, and enjoying every minute of it!”

C. Manz
Mason, OH



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