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“Here’s An Iron-Clad Way For Every Single Message You Send Out To Hit Your Subscribers With The Accuracy Of A Sniper’s Bullet!”

Never Worry Again About Your Marketing Campaigns Missing The Mark With This Software That Gives You Flawless Delivery Rates And Crystal Clear Communication!



"Everything and More You'll Ever Want From A Desktop Communication Software.."

To be frank, when I first saw this software, my first reaction to it were feelings of jealousy. 

What you have here is an ingenious software masterpiece, that would have made a very good fit for my own premium software product line, if only I had come up with a brilliant script like this first.

Instant Desktop Sender has everything and more you'll ever want from a Desktop Communication Software - at a price that's a steal.

Its ease of use and flexibility simply makes it a dream come true for any online entrepreneur that is looking for a secure and reliant way to communicate with his clients and prospects.

Mike Beletro

From: Geir Hoem

Dear Fellow Marketer,

Every marketer the world over knows how important building a list is. They also know that the best way to communicate with a subscriber’s list is via email marketing.

And it’s true. Email marketing is a million dollar industry world-wide that shows no signs of slowing down and will continue to grow with thousands of marketers jumping on the bandwagon every day.

But with this boom in email marketing comes a couple of problems…one glaring one being people’s mailboxes are getting filled to the brim day by day with tons of follow up emails from ‘experts’ , spammers, and all kinds of rubbish that makes a normal person just want to scream and suffer a nervous breakdown in front of his PC!

In fact, as you read this, thousands of dollars are being siphoned away from honest, hardworking marketers such as yourself simply because people out there are sick and tired of their mailboxes turning into a dumping ground for unwanted emails

You have every reason to sit up and listen to what I am about to say…because it could make a world of difference between having happy subscribers stuffing loads of cash into your bank accounts and having an email marketing campaign that is virtually useless.

Three main factors why email marketing is slowly losing its sharpness as an effective marketing tool: 

Reason #1 Spam Mail

This has been a huge problem since the birth of the internet. You know, the unwanted stuff about blue pills, unknown businessmen asking you to invest etc. Of course as spam evolved, the email companies were forced to come up with more and more drastic measures to curb the influx of these unwanted junk. 

That made reaching a subscribed audience harder even for experienced marketers. So what did they end up doing? Well, ingenious methods such as avoiding words that trigger spam filters, coming up with interesting and eye-popping headlines…anything!

A marketer’s worst nightmare is for his emails to land up in the spam box because chances are they’ll be cleared into thin air before anyone gets to read them!

Expect no mercy from most subscribers because people won’t be too happy seeing their over flooded mailboxes creak and groan under the weight of spam mails!

Reason #2 Free E-Mail Accounts

By right, this should be advantageous because of the fact that almost everyone, including your neighbor and his dog have own a free email account from Hotmail or Google. 

However, although signing up and using the emails are free, the main limitations come in the form of limited inbox space, and these email account providers have a habit of marking almost every email you send out via email as spam…even if the title says ‘Hey John it’s the holidays!’

There’s an even stupider scenario to this: Some subscribers may actually classify your email as spam by accident, all because the ‘report spam’ and ‘delete’ button were side by side! It sounds silly, but trust me, if your subscriber had a bad day or was plain tired, he wouldn’t think twice about checking where your email landed in.

Once an email from you is reported as spam, then all emails from you to other subscribers using the same email company will be blocked. 

Now that sucks to the max because you’ll have to appeal to have this undone…causing you to waste more time and effort in the process.

Reason #3 The Disappearing Subscriber

Sometimes people quit checking emails for a reason. Probably to escape a stalking ex, to switch over to a mailbox with more space or simply to avoid those rubbish emails.
Whatever the reason when they ‘move house’, it is highly unlikely that they would remember you at all. 

So there are all your emails, sent via an autoresponder into a crammed, soulless mailbox that will never be opened or checked in ages but continue to pile up…

Email marketing is not dead yet. But it will soon be, if things don’t change in the way marketers operate. 

But guess what – I have a solution which is even better…don’t use emails to communicate with your subscribers and customers.

Before you scream and panic, let me ask you this. How would you like to:

Deliver your messages to your subscriber list with 100% success?

Not have to worry about spam or junk filters anymore?

Not have to bat an eyelid about the email system your subscribers opt for…

And do so with a simple system any kid could use!

You can do so and much more with this amazing piece of software I’m about to show you.


“Instant Desktop Sender”

An Efficient, Easy To Use Desktop Software That Allows You To Send Messages To Your Subscribers Knowing All Your Messages Will Hit Them Without Fail!

See, I've been marketing online for ages and I've been kind of frustrated that my email marketing endeavors didn’t produce the kind of results I wanted.

I've often wondered if it was because the product sucked, I was targeting the wrong target audience or my keywords were all mismatched.

It was the sharp eye of a friend who spotted the majority of my follow up emails landing in the trash can.

I was puzzled and frustrated. Why in the world would our emails land up in trash when I didn’t use spam filter triggering words and headlines?

So I decided to create a method or software that would revolutionize the way marketers marketed…

I aimed to create something that was not only powerful and effective but functional and simple to use as well. It would be a desktop software so there wouldn’t be any hassle for the marketer to download, install and use on the spot. 

It would also answer customer queries and send messages from the desktop with the simple click of a button. 

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

With That In Mind, I Added In The Following Features Into This Amazing, User Friendly Software:

Direct delivery of your messages straight to your subscriber’s desktop without going through email!

NO spam, no need to download any spyware or other security programs thanks to our super safe delivery system!

The ‘segment list’ function so your customers and/or subscribers can be categorized correctly and you can customize the right messages targeting their interest and desires!

Simple point and click functions that you can start using without much thought! 

Easily create messages with a WYSIWYG editor even an 11 year old kid could use!

Customize your messages to be sent out as and when you want – This gives more flexibility than the standard autoresponder and it’s faster to access it too!

Lets you know when people have received your messages and allows you to track when and who have opened your messages

This software allows you to communicate directly with every contact over and over again so you can build genuine relationships with them!

A built-in function to evaluate the success of your campaigns within just a few hrs saving you loads of time and money!

At any time, you can deactivate or reactivate any contact’s desktop viewer or completely uninstall it from their computer should the seller-customer relationship turn sour

"Professional, Cutting Edge, Brilliant!"

I honestly can't remember when I've been so impressed by a communications software of any kind. 

Professional, Cutting Edge, Brilliant! 

Instant Desktop Sender surpasses anything I could've imagined. It is so valuable to have the ability to instantly send anything from the simplest of text messages to the most elaborate web page imaginable including audio, video, opt in forms, payment buttons, or whatever a person desires. 

The boatload of automated features you installed, like prescheduling multiple message sets to designated groups & signups, exceptional security measures and automated login support just to name a few.

Of course knowing all your recipients receive all your messages in a timely manner without a spam complaint ever is really special.

I'm just astounded by all that's inside this software! So many doors are opened to effectively use this technology for business.This has got to be considered the king of online communication.

You far exceeded my expectations and I want to give you a big thank you for Instant Desktop Sender. 

Thank you,
John Evans


“How Do You Make Money With Instant Desktop Sender?”

Sure…in fact this is the best part. Instant Desktop Sender will help you build up stacks of cash by:

Using the software to create as many desktop viewers as you want each with its own content and subscriber list. Create ebooks, paid subscription newsletters and many others!

Allowing you to set expiration dates for your messages so that the message will not appear after a particular date, especially for limited time offers.

Deliver your newsletters (free or paid), instant product updates, appointment reminders, and loads of other goodies to your list with just a few clicks of your mouse!

And much, much more!

Why go through all the stress, anxiety and frustration of having to invent catchy new headlines for your follow-up emails or worrying if your emails might end up in your subscriber’s spam folder?

With this software, your message by passes all that jazz straight in your subscriber’s face – And they’ll be happy there’s no pretense because all the subscribers you’ll get are those who opted in anyway. 

Someone informed me that a certain competitor was offering a similar product. Upon studying their desktop communication software, I have a feeling you’ll still grab ours.

Simply because… 
Desktop Sender Competitor X 100% data confidentiality for you, the user No privacy at all  Have it on your desktop Hosts the scripts on their server A low one-time fee Charges a MONTHLY fee


The Potential To Massively Boost Your Sales...

We're talking a low one-time fee of $67 for a lifetime of loyal customers and recurring cash flow.

Of course I could have charged a monthly fee or jacked up the price to over a hundred but even if I did, you would still earn more than enough to cover the cost of your investment in a month just by using this software. 

But…just to set your mind at ease…here’s my:

My No Strings Attached  ,
Hassle-Free Money-Back Guarantee!

I believe you'll love “Instant Desktop Sender” so much that I'm going to make this no b.s. clear-cut money back guarantee.

Simply grab your copy of “Instant Desktop Sender”. Take up to 60 days or 2 full months to take it for a test drive and prove just how useful and valuable this software truly is. Make an honest attempt to use “Instant Desktop Sender” to market to your subscribers or customers.

If you aren't 100% convinced that our software will continue to be a valuable marketing weapon in your business arsenal like I've said it would then please let me know and I will gladly refund every penny.

This is truly is a no-strings attached guarantee!


Like I mentioned earlier, internet marketing is going to get real competitive within the next few years and tons of eager new marketers will be flooding everyone’s mailboxes with lousy, poorly written emails begging people to purchase their silly, rehashed products.

You don’t have to compete with these people for your earnings.

All you’ll need is to switch on Instant Desktop Sender, take a few minutes to send a couple of emails to your subscribers with the peace of mind knowing that they will get your message, not buried under a mountain of spam or bounced back, but safely inside the hard drive of your subscriber.

You can now:
Kiss Goodbye to customers forgetting who you are because your email was lost somewhere in their spam folder Kiss Goodbye to problems arising from your mails being marked as spam Kiss Goodbye to worrying if your email went through to your subscriber
And… Say HELLO to a delighted bunch of loyal customers, more customers, and more profits over time!

So don't wait... Grab your copy of “Instant Desktop Sender” now!

  Yes!  I'm Ready To Leave My Competition In The Dust!

I want to end this frustration and stress of not knowing if my subscribers did actually receive this software.

I understand that I’ll be forking out a low one-time price of $67 for this breakthrough software and there will never be such a deal like that ever.

I am prepared to build an amazing list of loyal customers that will always receive what I have to offer them without worrying about spam and email issues!

Please give me my own copy of “Instant Desktop Sender” right now.

To order - Click the button below.


[ ](http://www.instant-desktop-senders.com/order_ids_now)

[ ](http://www.instant-desktop-senders.com/order_ids_now)  

To Your Success,

Geir Hoem

P.S Just this year alone, tons of inexperienced, green horn marketers joined the internet marketing world. Loads of them don’t know how to utilize email marketing properly, yet one of the first few things they spend loads of money on is autoresponders and they try to hard sell prospects with their spammy emails. 

Don’t fight with these clowns only to have your emails end up in the junk folder! Click here to grab Instant Desktop Sender now and build rapport, earn loads of profit and construct your list without worry or stress!

P.P.S Forget about racking your brains to create fancy headlines or gimmicky sentences to avoid being mistaken as spam by the email providers…it doesn’t work! What you’ll need is a direct, no B.S way to reach out to your subscribers, build relationships with them and offer them deals they will love you for just with a few clicks! Order Instant Desktop Sender and get started on it!


Any questions? You may contact me here:




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