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The whole world is at your feet.
You love your life, and you're ready for more.
What is your next step?
What do you want now?

Could it be that you are ready for a new adventure?

Could it be that you are ready for love?

The true love.

Love that you always wanted and the soulmate you have been waiting for?


You just created the opportunity and attracted the solution to your deepest, hidden desire to meet, date, madly fall in love with and marry the one and only, your soulmate.

Would it be great if one week from now, you walked into a grocery store and met someone who is exactly the man of your dreams?

Or think of tomorrow, lunch time, at the coffee shop on the corner; you just finished a phone conversation, and suddenly someone said: “Excuse me. Have we met?” You turned around and it was someone you’ve been waiting for a long, long time?

Would it be great if that would happen just like that?

Imagine how much your life would change if you had a wonderful, caring, passionate soul by your side?

How much more your life would be filled with joys, celebrations and excitement?

What energy would flow through you?
What would you be feeling?
What would you be thinking?
What would you be doing?
What would it be worth to you?
Having the man of your dreams by your side...
All this is possible,
and the opportunity to make it happen is in front of you.

Can you see all this happening for you in a short 90 days?

“Looks good, sounds good,” you may say. “I tried it all!”
“Law of Attraction does not work for me.”

Tried The Secret and it did not work?
Want to know why?
Ready to learn 3 biggest mistakes that keep you from finding your soulmate?

I love this topic, I love to talk about true magic of manifestation. It is so deep and so close to our own skin that we are not even aware of it.

What is the true secret?
There is one secret about the law of attraction no one told you about.
And in a minute I am going to reveal it to you.

Before I do it, imagine…

Imagine you decided that you need a new pair of shoes. You came to the store, looked at the first pretty pair in front of you and took it home.

I wonder…
I wonder what’s the chance that this pair of shoes will perfectly fit you?
What’s the chance that it is the one?
100%? 50%, 10%, 1%, 0%?

Yes, you know it. The chance is very, very slim. Without knowing your size, what you want, what looks good on you, without trying on at least a dozen of pairs of shoes first it is impossible to find the one.

Newer mind a soulmate.


I have the most amazing clients. They come to me to fulfil their desire to find their soulmate. All of them want to know:

“When and where can I find my soulmate? Will I recognize him when we meet? Will he recognize me?”

And this is what I say:

The answer is simple. Your soulmate is a reflection of your soul. If you want to know what your soulmate looks like, if you want to love deeply, passionately first you need to look inside.

The #1 most common mistake that keeps you from finding your soulmate is not knowing yourself, looking for answers on the outside.

When you open the “Manifest Your Soulmate Manual” you will find a step-by-step process to get clear on what your soulmate may look like, on how to discover your own soul, and how to open your heart to new possibilities. The journey to your soulmate will start with the journey to your own soul.

The journey to your soulmate will start with journey to your own soul.


If you are looking for your soulmate, you are not alone.
More than 92 million Americans are single and 88% of them believe in finding a true love, a soulmate, a partner for life.
What does it mean to you.

It means that you are in luck and not so in luck.

Think about it.

If you are a woman, you have over 40 million possible suitors to choose from. This is good. If you believe in finding “THE ONE AND ONLY” you have 40 million men to search through.

Can you see the challenge in front of you?

If you are waiting and hoping for magic, if you are a big fan of the send it to the universe and see what happens method of making connections, you are in for a big disappointment.

The #2 most common mistake that keeps you from finding your soulmate is your mindset. Powerful relationships, deep love and happy lives are not attracted; they are created.

Wishful thinking, Feng Shui, and mandalas will not help you.
You need a system. You need a plan. You need to get to work.
In the “Manifest Your Soulmate Manual” you will find an action plan that takes you through a step-by-step process to get into an active state of  mind, create a dating plan and take action.

The world is a place of creation. The world is a place for change.
You can take charge and create a change.


Did you know that in 2005 married couples became a minority in America?

Did you know that according to U.S. Census,
40% of all African-American women have never been married?
With the divorce rate nearly 60%
35% American children are born to one parent family?


American women are proud, independent, educated and detached.
We can do it all.

But what does it mean to our children?

We have a whole generation of children who simply do not know what does it means to be a married couple, how to share feelings and emotions, how to live in a union of souls.

Children born into a single parent family do not have the chance to learn the skills of relationship: negotiation, communications, commitment and peace.

We know how to hate and do not know how to love.
We simply do not know how to see and touch each other’s souls.

If you are struggling to find the soulmate of your life and build a lasting relationship, know that there is good reason for that. You are not alone and my mission is to change that.

The #3 most common mistake that keeps you from finding your soulmate is thinking too small. Thinking that your personal love life, the search for a soulmate matters only to you.

Are you willing to accept this reality?

America is a lonely, unhappy nation I've dedicated my life to changing these statistics.

Join the movement for a soulful life.


What gives me hope.
A rapidly growing trend.

Listen to this. New studies show that

88% of American singles believe and search for a special person, a soul mate who waiting for them somewhere out there.
94% of never-married singles want to marry no less than a soulmate.
86% of them agree that marriage is hard work and a full-time job.

In a time of a rapid change we are still on the verge of even a bigger shift. What makes this time so exciting? We are entering a new epoch, a time of Unity.

Millions of people today are ready for and want a deep emotional and spiritual connection with one person for life.

Imagine for a moment, you’ve read the book, followed the manual, listened to CD’s, and discovered your own soul. You feel definitely more clear about your future love life. You start seeing results and transformation.

What will happen next?
You will start living with greater ease. You will be able to start speaking, thinking and living from your soul. Your life will have clear structure, be well organized and full of action possibilities Everything around you will slowly start to make sense and support you on your path to the one. Every person you meet will bring you closer to the one you are searching for, your soulmate.

You are loved, seen and supported. You found the one who can see you in all your glory, in all your perfect imperfection, who loves you when you are funny, angry, or happy, who can see you with the kind eyes, who knows that you are growing. Someone who is growing along with you, making the life around you into a spiritual community of soulmates.

What can you do right now?


This book was written for you.

Imagine …

Imagine we met for one-on-one session in my office. I made you feel comfortable and relaxed. You told me your story, all good things and all not so good things, your struggles, your disappointments, your hopes and secret desires.

We looked at your past with kind eyes, we discovered lessons, and we started building your new future.

You read “Manifest Your Soulmate” e-book. You finished it in a matter of a few hours. The book is short and sweet because I know you are busy and appreciate a quick read, and you know that the most important step is ahead of you. You can't wait to design your action plan and get started using the proven process that is as reliable as gravity. You know from your other accomplishments that when you set your mind to something, you make it happen. ...

You received your “Manifest Your Soulmate Manual: Shift Your Beliefs In 90 Days”a step-by-step plan to change your love life and start fresh all over again. You spend an incredibly fun time thinking about yourself, your likes, your ideas, your beliefs, all your good memories and all these hidden dreams that you thought you would never make come true. You followed the simple daily exercises in the manual. You discovered new possibilities; you created a clean simple understanding of yourself and the world around you. You were thrilled about the answers to all these hard questions that you've asked yourself your whole life. You implemented the whole program with sparkling perfection. You now have a clearer understanding of yourself, your values, your desires. You know yourself so well that you have fallen in love with this new you. You accept yourself and believe that you deserve the good man who will love you like you prefer to be loved.

You listened to your “Meditations On A Soulmate” 4 CD set that helped you to learn to relax, to trust yourself, to love your body, and understand your mind. You listened to your CD’s, you shifted your thinking and brought yourself in alignment with the power of Universe, the dependable Law of Attraction.

You began to date on a level you never imagined and you found yourself running into strong, kind good men. You discovered that there are many fish in the sea. And you only need to choose one. You found yourself attracting someone who just might be your soulmate. Things changed quickly and seemingly with no effort on your part.

You healed your soul; you cleared your heart. You felt fresh and the whole life ahead of you became so much brighter.


Inside the book is the breakthrough formula to bring the man of your dreams to your arms. In “The Manifest Your Soulmate: The Skillset for Spiritual Womenin the 21st Century,” you have a revolutionary approach to meet your Mr. Right based on the Law of Attraction and the practical principles of neuropsychology.

Join the hundreds of students to whom Patricia Fuqua has taught the proven formula.

The benefits of reading this book include:
Increasing your attraction skillset by 99% Attracting the man of your dreams faster Discovering a savvy way to date Setting in motion your desired train of events in relationship sooner Knowing and recognizing your soulmate when you meet one

Sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective to turn everything around...

Inside The Manifest Your Soulmate Manual you will find the easy-does-it process to make it happen.

You will be guided through a clear 90 day plan to build your love life from the scratch.

You will use the power of commitment, intention and action to create the love life of your dreams like you would create a business or home.

I will help you to discover what’s holding you back, and you will change it all.

Powerful and strong, you will take charge, you will commit yourself to your success.

You will develop habits of abundance and love, you will learn how to open your heart to the soul of the world.

Every morning you will wake up with the soulmate mission in your mind and a clear plan for the coming day ahead. During the day you will make it happen; you put your strategies to work.

On the 90th day of this work, your vision of love will be so clear, and a sense of your soulmate will be so close to your heart that the outside world will have no choice but to give you what you want, the one.


What you can see you can create.

Imagination is the key to making your dreams come true. Imagination is the first magical requirement to makes things real. What you can see you can create.

The 5 CD set will take you on the journey of your dreams towards what you want, towards your future. It will give shape and form to your deepest desires. It will anchor and deepen your work that you've done in your journal. It will empower your unconscious mind to take charge, to release power and start working for you.

Disc 1 - Introduction to Meditations on a Soulmate
This CD welcomes you as you step on the path to your love.  We will set up the rules of the game and you will take the first step towards your inevitable future.

Disc 2 - Stress Release Meditation
We open our hearts and minds when we are relaxed, peaceful and calm. Imagine coming back home from the long day at the spa, loving every cell of your body, sensing air around you, and feeling your heart, knowing that love is near. Disc 2 will get you in the mood of relaxation and creation. It will teach you to relax and trust your own powers. It will teach you quickly to get to the heart of matter.

Disc 3 - Energy Power Up Exercises
Your body is an energy-producing vessel. Whether you believe in ancient Indian medicine system of chakras or not, CD 3 will guide you through an exercise of clearing and charging your body with new energy and power. When you energy is clean, you are magnetic, and the whole world is at your feet.

Disc 4 - Power Visualizations
How do you meet a man of your dream? First you allow yourself to dream. When we dream, we create a blue print of our future. Without dreams our future is just a repetition of the past. Disc 4 will guide you through visualization exercises to investigate and build all aspects of your future soulmate and your happiness.

Disc 5 - Blueprint Affirmations
Affirmations take all change and growth that you created in previous exercises and put them into action. Affirmations on the disk 5 will cement and deepen your new reality. They will give you the power to attract a man who you want and deserve in no time.

If you're ready for a new life,
new men and the new world,
this program is yours.
1 electronic book,
1 electronic manual,
5 audio CD’s.
Get all 7 items
in one instant download for only $189.98. $99.99



Did you read and follow the Law of Attraction and are still waiting for results to appear in your life?You have a basic understanding of how it works, but why doesn’t it work?

Here is the missing truth about the law of attraction

Think about it.

Our universe is a sea of energy. We are part of it and there is not separation between us on an energy level. The magnetic field of the earth connects us to each other. We are tuned in to each others’ hearts, souls and minds.

The biggest mistake is to think that the world around us is something separate and the Law of Attraction will help you to pull something from the outside world to make you happy on the inside.

What is the missing secret?

Everyone and everything around us is a reflection of who we are right at this moment. The universe is a divine mirror that helps us to discover who we are.

We meet true love when we truly love ourselves. We meet people who understand us when we truly understand ourselves. We have infinite power to change the world around us and this change starts inside of our souls.

My program will teach you the true secret about manifestation.

I’ll help you to learn to find resources inside of yourself and build your life around them. Your life will start to shine just like your heart.

What you need to do next? Read on.


If you are 18 years old or if you are 60, it is never too early or too late to make your life into a love adventure.

Can there be happiness without love?

Imagine living the rest of your life going through years of trouble, search, hit and miss discoveries? I wrote this course in soulmate miracles for you.

I want you to make the most of your life.
You will know your heart and soul. You will feel strong feelings of trust in your life You will know balance. Your life will blossom into a success
If you are completely honest with yourself, you know that you can have more love in your life. If you know that, the time is here and now, and all you need is a guiding hand and a strong, powerful system to follow; if you trust the universe to take you by the hand and lead you to your soulmate, do not pass by the real opportunity.

Go inside, find your own soul, and fall in love with it, radiate love, bring your soulmate to you.

Download your copy right now


A beautiful woman sat down in my office. She had everything: career, friends, but no good man.  Alone for 16 years she demanded to know where he was. Gently, I lead her to tell me what she had been doing all that time to meet him. She had done nothing because all the good men were taken.  Immediately, I assured her that when she changed her mind, the man would come into her life.  Sure enough...twelve months later, she was married.

Why me?

Here's the magnificent story of my life.

I remember this magic moment, like it was yesterday.

I was at a party with my good friends, we were laughing and talking about recent news when suddenly I felt that something had changed. I could hear music and I felt that the whole room began to dance. I turned around, looked at the far side of the room and saw a man stepping in. He came straight to me and asked me to dance. I looked into his eyes and at that moment I felt as if I had come home. I knew he was The One.

That man was my future husband. Since that day we’ve never been apart and our love is ever growing. We've built a wonderful family together.

Why did I tell you this story?

Because I believe that love is the greatest gift that you can give yourself and successful relationships are just a few moments away from you.

Now I have three daughters. When my daughters grew up and started dating they suffered from choosing bad boyfriends.  My heart ached to see their unhappy faces because of their choices. I pulled together my resources and designed a process to help them to manifest what they truly want.The system I designed for my daughters is offered to you today. You can be on your way to the light-hearted and sure-footed ways of a woman who is happy to be with her right partner.


Patricia Fuqua is a Soulmate Coach. She has helped hundreds of singles attract and bring into their lives the soulmates of their dreams. She founded a successful relationship coaching practice "Venus de Menlo Consulting," in Silicon Valley and has hosted a TV show as well as appeared on numerous radio and TV programs sharing her wisdom with other mothers and their daughters.

For twenty years, Patricia has practiced the psychological/spiritual arts. She knows you need a clear vision before you can move towards a goal in any area of your life. She knows how to help you clear away confusion so you can make decisions that bring you more love, prosperity and health.

She will teach you how to get to know and appreciate your own soul on a deep compassionate level. She will give you power and clarity to see your beautiful true colours. She will give you a simple action plan to attract the One into you life using the awesome power of the Law of Attraction. “Manifest Your Soulmate: The Skill-set for Spiritual Women in the 21 Century” is a one-of-a-kind clear guide to love.

“O, my God, Patricia! This stuff works fast!!
I was just emailing a really attractive guy before I heard your talk. Then he asked to meet me over a glass of wine. Now, he's ready to stop dating other women because he knows I'm the one he's been looking for! Thank you for your inspiration.“
  ~ Sonya S., Events Coordinator, Fair Oaks, CA

“This book changed my life. Reading and working the steps of the Manual was a healing experience. I felt nurtured and cared for. Now I know myself, who I am and who I am looking for.“
  ~ Rosemary T., High School Teacher, Sunnyvale, CA

“Thank you, Patricia! Your Manifest Your Soulmate system has gently lead me to see what I really want in this relationship and how to communicate that to my husband.”
  ~ Cynthia L., nurse, Redwood City, CA

“Sometimes, someone who has been there can point out easier ways to to communicate with my boyfriend. Thank you, Patricia, for a way to talk to him without drama.”
    ~ Allison M., Sales, Pleasanton, CA

“I hadn't been on a date for over 8 months. After I worked through the Manifest Your Soulmate Manual, I started meeting guys in the grocery store! I'm now dating three guys and they all want me to set up dates in advance. That's never happened before.”
    ~ Frances M., Engineer, Palo Alto, CA

“Patricia, he asked me to marry him! Just as you said he would. I'm so happy.”
    ~ Gabriella U., Admin assistant, Stanford, CA

“I'm getting your whole Manifest Your Soulmate system for my girl friend's birthday. She's going to love it.”
    ~ Sarah M., Physical Therapist, San Francisco, CA

“I'm so glad I bought the e-book Manifest Your Soulmate. Without it I wouldn't have recognized that my boyfriend John was The One. He is so not my usual kind of guy to date.”
   ~ SJenifer S., Sales, Oakland,CA

“Patricia, where were you when I needed you last year? No matter, you're here now and thank you for the e-book Manifest Your Soulmate.”
    ~ Mary J., Professional Athlete, Berkeley, CA

If you are someone who values her life, her time
as the most precious gifts of all,
if you value love more then anything else in the world,
if you want definite results and quickly,
this product is ready for you.

60 days money back guarantee.

P.S. Are you all you can be? Do you invest in yourself?
Imagine you met your perfect man, the perfect match. You are looking into his eyes, he is looking into yours. Will you be that perfect partner for him, that you want him to be for you? Invest in yourself, make your heart and soul into a beautiful gift for someone who is already looking for you.

This course will give that certainty so that you are ready for the magic moment, the meeting of the souls, the perfect moment of connection.

Patricia Fuqua

Someone is waiting for you.
Start this journey now.

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