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Whether you're a small business owner, or work from home, you'll find our Easy to Use, Interactive Spreadsheets excellent tools to track your income and expenses, or have totals readily available so you can see where you are making money, or whether you have to cut expenses.
For the person working from home, or just starting a new business, this is an inexpensive way to get started without paying bookkeeping fees,  and by tracking your own income and expenses, you know exactly where your business is making or losing money at all times.
Using the General Ledger, you can track your business income and expenses daily, and have a year to date total readily available.  At tax time, print the annual totals and give them to your Tax Preparer.  This eliminates the stress at tax time, and will more than likely lower your tax preparation expense.
The General Ledger is available for download and immediate use in Microsoft Works 97-2003 Work book by clicking the BUY NOW icon below.  Approximate download time is 3 seconds depending on your connection speed.
Coming soon is the Profit/Loss Statement which gives you an up to date picture of your company.  It is a great tool for tracking individual items to see which items give you the best return.  It can also be used for annual projections which gives you a guideline of the numbers you have to meet in order to make a profit.
        General Ledger $12.95                                                                       Profit/Loss $12.95                     



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