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“Who Else Wants To Conquer Their Fear of Calculus, Learn how to do any Derivative or Integral, and Ace Any Calculus Exam? "

"Learn the Exact, Step-by-Step Methods Required to Solve Just About Any Calculus Problem"

Monday August 3, 2009

RE: New Book Teaches The Secrets That Masters of Calculus Already Know

From: David McMahon

 Dear Friend,

I f you're like me, you probably find calculus an intimidating subject. Yet it seems like many people can solve just about any problem and Ace any exam. They even seem to enjoy it. But how do they do it?

Until now it may have seemed like the goal of being able to overcome your fear of calculus and become an expert at it was out of reach. And those people who can really do calculus? They seemed more like Magicians. It was like that for me too. That is until I found out what really makes Calculus work-and saw how to take the mystery out of mathematics. I went from barely being able to pass high school algebra to getting A's in graduate level math courses. 

You may or may not want to take graduate level math courses. That's beside the point. What I'm going to do for you today is teach you how to do calculus problems using my new book Calculus without Limits-A Guide written with Plain-English explanations that shows you how to solve calculus problems step-by-step-down to the last detail. I'm going to show you the same tricks I used to go from not knowing anything to becoming a master of mathematics. I ended up getting advanced degrees in physics and working at a National Laboratory.

So how did I get where I am today?
Learn To Solve Problems By Follwoing Detailed Examples

This is the real story...and the story as only I can tell it because I experienced it.

You see, when I was graduating high school the advisors told me not to take any math courses in college. I just wasn't any good at math. I found it mysterious and intimidating, and barely passed my algebra courses. The other kids who knew what they were doing-they seemed really smart like I couldn't touch them. It honestly seemed that my advisors had it all figured out for me-I didn't belong in calculus much less on a path to become an engineer or scientist. Major in something "easy" like psychology they said-and stay away from math.

For years, I took their advice.
But then I had to take college algebra to get my degree. I put it off for years-still feeling scared by all those x's and f(x) symbols. But finally there was no turning back. I had to take it or give up the idea of getting a college degree at all.

So I toughened up and took the course. It was taught by an amazing man, who suddenly clarified mathematical thinking for me. Instead of boring lectures given by a drone, he woke me up to mathematics with his dynamic lectures and teaching style. Instead of intimidating students or causing them to die and early death from boredom, he opened our minds by showing us how to solve problems. I managed to get an A in that class and decided to try calculus.

Using the tricksI had learned, I suddenly found calculus to be easy. I raced through it on my way to degrees in math and physics.

With my new insights, I resolved to start helping other people learn what I had. Too many people are "weeded out" or simply find calculus too difficult.

You see, I know how you feel. But I overcame my fear of calculus and mastered it.
And the best part is that anyone can do this - even if you've never successfully done mathematics in your life! More on this in a second... but first...

Secret Tips and Tricks Help You Solve Calculus Problems Faster

Unfortunately, learning calculus is not easy. If you're taking calculus in school, chances are you have a boring professor who is hard to follow and gives tough exams that seem to come out of nowhere. If you're a student or even trying to learn calculus by self-study, you've probably found most textbooks dry and hard to follow. The examples they give don't correspond to the homework problems. Methods used to the do the problems rely on some trick the book didn't tell you or that your professor is hiding from you.

Fortunately for you, using my many years of experience studying and using mathematics, I've created an easy to follow guide for learning calculus. It doesn't matter if your a master mathematician or a total beginner, If you're taking calculus in college, preparing for the AP calculus exam, or if you want to learn calculus on your own.

Introducing the "Calculus without Limits" e-Course
Covers Limits, Derivatives, and Integration-
You'll learn all the major tools of calculus-and how to use them.

Shows you how to solve problems- Using a "Teach by Example" approach, problems are solved for you in exact detail down to the last step. See how a problem is solved, then try a similar problem on your own. Problem difficulty is raised slowly so that you build confidence.

Covers Most Topics Seen In Calculus- Covers most topics covered in college calculus I and II courses, and most topics covered on the AP Calculus exam.

Confidently Solve Any Calculus Problem

Now you might be asking yourself,  "Is this any different from any other book" ? And you'd be right to ask that question. Look, if I wasn't the guy who had actually learned and applied this stuff, there's no way I'd believe it was true. In other words, I know how you feel.
So, the answer to the question is, "ABSOLUTELY YES!"  You see, this book is based on seeing things from the students perspective. I've decided to give you what you need-explicit instructions on how to solve calculus problems.

There isn't a better way to prepare for an exam or do self-study. See how a problem is done, then try it yourself. Concepts are explained in plain English, making everything easier to understand.

The Calculus without Limits e-Course

Calculus without Limits is a step-by-step guide to get you understanding calculus fast. The approach used in this guide is different than a standard textbook. The tools you need are simply stated while avoiding proofs. Instead the focus is on solving problems-lots of problems-to teach you how to do calculus. Calculus without Limits is broken down into several books.

Book One: Functions, Limits and Continuity

In Functions, Limits, and Continuity learn about:

Functions and their graphsComposite functionsOne-to-One and Onto FunctionsExponential and Logarithm functionsTrig functionsWhat a Limit is in Plain-EnglishBasic Properties of LimitsLimits at Infinity and Infinite LimitsOne Sided LimitsContinuity
Book Two: The Derivative

In Book Two you'll see examples to help you:

Learn how to use Limits to take a DerivativeLearn about the slope of a tangent lineFind out rules for computing derivativesLearn how to differentiate exponentials, logarithms, and trig functionsMaster the Chain rule of derivativesLearn the Product and Quotient RulesThe Derivative of an Inverse FunctionImplicit DifferentiationRates of change, velocity, and accelerationFind Inflection PointsRelated Rates and The Mean Value Theorem
Book Three: Basic Integration

In Basic Integration, you'll become a master of that wonderful tool given to us by Newton. With dozens of solved examples, you'll learn about:

The Power Rule of IntegrationIntegration of Trig FunctionsIntegration of Exponential FunctionsThe Hyperbolic FunctionsIntroduction to Substitution TechniquesIndefinite and Definite IntegralsHow to find the Area under a CurveHow to find the Area Between Two CurvesRiemann SumsThe Mean Value Theorem
Book Four: Techniques of Integration

In this book, which is a huge help for Calculus II or the AP Calculus exam, you'll master the following integration techniques:

u-SubstitutionIntegration by PartsIntegration of Rational FunctionsIntegration Using Partial FractionsIntegration of Powers of Trig FunctionsImproper Integrals
Book Five: Infinte Series

Most Calculus II courses cover infinite series in the last part of the semester. In Book Five, you'll learn about:

SequencesPartial SumsInfinite SeriesAlternating seriesConvergence and DivergenceRatio Test, nth term test, Comparison testThe Integral TestPower Series Taylor SeriesMaclaurin SeriesAbsolute Convergence
The Calculus without Limits e-Course is Available Now for Just $27

And its available for instant download. After you complete your order you'll be taken to a download page where you can download the books to your computer in PDF format. You can read them on your computer or print them out. All 5 books are just $17 and can be yours in just 30 seconds.

I created my simple course to show people struggling with calculus the exact steps needed to make it work. I wanted to show them how to overcome their math anxiety. I wanted to teach them what they had been missing when trying to solve problems. By putting together an example based teaching system,  I've made calculus more accessible to more people than ever before.

The Calculus without Limits e-Course

Introducing "Calculus without Limits"

Calculus without Limits is an information-packed guide containing the easy, exact steps you need to master calclulus. It contains everything you need to pass calculus I and II, prepare for the AP Calculus AB & BC exams, or for self-study. 

Here's a small sample of what you'll find in the Calculus without Limits eCourse:

Covers almost every topic in college Calculus I and II and on the AP Calculus exam. 

   Review Functions and Graphing to lay a solid foundation before tackling limits, derivatives, and integrals.

Find out how to solve Calculus problems by studying hundreds of solved examples, each one solved down to the last detaild. .  

   Learn tips and tricks required to compute limits and overcome your fear of this fundamental calculus concept. 

   See how to compute the derivative of just about any function and explore the application of derivatives to problem solving.

   Understand the basics of integration and learn proven strategies to help you prepare for any calculus exam.

Imagine being able to see the secrets behind integration techniques like integration by parts, u-substitution, integration using partial fractions and trig substitution your teacher doesn't want you to know about. 

Learn clever shortcuts that can be used to make solving calculus problems easy.

   Get an Easy-to-Read, accessible presentation of Calculus that will make your textbook easier to understand. 

   Find out the hidden secrets that can help you Ace any Calculus exam. 

   Review the material with straightforward practice problems designed to build your confidence.

    Hundreds of Solved Examples Take the Mystery out of Calculus. 

   Friendly, straightforward guides to help you make sense out of the math. 

   The shockingly easy techniques to help you start and finish calculus problems. 

   Begin to solve problems faster so you can avoid the time crunch in an exam. 

   Master the three Big Ideas of Calculus: Limits, Differentiation, and Integration. 

   See examples that show you in detail how to use the dreaded integration techniques faced in second semester calculus. 

   Discover exact, easy steps that  draw positive people and        situations into your life as each success leads to even              more success. 

   Perfect for College Calculus I and II, Great for the AP Calculus AB & BC exams, and fantastic for self-study. 


And much, much, more!

Yes! I want to start Mastering Calculus Today!

Click The Order Button Below to get Instant Access 

for the special price of $27


Wait-There's More

Order the Calculus without Limits e-Course and you'll also get two free bonus Gifts. 

An Introduction to Differential Equations

Differential equations are a vital tool used in engineering and the sciences. Students usually take differential equations after completing calculus. Differential equations are often introduced in Calculus II, and can be on the AP Calculus exam. Get a leg up with this free guide: 

Learn what a differential equation is
Learn about first order and second order equations
Learn about homogeneous and inhomogeneous equations
Find out how to solve equations using separation of variablesDiscover and Apply the Integrating Factor Method Learn how to solve second order homogeneous equations
Free Bonus: L'Hopital's Rule

Learn how to use and apply L'Hopitals rule
Find out what indeterminate forms are
Lots of solved examples

"I recommend this course"
The market is full of calculus books, but none of them seemed to give me the clarity I needed. I wanted one to just show me how to do calculus, and this is the one. Thanks so much.


"Easy to read"
I got this book and went through it before taking the AP Calculus exam. Having all those solved examples to look at boosted my confidence and helped me know what I needed to know to solve problems on my own. I went into the exam knowing what I was doing, instead of being stressed out.

Anyway, just wanted to give you a big THANK YOU.

And here is what readers are saying about my other math and physics books:

"A nugget of gold"
The glutted market for books on quantum mechanics populates a phase space where quality, utility, clarity vary greatly along with scope and breadth. This little book surprised me when I saw it. I purchased it and immediately worked through it and I was impressed. This author seems to establish a whole new paradigm, one based upon practical pedagogy. Instead of trying to impress the reader by showing he can solve complicated problems, the author impresses the readers that they can solve the problems. There is a consistency and uniformity to the presentation. Central concepts are reinforced through repetition. How I wish I had this volume when I went back to graduate school. After you complete the volume, you find that you have a tight grasp on the basic concepts of quantum mechanics. The author has impressed with his ability to convey the rudiments so clearly. I have tried to put my finger on his specific innovations. One that springs to mind is his presentation of the Bessel functions which have been hashed and rehashed. Here the author separates the functions into odd and even parity states. So by nudging us to a different vantage point, we gain a fresh perspective. This book will not replace the venerable Schaum's outline as a collection of practise problems; instead it is a book that students can use to teach themselves. I recommend this book at any time: before a first quantum physics course, during the course, between undergraduate and graduate physics, and as a refresher. Quantum Mechanics Demystified is a nice teaching aid that builds confidence. I hope that the other will attempt to work his magic on a follow-up volume on advanced quantum theory and yet one more volume on quantum field theory.

"My Personal Promise to You-a 60-day, no hassle, 100% Money-Back Guarantee"

Try my system for 60 days. If you aren't completely satisfied, simply email me for a complete refund. It's that simple. Either it works for you or your money back. Try the Calculus without Limits e-Course for 60 days, and if you don't like it I'll give you a 100% refund. 

You have absolutely nothing to lose. You can keep on living the same old life, or start making changes today.To order now, click the button below:


Finally Understand Calculus

 It's So Quick And Easy To Get Started

   I've made getting started so easy and quick that any one can do it. All you need to do is click the blue order button below. You'll then be taken to the 100% safe and secure ClickBank


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