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Download our Special Download Edition (PDF) of the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) today!

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Download the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) Today!

After countless months of effort, [AllThingsHebrew.Com](./index.php) have now produced a high-quality, full-color Special Download Edition of the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh) in PDF format. We do not believe in Digital Rights Management, and therefore our PDF is unlocked (unsecured) and needs no password to open. You are therefore free to backup this PDF and use it on any device that can read PDF files - including laptops, desktops, netBooks, eBook Readers, Apple Macs, Linux, and anything else that supports the industry-standard PDF format. There are no passwords and no encryption. We protect your freedom.

As a limited promotion, we are offering this Special Download Edition of the Hebrew Bible at the temporary low cost of $7.50. This is an outrageously low introductory offer for our high-quality, 606-page PDF Hebrew Bible! This promotion will end soon, so make sure you download the Tanakh now!
[Download this Special Download Edition of the Hebrew Bible now](http://1.eight888.pay.clickbank.net/).

Here are the main features of this Special Download Edition of the Hebrew Bible:
Uses industry-standard PDF format, protecting your investment by making it free to backup. No passwords and no DRM are required to open it. No unlock fees or codes. High-quality PDF, designed specifically to be read on computer screens. It can be zoomed in and out instantly, making it suitable for reading on almost any size of screen. Use of color to make the Hebrew text easier to read and to highlight text features.

See below for sample pages showing you how elegant and beautiful this Special Download Edition of the Hebrew Bible is. Giving this away for $7.50 may seem crazy when many publishers charge five or ten times this much for a Hebrew Bible. You are right. It is crazy. That's why we won't hold this promotional price for long!

Here are our two introductory pages with information about this Special Download Edition of the Hebrew Bible in PDF format:

Here is the next sample page:

Here are sample pages showing the first page of the Torah (Law), Neviim (Prophets) and Ketuvim (Writings):




Yes, I want this! [Download the Hebrew Bible now!](http://1.eight888.pay.clickbank.net/)
The whole PDF eBook is 606 pages when downloaded. We are currently offering this Special Download Edition of the Hebrew Bible for the low promotional cost of $7.50. We will not hold the cost this low for much longer, so BUY NOW before the cost increases. Think how you will feel when you come back in a few weeks, only to find the price has doubled!

[Download the Hebrew Bible NOW!](http://1.eight888.pay.clickbank.net/)

Not convinced yet?! Well, what if we told you that you could download this Hebrew Bible today, and get your money back many times over by selling this Hebrew Bible yourself? Listen carefully! Our Special Download Edition of the Hebrew Bible contains details of how you can promote and sell this PDF eBook yourself, and get an incredible 75% commission on every copy you sell on your web site! To get your money back, you would only have to sell two copies! Find out more on our [ClickBank](./clickbank.php) page.
Don't wait until the price goes up...
[Download the Hebrew Bible now!](http://1.eight888.pay.clickbank.net/)

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Yes please! [Download the Hebrew Bible now!](http://1.eight888.pay.clickbank.net/)



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