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Dear Friend,


If you’ve made it here, you are probably feeling the overwhelming burdens of debt.  It feels like a weight around your ankle you just can’t seem to shake loose.  I know what it feels like because I’ve been there too.  You are probably asking yourself “am I ever going to be able get out of this debt hole I’ve fallen into?”  

The answer is YES, you CAN!


Ultimate Debt Relief Secrets is your answer to unlocking the mysteries of debt relief NOW.  No longer will you wonder how can I save more money, make more money, or plan my financial future.  There is hope for transforming your life today.  

Thank you so much for visiting UltimateDebtReliefSecrets.com.  I wish you all the best in your road to debt recovery.








Brian Ronquillo











My Story:


My name is Brian Ronquillo and like you, or probably more than you, I have been in very serious debt.  Yes, try six figures on for size.  After three and half years of graduate school earning both a masters in business and a law degree, I was buried in school loans and credit card debt.  


No problem, after I graduate I’ll make the big bucks, right?  That is what I thought.  I did land a great job in commercial real estate, but then you guessed it, the industry fell apart.  With no job and little prospects, I made the proactive decision that despite what the economy was like I was going to take control of my own financial destiny and put myself on the road to debt relief.  

Ultimate Debt Relief Secrets is all that I have learned in the process to debt recovery and now I am sharing it with you.  Coming from law school and have two parents as lawyers, I knew a thing or two about many of the topics in this book, but researched the answers to the questions I didn’t know.  My education is now your benefit.  Don’t reinvent the wheel because it is all right here.  All the research I did is summed up in one place and instantly downloadable just for you.  


You can learn from all the knowledge I acquired and your trip to debt recovery will be even faster than mine!  



The Book:

If debt is the disease, than education is the cure!  Ultimate Debt Relief Secrets is your education for all things on debt relief.  


There is a problem right now in our society.  Yes, the economy, but worse is that people are making a lot of money off of people’s debt.  So much so that the longer you stay in debt the more they make.  From credit cards to debt service providers to collection agencies, people are getting rich on you right now!


The secrets in this book are exactly what they don’t want you to know  This is the insider information on this industry.  You starve why they gorge and they don’t want the gravy train to stop.  Well, I say take command now and learn what you need to know to defend yourself.  



There are 15 Chapters, 53 pages, packed with information to help you learn what you need to know about debt and getting rid of it fast!  This isn’t some recycled information I picked up along the way.  This is original information I wrote out in common easy to understand information.  


Yeah, I’m a lawyer, but I’m not weighing this thing down with legalese.  I break down for you in simple chapter and verse.  I cover everything you could need too.  Not everyone owns their own home, but there is everything from loan modifications to private money loans.  I give you the general principles behind everything so you know what you are talking about then back it up with concrete easy to implement strategies.  



Ultimate Debt Relief Secrets includes a wealth of information on:

Understanding and Exploring your own DebtRefinancing your Mortgage and Other Home Loans (Including Home Equity and Private Money Loans)Loan ModificationAvoiding Foreclosure (Short Sales and Deeds in Lieu of Foreclosure)Credit CardsDebt Service Providers (Debt Counseling, Consolidation, and Settlement)Knowing your Rights with CreditorsHow to deal with CreditorsYour Credit ScoreBankruptcyBudgetingSaving and Making more Money

- Plus much more, especially increasing your motivation and creating a positive mental attitude towards debt relief.  


- It’s all here and can be downloaded instantly.  The ANSWERS you want are here!

The Testimonials:


Want to know what others just like you have thought about my book?  Take a look at what they have had to say:

Take CONTROL of your financial destiny and get out of debt TODAY!


I want you out of debt as quickly as possible.  I’m not here to make money as you sink further and further into debt.  I know the value of what is inside this book and know that it will save you thousands as well as relieve the strain and pressure of debt.  


Say you were out of debt two or even one year from now, would you be willing to pay $1 or even $2 dollars a month to make it happen?  I sure would have been!


That’s why I’ve priced this book the way I have, a reasonable price.  At just $24.95 your not going to break the bank and your investment will be repaid hundreds of times over.  


As my thanks to you for your commitment to live debt free and purchase Ultimate Debt Relief Secrets I want to give you 3 FREE gifts to further your journey to freedom.



Bonus #1 - 101 Money Saving Tips


Included with the purchase of Ultimate Debt Relief Secrets is my great list of extra money saving tips.  These are your cut and dry tips to save money everyday in every way.  This list alone is worth the purchase price many many times over.  You can’t find this information just anywhere as it includes many uncommon and unique ways for saving money.  I can all but guarantee you haven’t seen all these before!



Bonus #2 - 40 Earning Extra Money Tips


Any Internet search for making extra money will list off all the part time jobs you can get to help pay the bills.  That is what I found, 101 ways to make extra money and 1 through 100 were just different part time jobs.  Well, this list does have part time jobs, as number one on the list.  Past that, I have 39 other ways to make extra money and help you get out of debt quicker.  



Bonus #3 - Your own Financial Budget


I get into great detail in Ultimate Debt Relief Secrets about developing your own financial budget.  However, wouldn’t it be great if it was just done for you?  Well, now it is.  Included with your download of this book you’ll get a ready to go personal budget you can customize to your expenses in both interactive Excel and printable formats. Getting organized is now only a click away!

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   Get you own copy of Ultimate Debt Relief Secrets, plus:


     3 FREE Bonus Items, including


              - 101 Money Saving Tips

              - 40 Earning Extra Money Tips

              - Your Own Financial Budget


    All of this for only $24.95!




Details:  Your copy of Ultimate Debt Relief Secrets will be ready to download instantly after you payment is confirmed securely through ClickBank.  The book is available in PDF format and Bonus Item Number 3 will be available in Excel.  If you don’t have Excel, don’t worry as the Budget is also available in a non interactive printable version too. _________________________________________________________________________________________

Don’t waste another second waiting for things to change.  Take action and change your life right now!

Well, you’ve come to the right place because now the secrets that will set you free are only moments away!


Does it feel like no matter what you do you just can’t break from free from your debt?


Are the bills piling up beyond your control?


Do you feel overwhelmed, pressured, and may be even little scarred?


“I thought this book was great.  Thorough but it didn’t bore you with too much detail.  Just enough to inform you of the pertinent areas and point you in the right direction with encouragement and good ideas. It  didn’t make you feel like a loser for getting yourself into so much debt.  Tips for saving money and increasing income were helpful too.”


              - Anne, San Diego, CA


“Unfortunately, I bought my first home at the peak of the market.  Like so many others, I thought it would be a good investment, but after the value dropped over $100,000 in the first 12 months I was under water and drowning.  This book gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to face my creditors and change my situation.  Not only was I able to keep my house, but today I am proud to say that I am right-side-up on my home loan.  Many thanks to Brian for writing this book and for giving me the tools I needed to turn my life around.”


              - Ross, Carlsbad, CA


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