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..... Every Paintball Skills And Techniques You Ever Need To Win Any Paintball Game You Ever Want....

"Paintball  Blueprint This Extreme And Powerful Should Be Banned!"

( Now You Can Empower Yourself With Fast, Easy-To-Follow and Proven Paintball Method To Impress Every Paintballers In The Field, But Only If  You DARE... )

From: Darren C

Dear Frustrated Paintballer,

This letter is one you can choose to ignore.

Go ahead and press the "Exit" button.

Forget that you ever laid your eyes on this.

You will feel much better of yourself.

But if you did not, Then you will want to keep Both of  your eyes glued to this page.

Because this paintball secrets that you are about to discover, are not only proven  to work, but it will be the easiest paintball guide on earth to follow and let you get results instantly!

My name is D.C . You see, I am a person who likes to play paintball like you, and I am crazy about it!

I planned my paintball games with a bunch of friends and I played everyweek.

You know what?

Everytime before I go to the paintball field, I will get very excited. Do you feel the same thing here? Or am I just being weird by feeling excited when I played paintball - The thing I liked the most!

"The Confession Of A Noob......"

Ironically, I hated Paintball at the same time! - The love-hate Relationship :)

I really have got to confess it.


Because I SUCKED at paintball!

Everytime after my paintball game, my whole body will be covered with all sorts of paintball shells and "multi-ful" color of paint!

Each time when I tried to reach the nearest and the safest bunker... Guess what ?

The paint got me first!

The most insulting part is, everyone on the field will give me one kind of  look.

That LOOK- the look that tells you they are laughing at you and giving some mean critics inside of their heart....

That LOOK that asking me to just get out of the field because I don't deserved to be in there.

I said to myself..."What's wrong with me?!"

"Why in the world, that the paint like me so much?"

Well,  you know what ?

I am a NOOB..... and noob are always a "Paint Magnet"

"I Felt Like Shooting My Face And Bang My Head On A Tree...."

I have been playing paintball for many years.

To tell you the truth, I am not 100% satisfied with my game!

Looking at my fellow teammates enjoying and kicking butts in the field, I felt so handicapped .

Standing outside the field, feeling helpless, useless, disappointed, frustrated and insecure when I saw the enemy charging on my team mates, and I can't do anything about it!

Why?..... because I was eliminated.

There was one time when I was observing my team mate trying to look for the last opponent in the field and I know where he was.....

Bunker by bunker my team mate searched for him but in the end, the opponent bunkered him from the back .... I still can't do anything about it.

And why is that?

Because I was "welcome" out of the field AGAIN.

"YOU, A Paintball Noob?"

Yes, You.

FACT:  You tried to aim at your opponent and the paint just don't go with the direction you want.

You probably set your paintball gun correctly and set the correct chronograph, but...hmmmm... it didn't work the way it should be.

Think about it....

- You bought an expensive paintball gun trying to do some stunts on the field but that won't work.
- You did target practice but it didn't pay off.

What's the matter with you?

Well, to tell you the truth, no body wants or likes to admit that word "Newbie".

Honestly, it feels terrible admitting that.

The truth is I was once a Noob.

Everyone knows what will happen when you got splatter right?

I felt so honored when I got splatter!


It feels terrible.

Because I have to wait for the game to restart.

........ Sitting outside the field at the LOOSER section suck!

Have you ever heard your friends telling other people that you are useless on the field?

I got that a lot.

You know?  There was one time when I was hiding behind a bunker and everyone was like shooting at my bunker.

And at the same time, my friend was yelling for help from the other side...

I was afraid to break cover because I can't shoot accurately when I am running.

Imagine that you were in my shoes!.... don't give me the crap that I should do this... or that....

Hello, remember? I was a noob.

I am not like Mike Paxson or Nick Cuba.

I was so angry at myself... Have you ever been in this mess before?

"The Breakthrough And The Story Behind"

One fine weekend, feeling so bored,  I went down to one of my local paintball field alone.

I drove there without having any reasons at all. All I wanted to do is go there and check it out if any of my friends were there playing.

When I reached there, I didn't go out of the car, but instead I just drove slowly, closer to field to see whether who's playing.

I didn't see any of my friends playing, so I made a U- turn with my car, wanting to drive home.

Luckily, this thought just came by...."Why do you want to  waste your car fuel, do you think it's cheap? Since your here, why don't you just observe other players while they are playing"...

Guess what?..   I did.

Because I didn't bring any camera on that time, this picture is what  I took during one of  the weekdays when nobody is around.


Oh my gosh.... to my suprise, I've never seen any team played as good as this one before.

I said to myself  " This could be my free paintball lesson" :)

I ran back to my car, get a note-pad, starting to write my notes.

It' s not the end, this inspired me to go down to the field every weekend to watch and learn how good players play.

This is the exactly the same book that  I used to write down all the paintball techniques!



Now, I have learned some secrets and I am going to reveal it in this book.... I promise!

My friends' jaw dropped off when they saw me play paintball after I applied all this AMAZING methods.

" It's Pay Back Time" ...I laughed to myself:)

You know what?

My body reflex was much faster and I know what to do and when to apply it.

I am able to take charge of my paintball game and my friends started to salute my SUDDEN IMPROVEMENT.

"The Big Promise Of Paintball Freedom"

I will help you to

Learn the correct way to practice. Learn cool tactics and techniques. Find out strategies that will blow your mind. Tips on how your paintball marker can make you win your game. Discover the communication skills in paintball. Learn how to make your opponents feel that you are not a newbie and be unpredictable in your paintball game.

"You Know It All?"

Yup, I am sure you know all these.

But are you consistant?

A lot of people who likes soccer thinks that they know how to play soccer.

People like that love to kick the ball, pass to their friends or even make some  fancy + funny dribbling move that makes people laugh....

...May be they can score sometimes but....

They are not doing it correctly!

Are you playing paintball or.....

Do you want to be like Charlie Chaplin in the paintball field and make a funny show out of it?

"Well, I know, I know all the paintball tricks and strategies in the palm of my hand"

" I  can even play a good game in my dream!"

I know you were saying all these behind the computer screen, aren't you.

Honestly, are you using the correct techniques.... or you are just ASSUMING.

May be you played paintball every week with a bunch of friends and you bought the most expensive paintball marker from Planet Eclipse....

And in the field

You managed to eliminate your opponent.

You handle " The Break"  very well.


But ask yourself this... Are you consistant?

"Win Your Paintball Game!"


Staring back at you, is a very REAL oppotunity to take charge of your paintball game... enjoy a next level of paintball skills and techniques very few people get to have these days.

Imagine you were shown precisely how to own DOZENS of paintball secrects that has been used by all the Pro Players.

Then you will be able to

- Mark your opponents before he sees you.

- Apply the most effective offensive and defensive strategies.

- Snap shooting with accuracy.

- How to stay on the field even if you are out of paint.

- Make great escape when you are pinned down in your bunker.

"Be A Paintball Expert In No Time!"

I promise you that after reading this book you will never be the same again.

You will be able to move and shoot like a pro.

- you don't have to worry how people look at you on that paintball field anymore

- You can kiss the word " NOOB (NEWBIE) " GOOdbye for good!

- You will Impress your teammates with your sudden improvement

- Your team mates will be curious and ask you for some " paintball lessons"

- You will shock your opponents with what you have learned.

- You will experience what is means by WINNING.

- You will have the sense of achivements, pride and gain back your self-esteem.

- You will enjoy paintball like never before!

"Truths That Will Hurt Your Feelings"

Well, honestly speaking, truthful words are not beautiful and  there are some truths that you might want to know about paintball.

1) You and your team don't always get to win all the time. Your team might won but you might be the first few who was sent out of the field and you missed all the fun.

2) You tried so hard to aim and shoot but the paint just don't go with the direction you want.

3) You tried to hide, duck, run till your pants drop but your butt is still a paint magnet

4) You practiced so hard, but it did not pay off

5) At first you got so excited about the game and you wanted to impress someone, you need to prove to someone or yourself that you are good at it but luck just don't come your way.

6) You bought the most expensive marker, buy a whole bunch of books and you felt good about it until you got fed up and frustrated because things don't seem as easy as it sounds like.

7) The books you bought previously teaches you a lot(but too many) techniques and tips and you just don't know how and when to apply. You have got IO ( information overload):)
Is that familiar to you?

Buddy, I tell you the truth, you just can't play it like that all the time. There is no point having a super cool hobby-sport and you just do not know how to play it in the correct way.

Well all this is going to change.

I will tell you that your paintball game will never be the same again. When you walk to the field the next day, you will think like a CHAMP and you will act like a winner.

"Quite Frankly, If you Lay Your Hot little Hands On.."

... My paintball guide you will discover

1) What should you do after you are taking cover behind bunkers?
2) What strategies do professional teams used?
3) Techniques to use at "the break", "Mid-break"..etc?
4) What's the correct body posture to apply in different part of the game?
5) When to use hpa or co2?
6) How to command the paint to any direction you want?
7) Snap shooting tips ?
8) How to practice paintball besides praticing on the real paintball field?
9) more and more

"Take My Paintball Blueprint For A Full Spin"

I understand you might be slightly skeptical.... there is no crime in that... and you want to make sure that you are something sound out of your investment.

My purpose of this letter to you is that you may learn all my paintball experience  in order for you to be your BEST in your paintball game.

I have spend quite an amount of money in playing paintball but in the end I realised that only PRACTICING IN THE CORRECT WAY can bring you to the next level in yourself.

Why I am not giving this for free is because I want you to be serious in paintball if you are really a true fan of paintball.

I have seen a lot of people including myself, getting all the FREE tips about paintball but it doesn't show any improvement at all.
Do you know why ?

This is because they don't read it  because it is free.

What I am doing here is to give you a VALUE of EXCHANGE.

A value that is WORTH more than you are paying for and NOW it is only
 $39.00  $27.00

" Risk It On My Dime, Not Yours"

So here is the deal.

You can participate in my e-book, and you're not 100% satisfied with it, let me know before 60 days and I'll issue you an immediate, no hassle refund.

That's right, if within the 60 days and you're not completely happy with my e-book, then email me, you get ALL of your money back. That's a promise.

How's that for me absorbing all the risk?

Best of all: You get to learn all my paintball techniques and implement it within the 60 days, that's how confident I am that... once you get your hands on my e-book... you're not going to give up for anything.

I KNOW this stuff works. I've used it, I've seen pro-player used it, and kept it all for themselves, until now!

"Your Decision is Non-decision"

You see, I don't have to be doing this?

Your desicion to buy or not to buy does not affect me one bit.

However, your desicion to invest on this ebook right now could profoundly impact your paintball game in future.

Imagine this...

"......One sunny day, few of you guys (I mean you and your friends) planned for a game in your favourite paintball feild. You, especially, are so excited about it because you know that you are going to play well in the game.

When the ref starts the game, you just know what to do, how to move as if you were like a paintball pro players.

You take charge of the game when all of your teammates were panic. That moment, you just know that you became a leader (by reading my book).

You shoot so accurately as if like you are ordering the paint to go to any directions you want, you became flexible, you just know the game too well.

During the game you know how to aim, how to dominate your bunker, communicate well with your freinds and help them to excel and succeed in the game.

People will look up to you and they will ask you how come suddenly you know how to play so well, You feel good about the game and you feel good yourself....."

On that very day, you became a Paintball Celebrity.

Do you know there are three different types of people in the world?

The first one is those who make things happen

Second one is watch things happened and ...

Last one (this is the worst one), wonder what happened?

Now the decision is yours.

People can make the right decision at the right time.

I am sure you know better.

To your successful paintball game!

P.S. Bluntly, the world's greatest paintball players have already paved the way for your direct shortcut to success. You can use it to leapfrog over the mediocre paintball players and become a pro-player in your team in the process, or you can continue doing it the hard way.

P.P.S.  Well, you COULD go buy EVERY book ever published on paintball techniques and tips, get EVERY  set of DVDs on the subject, go through EVERY hard practices you've been doing all the while, easily spend over $ 1,000 and I GUARANTEE you won't even come close to learning what I can teach you in MY BOOK.

I have known a lot of paintball coach in my place and some charges more that HUNDREDSfor players to joined their coaching lesson.  NONE OF THEM PROVIDE THE COPIOUS, PRACTICAL , EASY-TO-FOLLOW, FASTEST WAYS AND SUPPORTING EXAMPLES THAT I'VE ESTABLISHED IN THIS EBOOK OF MINE.


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