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Forget The Confusion. Save Yourself The Effort. Avoid The Difficult Learning Process.

How Google Just Made Major Changes to Adwords
and Why You Need to Master these New Features!

Dear Website Owners and Internet Marketers,
Finally! Beginners And Experts Alike Can Master The Best Online Advertising Tool In Existence…
If you're ready to use the power of Google to flood your website with paying customers, then keep reading.

As you may know, when it comes to getting highly targeted traffic to your products or services, Google has an online advertising system called Adwords that stands above the rest. Most of the world turns to Google in order to find what they want, so if you have a product or service Google can direct those people to your website instantly.

YES! You Can Now Master
The New Google Adwords In Only 20 Days With An Easy Daily Course Via Email

The money you invest in an online advertising campaign at Google will have an immediate effect on your business! You’ll receive visitors within minutes to view your products and services while they are in the mood for buying.

Best of all: your online ads are only displayed to people seeking information related to your subject. So you never have to worry about wasting money by advertising to people that aren’t interested. Quite simply, if you sell laptops then your ads show up when people are searching for laptops. If you’re a business coach, then your ads show up when people search for business coaching!

So, instead of you constantly looking for more customers…
new sales and customers are sent to you at the point when they are ready to buy!

This is hugely powerful, as someone is far more likely to buy when they are actively looking for a product or service.

Can you think of a better way to drive eager to buy customers to your website, all day every day?

Did you know? There Is 1 Thing Between Your Website
and Thousands of Customers Wanting to Spend Money…

The only thing keeping you from attracting customers on the web is knowledge! Horror stories litter the internet about people struggling to get traffic to their website; they end up spending thousands of dollars on Adwords without making any money in return.

Worse yet, even experienced users are lost in the dark and pulling their hair out in frustration… with advertising campaigns that previously created profits are now losing money in large amounts!

So if Google Adwords Is So Great… Then Why Are So Many People Giving Up On Using It And Paying Professionals To Manage Their Pay-Per-Click Campaigns?

The answer to that is difficulty! Google Adwords was created to have powerful features, but not designed to be easy to learn or to use. Just a few weeks ago, Google launched a powerful new user interface, and with it several new features for advertisers to take advantage of. But that has made things even harder. Existing users have found it difficult to master these new features and new users have been faced with even more tricky features to learn.

The basic problem for you is that it could literally take you up to a year to master these powerful tools if you do it on your own by trial and error. Ask anyone with experience using Adwords and they will tell you that mistakes can be VERY costly. Simply by setting something incorrectly you could lose hundreds of dollars per day with nothing in return.

So if you’re not familiar with the settings within Google’s amazing advertising tool, then learning a second language would be easier! It has been described alike to sitting in the cockpit of a jet airplane, with so many different buttons and dials with countless possibilities. Now that Google has released the new Adwords interface, it actually has more bells and whistles than a NASA spaceship. Could you picture flying to the moon with no training and guessing how to fly the space shuttle?!!

But, it doesn’t have to be that way…

Listen to a few reasons from other people on why you need to use this course on Adwords:

The hardest thing about trying to learn Adwords is knowing where to start but this course shows you exactly what you need to know in order

If you don't understand CTR and conversion tools then you can waste all of your advertising budget. Learn the safe way to protect your money and make more!

Google has an official help page on Adwords, but they only cover some of the features and sometimes vaguely. This course will teach you EVERYTHING.

Many people fall into the same trap with bids. You can learn how to beat your competition while actually paying less per click. This is really valuable!

A huge percentage of Adwords campaigns have "keyword leaks" that just burn through budget money. By learning one magical tool you can stop this.

Staff working for Google have revealed that Adwords exploits a loophole that most people ignore. Knowing this trick you can HUGELY increase sales conversions.

Smart people that know the tools setup their ad campaigns the right way and never have to touch them again while they make thousands each day on autopilot.

Imagine that you had a checklist of steps that you could follow that ensured you would achieve your advertising goals? Well that is what I’m offering you today, a step by step process of learning the many features of Google Adwords so that you can gain customers and minimize advertising costs.

The New Adwords Interface System holds your hand and guides you step by step around the new interface in a crystal clear manner.

Stop Looking For Customers and Learn How to Have Google
Send Them to You Every Hour of the Day and Night!

No matter if you are a new user or expert, you will learn what it takes to dominate the new interface to maximize profits and bring a flood of customers to your website. You get one easy-to-digest mini course every day for 20 days, safely and securely delivered to your e-mail inbox.

Imagine the satisfaction of being able to pay less and get more from each keyword because you know how to get a great quality score, imagine the thrill of being able to walk in and start taking your competition's traffic and sales right out from under them!

Did you ever hear someone saying Google Adwords is a simple system? If you did, then I have to be honest with you, IT IS NOT THAT SIMPLE. The people who said it was simple, are not the ones who are successful with it! With a growing system like Google Adwords there is constant learning involved in order to keep up with the competition.

Let's face it, getting traffic is hard, you could write a load of articles, mess around with your site trying to optimize it for the search engines for a few months, or you could just plug yourself into the raging river of traffic flowing through Google every second and siphon it off for yourself!

I'm not saying it's easy, but it is a lot easier than all the amateurs out there make it out to be. They read a couple of posts in a forum, think they know it all and just come out all guns blazing bidding as high as possible and sitting back thinking they are king of the hill as they are in spot 1 and spending a small fortune to be there.

Meanwhile you can be the shark, the person who knows you don't want position 1 anyway (you do know that right?) who sits underneath collecting all the money the idiot at position one is missing. Of course he will be replaced by another person doing the same as soon as he loses all his (or her) money, but you'll be just sat there letting them do their thing, oblivious to the profits they could be making!

[No Obligation Try Before You Buy Offer! FREE 3 Day Mini Course](mini-course.htm)[ Also Available...](mini-course.htm)

Gain Satisfaction by Learning the Secrets of Adwords to Gain Massive Results

You're going to learn the secrets of the big dogs, how to test your adverts and landing pages so your profits will only increase over time as your advert and your landing page convert more and more people into customers for you while you sleep!

Don't believe me? How about this guarantee for your peace of mind and zero risk then...

Iron Clad 60 Day Guarantee

I know the power this course has to change your website traffic and increase your Google Adwords knowledge forever.

So the risk is totally on me, unless you are absolutely thrilled with the results of this course then at any time within 60 days of purchase just shoot me an email and I will refund every last cent to you - No questions asked!



Now here is just a small sample of what you’re about to learn:
The simple way to setup an advertising campaign with
Google Adwords in just a few minutes How to fine tune existing campaigns for more traffic,
higher CTR, and higher conversion rate Ways to suck visitors from other peoples websites to yours,
while blocking out sites that are a waste of your money How to take advantage of new keywords  that will skyrocket
your website traffic and earnings Methods for reducing your price per click while increasing the
amount of targeted visitors and overall return on investment Simple techniques that will save you hours or time on
managing your Adwords campaigns
And, while your competition is losing money and struggling to make sense of the new Google Adwords features, you’ll be a master in only 20 days…raking in cash while you sleep and online customers flood your website with orders.

Best of all, The New Adwords Interface System E-Course is only $19.00… less than one dollar a day for the whole 20 day course. At that price, it could pay for itself on the first day and might even save you thousands of dollars down the track in costly mistakes.

Special Introduction Offer Price of $39
Now Only $19 (Available for today)

"Sure I'm happy to write you a testimonial after completing your course on Google Adwords. This was my first attempt at online advertising and already I'm bringing new sales to my web store"

Joanne Petros.
Internet Fashion Retailer

"If you are thinking about using Google Adwords to drive traffic to your website, you need to learn all of the functions first and this 20 day course will explain each of them along with helpful examples."

T. Scott
Website Administrator

"I'm addicted to Internet Marketing, but I read so much material that I get overload quite often. I like the idea of a course that has daily lessons, so I signed up and enjoyed all of it. The training has given me confidence to run my campaigns now."

Pete "jetman" Dyson.
Digital Entrepreneur

"I dont really want to be featured but your course helped my in a big way so I guess I should return the favor. For anyone wanting to learn about the recent updates to Google Adwords then this is for you, I think the bonuses alone are worth over $100 "

Pia Orman

But wait, before you sign up just listen to a few things I’m also going to throw in if you join today...

Google Adwords Exposed! eBook + Audio
In-depth interview with a top selling 'Google Advertising' author

Turbo Boost Web Traffic! eBook
40 proven methods of pumping massive traffic to your website

Mastering the Adwords CASH MOUNTAIN! eBook
40 proven methods of pumping massive traffic to your website

What I’m saying is this: quit wasting time trying to decide if this course is for you. Try it out with no risk!

The longer you hold off, the more money you’re losing as customers click over to your competitors.

And, just in case you’re still not convinced I'm going to include some amazing bonus material:

What An Offer! You Get The 20 Day
Adwords Course for $39 half price at $19
Plus 3 BONUS eBooks (worth over $100)

Just get The New Adwords Interface e-course and try it out for yourself. If it doesn’t help you master the new Google Adwords interface as promised, you have 60 days to get a 100% money back refund.

That’s fair enough, isn’t it? Aren’t you ready to quit wasting time and money trying to learn it on your own?


Be Quick and Order Your New Google Adwords 20 Day E-Course… Safe And Secure…

For Only $19

Yes! You receive almost $150 worth
of quality training for under $20

Act Now With This Special Price
Plus My 60 Day Complete Guarantee

[BUY NOW $19](http://1.enicholas.pay.clickbank.net/)

Seriously, you simply can’t lose! Your small $19 investment pays for itself a hundred times over in just days, and don’t forget that I’m also throwing in the bonus material of a special Adwords report with audio interview plus the Turbo Boost Web Traffic eBook to pump massive amounts of customers to your website and the special report on Mastering the Adwords CASH MOUNTAIN...

I hope that everything I've explained has helped you in making a clear, informed decision. If you still can't make up your mind then there is a good chance that you're not interested in using Adwords to make money or you've used it already and are happy getting by with what you already know. I wish I could tell you how much money you're actually missing out on by passing on this offer but you will probably realise that if you leave without signing up. Why do that to yourself? Make the right decision now and you will never look back. I GUARANTEE IT!

To Your Success,

PS: I honestly think you'll be glad after investing just $19 for all of this valuable training. The course is fast and easy to learn so you can get started straight away with your advertising campaigns...plus remember that the 60 day money-back guarantee takes away any risk.

PPS: If you require assistance with your training course or have questions on Google Adwords please contact me any day of the week and I will get back to you straight away. Just send an email to [](mailto:adwords.course@enicholas.com?subject=New Adwords Interface Course)[](mailto:coaching@newadwordsinterface.com)

This is a professionaly produced online learning course that has been researched and prepared by Qualified Google Adwords Professionals.
The course comes with an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee. Google and AdWords are trademarks of Google Technology Inc.
This site and the products and services offered on this site are not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Google, nor have they been reviewed tested or certified by Google.


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