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Baby Gender Selector

How You Can Conceive the Baby Gender of Your Choice...

Using a Safe, Easy to Follow, Natural Method

Dear Reader...


My name's Vince - around 2 years ago my wife and I decided to try
for a baby. I came from a family of all boys, and my brothers had boy
babies...I guess that having boys was something that just 'ran in the
family'. Although I didn't mind whatever we had, my wife really,
really, wanted a baby girl..and I knew my mum would be delighted to
have her first granddaughter.

At this point I'd never even heard of gender selection, and I
assumed that it was a 50/50 chance either way whether you had a boy or
girl. One of my wife's friends mentioned that she'd read somewhere
that it was possible to influence the sex of your baby by following
certain methods. The trouble was, she couldn't remember where she'd
read it. But this spurred us on - and so we started doing our own
research into baby gender selection.

What we found was astounding.

We found lots of information on baby gender selection... I mean
literally so much stuff that you could write a volume of encyclopedias
on it. We even found that gender selection had been studied and
written about by a number of eminent doctors, who'd developed their
own methods of gender selection. We bought every book we could find,
downloaded every bit of information we could on the subject, and
joined every internet forum we could find. We spent a lot of money
buying up every piece of information we could find on the subject.
Some of it was awful, but some of it was very, very good.

We spent the next few months trawling through all this research,
hoping to find some magical piece of information that would help us to
conceive a girl. What we actually discovered were 4 pieces of
information that were the key to gender selection.

We found that, when these 4 key pieces of information were combined
together and applied correctly, they massively increased your chances
of conceiving the baby gender of your choice. In fact the success
rates were over 90%. The 4 key pieces of information were:

1. Timing intercourse correctly The time of the month you have
sexual intercourse has a huge influence on whether you conceive a girl
or boy.

2. Choosing certain sexual positions

Some sexual positions will mean you're more likely to conceive a boy
- others mean you're more likely to conceive a girl.

3. Diet

Including certain foods in your diet can help you conceive a baby
boy, others a baby girl.

4. The Female Orgasm

Whether or not a woman orgasms during sex can influence whether she
conceives a baby boy or girl.

We developed these key pieces of information into a baby gender
selection method. Once we'd fine-tuned the method, we set about
applying it in earnest. 12 months later the result was a beautiful,
healthy, baby girl - as I write this she's just turned 8 months old!
Of course we would have been absolutely delighted whatever we'd had,
but the fact that we'd had a baby girl made it an even more special
experience for my wife - and of course my mum was (and still is)
delighted to have her first granddaughter.

For a long time we forgot about all the research and hard work we'd
done. Then one day my wife got chatting to a lady in the nursery group
who was planning her third pregnancy... she already had 2 girls and
desperately wanted a boy. We suddenly realised that we had information
that would be very, very useful to people who were in our exact
position 2 years ago - looking to conceive either a boy or a girl.
This spurred us on to start a couple of 'how to conceive a boy / girl'
tips websites earlier this year.

Since we started those websites, we've had to pay out on costs for
hosting, time spend building the sites, costs of sending out the tips,
etc. During that time we've had umpteen emails from people asking if
we had all of our tips in one place - a book or e-book. So it suddenly
occured to us - why not create an e-book, put all of our gender
selection research and hard work in one place, charge a modest fee
which people would be happy to pay for such useful information, and
recoup some of our time and costs?

Well - that's exactly what we've done - and we're proud to present
our guide to gender selection, "Baby Gender Selector".

It's taken us over 6 months to put together - and we're proud of the
result. Baby Gender Selector contains the exact method we developed
and fine tuned to choose the baby gender of your choice. Below is some
of the information you'll find in Baby Gender Selector:

- The 4 key pieces of information which will massively increase your
chances of conceiving a boy or a girl, explained in fine detail

- Why having intercourse at the right time is crucial to choosing
your baby's gender

- How choosing the right sexual position will increase your chances
of conceiving the baby gender of your choice

- The affect of acidity on sperm and how you can control your
acidity levels to conceive the gender of your choice

- Why whether you orgasm during sex will affect the sex of your baby

- The differences between male and female of sperm and how to ensure
the right one gets to the egg first

- The different ways to predict ovulation and which is the best.
Following these methods will give you the best chance of conceiving
the baby gender of your choice

So what are we charging for Baby Gender Selector? Well, having
purchased many of these products ourselves, we found that the cost
could be anywhere from around $50 for a basic e-book to $500 for a
gender selection seminar. We wanted to go for a price that will cover
the cost of running our websites but also not so high too discourage
the people that need this information the most. So the figure we
consider fair is $27.

We think that's a pretty good deal. But to put your mind totally at
rest, we want to give you the chance to review Baby Gender Selector
yourself, at no risk to you.

100% No Risk, Satisfaction Guarantee

We're offering a no-risk, money back guarantee. Try Baby Gender
Selector for yourself, and if you're not happy with it for any reason,
we'll refund every single penny of your money - no questions asked. We
offer a full money back guarantee which is valid for 60 DAYS FROM THE
DATE OF YOUR PURCHASE. This will give you more than enough time to try
out Baby Gender Selector and see if it's for you.

So, with a full money back guarantee, what are you waiting for? You
can order Baby Gender Selector by clicking on the download link below.
Baby Gender Selector is sold through ClickBank - a trusted online
retailer specializing in digitally delivered products.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We genuinely hope you
decide to take a look at Baby Gender Selector, simply because we know
what it can do for you.

Good luck with your conception plans.


NOTE: Baby Gender Selector is a downloadable e-book. You will not
receive a physical product. When you order Baby Gender Selector, you
will immediately receive a link to download the e-book. The e-book is
in PDF format, which can be viewed and printed on a PC or Mac. You
will need to download the free Abode Acrobat reader if you don't
already have it installed (the vast majority of computers will already
have this). You can email us with any further questions by clicking


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