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Rich Alchemist Course - Private Access Only

WARNING: Over 17,034 Business Owners Are Being Directed To This Site
Right Now. There’s Simply Not Enough Time To Try To Convince You of
Anything. You Either Want This or You Don’t ...And Only YOU Can
Decide If This Is For You.

With That In Mind, Consider This...


FROM: Markus Skupeika

Dear Friend,


t’s true Rich Alchemist members make money. THEY MAKE A BUNCH OF
MONEY! That’s why we’ve never had to “sell” a single
membership since our launch over 8 months ago.

By the way ...Rich Alchemist was the only launch that has been
tested in non-making money industries and proven to work after
implementing it on so called “old fashion, non glamorous”
businesses to bring in over a million in sales within 12 months....
Not once... but in all my 3 major businesses. And the reason your
fellow online business entrepreneurs raced to join ...quite simply,
our stuff works, it works for our members (that’s why they stay)
...and it’ll work for you.


First of all, you’re like us. And we’re like you. It’s not
like some “Guru” thing where you’re stuck hoping someone will
help you out, you can even pick up the phone and call us when need
something. (Seriously!)

More on this in a minute... The point I’m trying to make is our
stuff works because we know where you’re coming from. We’re just
like you. And us Alchemist’s look out for our own.

And that’s why Rich Alchemist members make money...

Take my first business I purchased after doing this Rich Alchemist
stuff... it was a manufacturing business, only to find out it was
losing $20,000 a month. This means... I had to start from scratch!
Ground zero! (This is not the first time... I had to start from $0 to
1 Million in 12 Months... as you will see)

After buying this manufacturing company, I had to build this old
fashion NON-TECHY, NON-GLAMOUROUS cleaning products businesses from
(NEGATIVE $20,000) a month to over $100,000 a month in 12 months. All
while using only FREE TRAFFIC that makes MONEY!

Yes, cleaning products, probably some of the most non-exciting
products in the world and so called “hard to sell” products... But
I did it... and did it to 3 more businesses as well in 3 year period
of time ...And you will do it to your business and make some serious
cash in the process.

Don’t believe me, you can check it out for yourself.

Here is a video of one of my business website and the facility I



Funny Thing... It Only Took 12 Months To Do! (If you are having
trouble playing this video,
you may need to .)

As You Can See I am Not Some Guy Pitching
You Some Shiny Objects From My Basement..
I Build REAL Businesses Online


Turned Down $7 Million Offer Because
My Online Businesses Are Already On Auto Pilot

Here is a screen shot of an offer contract to buy a group of
businesses I put together... which took me only 12 months to bring in
over $1,000,000.00 in sales... ALL FROM ONLINE!

I decided not to take the offer because the business would bring in
even more... year after year. Also, they were willing to PAY ME to
consult with them for a full year in this package for an HUGE AMOUNT

Do you see the power of this stuff?

I DIDN'T SELL IT... because the business is on autopilot because I
systemized it.... and that is what you are going to do to your
business as well!


We Don't Accept New Clients... We Got Plenty

Seriously.... I can't accept new clients and I tell them right when
they come to DWEnterprise.com home page. We get tons of future
customers we turn away. This business has been thriving by just doing
the strategies from Rich Alchemist.


Watch How We Create Monopolies Online

Keep in mind all this stuff I teach is completely white-hat SEO and
real innovative business building. You will learn how to build
companies from $0 to $1,000,000.00 just using the internet. And
yes.... it is possible in any industry as long as your product or
service has a need, I can show you how to make money from it! Watch
the video below:


Another Rich Alchemist Blows Away The Mold Industry

Dennis joined as a member of Rich Alchemist and now has built his
mold business directly from online. He had never thought to use Google
and other search engines to bring $1,000.00's a day and tons of
customers to expand his business.


Markus: I want to take this opportunity to express to you our
sincere thanks for introducing us the world wide web and the benefits
of marketing our little company utilizing the internet.

You put us on the map in our targeted area, and even expanded what
thought our area would be, by helping us without website and then
positioning on various search engines so our services could be found
easily by our potential customers. We were just starting our company
four years ago and all this search engine optimization stuff was
literally a foreign language to me. Your training was easy to learn
and very informative. During the past four years we received countless
leads from our website thanks to your training course.

Please do not hesitate to use Best Restorations as one of your
success stories when you are introducing Rich Alchemist anywhere in
the country. You and your Rich Alchemist are a valuable resource and
if anybody needs a nudge of convincing just have them call me.
Continued success in all your endeavors...


Another Rich Alchemist Blows Away The Lawyer Industry

Michael Davis and Jason Deitch were looking to grow there law
business. Quickly out of the gates they learned the strategies of the
Rich Alchemist. Below is just one of their major search terms they are
using to brings in loads of traffic and new cases to there firm.


The first couple of months we were better than our last SEO
companies entire year campaign.

MICHAEL DAVIS & JASON DEITCH, Boone & Davis Attorneys At Law

Another Rich Alchemist In The Diamond Blade Industry

Dennis joined as a member of Rich Alchemist and now has built his
mold business directly from online. He had never thought to use Google
and other search engines to bring $1,000.00's a day and tons of
customers to expand his business.


"You guys know what you are doing!" Markus this stuff is working
great. I knew a little about the internet, but this brings my business
to a whole new level. Good stuff!

RICHARD RICE, CEO Patriot Diamond

Listen, I’ve got about 274 more case studies just like these. But
the fact is, while you’re reading this - other entrepreneurs are
joining right now. They are taking slots that could be (and should be
yours). So I’ll keep it brief.

And if that’s not convincing enough that this stuff works, take
step back and one deep breath.

...Think about this:

If you were part of my list, I revealed my websites and showed you
HOW they worked and WHY they are successful. Plus, I showed you some
of our Rich Alchemist tricks that maximized traffic, increased
conversion, systemized your business and of course.... made our site

Now, you know as well as I do how most “gurus” never reveal
their insider trade secrets they do on their own sites because they
say they’re afraid of being ripped off and/or copied... etc.

Not me.

I am wasn’t worried in the least. What would the harm in letting a
few people in on the Rich Alchemist strategies?

Well... it turned out to be quite a bit more than a few people.

In fact, during this launch, a cult of motivated business owners...
210,230 people watched those videos and grabbed the behind the scenes
look at how Rich Alchemist businesses run.

At the time, our friends and partners wondered... Are You Scared
That Someone Will Swipe Your Ideas And Copy Your Business?
You Must Be CRAZY!

...And the answer was (and still is), NO.

The reason is simple:

When I came to learn about building online businesses, suddenly I
had people trying to setup meetings to purchase these businesses, some
went well... and some wanted to get a look at the inner workings,
these guys didn’t have any interest in buying the businesses at all.
They just wanted to know how the heck I was building these companies
and would do anything to copy it... or even slow me down

-And I do mean anything!

So after all the drama and “street copies” of my businesses... I
still come out ahead.

How..? Simple.

Because.... I’m in Rich Alchemist.

And Rich Alchemist's Have An

Let me sum it up in one, simple sentence. Are you ready?

“No one can compete with an Automated Rich Alchemist Business

That simple fact is... that Automated Rich Alchemist Business
Training has vaulted our members to the forefront of successful online

I was very successful in building my own online businesses, long
before I met some of our long-time members. And these Rich Alchemist
members had achieved a good deal of success on their own, too. But
what made my business and our members business grow even faster was
using systems and technology.

When learned and put in place...it was like electricity. All the
members learned the art of systemization and how to leverage
technology, and our effectiveness exploded – in a profoundly good

And I discovered something incredible during this exchange. Not only
did I learn and collaborate NEW things from each and everyone, but by
TEACHING, I got BETTER at what I already knew.

When you talk about what you know and explain it, that knowledge
becomes more developed and more refined. It changes from something you
KNOW and becomes part of the way you THINK from that point on.

If combining automation and technology could do that for me and our
members, how much bigger could we make it?

If you look at Rich Alchemist today, the answer is clear. It gets
bigger and bigger and better and better. The sky's the limit.

We're going.

Are you coming along?

You Don’t Learn Cumbersome Strategies
I Tell You Exactly How To Make Money

Look, Rich Alchemist is a no B.S. underground group. Yeah, I can go
on about the 100’s video training modules I have in the lab to share
with you. But I won’t because I cut and streamline all of them to
help you quickly make money online and building a successful business
that you can walk away from and/or sell!

Remember, I AUTOMATE AND SYSTEMIZE.... I am an Alchemist. And that
is what you will be learning. I could NOT train my team and Rich
Alchemist members with tons of lame boring strategies on video.

In this course: You will get step 1, step 2, step 3, then step take
action, then step MAKE MONEY!

-As you can tell... I don’t do the “WIND BLOWING THING... I hate
wind blowers... ! You know the guru’s that talk, talk and they run a
little affiliate business out of their basement, they just blow wind
out of their mouths.”

Welcome to the BIG LEAUGUES my friend!

Look at the image below... the videos are neatly organized into
sections. Each video is developed for each facet of building your
business, let’s call it an “ISOLATE”.

And they are in specific order from top to bottom. This means... you
just follow each video and take action and you are on your way to
being a Master Alchemist with a business that RELEASE YOU FROM the


So you remember how I told you about each video strategically
organized as a “ISOLATE” of the Rich Alchemist business strategy.
Well check this out....

Until the 1950’s people thought skiing was mostly a matter of
natural talent. I know skiing?

-Hear me out, because it is totally about your business.

You see just like in business, people thought in order to be good at
skiing... “a natural” if you may, you needed to be born with it.

Ugh... well something happened that completely changed this way of
thinking. An alchemist came along!

As professor Edward T. Hall, author of “The Silent Language”,
took old 8mm black-and-white films which were comprised of several
very skilled skiers in he Alps.

Researchers studies the films frame by frame and divided the smooth
motion of skiing what they called “isolates” or the smallest units
of behavior. By looking at skiing that way, even the skiers that had
different styles... they had all used the same isolates.

When these “isolates” were taught to average, beginning skiers,
or even advanced skiers they immediately improved. And what was

Everyone can improve by doing what excellent skiers did.

Remember Those “Isolates”? ...These Are Keys
That Will Infuse Your Life With Wealth

You see, this science is called “modeling” and I can only
guarantee your success by understanding this science and doing it
myself. When you will join this course and study each “isolate” of
my business, you have placed yourself 94% more likely to succeed.

This is why the Rich Alchemist system and videos are condensed and
strategically organized to not overwhelm, but dramatically have you
“model” my fast-start business model.

Trust me... I know what I am doing. And... as an alchemist, we
always systemize -Even our success and our members success. It is only
a matter of time before it happens.

But Wait....
Before Every Alchemist Joins...
They Need To See What Else Is Out There

Look, I am not going to tell you what you will need to do. You
already know 1,000’s more business owners are trying to pack into
the Rich Alchemist as you read this.

So what I would like to do... is wish to share with you, your
options. And why some think I am crazy for telling you about other
options, I love doing this because I still cannot find one reason a
Rich Alchemist member would ever NOT want to join our entrepreneurs
underground club.

Who Do You Think
Becomes Wealthy?

Give Someone A Fish Or Teach
An Alchemist To Fish...

Hiring A SEO Company / Marketing Company Vs. Rich Alchemist:

Now, some of my peers hate when I do this one, because I own an SEO
company. And in fact, the techniques I teach you is why I CAN’T

-Seriously, the doors are closed over there at DWEnterprise.com
-We don’t take new clients. _(We don’t want to... we have

But let’s look at hiring an SEO company for a moment:

* SPEND A FEW $1,000 A MONTH AND HOPE you get the right company who
really is invested in your business success.

marketing and misinterpretation from your customers. This has always
lead to the wrong group of customers... which leaves you wondering why
you can’t close the sale. It’s not you... it’s the
representation of your business, this needs to be understood by you
and your marketing company.

This happens a lot when you seem not to get the results you want. You
are left managing the company rather than building your business. A
downward spiral of long hours and no results to show!

But let’s say you did choose to hire a SEO company...

Let’s break it down:

SEO / Marketing Company Quote:

Having a SEO company work with your company... and offer a quote for
the average business website:

Give Away $3,000 to $15,000 startup fee just to test the company

Pay on average $2,000 a month for “so called expert services”

Wait 6 to 12 months before seeing results (That’s a $12,000 for
first 6 months)

Pestering with Unqualified SEO Companies... when all you need is to
make money now!

Estimated Cost To You: $3,000.00
Estimated Time Till You Make Money: 6 to 12 Months

RESULT: Out 6 Months And $12,000 Hoping To See Your Business Take

beef with the ones that don’t know what they are doing and charging
someone to train themselves on other people’s expense.

In fact we have Rich Alchemist members that own SEO companies and do
extremely well.

Why..? Because they know how to systemize there business and learn
the strategies of building their business online.

These members in Rich Alchemist are capable of building an SEO
Company that can produce results for NOT ONLY THEIR BUSINESS.... BUT

Which brings up....

When You Sign Up With Rich Alchemist:

Take the Rich Alchemist underground training for a spin and use it
in your own business:

Invest in Yourself and compound your wealth

APPLY RICH ALCHEMIST METHODS to multiple websites (at no
additional cost) with income that compounds month after month

Collaborate with other members... increase net worth by doing
joint ventures with other entrepreneurs in the Rich Alchemist

Infuse Your Life with Freedom learning to systemize

Be Recognized In Your Industry as a leader

Heck... build your own SEO company and close the doors like I did
because we have to many customers!

Estimated Cost To You: Free To Try
Estimated Time Till You Make Money: Works Within First Weeks


Do You Know Gurus That Teach How To Sell Shiny Objects.... And
It’s Their Only Source Of Income...

Selling You... How To Sell Shiny Objects! -YIKES!!!

DANGER.... Will Robinson! DANGER....

My Point Is It's Tacky And Annoying!

It's Like Giving Your Money To Someone To Invest It
Who's Net worth Is In The Negatives...

You know what I am talking about...
The Ol’... 1 Single method that will change your life!

Some Shiny Object From A Wannabe “Guru” That Lives In His
Basement Vs. Joining An Underground Club Decisively Created By A
Master Alchemist Who Uses The Internet To Build Multi-Million Dollar

But let’s look at purchasing another so called SHINY OBJECT
from a so called “Guru”:

Spend A Few $1,000 and hope this 1 simple _“silver bullet”_
will do the trick!

Get Pitched On The Next Step... which was not included in the
Shiny Object Package!

Get Battered And Lose Hope because this promised you the world...

Close your mind to new opportunities because you got burnt on some
“guru’s” shiny object ...preventing your true path to financial

Estimated Cost To You: $1,000.00
Estimated Time To Make Money: Maybe Never... They pitch you on the
next step!

Important Question To Ask Yourself

Do You Now See The Importance Of MODELING SUCCESS and

Hey, I got caught on those shiny objects too.... we all do!
But let’s NOT make it happen ever again.... join the elite!

When You Sign Up With Rich Alchemist:

Take the Rich Alchemist underground training for a spin and use it
in your own business:

Multiple Strategies that compounds your success
(I don’t do silver bullet.. I got a machine gun with a sh*t load
of them!! You get them all!)

COACHING AND SUPPORT to make sure you are consistent and NEVER

Continuous New Training to keep your business running

Advance Strategies only taught by Master Alchemists who lived the

Underground Club that only takes motivated future entrepreneurs..
this keeps everyone motivated to be more successful!

We don’t make “So Called Guru’s... Rich Alchemist manufactures
Industry Known Millionaires and Multi Millionaires, we call the Master
Alchemists” -But they become so well in their craft, they choose to
be very seductive with their business, to mildly grow more and more
wealth under their competitors noses!”

Estimated Cost To You: Free To Try
Estimated Time To Make Money: Works Within The First Weeks!


After spending millions on marketing and building online businesses,
I finally am going to be releasing it to you.

This stuff is proven to work and worked on many NON-GLAMOUROUS

Been Marketing And Spending Millions of Dollars To Find What Works

Purchased Dry and Stale Businesses To Make Sure This Stuff Worked

Over 100’s of Systemized Videos For You To BREEZE Through

My underground business building style of NON-FLASHY just make
money has made our members extremely wealthy (Adopt this science...
and open the doors)

Takes the “silver bullets” and “shiny objects” and throws
them out... we focus on compounding actions the build into a mammoth
of a snowball of success and wealth.

Guarantee’s Your Success with email and phone support

Listens To Members To Develop New Training Materials To Address
Any New Challenges

Rich Alchemist strategically “isolates” each building block of
success and places the strategically for you to watch... and then do
on your own business. (Modeling at it’s purest form -which leads to
your financial freedom)

An Array of Training which we constantly update and add!

The same strategies... built multiple multi-million dollar
companies -Even made a failing manufacturing business over 1 million
in sales in a short period of 12 months (Oh yeah... I wasn’t selling
diet product, info, make money stuff, etc.. it was boring ol cleaning
products -Yep!)

Rich Alchemist CHANGED people’s LIVES.

You Get To Try It After Re-Opening The Doors

Here is what’s going to happen when you register for membership
with Rich Alchemist.

You’re going to get the most intensive, comprehensive, exhaustive,
and innovative internet marketing and online business building
education available anywhere (and we will show you how to use it)! Let
me tell you how.

Here’s what you’re going to get access to today while it’s
still open:

Rich Alchemist Underground Lab

You may have noticed the “Member Login” button on our home page.
On the surface, the Rich Alchemist underground lab is a members-only
website where you can share and learn the strategies that 1000’s of
other Rich Alchemists’ have implemented into there business to bring
more time with their families and money for there eccentric vacations.
(You need to hear... some of these are the funniest stories I’ve
ever heard!)

But since, many entrepreneurs are dashing towards the signup page
right now, I will briefly go over the video modules you will be

The Internet Is Constantly Changing, And You Deserve To Be Ahead Of
The Game
In Every Way

Let's be honest, there's no way you could stay on top of everything
you need to know to keep your edge and keep your profits on the rise.
The Rich Alchemist members have a hard time doing it. They're too busy
running businesses and learning everything there is to know RIGHT NOW.

How do we keep track of the newest information and strategies? Who
is making sure that Rich Alchemist members don't fall behind when some
new tactic comes to light, or some new marketing opportunity presents

Honestly? You don't need to worry about it.

My team and I, will keep pouring in new strategies and we will
release them to the members, after being tested of course!

Which brings me to the latest SEO Dynamics course just developed and

SEO Dynamics Course

Jump start your business by looking over my shoulder. And yes... I


Speed up your success overnight by modeling other successful
competitors and blow then out of the water by implementing your Rich
Alchemist strategies. We will show you how to expose what your
competitors are doing -then simply do the same, but we will help you
automate it ‘-)

So you really blow them out of the competition!

We'll go through every fine detail of the set up with nothing
left out... including discovering exactly what the websites making
$money$ in your industry are doing... then teach you how to DISSECT IT

We'll show you precisely how to ANALYZE ANY BUSINESS IN 3 MINUTES
FLAT and how to use some simple but highly effective research secrets
that'll allow you to generate thousands of dollars of the market

You'll be exposed to an AMAZING PUSH BUTTON TOOLS which will show
you how much time and effort will be needed until you will rank on the
first page of Google.

We will expose tools that will show you how to spy on your
competition so you will know what you will be up against and see where
they are where they are marketing from and how they are getting links.
This will cut out hours or even days of work which in turn will allow

End result? You'll be able to model the already successful sites


This section helps you discover keywords you will use to earn your
business $1,000’s upon $1,000’s every single day. Not only that…
we will explain in depth the use of Latent Semantic Indexing (strategy
comprised directly from Google’s patent)

-But of course… we will show you how to systemize this to compound
your results.

How To Find Keywords That Will Make You Money

Precisely use our key word system to DISCOVER KEYWORDS THAT GOOGLE
simple but highly effective research secrets that'll have your site
ranking in a matter of 30 to 60 days.

STRATEGY which will show you keywords that Google requires in your
site to get authority.

We will expose Google's published patents and help you understand

End result? You'll be able to clearly follow Google's published
material and model your website so Google turns your site into an
authority thus, increasing your rankings and online sales.


In this section… you will understand the needed components to rank
a web page. We go from the top (head section) to the bottom (footer)
and everything in between. You will be amazed adding a few key head
components will do to ranking your webpage… you will not even need
links once you go through this section. You also will be able to do
this to every single web page you have to increase your web page
rankings all over the internet!

Dynamic training to structure and optimize a web page, blog, and
more from the top header to the bottom footer that gives you the
fortune of grabbing the #1 spot in Google using these techniques.

Exact code and content needed in a head section you simply will
copy and paste too increase rankings. 80% of web site owners do not
have this and this technique will give you the edge to rank above

You'll be exposed to the LINK LESS RANKING SECRET which will help
your web site rank just by internal links and onsite structure alone.

You will soon realize how to systemize this strategy and
incorporate it to every web page you would like to make money from
online sales.

End result? You'll be able to rank your website almost within the
first 30 days using your own website and web pages as leverage thus,
increasing your rankings and online sales.


The ever famous _“SEO FUNNEL”_. I think this single video series
has brought more success to all of our members. I will go in depth on
structuring your web site -so this means… you get to choose what
pages will rank for what keywords. AND… I will give you a flow chart
and blue print to strategically structure on each and every page on
your site -This Stuff Is Powerful!

Powerful training series on the SEO Funnel to structure your web
pages so you choose which one's you want to rank... this brought over
$1,000 in additional sales to one member just by ranking his most
highly popular product page.

Exact process on how to virtually guarantee your rankings by
leveraging Google's page rank in your own website..

Breeze Through the SEO Funnel videos and immediately put it work
for you. Follow the system... and you'll have each web page you do
this on racing up the search engine result pages compounding sales
from multiple pages and keywords.

Learn to systemize this strategy to set it and forget! -Pumping
rankings and sales into your business.

In short... No matter how much experience you have doing this Rich
Alchemist trade secret you'll be very satisfied how fast your business
grows in the past 3 to 6 months.


Video series to help your website get more pages index, thus giving
you more opportunity to rank for more keywords…. which of course
brings in more sales. And a few more surprise modules that come
directly from my desk to our development and testing teams.

A large part of Google's ranking is getting pages indexed. This
video module explains how to automatically push a button to develop a
site map to tell Google about all your pages, the more pages... the
more opportunity to be found!

Must have tool to easily automate the creation and insertion of
site maps to Google, you will be done in less than 15 seconds!

Promote and cache all of your web pages at a push of a button

A subtle yet very important technique in rankings, Google asks for
you to do this... we will show you how to do it in 15 seconds and
automate it.

Lastly... a crucial part of bringing your web site to the top of
the search engines. You'll learn how to automate this and make sure
Google indexes every single one of your pages without having to do
anything at all. You will generate more page rank to your website and
be able substantially increase your businesses daily income from
online sales.

SEO Dynamics Course Valued In At: _($997.00 VALUE)_

Everything already been tested and systemized… And it’s
continually updated!

Okay… look it is pretty much every tactic I used to make multiple
multi-million dollar companies over and over online….

You basically get me on video explaining exactly what I do to sell
over a million dollars in multiple online businesses that I

Nothing is held back from Rich Alchemist members.

Think We're Done...? Not By A Long Shot...


So this is where I explain the Link Building System in Rich

If you have not found out... I am all about systemizing and making
sure what I ever do can be replicated. The Link Building system does

It will teach you every facet of link building... but not only that
how to systemize it so when you do it... or if you want your team to
do it... It is easily automated. This is a business course in-it-self!

Link Building Mastermind

Learn How to Launch Massive Link Campaigns that shoot your rankings
to the top

_(I just got off the phone with this person and her site is still
Number One on Google for her main keyword out of 38,000,000 sites. So
I think it's safe to say she's glad she's in Rich Alchemist.)_


The ever famous _“SEO FUNNEL”_. I think this single video series
has brought more success to all of our members. I will go in depth on
structuring your web site -so this means… you get to choose what
pages will rank for what keywords. AND… I will give you a flow chart
and blue print to strategically structure on each and every page on
your site -This Stuff Is Powerful!

A -- Overview and Jump-Start: This video module will give you the
fundamentals of thinking like a an alchemist when building your link
building system. It introduces you to the course and opens your mind
so you are ready maximize your rankings.

B -- Tools: This module has mini modules that show how to use
different tools for link building, that are all free of course to find
and build links. Not only that... after you learn to use these tools
you will more than likely see business growth... so then share these
videos with your team to automate the work if need be.

C -- Directory Submissions: While many have forgotten this old trade
of directory submissions. We have found the directories that pass very
important page rank to help you rank any website within a few months.
In this module you will discover them, learn how to spot good
directories, and how to systemize submitting your website to them. The
result of having a link from a aged directory domain is priceless...
-you just need to know which ones and that is where this video module
shows you!

-And how to REPORT & SYSTEMIZE it!

D -- Forums: A powerful link building and branding strategy that
is super innovative... but still many are not doing it correctly. This
video module will show you innovative way to capture links from news
sites like New York Times... to pass you PAGE RANK from a PR 3 web
page and above. The video shows exactly how and how to stay under the
radar. -We call it the "Grammy Award Marketing" as you will see why
you need to do a little role playing in this one!

E -- Blogging: Millions of people are blogging... why not learn
how to leverage their blogs to gather links. I will show you how to
pick up brand awareness and links from highly traffic blogs -This is
the corner stone to Web 2.0 marketing.

F -- Press Releases: Ever wanted to have news reporters call you
about your business? This Video module explains how to leverage PR
sites to build business awareness over night! And of course... capture
links in the process.

G -- Article Directories: A complete list and systematic strategy
to automate your article marketing. Not only find out how to build
links using articles and highly trafficked sites, you will use the
same SYSTEM I use in all of my businesses.

H -- Web 2.0 and Social Media: This module keeps getting bigger
and bigger! This Video lesson will give you exact web 2.0 sites to
build an online monopoly. You can literally leverage these other web
sites so not only your money site ranks... but your web 2.0 content
will rank as well. This module shows how to leverage content and links
from all the web 2.0 entities that are worth the time to link back

-- Also... We keep adding new innovative techniques and sites to
continue grabbing links from. But more importantly... I will teach you
the art of automation and systemizing, something a lot of so called
"GURU's" forget to even tell you -simply because they don't know how!

Link Building Mastermind Valued In At: _($997.00 VALUE)_

Fair enough? So after you build your online business and notice the
sales piling up, sometime our members want to take a break!

Don’t worry.... I got you covered so the system does all the work,
making you more money and freeing up your time.

When You Get Tons Of Traffic And Sales...
It's Guaranteed Your Spouses, Family and Friends Will Want To Hang
Out More...




On the surface Rich Alchemist is a private member business building
underground club.

But there is a LOT more to it than that.

Six months from now, as your business is rolling along, and you look
back how it all started, you will probably look fondly on using your
daily Rich Alchemist strategies.

This is where the System Part comes in... There is no doubt you will
increase your business. And before you know it, you will want to
celebrate and spend time with friends, family, and show off to peers.

Maybe take them out for a nice dinner, fly to Vegas to celebrate...

So after building multiple companies, I found the only way to not be
slaved to the many businesses was to systemize them in a way that it
ran like a clock!

In Rich Alchemist... you will find it to be one of the only courses
to not only show you advanced strategies to build a business online
but to automate and systemize it.

-Every video training course you watch will explain the
strategies... BUT... more importantly show you how to report it,
delegate or automate it so you can focus on building your business.

Do you know why McDonalds is so successful... because anyone with a
little bit of education can work their. This means good training and
good systems.

This also means, having others build your business the way you
wanted it to grow.


As you know the training is already laid out in Rich Alchemist.

In in every facet of the system... their is additional videos on how
to schedule the work, report the work, and automate it... so you can
give it to your team to watch and do.

I can guarantee you no one teaches this stuff, because it is
priceless. I have gotten tons of business building courses and yes
they are good... but they all lack how to grow your business
exponentially without you being involved.

This is what Systemizing Your Business Like A Rich Alchemist Is All

Listen, I've done this before - I know Rich Alchemist members
are unpredictable. So the Rich Alchemist system will house ALL of
the new
content, so you have a choice:

Learn it and/or Systemize it so you don’t have to do it!

-Just count the money.. if you wish!

Systemization Strategies Valued In At: _($1597.00 VALUE)_


Free Bonus Modules For Members Who Join Before We Close The Door


And that is what Content Manufacturing Systems is all about
($197/Month Value)

__Here Is How It Works:

In the Rich Alchemist members area, you are going to find an entire
course on building a content manufacturing machine.

It will sky rocket your rankings having a content system that talks
about YOU and YOUR BUSINESS... then a system to publish it on the net.

You will learn each piece of off site optimization in this
innovative course. Let me explain the pieces of it below:


The Content Manufacturing System is where you learn how to develop
constant content to publish all over the net to increase chances of
making more sales online without having to pay for it.

Not only that... this system will show you how to automate and
create your own content manufacturing system.

Google is perilous about finding new content to give to their
searchers and this Content Manufacturing System does just that.

A -- Overview and Jump Start: Of course I will introduce you to
learning how to build your content strategically and optimize it for
better rankings. The overview will open up these new strategies to

B -- Developing A Crash Course For An Abundance of Prospects: In
Rich Alchemist, I always talk about planning and systems. The crash
course goes over how to develop a crash course for your prospects so
they will buy on beck-and-call! A powerful scheduled event of
producing content and releasing it to the world to help your website
rank and get you more sales from FREE TRAFFIC!

C -- Manage Your Content To Monetize It For More $$$: If I am going
to teach you to develop highly effective content, I also need to teach
you how to manage it so you can monetize each piece of content ever
produced. This way you get 10 x the results with one piece content
compared to someone else's content, And trust me... this is sooo
powerful and brings a LOT of FREE traffic.

D -- Researching Hot Topics: Don't make it hard for your customers
or prospects to find you. Learn how to find hot topics which people
are searching on in your industry and then simply write about it. I
will show you the tools, the strategy and the system. You may do it
yourself or as you become more successful have your team follow it to
help you grow
your business.

E -- Copywriting Course: This is an add-on I put together to help
you optimize your content for search engines, but more importantly
humans. Yes, by understanding how to write good copy... you will
increase conversion thus increasing sales.

This coywriting course explains how to write copy, the styles to
use, how to write powerful titles that increase click through rate,
and more... The course is truly remarkable and helps you monetize all
the traffic you will be receiving from the SEO Dynamics course, they
really go hand in hand.

F -- Press Releases: Ever wanted to get your business in front of
the entire world over night? Well, then this press release module will
show you how to write a press release so news reporters are dying to
do an interview on your product or service. Or... use press releases
to build links to improve your rankings. I will show you the Free
Press Release sites that I use in our company and also show you how to
strategically write them so news reporters write about your company to
create a viral buzz on your business thus improving sales and of
course... traffic.

G -- Publishing and The Ever Famous SEO Funnel: Publishing your
content is extremely important. I have a very innovative strategy to
publish content which fits right into Google's patent. I will show you
the blue print and live training on how to use this system to take
over the top 10 spots on Google for a money making keyword!

Then the SEO Funnel course... will strategically help you learn to
deliver and publish content and systemize it. I developed this system
at first to produce sales to my businesses, then I developed a
template like system to automate it because of it's huge success...

You will learn how to use your money site, blogs, article
directories, and web 2.0 entities to take full authority over your
competitors. Before you know it you will be finding sales coming from
web sites you never even thought would make you money. It is the
science of creating your own network... and I will show you exactly
how it works.

Content Manufacturing Valued In At: _($997.00 VALUE)_

You will get all this insider information from me... without having
to go to some pitch-fest seminar or lame guru product without leaving
your desk.

That's because... We constantly are adding new materials and

If you have not heard, "The Search Engines are ALWAYS changing!
There is no way to keep up with their antics!"

First, they change probably a few dozen times a day... ever notice
your rankings change... that's because the server changes which
displays your site and their algorithms jump back and forth to
disguise the proprietary ranking algorithm.

But when you CAN see the results change - this is often follow by a
surge of frantic posts in all the Internet Marketing forums.

People pulling their hair out and gnashing their teeth... wondering
what to do next.

See, here's the deal though...

Rich Alchemist has been ahead of every single change since we
started and since I started building multiple businesses. I have a
full team cracking down on any changes on the major Search Engines...
so all the Rich Alchemist members hardly miss a beat...

Not only that... we then develop new training to take advantage of
the change.



It was the Rich Alchemist continuation of training and research.

That is what kept our members ahead of the curve all this time. I
preach about it all day... -Be sure to leverage new technology!

This is the Rich Alchemist way.. and I continue to produce new
content and assistance for many of the latest changes.

The bottom line is... Rich Alchemist will KEEP you at the top... And
that wraps up
part the Content Manufacturing Bonus. THE SALES PAGE SYSTEM (SPS)


__OK. I admit it. We (along with our Rich Alchemist members) have an

... And we use it like nobody's business.

This is good news, because YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO USE IT TOO! What
every well known marketer knows either by direct mail or internet
marketing is how to develop and use a sales page.

It is so powerful simply because it SKYROCKETS SALES AND

And... keeps making you money as long as you send traffic to that
page._(Which you will be doing anyway's from the other videos and
training you will be learning about!)_

I'll explain the the sales page system below:


I have developed this system because of the HUGE SUCCESS it helped
with me launching new products and services in all my businesses.

But... here was the thing -_"How Can I Systemize It So I Can Grow My
Business Faster?"_

Well that is what this system is all about.

Not only will you learn the deep fundamentals of building a sales
page. You will learn also how to systemize it so you can put them up
quicker and maximize your speed of growth.

It is the same science of direct marketing that MANY WELL-KNOWN
MARKETERS STILL DO TODAY OFFLINE.... the only difference I show you
how to do it online and at a fraction of the cost.

You see once, you design a perfect a Sales Page... your conversions
will be bumped up to 30%. This means for every 100 visitors you get to
your Sales Page 30 people will buy.

So if you had a $50 product... you will earn $1,500 every 100

Imagine how many people are searching for your product or service...
If you could increase your conversions higher... like 30% that means
you could easily take at minimum $1,500 for a few 100 visitors.

I know for a fact some keywords get 1,000 of visitors! That could
mean 300 sales with a 30% conversion and each sale at $50... this is a
total of $15,000 off one single sales page! -for one single day!

Do you see how powerful a Sales Page can be!

SELLS FOR YOU over... and over... and over! Like clock work.

It was the single largest part of my success in building my
companies faster in the 12 month period... and today I still have the
same sales pages from 12 months ago pulling in $1,000's of dollars a

I really wanted to share this strategy with the group and finally
got this Sale Page System out of the bag and into the membership area
after testing it with our team. It is so smooth... and works like
clock work.

Learn how to develop a powerful sales page and launch it quickly to
pull in sales over and over again. Then if you want... the system can
be to have someone else do it for you! -They just follow the Sales
Page System.

Fill in the blank system: Downloadable Mind Maps that and videos on
how to brain storm ideas and simply fill in the blanks so you can
create a highly converting sales page.

Sales Page System Valued In At: _($1297.00 VALUE)_

Of Course You Want All This Stuff Pretty Quick.... And You Will Get
Access Immediately Upon Signing Up

Everything Valued In At: _($5,885.00 VALUE)_

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

I just want to tell you again that Rich Alchemist is not a PDF that
will rot on your hard drive. It's not a set of DVD's that will gather
dust on the bottom shelf of the entertainment center. It's not an
empty web forum full of broken links and unanswered questions.

If you're ready to do this, we're ready to show you how. If you're
willing to learn this, we're willing to teach you everything we know.
We are able to offer all of this to you, and you will be able to make
it all happen.

Regardless of whether your business income goals are modest or
grand, with Internet marketing, there are no limits on how much you
can sell, earn or profit - as long as you get good at Traffic,
Conversion it's currently working for our members today. It WILL work
for every new member that comes aboard.

The cheapest tuition for the best education
The price of Rich Alchemist is no secret for you folks that have
been keeping up with our progress over the past 6 months. It's still
the best price for the most value anywhere in the Internet Business

How much have we charged for FRACTIONS of the material available in
Rich Alchemist?

Most of our stuff used to be in the $15,000.00 range.
And the folks who paid $15,000.00 didn't get the bonuses you're
getting, they didn't get the Content System Training, Sales Page
System, and they didn't get the monthly videos, e-coaching calls, and
pod casts.

They basically got tele-seminars and some follow up support.

....And they were THRILLED with the results.
So considering how much you're getting, and considering the
quarterly VIDEO training sessions, it's only normal that before we
launched Rich Alchemist, people EXPECTED this to be very, very

The truth is, there has never been anything like Rich Alchemist
before. We could have charged absolutely anything we wanted to, and
people still would have lined up to get in.

The problem with that is, if we priced it too high, we'd make it out
of reach for a lot of people who want, need, and DESERVE this

Then there's the other side of that coin. If we sold it super-cheap,
we'd end up with a bunch of "guru chasers" who'd just bog us all down.
You see them on all the free Internet marketing forums. We don't need
that kind of dead weight in our organization, and you don't either.

So what to charge? How low could we go and afford to deliver all we
do and still have the budget for expansion, research, and creation of
new material?

It was tough. After lots of back-and-forth, we decided to charge
$6.47 per day.

Yep. That's it. And mind you, this was the price of registration for
Rich Alchemist 1.0!

Even AFTER the addition of Content Manufacturing Course...

Even AFTER hiring a full technical and service staff...

Even AFTER increasing the quantity of educational material in the
network by 300% IN THE LAST 6 MONTHS ALONE...

Membership in Rich Alchemist STILL only costs $97 per month, and if
you break it down that's only $3.23 a day.

Let me ask you something...


When it comes to your business, the normal answer is . . . not much.

* You can buy three classified ads in the local paper
* At 25 cents a click, you can get a little less 50 clicks on
Google AdWords

* You can buy a tiny yellow page ad that hardly anyone will ever see

And guess what?

All of those things will make you money. (Just not very much!)

The three options above can be considered as money SPENT. Once the
ad runs and your funds are gone, you get no more benefit. The same
$3.23 put into Rich Alchemist can be considered as money INVESTED.

$3.23 a day is NOTHING compared to the long term value of Mastering
Traffic, Conversion and Systems.

It's nothing compared to the streams of Targeted FREE Traffic you'll
learn to get from real prospects actively searching for what you sell.

It's nothing compared to learning to double, triple and quadruple
your Conversion Rates (and therefore your sales!)

If You Are Still Doubtful... Then View My Guarantee

If you're still doubtful about the value, go back and watch the Free
Training Videos, Read Over the Marketing Reports I’ve Given Away For
Free. Go and watch the case studies from people just like you who got
RICH as Rich Alchemist members. Re-read the information in this

If you still don't think that this is EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED RIGHT
NOW, then leave now and make room for someone who "gets it".

Those of you that do get it know who you are.
You are not alone! None of us is as smart as all of us! If you're
ready and willing, Rich Alchemist will make you ABLE to succeed

Take Action, Join Us and Our Rich Alchemist Colleagues And
Register Today.

Rich Alchemist Guarantee (This is the easy part)

It’s a 60 day money-back guarantee and you can cancel at any time.

For example, if you join in August, and decide in November that you
need to leave Rich Alchemist, you can have a refund on November's
tuition if you already paid it. If you join today and decide in 59
days that Rich Alchemist is not for you, just tell our support rep’s
and we’ll refund your tuition for this month.

It’s simple. You can leave Rich Alchemist anytime, and if you
decide you want a refund for the month that you leave, we’ll gladly
give it to you. Any materials (unadvertised bonuses) that your
membership allows access to inside the club, will be suspended....
nothing needs to get shipped back to us, you get all the materials
right online. Or if you just want to cancel and keep what you’ve
received, that’s fine too.

Um…This doesn’t happen a lot. But we know everyone has their own
set of needs and requirements. If Rich Alchemist does not meet them,
we understand.

You've seen first hand what the results of our system are.


You've seen just a small sampling of my businesses and other Rich
Alchemist members who do easily over a combined 12 MILLION dollars per

Do you think any of them "worry" about the price?
No way! And some of them had to pony up $15,000.00 each, and have
remained members of our inner circle for YEARS!

So if you're ready to get started, click below and get started right

Yes Markus, I want to become a Rich Alchemist and follow your
step-by-step training. I want to join over 2,091 people who are
already making thousands each and every month following the Rich
Alchemist system...
"Simply Fill in your First Name and Primary Email Address in the
form below to sign up for Rich Alchemist and you will be forwarded to
a Fully Secured page where you can complete your order!

First Name *

Email *

You’ve seen first hand what the results of our system are, and now
you can even come in and see everything happening for our members

I fully expect to see you inside.

Creator Of Rich Alchemist,
Orchestrator Of The Largest
Underground Affluent Club Of Business Alchemists


I am so determined that your going to make money being a Rich
Alchemist.. if not I make sure you don't pay for the underground
training courses and lab after 60 days...

Contact Me With Any Questions:

Questions and Comments:


Mon-Fri 9-5 EST

Mon-Fri 9-5 EST

P.S. I will be honest with you - all false modesty aside, I knew
that Rich Alchemist was going to be HUGE. We knew that long before I
released it. But we had absolutely NO IDEA just what it would evolve
into. The combined power of all of us Master Alchemist's pulling
together has created an UNSTOPPABLE force.

And that means Rich Alchemist has grown beyond what ANYONE could
have foreseen.

Along the way, I have poured enormous resources back into the
community... and it has grown the community in ways that were simply
unimaginable from last launch. We aren't talking about simply new
information. That's a given - you need that just to survive.

No, what we are talking about it something much bigger... look at
just SOME of the stuff that we have added in the last six months:

* We have over 15 full-time staff members and 4 part-time staff that
do nothing but manage the infrastructure and customers of this

* We added over 3 NEW Courses in the last 3 months from responses
from our members, they just keep getting smarter and wealthier ;-)

* We average 10 hours of new content added to our state-of-the-art
portal every Month.

* The team members and I have contributed 300 hours of permanent
content on many different topics:

* Our State-of-the-Art Video Training Portal - SEO Dynamics, and
Link Building Mastermind Course, plus the bonuses -Content
Manufacturing and the Sales Page System!

* We conduct e-coaching calls and live podcasts.

* We have a repository of 200 hours of video and audio content.

* We've just recently scheduled to add my entire PPC Adwords Mastery
in roughly a month or 2 months. New content to the portal - accessible
to members for FREE!

* We are also scheduling to add my entire Social Media Mastery in
roughly 3 months from the launch. New content to the portal -
accessible to members for FREE!

* We have had over 100 success stories: members that have gone from
$0 to over $1000 a month on their sites since joining.

There Is Absolutely No Reason
To Wait Any Longer.

Why Are You Still Reading This?

DISCLAIMER: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our
product and it's potential. Any claims made of actual results can be
verified upon request. ClickBank® is a registered trademark of
Keynetics Inc., a Delaware corporation. RichAlchemist.com™ is not
affiliated with Keynetics Inc. in any way. Clickbank reserves the
right to change their policies and procedures at any time without

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