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"Too many Americans are “insurance poor” and don’t know their coverage and how much it is costing them. I am self-employed and I was forced to find out how much my insurance was costing me. This ebook is exactly what I needed to update my health insurance. It is a valuable resource that helped me save thousands of dollars by customizing a plan that fits my needs. The price is affordable and you need to download it today. "
Jerry Fain, Knoxville, TN.

"Everybody that drives must buy auto insurance and every-
body that has a house has to get homeowners insurance.
Together they add up to a lot of money. So much money that
self-employed people like me go without health insurance.
This ebook hit me right between the eyes on how things have changed and now I can get health insurance for the first time without paying an arm and a leg. Thanks for the information."
John Glove, A tlanta, GA.

"Most of the insurance products I've seen have two problems. They are either a confusing collection of insurance terms or a very thin layer of useless information. You have done something completely different in this ebook. You got down to the basic steps self-employed people must take to get the kind of health coverage they deserve. Best of all the ebook shows the details of each step by exposing the good, the bad and the ugly of the health insurance business. And how to deal with my own personal health needs even though as a self-employed person I really do hate to buy insurance of any kind."
Daren H. Zallow, California

"This new ebook on How to Buy the Best Health Insurance for people who are self-employed is right on target. It is filled with all of the insider information on how insurance companies market health insurance and how to work around all of the pitfalls and traps they set to get you to pay too much. Any self-employed person who wants results and the best deal on their own health insurance needs this ebook."
Donnie Sullivan, Missouri.

"If you want more out of your career, your family and your bank account then you need to buy this ebook. It makes it completely clear that the problem most self-employed people have about health insurance is that they don't trust any insurance person. After you read this ebook and know more about how health insurance works you will feel equipped to deal with your own health insurance needs. I don't know of any other source that gives you this kind of information to help you buy the very best coverage available.”
Stephen Swartz. New Jersey.

"With far too many ebooks out there you don't get the down-to-earth information you need to take action...with this one it is all there. It is easy to read and understand unlike most of the insurance information sources available. Too many ebooks try to spread the information over a ten tape/CD set that is hard to listen to once, let alone many times. This ebook is brief to the point and complete with all the information for the state in which you live. There is nothing to stop you from getting a good health policy as a self-employed person.
Larry Costello., Illinois

"It's great to know something is available for self-employed people who work very hard and don't find enough time to protect themselves with a good health insurance policy. This ebook has been helpful to me as a single person, self-employed to find the best coverage possble for my situation. Until now most policies were far too expensive and didn't cover enough. Now we can enjoy our jobs and our families knowing we are covered. Thank you so much for making this information available.
Pamela Sullivan., Oregon.              

Now self-employed working families and individuals
can save 50% or more on tax-deductible
health insurance nationwide!

How to Buy Affordable Low Cost Self-
Health Insurance and
Save Up To $7,000 or more
Every Year Starting Now!

(And No, you don’t have to talk to any Salesmen,
Fill out Complicated Forms,
No Long Waiting Periods, No Expensive Deposits
and any other
Illegal-discounted-qualifying-rebating schemes!)

Now You as a Self-Employed Individual or Head of Family
No Longer Has to Go Without Affordable
Health Insurance Ever Again!
No Longer Will You Lose Your Health Insurance Policy
if You Lose Your Job or Change Your Job! Your Insurance
Doesn't Depend on Whom you are working for!
That's right, your very own policy!
Over One Million people that Lose Their On-The-Job
Health Insurance End Up in Medical Bankruptcy
Every Year in America!
Health Insurance Policies that You Buy Yourself
are Guaranteed and cost less for Healthy People.

From: Desk of Joel Johnson, Author

Dear Self-Employed Friend,

If you want to avoid the schemes and tricks health insurance companies use
to “gouge” you for higher premiums and extra fees, avoid common health
insurance qualifying blunders people make everyday that cripple them
financially over 7…14…even 27 years, or if you just want to manage your
health insurance to get a guaranteed renewable policy rather than be faced
with financial insecurity over outrageous medical bills.
Consider this

Most self-employed people don’t know how to shop for a
health insurance policy

They have no clue what questions to ask about rates, premiums,waiting
periods, deposits, discounts,
rebates and much more.

They are like total disasters going nowhere lead by a a group of health
Insurance predators
ready to pounce on their next victim.

The “system” is stacked against you!
Health Insurance companies make their money based
on how few Medical claims you file and the highest premiums and fees
they can get you to pay. The more medical claims you are forced to file due to
unplanned sickness, the higher your
premiums will climb!

Unfortunately, it’s human nature.

The health insurance companies will make you pay as much as they can
to make a higher commission.

Too many health insurance companies will overcharge
you for extra fees!
Recenty, a select group of health insurance companies were fined over
$14,000,000 (Million) dollars for overcharging thousands of Policy Holders
who didn't know how to shop for health insurance.
(source: U.S. Dept. of Justice)

These companies abused their customers
and secretly extracted extra dollars
out of their policyholders pockets
for one simple reason
they knew they could get away with it!

Yes, sometimes they’ll just get you for a little extra $200 fee
here or there—other times they’ll cover up thousands
in extra charges and you may never know until too late!

Question is?…if the companies above are the ones getting caught…
how many more do you think are overcharging self-employed
customers like you and getting away with it?

And this is just the icing on the top of a very rich 7-layer cake…

ACTUAL FACT: Recent nationwide surveys show that
the top layers of executives at large well known HMO’s
are paid 37 to 50 million dollars per year
plus bonuses!

Every year thousands of self-employed people
get really confused trying to find the right health
insurance policy for self-
employed people.

They get the wrong policy at the wrong price
and continue to pay for it very dearly until the day
they have to use it
and find out it won’t cover their medical bills.

Here’s what I mean…

If you pay too much for your health insurance you probably have
not checked all the details of your policy, but if you continue to
pay for this overcharged policy month after month
you have only yourself to blame!

FACT: So many self-employed people worry night and day about their lack of
a good health insurance
policy so much that they don’t really give
very much thought about the details
of what is a good policy.

Remember it’s the health insurance policy that costs you month after month—even though you are rarely sick and don’t file any claims.

FACT: When I complained over some of the more outrageous
premiums some health insurance companies were “wringing” out
of unsuspecting Policy holders
I had a Vice-President
tell me there was this little known code of silence
among underwriters about all the extra charges---
his exact words were “honor among thieves.”

Well I say enough is enough!

Let me pause here and tell you what is really taking place.

(Former Health Insurance Agent pulls back the curtain.)

Whether you are a self-employed individual and or head of a family---I am
going to show you how to get a health insurance policy without getting
ripped off in extra charges, deposits, and other illegal rebating
schemes…then I’ll show you how to stay
on top of your health needs and all the
other details so your health insurance policy
sets you free financially and with
a new peace of mind.

Yes, that’s a tall order and I know you’re probably skeptical.

That’s normal and healthy.

Let me give you three good reasons I can back up what I claim:

Why should you listen to me?

First reason: Did you know that many health insurance
providers can (and will) charge you so much extra
in premiums and fees that they actually
make more money than
the hospitals and Doctors?

As a 14 year veteran of the health insurance business
I have seen a long list of practices that would make
most people want to throw up their hands in disgust.
I’ve seen health insurance underwriters charge buyers
more dollars in premiums just to make
a higher commission.

Yes, it is a sad situation but absolutely true!

Self-employed individuals have been taken advantage
of just because they own their own business.
And have been charged thousands of dollars
extra because they work for themselves.

I got into the health insurance business to help people...
not to take advantage of them.
I got so frustrated about it I decided to do something about it.

So that’s why I wrote an ebook on
“How to Buy Affordable Low Cost Self-Employed Health Insurance”
and help you save $7,000 or more every year
starting right now!

Second reason: The valuable tips and methods
in this ebook come right out of selling health
insurance in the field from town to town by someone
who has actually been there…
a veteran “road warrior” who made his living
from commissions nothing else.

No salary no expense account and no company car.
The hard cold fact was if you didn’t sell anything
you didn’t eat, sleep or drive very far
on no commissions.

Having worked in some of the most affluent counties
and some of the most rural low income counties
I have seen it all. I have been there..done that
and brought home
a t-shirt that says
“This isn’t the end of the world,
but you can see it from here!

The information in this ebook has helped literally
thousands of self-employed people just like you
to understand, evaluate and exercise
their BEST OPTIONS in buying
a health insurance policy.

You get all my experience from thousands
of sold policies boiled
down into one, simple-to-understand
easy to read and use ebook for getting the lowest
possible premium rate and the highest lifetime
maximum coverage guaranteed renewable
year after year.

Third Reason: This information in my ebook works
no matter what your situation is as a self employed
individual and or family with children.

Whether you just recently became self-employed
or you have been self-employed for years…
I don’t have anything to gain financially
by which health insurance provider and plan
you choose as a result of the advice in this ebook.

Frankly, there was always something that rubbed me
the wrong way about health insurance companies
and their underwriters.

It was always an unspoken thing that their advice
always seemed to come back to the dollar amount
of the premium
and what would make them the most money—
never what was best for the policy holder.

“ Uprating” the amount of the premium
along with some other hidden costs because the buyer had some
“bad luck” health problems that would in turn make him
or her a “poor health risk” is almost a common practice.

And by the way….

As you read this the most common behind the scenes
story is that in the not too distant future most
major companies will have cancelled their former
full paid or partially paid
employee health policies because they cannot afford
to pay for the premiums.
This means thousands will have to do exactly as
self employed people do and that is get their own policy.

Now is the time for you as a self employed independent
contractor to find the very best health insurance policy
before thousands more have their policies cancelled
and have to go out on the regular market
and shop for Insurance.

Because of this and other fast moving health insurance
market upheavals…you must get this ebook to stay ahead
of the changes and protect yourself and or your family
as a self employed individual.

Here is a summary of the fantastic benefits you’ll receive
in this break-through EBOOK about health insurance
for the self employed.

The most important questions to ask any health insurance provider

1.Learn to ask the questions that put health insurance people on the spot
and prevents them
from using "bait and switch"
to confuse you into paying higher premiums.

2. Understand just a few simple but very effective tips to avoid paying too
much for your policy.

3. Keep more money in your bank account and out of the health insurance companies’ treasury…
unless you like giving all your
dollars to a health insurance provider.

4. Discover the most valuable negotiating tool you have as a buyer.

5. Now you can get the same power position as a buyer who is paying for the
entire annual cost
of his health insurance and
getting a discount.

6. Learn how to avoid being pushed, shoved and nudged into making a quick decision on your
health insurance policy. Thanks to the internet you can make many accurate comparisons before you buy.

7. How to recognize a health insurance professional who sincerely wants to
help you find the best policy
and which ones
either want to squeeze every last dollar out of you
and doesn’t care about you
once he gets your money.

8. How to find out what is the right premium payment for the policy coverage
you need and want?

9. How to save thousands of dollars after you sign for the health policy you like and need.

10.How to avoid making decisions based on your emotions
instead of on fact which will save you hundreds
of dollars in extra costs.

Now, you're probably wondering how and why I can do all those things.

Let me explain…

In my ebook “How to buy Affordable Low Cost Self-employed
Health Insurance and save $7,000
or more every year starting Now!”
you will learn how to …..

* Get the lowest possible health insurance policy for
self-employed people like you in today’s market.

* How to deal with health insurance agents.

* How to remember all the questions you need to ask them.

* Make sure you know how to choose the right health plan.

* How to compare costs with other providers’ plans.

* What are the decisions you need to make.

* How many problems will you face. And much more!

* You will get this ebook packed from beginning to end with examples and
methods you need
to understand to make a sound decision
on your health insurance policy.

* The complete ebook is downloaded digitally from the Internet ---so there’s no waiting—
you could be enjoying the benefits
from this breakthrough Ebook
within 5 minutes!

* I will also guarantee that you get AN incredible Bonus WORTH
$50 OR MORE at no extra cost if you ACT NOW!


There is a lot of confusion about health insurance
policies and what is happening to many people
who have had their policy
cancelled and not renewedperiod!  

Here are the facts you absolutely, positively
must know the answers to before you
sign up for any kind of health insurance.

Most Self-Employed Individuals and Families will
pay 50% less than a Employer-sponsored
group plan for identical coverage.

You and Your Family May Be Close to a
Million-Dollar Illness Prior to Declaring Bankruptcy! Don’t go another day without health insurance!

Unknown Missing Benefits in your Current Health Insurance Plan may
cost you and your family
thousands of dollars!

You need to know what are your Legal Rights to Health Insurance when
you change jobs
or lose your job to down- sizing
or your employer moves to another
location outside the U.S.

Learn why buying your own health insurance plan is far better, costs
less, and is always
there for you and your
family no matter what!

Don’t wait one more minute! Learn how to buy the highest quality and
lowest cost
self-employed health policy today!

Over 47 million Americans are living day-to-day without any kind of
health insurance plans
whatsoever! If you are among
those 47 million families without a health insurance plan get this ebook and
sign up today!

Of the 47 million Americans without health insurance over 27 million are self-employed
“frustrated” individuals and families
that do not know how or where to
get low cost health

You maybe among those 27 million self-employed people that have tried
to shop for a
low cost health insurance policy,
but have been turned down and don’t
trust health insurance
plans whatsoever!

Learn how to be a very shrewd self-employed health insu- rance customer
that knows the best
benefits for you and
your family.

Nationwide a single self-employed individual can buy health insurance
for $95 a month
that is tax deductible with more
coverage and available in all 50 states.

Nationwide a head of a family self-employed can buy health insurance
for $275 a month
that is tax deductible with more
coverage and available in all 50 states.

You’ll get at least 10 times your money’s worth when you purchase &
download this Valuable Ebook!

Let’s face it how can you put a value on this critical information about how to shop for
self-employed health insurance
and not make a mistake!

Let’s stand back and look at the BIG picture.

At today’s explosive medical costs if you are admitted to the hospital
even as an
outpatient your total costs can easily top
$100,000. For ordinary surgery!

You’ll most likely spend between $1,000 and $5,000 in OUT- OF-POCKET EXPENSES
not covered by your policy?

You’ll LOSE even more hard earned pay for days, maybe weeks that you
cannot work
as a self-employed independent

You tell me……

How much is it worth to you to spend your hard-earned money on a
health insurance
policy that may or may not
cover all of your medical bills?

How much is it worth to you to know beyond a shadow of doubt that
your self-employed health insurance policy is
going to cover your medical bills and you aren’t paying a dime more than
you have to?


Here's what you get in this valuable ebook:

*Instant download access to the entire ebook packed with amazing
information—no waiting for the mail—
no trips to the local bookstore!

* Easy to understand tips and directions guaranteed to turn you into a very
smart health insurance
buyer for self-employed

* Confidential contacts and lists of ONLINE sites where you can quickly get
accurate quotes from top health insurance providers.

* You get the key questions to ask any health insurance agent to make sure
they aren’t using
“bait and switch” techniques to get
you into their office and get your
private information down on
an application.

Order this exclusive ebook today and I will reduce the regular price of $57.
down to $37.
you save $20. for a limited time only!

I know you know it's 100% to your benefit to act right away, so I want to wipe
away every possible reason
that you might  have not to say YES today!

If you order today we will include a detailed BONUS guide for all 50 States of where to call for more information and a sampling of
estimated premium rates. Worth over $50.

You just can’t lose with my 100% no-risk,
56 Day Money-back guarantee!

The risk is something we gladly assume, since we know you'll realize just
how valuable this ebook is to your future free of worrying about your
health insurance coverage.

Your satisfaction is assured through our no risk, you-can't-lose, 100%, no-
questions asked, money-back guarantee. If for any reason, you aren't thrilled
and satisfied with this ebook, just send
us an email within 56 days and we'll refund
100% of your purchase price.

No hard feelings!

Don't decide now! 

What I'm saying is don't decide now if this ebook is for you. 
Just get it and try it out risk-free for 56 days.
If it doesn’t do
everything I say and more….

If it doesn’t show you exactly how to get the lowest cost premium
for your health insurance.

If it doesn’t walk you step by step through negotiating
with health insurance providers.

If it doesn’t show you exactly which questions to ask
to keep from getting cheated out of much more
coverage at the lowest cost.

If it doesn’t turn you into a knowledgeable,self employed health
insurance buyer and happy policy holder
for years to come.
then I don't want your money!

Yes it is true! I'll give you absolutely all of the purchase price back. You need
not worry for one minute!

At the very least you get to keep the BONUS 50-STATE COST
ANALYSIS FOR PREMIUMS  that IS worth much more than $50.
but you get it FREE with your order! Bottom line you get everything I promise you and MORE!

So you seeany way you look at it you're about to be a winner!

And don't forget if you order todayI'm going to let you have everything
the 50-State Cost Analysis and the EBOOK for only $37.
yes you save $20 less than the regular $57. price
and you get an instant downloading of the EBOOK

You ask why I can sell THE EBOOK AND 50-STATE

Well that's simple logic I don't have to send
you anything in the mail!  We don't have to
print and bind a book,
or record a tape, no postage to pay and
nothing to take to the post office.

You get instant access to everything online right now!
Since I can make the same amount of money at this price
I just pass the savings on to you and we both win!

Here's how to order and save $20
for this limited time offer!


How to Buy Affordable Low Cost Self-Employed Health Insurance
And Save $7,000 or more Every Year

You get  24 HOUR 7 DAY unlimited and instant access to the EBOOK
and no trips to the local bookstore! 
Easy downloading in 5 to 7 minutes.

Once your payment is processed you can download
and print the entire Ebook in just minutes
ready to read and benefit from tested tips and methods
that will save you thousands. So go ahead and order now!

I have Read and Agree to the Disclaimer and Terms of Service.

Will open a new window on our secure server.

Sincerely yours.to all independent self employed and
talented business owners.
Joel Johnson, Author
How to Buy Affordable Low Cost Self Employed
Health Insurance

Affordable Ebooks, LLC
Nolensville, TN 37135
Website: [www.affordablehealthinsur.com](http://www.affordablehealthinsur.com)
Email: [Joel@affordablehealthinsur.com](mailto:Joel@affordablehealthinsur.com)

P.S.If you don't have any health insurance---
will you be prepared
to pay for your medical careor will you just ignore it
and hope you don't get sick and need a Doctor? 

Don't take a chance with your financial future.
Get this Ebook , read it and use it to get the peace of mind that you got the
best possible
health insurance avaliable in the
current insurance market.

P.P.S. I will only guarantee to hold the special $37 price
for the next 72 hours.  After that I may have  to increase the price back up to $57.so act now!




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