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Are You Having Breastfeeding Problems?  If You're Not Breastfeeding Correctly You May Be Literally HURTING Your Baby.

Learn the A, B, C's of Breastfeeding Before it's Too Late.

Dear Fellow Mommy!

Are you breastfeeding your new baby?  Are you also having TONS of problems?
My name is Jamie and I am mother to 2 year old Kacey.

 I was just like you, a few days after bringing home our new bundle of joy, it happened.

Suddenly she wouldn't latch on, then if she did it was ALL wrong.  She began to lose weight...

I was sooo scared, I felt like nothing I did was right with her.  I tried THIS position and THAT position however it would seem that everything I tried I just made matters worse.  Her weight continued to drop...

I was becoming frantic each day, "Maybe I should just start on formula", I remember thinking to myself.  Everyone kept telling me that Breastfeeding is best, but I just wanted to give up.  My nipples were cracked and bleeding, my newborn wasn't eating and I was an emotional wreck.

I, however, am very stubborn, so when I felt like I couldn't do it anymore, I decided that I needed to educate myself and get this right for me and my little one.  I KNEW that breastfeeding was the BEST thing I could do for her right now, and I was bound and determined to make it work.

I made it through those terrible, terrible days, and now I've created "The Breastfeeding Bible" with everything that I WISH I would have known before I even started.

I Had SO MANY Questions...
How often should I be feeding? How do I know if my baby is latched on properly? How much milk should she be drinking? Can I drink while breastfeeding? Is it ok to try to lose weight? How can I store breast milk?  How Long? Why won't my baby take my breast anymore? Why won't she stop crying? Is it supposed to HURT SOOOO BAD? Does this sound familiar?

Most New Moms Give Up and Move To Formula...
You've heard it time and time again.  The best thing you can do for your baby is breastfeed. Well, it really is!  There are SO many benefits of breastfeeding, and so many reasons why you should KEEP on trying, EVEN if you think its impossible.

Protection from Infection The CORRECT amount of Vitamins and Nutrients for YOUR baby Weight Loss for YOU - Breastfeeding Burns an extra 500 calories per DAY! Breastfeeding lowers the risk of ovarian and breast cancers
Is Anyone Else Having These Breastfeeding Problems?
Of course!  No one ever said that having a baby was going to be a walk in the park.  There will be bumps along the way, and breastfeeding is just one of the first things you'll run into with your new little one.  The problem is that there is SOOOO much information out there about how to breastfeed, when to breastfeed, what to eat while breastfeeding, when to pump, how to pump, low milk supply, high milk supply, smoking while breastfeeding, drinking while breastfeeding......

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Me & My Happy Breastfed Baby!

Information overload right?  Being a breastfeeding mom myself and having gone through the pitfalls, and researching literally hundreds of hours on the topic mostly in books that were WAY too medical sounding or just not giving me real world advice.

I realized that there are tons of new Mommys out there that could TRULY benefit from my experiences and research on breastfeeding.  Why should YOU have to struggle like me and so many others?  I realized that this was so important to me and my baby that I just HAD to make it work.  And for others to make it work also, I would have to WRITE MY OWN breastfeeding book.

I knew that it HAD to be written because I knew that SO MANY other mom's were having the same exact problems as me and asking the same exact questions as me, and NOW I have the answers!

Now Presenting...

The Breastfeeding Bible

Who ever told you that breastfeeding was going to be hard and painful?

I've put together a proven plan for you to get back on the breastfeeding bandwagon, and help you through what seems to be the HARDEST THING YOU HAVE EVER DONE.  It has everything that I think will help you to breastfeed your baby and answer those questions you've been dying to ask.

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Here's a Sneak Peek at What's Inside My Book
Breastfeeding Positions - Page 7
What to eat while breastfeeding - Page 18 Types of Pumps - Page 21 What Temperature should breast milk be stored at - Page 25 Flat & Inverted Nipples - Page 27 Nursing Strikes - Page 29 Let Down Issues - Page 36 Using Birth Control While Breastfeeding - Page 42
How Would You Like To STOP These Problems Before they Even Happen?
I can help you and your baby:
Latch On Correctly Get the RIGHT position for you and your little one Get Through Problems with Low Milk Supply Wean from breast milk Reduce the PAIN from breastfeeding I know you want to have a happy AND healthly baby, and breastfeeding is one of the ways to do it.  If you've had trouble up until now or you want to avoid the problems before they start, please let me show you the way.  I've been down the road already and I've exposed it to you in my book.

One Quick Question - How much is your baby's health and happiness worth to you?

PRICELESS - Of Course!

Now if you really do want to make this work, YOU REALLY CAN!  I know you probably haven't had a good night's sleep lately, or you're so anxious because your little one is almost here but if you take the time to read what I have to tell you I can promise you a better breastfeeding experience which will also prove to be PRICELESS

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Isn't she adorable???

Please don't just trust me, look at all the other Mommys that have read "The Breastfeeding Bible" and what they had to say..

"Thank you so much. I read the entire book last night!!! I've had been having problems breastfeeding my newborn, and after reading your book, I've finally found a position we both like.  Finally she is eating better, I couldn't be happier.  That one tip was well worth the money!!


Michigan, USA

"OMG!  Talk about a load off!  And to think I was just about to quit breastfeeding and move to formula...After reading the breastfeeding bible I've been able to get my baby to latch on properly!

Thanks again!

North Carolina, USA

" Hi Jamie, Thanks so much for writing your book about breastfeeding.  It's proved to be my "bible" lately and has really helped us get back on track.  Plus my breasts were hurting so bad.  They feel so much better now and me and baby are doing great!

God Bless,

Montreal, Canada

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 How Much is it?

Like we talked about earlier...Breastfeeding = Priceless for YOU & BABY!  Now I know that if you were to hire a lactation specialist they will charge you upwards of $65-$80 per hour!

Not to mention...if you do decide to go with a powdered formula, the cheapest brands will cost you upwards of $1200....PER YEAR!

Now, I'm not even going to charge you anywhere close to those figures.  The Breastfeeding Bible will cost you the small investment of $12 for our limited introductory launch price.  This is over $1,000 less that what a years worth of formula would cost and half as much as just ONE hour with a lactation specialist.  ALSO, Will your lacatation specialist give you a MONEY-BACK guarantee if their advice doesn't work?  I'm positive they won't, but I will.

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If you are at all skeptical about buying on the internet or for any other reason we have institiuted our 100% No questions asked Money Back Guarantee.  If for any reason for a FULL 8 WEEKS after buy the book you are not completly satisfied, let us know and we will give you a full refund, with No Hassle.

PLUS - You Get to keep the book!

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Order Now Even If It is 2 AM and your baby's crying.


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