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Breaking News: A Hit Rate of 97% achieved in the month of May & June 2009

For The First Time...

 Never Before Revealed To The General Public...

A Set And Forget System That You Can Copy And Profit From Monthly

Are you ready to discover a secret never before revealed to the public?

Once You Learn This System, You Will NEVER Worry About Money Ever Again! Above All ... This Has Nothing To Do With:

Promoting Affiliate products

 Building or maintaining websites

Selling of Products in anyway

Forex or Stock Trading

 Sports Arbitrage

Trading On Betfair

 Laying the Draw in Soccer

 Progressive Betting Systems []

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I tried this system and I must admit that it works 
amazingly well. The good thing about it is that 
it isn't time consuming- Adrian

The Home team system is proving to be a reliable second income for me and my family and 
I want to take this opportunity to thank you 
for a reliable system during these hard times 
and the email support you've given is excellent
- Karen SM

Lately the economy has been in a downward spiral that has placed many people in financial hardship. Many are losing their jobs, interest on debts is increasing and even houses are being repossessed due to the lack of income available for many people holding regular jobs. 

Along with the economic uncertainties we're facing, learning how to think outside of the box is a highly needed ability which can open new ways for you to achieve your financial goals.

This situation should indicate to you that the time has come for you to think in different ways. One of the most feasible ways is to tap into the Football betting market in the comfort of your own home!

But be warned, Betting or rather Football Betting is a huge market, and it won't be an easy undertaking  getting into the market empty handed. Whatever betting activity you're involved in, you need to have a proven strategy and systematic approach if you want to bring home the bacon.

What is referred to as football to the rest of the world, is known as soccer in America, since the name football already goes to the more aggressive sport.

With soccer being the most popular sport on the planet, it is not surprising that soccer betting itself is a million dollar industry.

When it comes to betting systems, it's hard to see the wood from the trees nowadays, as there are hundred's of betting systems and money making promises, each claiming to be the right one finally.

This is why you need a totally new and fresh perspective in soccer betting. We are not just another pretty flower in the field. The betting arena is the place to make money if you know how, as this market has a lot of potential that only a select few know.
 In short, The Home Team System, which has proven to be reliable and consistent time after time is the best way to supplement your present income and bring long term stability to your financial situation.

Here Are Just Some Of The Secrets
You'll Discover Inside
 A Unique 100% 'set and forget' system that you will not find anywhere else.

 Learn how to use the Law of Attraction to win at Soccer Matches and create a monthly income that lasts a lifetime.

Learn an Amazing Concept that continue's to elude the masses and allows you to siphon cash from the billion dollar betting industry.

Learn the different sets of rules used by people Successful in this betting business.

Make use of this Knowledge and set up your own tipster services.

A Spectacular Betting System Designed for the 9-to-5'ers - Easy to learn and Execute.

This is by far the most simple and powerful football system I ever come across, having wasted more than $500 on other useless system in the past, I can't believe you 
are selling this information to the public when 
you can make a fortune with this- Roy Tan


I was asked to paper trade this system in the 
month of May with zero knowledge 
of placing soccer bets. 
What really shocked me was 27 out of 28 
selections won. I was speechless 
and a believer now- Lina Dolan

Here's why we're releasing this manual...

Hype seems to rule the internet world at the moment and WE will not insult 
your intelligence by giving you a lengthy pitch with ridiculous claims in an attempt to "sell" this to you. 

After being misled time and time again, we have decided that enough is enough.  We knew that we could not stop all the fake Gurus out there but what we can do is cut through the confusion online and deliver a reliable product and service.

The Home Team System has been fully tested and perfected for a period of 6 months before releasing to the public.
We believe that by helping others sincerely, that in itself will create a vacuum in the universe for us to receive more in return.

As this advert isn’t designed to deceive you, we are offering documented proof of the system's results for your viewing. This results page will be updated regularly.

[ Documented Proof](http://www.hometeamsystem.com/proof.html)

It has cost us tons of money to get this system right finally. For one low price, you'll get to benefit from ALL our effort and expertise so that you can never worry about money ever again.

 "Don't wait. The time will never be just right."
~ Napoleon Hill


We also offer outstanding, over-the-top customer service. We don’t
mess around – if you need help understanding the manual, just email our 
support crew. They’ll be glad to assist.

With my iron clad, 60 day money back guarantee, there is absolutely nothing to lose. If by following our system, you are unable to improve your earnings, email me and I will have you refunded immediately, no questions asked.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Now is a good time to grab the Home Team System as due to limited betting opportunities during summer, we have bring down the price to  £39.95.

Prices will increase to £49.95 after 15 Sept 2009


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