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I'm just an average guy, father of two, living in small town america who feels lucky to have learned an *important secret* ... if you want to improve the quality of your life and make money with only your internet connection then keep reading ...

I'm going to introduce you to the man that personally helped be become an Internet Success Story and give you the same package that started it all for me.

Read this carefully ...

"The Worlds Most Dangerous Affiliate Unleashes His Spelling Binding '6 Week Affiliate' Video Course That Just Generated A Crushing $134,231.28 Sales For An Affiliate Promotion"

An open letter from Andrew Fox & Dean Clark

Dear Friend,

I'll get straight to the point...

Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest, most powerful ways to make a lot a serious income in the fastest time possible..

But I'll bet my right hand you've been finding it hard to make any profit at all.


Because chances are you've been lied to, ripped off, and been listening to people who don't have a clue what they are doing.

Seriously the amount of "false information" circulating out there is at an all time high.

Before we go any further, WHY should you listen to what I have to say?

'Pound for Pound' he's one of the best affiliate marketers ever. Andrew sold $200,000+ of our products in 2007.
I met Andrew Fox in November 2006 and since then we've become good friends.

But that's not what I'm here to tell you today.

In 2007 I released three different products and EVERY time Andrew ended up as my top affiliate or in the top three.

I'd need to check the *EXACT* sales figures but overall I'm sure he sold over $200,000.00 worth of our product's without even breaking a sweat

'Pound for Pound' he's one of the best affiliate marketers ever.

No matter what you say, the numbers don't lie.

Bottom line, Andrew get results..

Anytime you have a chance to learn affiliate marketing from this guy - Grab it with both hands.

- Chris McNeeny

PS: O yeah the pictures you see of Andrew's Ferrari's and yacht are on the level. I know because in November 2007 we were cruising the Irish Sea in style!


"In The Last 12 Months I've Generated So Many MASSIVE Affiliate Pay Days It's Managed To Buy Me Every Luxury 'Toy' Under The Sun"

Every time there's a big "product launch", EVERY marketer is begging me to promote their product..

Many even try to bribe me with first class holidays, extra bonus commissions and anything that will sway me.

With good reason...


In the last 12 months I've devised a 'step-by-step' affiliate marketing system that is so powerful that...

- ANYONE can get started with no previous experience

- It can help YOU start turning a fast profits.

- It can help create an INSTANT ongoing Internet Business for life.

- With a little effort can create massive affiliate pay days.

More Real Life PROOF of the exact lifestyle I've managed to achieve directly as a result of affiliate marketing.

My Fairline Phantom 40 yacht

My Ferrari 355 and Ferrari 360 Spyder

My Oceanfront Million Dollar Home

"He's one of the only people I consider to be on the cutting edge of affiliate marketing."

Whenever I promote a big product launch, and I check the affiliate leader boards to see who is competing for the top spots, Andrew and I are always running neck and neck. He's not only a good friend, but a tough competitor as well.

If I died tomorrow, and there was one person who I would entrust my entire readership to, it would be Andrew. He's one of the only people I consider to be on the cutting edge of affiliate marketing. Trust me, this is someone you want to learn from.

- Michael Rasmussen

"Unlike 99% of Affiliate Marketers Out There I've Found The 'Missing Link' in Affiliate Marketing That Has Allowed Me To Really CASH IN Big Time"

While most affiliates have been promoting products as an affiliate on Google Adwords and failing miserably I've been raking it in big style.

And I can't blame people for failing!

Every day more affiliates compete to promote the same product.

Online Advertising Costs are being driven through the roof

And the end result...

It's becoming impossible to turn a profit.

See for yourself below...


In the "old" days it was a 'walk in the park' to turn mega profits.

You went to Clickbank.com, picked a few of the top selling products and bought some keywords on Adwords.

Advertising costs were low, competition was next to nothing and the profits began to roll in.

"But It Couldn't Last Forever And The Goldrush Was Over Before It Really Began - Hardly Anyone Could Make A Profit Anymore."

Notice I said "Hardly" anyone...

A long time ago I predicted this would happen and took counter measures against it.

So while everyone was failing miserably, I was making REPEAT PROFITS over and over again without paying a single cent in advertising.

And that's how I came to develop...

The "Affiliate X Factor" - the most powerful, 'step by step 'affiliate money making system I've ever devised.

Here's how it works...

1) You watch the instructional 'step by step' videos.

2) You take action on it.

3) You make repeat PROFITS!

And if you have any questions you can ask me anytime after each lesson.

"Before the Affiliate X Factor Was Finished A Rogue Employee Leaked Part Of the Program And People Started Going Crazy For The Full Course.."

"What makes you different from others - is your accurate and precise implementation of well known tips. And where you shine the most is the art of the product name mastering and marketing - I can't wait to grab this full program!"

- Aliaksandr Beliakou..

"I was totally in shock after reading the report. What Andrew has done in this short amount of time is totally amazing. I can't wait till I get my hands on the actual system. By the way I've already made over $55 dollars in one day by just using one tip in your report."

- Shane Woods

"Hi Andrew, This is my first time buying any of your products and it won't be the last. The Interviews I downloaded were awesome and I am dying to see the rest of them. If this is a sample of what the rest of your products are like I want more".

-Terry Reeves

" Another fantastic piece of quality content from none other than Super Affiliate Mastermind, Andrew Fox! Andrews X-Factor Affiliate is very a detailed report, that not only explains to you in depth what works best with affiliate marketing, it also proves that it works as Andrew has given you pictures of his amazing million dollar home, yacht and also his.. not one, but two Ferrari's!

- Jonny Hardwick

"Andrew, I read the Affiliate X Factor twice already, and will be going over it a few times more yet just to try and absorb the fullness of the tactics used. The content was very revealing and
forthcoming. Simple, yet understandably practical. I cant wait to get the full course"

- Jimmy Gardener

"I believe that Affiliate 'X' Factor is everything it is marked up to be and the instantaneous power of this unique but masterful product will go far into the future for any avid buyer."

- Frank Burns


"Andrew just delivers. Plain and simple. I would have easily paid for the content of the report. I really enjoyed... "
The Three Emails I Sent That Generated Just Under $40,000 Commissions In An Instant!" Can't wait to see what you've got up your sleeve next for the full product...

- Joseph


"Hi Andrew, as always you have shown the way with a great report, It's a blue print of how business is done online if you want to Succeed Online you don't have to reinvent the wheel, just follow a proven system like this and treat it as business. The Affiliate X Factor looks incredible."

- Claus Starup


I'm already very impressed with the free information you've given me. The 'Earning Per Click' method you've described lets a complete newbie without a list, easily compete with the major affiliate marketers.

- Peter Tremayne

Time was against me and the revolution had began...

People were beating my door down to find out "What *EXACTLY* is the Affiliate X Factor?"

Why does it create such MASSIVE results...

What is the secret?

"Announcing the Six Week Intensive Video Coaching 'Affiliate X Factor' Program -
Designed With One Aim In Mind

"To Help Ordinary People Get MASSIVE Results"

Featuring the 'Affiliate X Factor' Walkthrough Handbook that will take you through your weekly tasks.

This 'step by step' process will give you the fastest route and get you up to super affiliate status in the fastest time possible.

It's been 'tried & tested' over 8 years and is the best affiliate training system out there.

It's produced millions of dollars in affiliates sales.

FACT: It really works. It's based on PROOF not theory.

Imagine being able to...

- Have your car payment or even mortgage paid for you each month.

- Take your family on a luxury holiday.

-Make enough extra money to give you a comfortable lifestyle without having to worry about bills .

- Or dedicate yourself like I did and achieve HUGE goals, buy two Ferrari's and live an incredible lifestyle.

Here's one the the affiliate pay checks last year that paid for most of my Ferrari 355.

$70,782.27 Commissions in 7 Days selling Access To The 'Marketing
Main Event 3' Membership Website.


My name is Jeremy Gislason.

In June 2007 my business partner, Simon Hodgkinson and I released our Marketing Main Event 3 website.

We had a ton of partners on board and some of the biggest names in the industry, including guys with offices, big staff and very tough competitor's

Andrew Fox came bursting straight out of the gate as soon as the website was live, leading the pack. His conversion rates were off the chart and he was able to generate $134,000 in sales in less than 7 days.

His final commission was $70,782.27 which is truly un believable.

He is the best at affiliate marketing without a doubt. Any chance you ever get to learn from him, grab it with both hands.

- Jeremy Gislason



Jeremy Gislason

"Here's A Step-By-Step Breakdown Of How I Will Turn You Into A Super Affiliate"

Video Training Week #1 - How to Build a Customer Base That Loves To Do Business With You

If you don't have a customer base I'll show you how to build one at lightning speed that want to give you their business..

-The two types of market that contain rapid, hungry buyers that want to buy on your every recommendation and fill your account with FAT affiliate commissions.

- How to validate that a market is spending money and how you can get your slice of it

- How to use Clickbank's incredible market place function to pick *KILLER* products to promote and make sure you score a winner every time

- Creating a highly optimized landing page, to start building your customer database, beat the 'Google Slap'

- Why there are still markets 'ripe for the taking' because some affiliates are using outdated methods.


Week #2 - " How To Drive Super Targeted Traffic, Build Your Customer Base And Get Into Profit As Fast As Possible"

If you've built your customer base in a market where people don't want to spend money you've just wasted a lot of time.

In this lesson I teach you ...

- The Simple Reason why 99% of Affiliates fail to turn a profit

- The sneaky Google Adwords techniques for finding "hidden keywords" that help you build a list for just 'pennies on the dollar'

- The 'insider secret' to recouping a large percentage of your investment immediately'

- The 'Insider Method' I personally use to spy on the competitors in the market, steal their best campaigns and take them to the cleaners every time.


Week #3 - The Cobra 'Snake Charmer' Method That Makes Your Customer's Fall In Love with You

- How to enter your customers mind, form INSTANT bonds with them and make them feel like they have known you all their life.

- The critical mistake 99% of affiliate marketers make when "talking" to their customers

- How to format your emails, use capital letters and symbols correctly to distinguish yourself from the competition (This is so incredibly simple but will have a MASSIVE impact on creating a relationship with your customers)

- The crucial psychological triggers that will 'force' your customers to trust and bond with you.

- How you can make money without appearing to 'hard sell' your customer.



Video Training Week #4 - The Secret To Creating Authentic Bonus Packages That Have Been Proven to Increase Affiliate Pay Days By 500%+

Adding valuable bonus packages has been one of the *KEY* factors is making the difference between "ok" to massive affiliate pay days.

The problem is most people don't know how to do it properly which creates disastrous results.

-Why you can destroy a customers trust instantly if you create the 'wrong' bonus package.

- How to create original, audio recordings for just 'pennies on the dollars' with a leading expert in your market place that will EXPLODE your profits.

- How to pre sell your bonus package to your customers and get them screaming to buy your recommended products.

- How to add the magic 'fifth element' to put the icing on the cake and break down your customer buying resistance to zero.

Week #5 - Creating Your Pre sell Pages To Skyrocket Profits

Before you could just send traffic from Google Adwords to an affiliate product and make money. Now it's nearly impossible

Understanding how to use "Pre sell" pages is critical.

- In this part of the system I walk you through the different ways to create pre sell pages that make your customers love from you and want to buy your recommendation

- The secret behind the 'review' website method and how you can make it work for you.

- How to dramatically lower your advertising prices with pre sell pages

- I give you my best 'tried and tested' Pre sell pages that have worked over and over again

Week #6 - Adding The Finishing Touches To Create The Monster Affiliate Payday.

- How to use my 'tried & tested' anti link formula to drives conversion rates through the roof. Most affiliates shoot them self in the foot because they never know about this.

- The launch sequence that will have your subscribers waiting for your command to buy.

- **Very Important** - What times of day work best to generate the most profits (I've tested this on ten different affiliate promotions)



"After You've Completed The Six Week Intensive Affiliate X Factor Video Training Course, You Will Be A Dominant Super Affiliate In ANY Market You Choose - I Guarantee It"

[]Since I'm such a big believer in PROOF here's another recent case study of my recent affiliate performance...

"Andrew generated $112,275.21 of sales in January 2008 for Our Stomper Smarts Program This guy is one SERIOUS Affiliate Powerhouse"

I'd heard the name "Andrew Fox" as one of the most dominant affiliates in our market place but had never first hand seen his promotional efforts.

So naturally I was a little bit skeptical about some of the "hype" I had heard about him...

In January 2008 we released our "Stomper S.M.A.R.T.S." coaching program and I noticed Andrew Fox had signed up as one of our affiliate partners.

So now was the time to put this guy to the test...

Did he *REALLY* have what it took to produce huge numbers?

As soon as we launched Andrew was straight into the top 3 positions and never moved.

For a full week he continued to drive a HUGE volume of sales. After all the dust had settled he had made $112,275.21 of sales. PROOF that his methods do work big style.

The guy is one serious affiliate power house and when it comes to creating massive affiliate pay days there's no one better I would rather learn from.

Andy Jenkins
- StomperNet

Andy Jenkins



Every week we will go through a new video in this' step by step' process.

I've also prepared a handbook that will give you the systematic blueprint to follow and what to expect each week.

Here's a screen shot of it below...

"Andrew, I Am Really Interested In Taking Part In The 'Affiliate X Factor' Video Coaching Program But What Experience Do I Need?"

I've designed this 'step by step' video coaching program to be so simple that anyone can get started with ZERO experience.

Seriously this stuff isn't hard and for over 6 years I've been renowned as one of the best 'step by step' coaches in our industry.

I stick to the same philosophy every time.

Keep it simple!

As long as you can watch videos, take notes on my 'step by step' instruction and then take action it will work for you.

How Much Is The 'Affiliate X Factor' REALLY Worth To You?

Well you've probably read about people's claim's that they charge a $750 per hour.

But in real terms many of them never get paid that.

But I can PROVE to you right now that I charge and get $5,000 upwards for any sort of private consulation.

And yes I do have a waiting list of clients.

Read this below..

"I paid Andrew Fox $5,000.00 for personal coaching to help improve my affiliate marketing. It was easily worth FOUR times that amount."

Click the play button above to listen to the audio

My name is Alex Jeffreys and for a long time I'd watched Andrew Fox in awe has he created massive affiliate pay checks like nothing I've ever seen before.

$70,000, $29,113.73 $50,000+ over and over again.

It was scary!

I finally got to meet him in New York at Mike Filsaime's event in February 2007.

I asked him how much personal coaching would be and he said he didn't offer it. For over a year I kept nudging him and eventually he gave in and I threw $5,000 at him before he had a chance to change his mind.

My honest verdict?

I cannot describe how it was the best money I've ever spent. Andrew Fox knows more about affiliate marketing than ANYONE I've ever met and he's helped grow my affiliate business massively.

He just knows things even the top experts don't. Maybe it's from 8 years of testing at the highest level - who know's but he has some sort of gift.

And from a student point of view he was a top coach and very easy to understand

-Alex Jefferys


I'm Offering An Exclusive Price Discount To The First 1000 Customers To Join The 'Affiliate X Factor' Video Coaching Program.

"Now Is Your Chance To Succeed Where Others Have Failed.. "

You've seen the kind of lifestyle affiliate marketing can bring.

You've watched PROOF case studies of how I create $70,000 affiliate pay days just by using my 'Affiliate X Factor' marketing system.

You've even heard from people who pay me $5,000 for a private consultation package.

So the value in the 'Affiliate X Factor' course is on an un imaginable scale.

After careful consideration I felt a generous price for this training course was $997. But even at that level many couldn't afford it no matter how badly they wanted it.

So I decided on this.

To make it affordable to everyone I've decided to charge a starter price of $197 - which is just 'pennies on the dollar' compared to the value you are getting.

It doesn't get any better than this!

[Click Here to order the Affiliate X Factor now!](http://1.DCAD2.pay.clickbank.net)

Here's My Personal Guarantee. Take My 'Affiliate X Factor' Video Training For Six Weeks And Make Money With It. If You Don't Profit Within 56 Days I'll Refund Every Penny!

I am so overly confident that you are going to be absolutely thrilled with this package, I'm going to reverse all the risk. That's why I'm offering to let you try the program and then decide, give it a 56 day 'test-drive'.

Go ahead and review The "Affiliate X Factor " program in it's entirety (that's over 7 hours of information-packed profit material in total ) without risking a single dime. If, for any reason, you're not completely satisfied and think this is worth every penny-- I will be happy to refund every penny of your purchase.

I personally guarantee that -- within the next 56 days-- you will be delighted with this information

... or I'll promptly refund every dime of your money! -- even if you decide to return it just before the last day. No explanation is necessary. This is a zero-risk trial offer and you are under absolutely no obligation to keep the program if you're not 100% satisfied.

All the risk is on me.

I truly want to help you make money online. I get DOZENS of emails each and every day from other online marketers who are trying to make an income online with affiliate marketing. I've put this together to DRAMATICALLY increase their online profits, and I want to help you too.

Affiliate X Factor "PRIORITY " Order Form

YES! I Want INSTANT Access To The 'Affiliate X Factor' 6 Week Video Intensive Training Course Now for $197, $77 special price

Andrew, I am ready to learn the 'tried and tested' secrets of Affiliate Marketing using your step by step video blueprint

I understand that I will gain immediate access to a secure private members area[]

I understand I will receive a workbook with details of my six week course

I understand that I will receive the first video immediately and the following videos will be emailed once per week.

Finally I understand the Affiliate X Factor course may be pulled from the market at anytime and I need to place my order now to gain immediate access

[Click Here to make a one time payment of $77](http://1.DCAD2.pay.clickbank.net)

All orders are processed using Clickbank's state of the art security system so you are always fully protected

Affiliate marketing is hands down, one of the fastest ways to start making quick profits online.

Remember this is not some regular ebook - it's a 'step-by-step' 6 week video tutorial coaching system that wipes the floor with other training courses out there.

Now with the 'Affiliate X Factor' 6 week video course you can stake your share in the fortune. [](#order)[Click Here to order now](http://1.DCAD2.pay.clickbank.net)

We wish you the best of success,

Andrew Fox & Dean Clark

P.S. – There really is going to be a price rise after the first 1000 customers. Judging by the amount of people who want on board it won't be long until spaces are all filled up. [](#order)[Secure your spot now](http://1.DCAD2.pay.clickbank.net)

*Disclaimer. Please note, Clickbank is in no way affiliated with or endorses this product.

Dean Clark, Taylorville, IL 62568 USA

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