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How to Dropout of High School and Go Straight to College

Gain independence, take on greater challenges, and reach your goals, saving both time and money.[](http://www.howtodropoutofhighschool.com)

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Book Description

I Skipped High School
I skipped my junior and senior years of high school and went straight to college. I don't have a high school degree. I don't need one--I have a bachelor's degree from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD).

Why Did I Do It?
My sophomore year of high school bored me. I was taking my first Advanced Placement (AP) class and realized what the next two years held in store for me--stress. AP is supposed to be a way to get college credit while in high school. That sounds good. The reality is different.
AP classes take a full school year vs. college courses take a semester or quarter.After that long year, AP classes require you to take a cumulative standardized exam to earn college credit. You could earn an A in the class but have a bad test day and get no college credit. One year wasted.Even if you do get a passing score (3 or better) on the AP exam, many colleges only give you partial credit if you get a 5 (and sometimes not even then).Each exam [costs $86](http://www.collegeboard.com/student/testing/ap/cal.html). This is more expensive than some colleges charge for a semester of legitimate credit. 
Why take AP classes at all? To be competitive. I needed a full load of AP classes my junior and senior years if I wanted to compete with my peers (who were doing the same thing).

I wanted to go to UCSD. I knew that it would be difficult to get into such a competitive school unless I had top grades in all of my AP classes and competitive scores in my standardized tests. Even if I did earn top scores, this would be difficult. This was especially true because my high school counselor placed me in the wrong classes, making it more difficult to take the classes I needed to be competitive. There had to be a better way. There is.

Many high school students look forward to the freedom college provides. I was no exception, and if you're viewing this page, you probably aren't either. College allows you to set your own schedules, have more free time, learn more interesting subjects and study with students that are interested in the material. The upsides are numerous. This was my solution to the high school problem.

How Did I Do It?
I tell my story in my book, How to Dropout of High School and Go Straight to College. I explain the realities of dropping out as well as the new challenges you'll face when you decide to skip high school and go to college.

Note the following
The information I provide in the book may not work for everyone given the various school districts in different locations with different requirements. I would generally recommend this advice to people in the United States.Upon purchase, you will receive the product via email immediately.The purchase price is $29.95.The format is PDF.

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