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IBS Eliminated - Limited Time Special Offer

Cure Irritable Bowel Syndrome Today -  The Secret to a long term Natural IBS Cure.  You can Stop IBS Fast!


From Kim B - IBS, Diet and Health Researcher and Author

Dear Fellow IBS Sufferer, 

Firstly I want you to know that you can eliminate your painful IBS for good, no if’s or but’s. I know because I suffered with severe IBS for years and really believed there was nothing I could do!

Having “loose bowels” without warning was a common experience for me. I would regularly find myself in situations when I would have to excuse myself and leave. Not fun when you are in a social environment or in a business meeting!



Have you Suffered with any of these below?
Regular Constipation Bloating and extra gas or wind Frequent Diarrhea Acid Reflux Food intolerances (such as Wheat, Milk, Egg, Yeast etc) Tiredness throughout the day Lack of energy Bad skin Backache Headache Depression or Anxiety Abnormal weight gain Lack of concentration

If you have IBS right now then you know how it can affect your life.  It becomes this constant worry that interrupts your daily routine. I could not work out why I had constant bloating. Even when I watched the food I ate I still suffered from severe bloating. If you have experienced this then you know how horrible it is.

What Doctors don’t know - Beware!

At the worst point of the IBS I decided to see what the Doctors could do. Well interestingly I found out they don’t have a solution for IBS. All they told me was that IBS is common in many people and the typical reasons are excess Bread, Pasta and Milk. Not much help there then!  It is crazy that Doctors don't take Irritable Bowel Syndrome seriously.  They tend to think that it's something that should be treated with pills or medicine.

While this might help very short term it is not something that will help cure IBS for good.  Prevention is better than treatment in this instance!

You will Start to Feel Better in Days

Thank you Thank you!

The information contained within this book really changed my life...it really did. I had a serious IBS problem that no one seemed to have answers too. After having many tests and trying everything people suggested I was almost ready to admit defeat. I was losing weight (too fast), had no energy at all and just couldn't keep anything down, including water! I couldn't sleep as anything I would have eaten that day would come up in the evening. I was even passing blood.

I really was in a bad way and family started to get very worried for me. Then I read the information in your eBook and took the steps you suggested. Well what a change! I realised that I was doing all the wrong things and identified several foods that were the problem. Now I have a long term solution and my body is in great shape!
Matt B - UK

I really was in absolutely miserable and just didn't know where to go for help.  My Doctor didn't seem to have any answers and a couple of nutritional seminars I went to gave some tips but nothing that actually seemed to give a long term solution.

"IBS was taking over my life" 

So what next? Well a friend of mine had recently heard about taking a Food Intolerance Test.


That sounded like a great idea as it’s a scientific test to determine what is causing my IBS. Well the first question I had was “Do Food Intolerance Tests really Work?” She didn’t know but I thought I had to give it a go. Well the test came back and I did indeed have several food intolerances; they were - Gluten, Dairy, Eggs, Yeast, Almonds, Brazil Nuts and Tuna.  What a selection!  I couldn't believe that all these came back in my Food Intolerance Test.  After getting over that! I thought   "Great! All I have to do now is take them out of my diet and my IBS will go away"


"I just couldn't believe how quickly the information in your course stopped my IBS"

Well I think you might know what happened then? I did remove all the foods identified with my Irritable Bowel Syndrome and for a while this worked great. I was able to go about my business without much worry. Social events and business meetings became enjoyable again and my life seemed great.  I even lost some weight which was amazing as those last pounds always seemed really hard to get rid of. And the Hay Fever I had suffered with went away.  I just watched what I ate and my body loved it!

Then it happened. Slowly the IBS came back. I couldn’t believe it! After a few months of joy the symptoms started to return. My hay fever returned worse than ever, my bowels were loose again and I didn’t seem to have any control on the bloating. The weight returned as well. I was desolate.

"Kim all I can say is Thank You again!"

Enough was enough. I needed a long term, guaranteed cure for IBS and I was ready to do all it took to find it. I was on a mission. I spent the next six months reading every health and diet magazine and book I could afford. I spent hours on the internet pouring over articles and blog sites looking for clues from diet and health professionals and nutritionists.

The best knowledge from Nutritionists, Health Workers and Dieticians have all gone into this book. I also researched: -
Celiac Disease Diverticulitis Bowel Cancer Crohn's Disease Leaky Gut Syndrome

By the end of 6 months there wasn’t much on IBS I hadn’t read or heard about. Friends and family started coming to me with their IBS and gut related problems for help. At first I wasn’t sure I was comfortable with this new title – “IBS Expert” but slowly I realised that people were really getting help from me and that I could make a difference in their lives.

My friends suggested that I should write a book on IBS so that other people could benefit from all the knowledge I had. Honestly I just thought at first that was a ridiculous idea. I was not an author and really had no dream to be one.  But they were right.

Rather than look at it for me I realised I should be looking at this for other people. If I wrote about my experiences and knowledge that in turn helped just one person cure IBS then it would be worth it.


You can Cure IBS Fast - Start Today and see results in days

The problem with most IBS diets or remedies is that they are short term. They don't look at the problem with a long term plan. That is exactly what people need, long term results.

"The key is a plan for you that keeps IBS Gone For Good"

There is no point solving IBS and then getting it again in 2 months.  You need a long term way to keep it gone for good.  That's what my eBook course gives you.

The biggest part is learning what foods are causing your IBS now and finding out what might cause it down the road.  It doesn't matter how long you have had IBS I know that with the right information you can cure it.

100's of people have solved their IBS with the information in this eBook course.  Remember I have picked the best information from around the world.  Secrets that work.

This is your pass to a Healthy LifeStyle and Diet.


Small sample of what you will get in the eBook Course 

  No More Constipation - I show you how to get rid of it for good

 History of IBS and why so many people suffer today

 Stop Bloating and Extra Gas with easy changes to your Diet

 We will identify what is causing diarrhea and eliminate it fast

 Clear Your Body of Food Intolerances

 How IBS is related to weight gain

 Find the foods your body wants

 Learn the secrets to getting the right alkaline/acid balance

 Discover how you can have energy all day long without caffeine or sugar!

 Get practical food plans to keep the IBS away for good

 Know why some foods have hidden ingredients and how to avoid them

 Easy tips to follow when "on the go" or eating out

 What nutritional products to take that really help

 Tips on Herbal Supplements and how to use them

 How to rid yourself of medicine for IBS

 Day to day changes you can make in you lifestyle to help with your IBS 

Premium content packed full of knowledge from some of the leading resources on IBS. It has practical easy to use guides to give you results fast!

You should see results within a few days if not sooner.  Many people report they get results using this information within the first few days.

IBS can be cured if you just have the right information!



I am so confident that you will see results with my course that I provide 100% 60 day Money Back guarantee.  This means that if you are not 100% happy with what you have paid for you can get all your money back. 

My 60 day 100% Guarantee

1. If you are not 100% happy with the course then I will refund your money no questions asked.

2. If you follow the advice and don't see any results then I will also refund your money no questions asked

.....and you can keep the information!

I really hope you see this as confidence in me and the course.

Regards Kim


I know that if you follow the information in this eBook course then you will be able to
Identify what is causing your IBS  Create a plan to rapidly cure your IBS  Enjoy your new IBS free lifestyle! 

So what's the catch?

I am so happy you asked!  I really hope that you don't see any catches in this at all. My goal is to help you get rid of your IBS for good.  I have written this book based on the knowledge I have gained over the last few years and from curing my own IBS.  Also from helping many others who have come to me for knowledge and help.

The only catch would be if you don't use this information to help with your IBS.  If you don't use this book please let me know and I will refund your money.

This is not a "Magic Potion"

Please remember this is not a magic potion for IBS. It takes some time and effort to get rid of IBS for good. I take you through a step by step plan to identify why you have IBS and then how to stop it.

It is a plan rather than a quick fix (however you might get quick results!).  It is more of an investment into your health rather than just buying magic potion.




Bonus 1  - Free Easy Alkaline Meal Guide Value - $29.00

When you order the "IBS Eliminated" eBook today I am going to include this fantastic FREE gift.  The "Easy Alkaline Meal Guide".  This guide alone can sell for $29.00 so it's a great gift.  I am giving this to you 100% FREE.

One of the biggest challenges to our body is the food we put in it. The other biggest challenge is knowing how to eat right for our body. In this guide you will be given 20 of the best recipes for a balanced Alkaline diet. All you have to do is enjoy making them!


Bonus 2 - 3 month's FREE access to my members only Platinum membership site Value $31.00

I am giving you 3 month's FREE access to my Platinum members site.  This is one of the most comprehensive IBS sites on the internet.

I have created a members site for all IBS sufferers.  We have loads of articles, guides, tips, audio downloads, interview and advice.  It is also a place where you can share stories and advice with other people who have suffered with IBS.

As a Platinum member you will get access to the latest IBS information from experts in the field.  The key to long term health is keeping up to date and that is exactly why this membership has been created.

That's $60.00 (probably worth more) of FREE bonus gifts just for getting a copy of IBS Eliminated !


 This will give you the information that works  You can be free of IBS Fast!

So to sum up you are going to get one of the best available courses that will help you stop your painful IBS fast.  It has been created from 100's of hours of research from someone who has cured their IBS.  You will quickly find what is causing your problems and how to eliminate them for good.  You are also going to get a copy of the "Easy Alkaline Meal Guide" 100% FREE and 3 Months Access to my Platinum members only site





Only $29.00 today!


[Yes, I would like to order the IBS Eliminated eBook Course and access to the Membership site now at the offer of $29.00.  I want to eliminate IBS now!](Customise-order-Offer-1.html)


Time Sensitive Offer.  This eBook can sell for $49.00 but you can download it now (with the Free gift) for just $29.00  Why am I selling this at a discount right now?  Well it sells really well at the higher price but I want to make sure more people get the opportunity to solve their IBS issues.  So by offering a discount more people will buy it.




Please remember this is not a magic potion to Cure IBS.  It is a genuine plan to eliminate Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  You could see results fast and the goal is to give you a way to have a healthy IBS free lifestyle.

If you are not happy with the course you can get your money back.  You are covered by my 60 day guarantee.

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(c) 2009 IBSEliminated.com

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