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What are rssE users

rssEvolution is the perfect..

example of the future of Adsense income
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It is insanely fast and it is...

a site. Finding the RSS content was so painless and only took a few seconds.
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rssEvolution fit flawlessly...

into my business
model.  You guys hit the nail
on the head with this one. 
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rssEvolution is in a class...

it's own.  Search Engines want content and it seems that Rss
Evolution can deliver them with just what they want.
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In the time it takes you to read

this sentence, an rssEvolution
user is creating a FULLY functional,
search engine optimized, traffic and PROFIT ready website with totally ***unique content!
(Read that sentence again and
they'll have produced two sites.  And no matter what your
skill level, you can too...)

▲ 129 copies left
until price change ▲ 

(This number counts down automatically at the end of each day
with our sales. 
When it reaches 0, the rssEvolution price goes up by $100.)

No one says it better than an rssEvolution user...

“Search Engines want content and it seems that RssEvolution can deliver them with just what they want. Most importantly, I created my first site in less than 10 minutes, even without reading the installation manual. Rating: RssEvolution features in the Top 3 Software releases this year."
Sam Kern - Internet Marketing and Seo Consultant

Hi, my name is Scott Trimble and welcome to
rssEvolution.  Let's not waste time with the usual mumbo
jumbo.  We both know why you're here - to make more money
on the web.  And I'll assume you realize the importance of
the tools you use to do it.  So lets get right to the
In the simplest sense, RssEvolution is a
website builder.  But, in the hands of someone that
wants to make money on the internet, it's an online marketing
powerhouse.  This is what it does:
RssEvolution exploits RSS feeds so simply
and so effectively, it takes virtually ALL of the work and time
out of site creation, allowing you to create more sites, spend
more time getting links and making more money .  And there’s NOTHING on the market like it.
Check out our
quick video to see how FAST, EASY and POWERFUL rssEvolution really is.

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So, what can rssEvolution
do for you?

(the 10 "must
know" points
of rssE...)

Produce a FULL website with ANY RSS
feed(s) in seconds.
Produce a FULL website (index page, sitemap, content pages) from ANY rss feed you
want (either public, private or your
own) in less than 2 minutes. This means pages are created
with content already built in, they're interlinked for you, a
sitemap is made and your pages are perfectly optimized to target any
market you want to profit from.  And the process is SO
Significant Search Engine Value

Produce totally unique content and text.
Fly under the search engines' duplicate content radar by simply mixing
and combining RSS feeds and text so your content is ALWAYS seen as unique by the search engines.

Significant Search Engine Value

Laser targeted to any market you want
to profit from.
Target your pages to whatever keywords and markets you want by
letting rssE automatically find and use
RSS feeds based perfectly on YOUR
CHOSEN KEYWORDS! You're also able to
automatically insert your chosen
keywords directly into your site's text
for laser targeting to ANY market you
want. And search engines LOVE
targeted sites!
Significant Search Engine Value

Everything is done for you, EVEN your
sites' pages are linked up.
RssE automatically interlinks your site pages so SE spiders can
easily index EVERYTHING in your site.

5 full website templates.
Not only does rssE come with 5 website templates, but with a
little html knowledge, template customization is incredibly easy. 
(And we've included help articles on how). You can tweak, prod or change these templates in any way you want to make
hundreds of your own, unique websites.

It's Simple.
This is by far the easiest application we've ever created. 
Open it, follow the steps and WHAM! - you have a full website
ready for upload to your server.  5-10 minutes of
instruction and you'll be flying!

It's FAST.
This program is crazy fast (complete site generation in less than
minutes).  You'll be able to get MORE SITES into the
search engines faster.

Full guidance with video tutorials, help articles, skilled support
and 2 sample projects.
Full video tutorials and help articles
included.  Our support is online
almost around the clock and 2 complete example projects were included with
the package to make this easy system even easier.

MORE UNIQUE CONTENT: load text files directly into your site.
Don't want to stop at RSS?  RssEvolution allows you to load
text files right from your computer into the software. 
Fill out your sites' pages with ANY TEXT
YOU WANT for even better indexing,
search engine ranks and profitability. 

Significant Search Engine Value

FeaturesWhile remaining easy to learn and
effortless to implement, RssEvolution
provides full flexibility for the
advanced user. 
●  Give more
weight to your site links by pairing
links within your sites with relevant
anchor text.
●  Give your sites added relevancy
by by letting rssE automatically place
related text pieces wherever you want. 
Within the content body, between RSS
text, even within page titles.
●  RssE gives you the ability to
split your uploaded text up.  You
can then choose where these different
units of text appear within your site. 

●  And don't even get me started on
the potential of pairing this with
BlogSolution and ContentSolution...

Significant Search Engine Value


Try rssEvolution
right now for NOTHING!

Try a FULL version of rssEvolution for 3 days,
completely for
FREE.  No strings attached - try it out and see for
yourself how rssEvolution can launch your online marketing
campaigns into the stratosphere... 

Your Name:

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behind rssEvolution?
The “corporate version”:
Halfagain LLC is a developer of progressive marketing technology and strategy. Our home office is located in Portland, Oregon while we maintain satellite offices in both Kiev, Ukraine and Bucharest, Romania.
The "real"  version:
We are a partnership of internet/SEO marketers and programmers who
eat, breathe and live to create mind-blowing software that
helps people like you, make more money.
Most of our experience is hands on and "real life". When a little over a year ago, we realized we could consistently beat the system with our own, in-house tools, we moved into private product development.

Today, we find ourselves the developers of the wildly popular tools the BlogSolution and the ContentSolution, with our newest program the ContentClub, soon to be launched.


The Internet Success Disclaimer:

I’ll be honest with you. It’s possible to use rssEvolution to kick some serious ass.
HOWEVER, though it's a fantastic tool, the real money-making
potential is
up to you - which means it is NOT a push button to success. 
There, just wanted to get that out there.
rssEvolution now.

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