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$15.00US monthly payments for 12 months

(that is 12 x $15.00 monthly payments)

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Amy Renfrey

Digital Photographer, Digital Photography Teacher & Author

[ www.SuccessfulDigitalPhotography.com](http://www.SuccessfulDigitalPhotography.com)


June 2009 Issue...



Here's what's in this issue...


Editor's Message...
“Celebrating Music”

Feature Articles...
Tips and Hints for Great Wildlife Photography

A Basic Introduction to Lenses

The Other Photo Editing Programs

Photo Competition...
The winner of the competition with the theme this month of “Music”

Photo Editing Tips...
Correcting Multiple Problems with Photoshop

Snap 'n' Earn...
Some Tips on How to Run a Photography Business

By Roy Barker

Professional Techniques “How To”...
Successful Wide Angle Photography

Shooting Photographs by Candlelight

The Digital Sunrise

Visit Your Camera Manufacturer’s Website

Basics of Bracketing

Creative Travel Photography

Memories…Get Reliable Results by Storing Settings

Creative Photographs with Filters

Photography in Gloomy Weather


Video Tutorials...
Creating Powerful Shadows – 19.00 minutes

The Photographers Secrets – 19.43 minutes

This Month's Photo Critiques – 34.53 minutes

(Part 1 - 16.58 minutes, Part 2 - 17.27 minute)

Helpful Tips...
Digital Photography Lighting Techniques - Emphasizing Your Subject With Selective Lighting By Thomas Luttig

Defining Street Photography By Dave Beckerman

Q and A...

Your questions answered in easy, plain English, with visual

demonstrations to explain my answers.


Great Resources...
Ebook learning resources on various digital photography topics


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