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[Girls with Guts Part 1: HAYLEY TURNER
](http://www.eclipsemagazine.co.uk/magazine/racing/girlswithgutspart1:hayleyturner.html)Sara Waterson profiles the first woman jockey to ride 100 winners in a year

[H](http://www.eclipsemagazine.co.uk/magazine/racing/heroshelpforex-racehorses.html)[EROS Help for Ex-racehorses
](http://www.eclipsemagazine.co.uk/magazine/racing/heroshelpforex-racehorses.html)How Grace Muir helps horses find a new career

[The Perfect Present](http://www.eclipsemagazine.co.uk/magazine/racing/whattogetthepersonwhohaseverything.html)[
](http://www.eclipsemagazine.co.uk/magazine/racing/whattogetthepersonwhohaseverything.html)For the 'Person who has Everything'

[The NagWAG Diaries...
](http://www.eclipsemagazine.co.uk/magazine/racing/thenagwagdiaries.html)What it's really like to live with a jockey



[The Racing Fan Behind Boycie

[60 seconds with... Ruby Walsh](http://www.eclipsemagazine.co.uk/magazine/interviews/jockeys/60secondswith.html)
Eimear Chance catches up with the top jockey

[Fast Forward](http://www.eclipsemagazine.co.uk/magazine/racing/interviews/fastforward.html)[
](http://www.eclipsemagazine.co.uk/magazine/racing/interviews/fastforward.html)Olympic medallist Tina Cook's racing blood

[Mick Channon](http://www.eclipsemagazine.co.uk/magazine/racing/interviews/thebiginterview-mickchannon.html)[
](http://www.eclipsemagazine.co.uk/magazine/racing/interviews/thebiginterview-mickchannon.html)Racing trainer and ex-footballer




[Kiss High Heel Hell Goodbye](http://www.eclipsemagazine.co.uk/magazine/fashion/womensfashion/kisshighheelhellgoodbye.html)

A new fashion footwear brand has come to the assistance of racing ladies everywhere...


[Beauty Blog](http://www.eclipsemagazine.co.uk/magazine/fashion/hairandbeauty)

We're delighted to bring you an outstanding Beauty Blog...

[Mark of a Gentleman](http://www.eclipsemagazine.co.uk/magazine/fashion/mensfashion)
Guys, it's time for bespoke suits and designer accessories



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Ladies' Days 09

](http://www.eclipsemagazine.co.uk/magazine/whatson/ladiesdays2009.html)Your guide to great days out

[Ladies' Days - by date order](http://www.eclipsemagazine.co.uk/magazine/whatson/ladiesdays2009-dates.html)
Dig out your diary and get booking!

[Ladies' Days - by racecourse](http://www.eclipsemagazine.co.uk/magazine/whatson/ladiesdays2009-racecourses.html)
Find out
what's on at a
racecourse near you


[WIN tickets for Exeter Ladies' Night

[Win a Turf Legends Shirt


[Out and About](http://www.eclipsemagazine.co.uk/magazine/outandabout)

Did our photographers snap you?
Reports from racing and events around the country...

[Lambourn Open Day](http://www.eclipsemagazine.co.uk/magazine/lambournopenday.html)

[The Thoroughbred Breeders Association Visit to David Pipe](http://www.eclipsemagazine.co.uk/magazine/thethoroughbredbreedersassociationvisittodavidpipe.html)

[Aintree Ladies' Day](http://www.eclipsemagazine.co.uk/magazine/aintreeladiesday3april2009.html)

[Tabley Point to Point](http://www.eclipsemagazine.co.uk/magazine/tableypointtopoint5april.html)

[Cheltenham Festival](http://www.eclipsemagazine.co.uk/magazine/outandabout/cheltenhamfestival2009.html)

[Wincanton Parade of Champions](http://www.eclipsemagazine.co.uk/magazine/outandabout/wincantonparadeofchampions.html) 

[Sandown Military Days 2009](http://www.eclipsemagazine.co.uk/magazine/outandabout/sandownmilitarycupdays2009.html)

[Betting Guide](http://www.eclipsemagazine.co.uk/magazine/bettingguide)

[Paul Cooper's betting series](http://www.eclipsemagazine.co.uk/magazine/bettingguide/paulcooper)

[Eclipse Tipster 




[Tottenham Star visits Kempton for horse debut](http://www.eclipsemagazine.co.uk/magazine/news/tottenhamstarvisitskemptonforhorsedebut.html)

[Queen of Darts is Face of Carlisle Ladies' Day](http://www.eclipsemagazine.co.uk/magazine/news/queenofdartsisfaceofcarlisleladiesday.html)


[Dunwoody climbs Mountain to meet Owners](http://www.eclipsemagazine.co.uk/magazine/news/dunwoodyclimbsmountaintomeetowners.html)


[Kempton's a Winner for James Nesbitt


[Beginners Guide](http://www.eclipsemagazine.co.uk/magazine/beginnersguide)

The Circuit Ritual

[Understanding Odds


[Food and Drink](http://www.eclipsemagazine.co.uk/magazine/foodanddrink)

[Recipe - Rowan Cottage Kitchen's Mini Pork Pies](http://www.eclipsemagazine.co.uk/magazine/foodanddrink/recipe-miniporkpies.html)

[The Wine List


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[](http://www.eclipsemagazine.co.uk/userfiles/flash/Nat1/Player1.html) Natalie Kerry has a quick chat with Liam Treadwell, the 
Grand National-winning jockey
[More videos](http://www.eclipsemagazine.co.uk/magazine/videolibrary)



Clickbank Welcome Page

Going Racing?

Are you lucky enough to have been invited by someone else? Or are you a corporate host arranging client hospitality? Maybe you’ve never been racing but thought it sounds fun?

Perhaps you've been watching Royal Ascot and want to understand a bit more about what is going on...

Whatever the reason, there's a new product available to answer all of your questions.

Containing information about the Best Bits of British Racing, our new pdf e-book is an interesting, fun and informative insight into the elite world of Horseracing.

Download our e-book 'A Social Day at the Races' Now!

At just £2.99 it costs less than a sandwich and will make your racing experience so much more enjoyable!!

[Buy the Book Now!](http://1.eclipsemag.pay.clickbank.net)

If you’ve got your ticket, or are planning to acquire one, the chances are you’ll be wondering what to wear, perhaps be a little nervous about what to expect, and be trusting to fate that you’ll figure out how to place a bet without making too much of a fool of yourself on the day…
Stress no more! Help is at hand in the shape of 'A Social Day at the Races'.
Official BHA Review: ‘A Social Day at the Races' is a great place for a wannabe racing enthusiast to start. It offers simple explanations and helpful hints, from what to wear and what to bring to a day at the races, through to suggestions on how to make your pound stretch and walk the ‘racing circuit’ like the pros. It’s surprising how much a little bit of knowledge can enhance your racing experience and help you to get the most out of your day – once the book has helped you to crack the racing jargon, there’s also a handy guide to Britain’s 61 racecourses and a list of the racing (and social!) calendar highlights. All you then need to do is book your tickets! - Amy Sherman, BHA Promotions Manager

This comprehensive guide advises when to go racing, what to wear, how to bet and the best ways to blend in with the regulars.
Available as an e-book, the guide contains 70 pages of practical tips, background information and jargon busting, written in an easily digestible and entertaining style so you’ll be able to swot up before your day out and show off your racing savvy with style.
Chapters include: ‘Cracking the Dress Code’, ‘Mingling with the racing rhythm’, ‘Staking your life with the bookies’, ‘Racing jargon’ and ‘The UK’s big races’.
[All this for only £2.99!](http://1.eclipsemag.pay.clickbank.net)
And you’re in the right hands: www.eclipsemagazine.co.uk is supported by top sports television presenter Clare Balding as well as racecourses and racing organisations – we are all about the social side of racing.

[Download the e-book now and see what it's all about!](http://1.eclipsemag.pay.clickbank.net)

We provide information and entertainment for the 75% of people who go to the races every year simply because they enjoy the hats, champagne and dressing up for the occasion, focusing on the human rather than the horse perspective, with interviews, competitions, events listings, and much, much more!
Having canvassed ‘social racegoers’ about what would encourage them to go racing more often, www.eclipsemagazine.co.uk heard the same story time after time – people had a great time, but didn’t know enough about racing to feel comfortable going on a regular basis.
So, we came up with 'A Social Day at the Races' to break through this pain barrier.
If you’ve never been racing before or you want to know more about how things work, then this is the book for you.
Upon buying the book from Clickbank, you will be redirected to a confirmation page on [www.eclipsemagazine.co.uk](http://www.eclipsemagazine.co.uk)  where you will be able to download the pdf book immediately.

PLEASE NOTE that your credit card or bank statement will show a charge by ClickBank or CLKBANK*COM, rather than a reference to Eclipse Magazine or 'A Social Day at the Races'
Terms and conditions: All content in the book is copyright of Eclipse Magazine Ltd and no part of it may be copied or reproduced in any way without permission.
 [CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE NOW](http://1.eclipsemag.pay.clickbank.net) 



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