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Nonprofits—Increase Your Donations with PR!!

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Learn How to Unleash the Power of Public Relations on a Shoestring Budget!

Today’s difficult economy has put even more strain on nonprofit organizations. Charities must work harder for donations from individuals and corporations as people watch their savings accounts shrink and corporate budgets are cut.

Strong supporters will always be there in one or another, albeit reduced amounts, so the challenge becomes finding new sources of income from additional donors. What's the best way to reach this untapped audience?

The most successful approach includes the design of a comprehensive public relations campaign. Most organizations think to have an effective public relations program you must hire a PR agency or have a completely dedicated staff member. Not true!! 

It is possible to create a public relations program on a shoestring budget!  This PR Toolkit will set you off in the right direction to create your program and spark new ideas for fundraising and promoting your cause!

[GET YOUR PR TOOLKIT NOW](http://1.beagrice.pay.clickbank.net/)

PR Toolkit includes: 10 steps to success Ways to establish your message Press release examples Media interview tips Checklists for media kits and press conferences Fact sheet and FAQ templates Donation, membership and volunteer thank you letters Monthly newsletter ideas Grant and event sponsorship requests Much more!

Receive your Nonprofit PR Toolkit today for only $19.99!

That's less than the cost of one hour of billable time from a junior team member at a PR agency!!

Purchase now and download the PDF file instantly.

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