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Attention! If You Suffer From Tinnitus, This Will Be The Most Important Letter You'll Ever Read...

"Who Else Wants To Use This Exremely Effective Method To Completely Cure Tinnitus Within Days... Without The Use Of Drugs... Background Noise.... Or Worthless Coping Mechanisms...?

That's Right... Find Out How This Chronic Tinnitus Sufferer Stumbled Upon A Scientifically Proven Method That You Could Be Using Right Now To End Tinnitus Permanently... 100% Naturally"

"Finally, An Effective Way To Completely Rid Yourself From Tinnitus And Start Living The Life You Deserve. Are You Ready To Join The Hundreds Of Ex-Tinnitus Sufferer's That Have Used The Exact Same Blueprint To Become Tinnitus Free Within Days From Now...?"

From: Matthew Carpenter  Date: 26 May

Dear Friend,

I know how it feels to suffer from Tinnitus... the annoyance... the pain... the way doctors just tell you to "live with it"... the fear of knowing how serious a problem it can be if it gets worse... and the fact that no-one can relate to you.

You are not alone.

Thousands of people around the world experience the exact same trauma as you on an ongoing, daily basis.

But what if I was tell you that you don't have to just "live with it" and that hundreds of Tinnitus sufferers just like you have used this easy, natural and deadly effective way to put a stop to their tinnitus that I'm about to reveal to you...



"This Stuff Works... My Tinnitus Has Completely Disappeard "

 Matthew, this stuff works.

I've followed your advice exactly to the word, and the results have been astounding. I've suffered from Tinnitus for most of my life and I thought I'd tried everything! But it's been just 6 weeks since I found your website and my Tinnitus has completely dissappeard.

I can't thank you enough!

- Andrew L, Florida



 "No Longer Do I Have To Just Cope With Tinnitus"


Thank you so much for your advice. I've suffered from Tinnitus since I was a young boy and have learned to just cope with it over the years. I stumbled upon your website and thought I'd give it a shot... I had nothing to lose.

Well guess what? It's completely gone.

No longer do I have to just cope with tinnitus. There's no tinnitus to cope with! thank you so much.

All the best,

- David B, Manchester, UK



"I Saw Results Within Days"


Thank you so much for creating Diminish Tinnitus. I saw results within days of reading your book it took me just 6 weeks to become completely tinnitus free.

I still find it hard believe even now as I write this. I'd lived for so long with tinnitus that I had just given up trying to do anything about it. I'm so glad that I actually read your book and did what you taught me, I've never looked back.

God bless,

Mary, Chicago


My Personal Experience With Tinnitus...

Hello, my name is Matthew Carpenter.

I first experienced a problem with Tinnitus... although I didn't know it at the time... when I was in my late teens. I think I was 17 to be exact. I would just have the odd ringing in my ears only a few times a month. It would only last anywhere from 10 - 20 seconds and then it would clear up. But it kept happening.

Over the next year or so this started happening on a weekly basis. At least a few times a week I would get this ringing in my ears and it took a good 40 - 60 seconds for it to go away. This is when I realized that this could be a problem. I just prayed that it wouldn't get any worse.

As I got even older, I noticed how this ringing in my ears was often triggered by certain things. For example... it would happen after just listening to music, or playing on the computer... or drinking just a bit of alcohol. But what scared me the most was that it wasn't going away very quickly. It would take as much as a few hours before the ringing completely stopped.

One night I went out to a party but ended up coming home early because the ringing was so bad. I went straight to bed but couldn't get to sleep for hours. Not only was the high pitched ringing keeping me awake... but the thought that this might be a permanent problem scared me more than anything...

I eventually managed to get some sleep and just hoped it would be gone in the morning like when I was 17.

However, when I woke up the next day... the insane ringing was still there. It hadn't reduced one bit. I figured this might just of been due to the loud music the night before but I knew this was different.

I tried to put it to the back of my mind during the next day... but you know how hard that is... it was ALL I could think about.

Again, I found it difficult to get to sleep that night and just prayed again that it would be gone in the morning....

Was I going to have to change my lifestyle because of this? Was I going the have to stop drinking? Was I going to have to stop socializing? Would it EVER go away?

When I woke up the next morning... the ringing had not gone even in the slightest.

That day I went to see my doctor and he confirmed my worst nightmare:

"I Had Tinnitus And I would Have Permanent Hearing Damage For The Rest Of My Life"

He told me I had permanent hearing damage and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. This was a problem that could not be cured.

I felt sick.

I felt scared.

"Why me?" I asked. "What had I done to make me deserve this?"

Tinnitus was ruining my life... I couldn't do the things I really wanted to do... I lost my confidence... I couldn't socialize with my friends, let alone get a girlfriend... I couldn't drink alcohol... I could barely sleep at night...

I became so depressed. Can you relate to this?

So I decided to do as the doctor said... and I just "lived with it." I accepted the fact that I had tinnitus and that I would never be "normal" again.

This went on for about a couple more months... I just suffered with tinnitus like so many people do.

But then one day I'd had enough. I don't know what motivated me but I just decided that enough was enough. I didn't care what the doctor thought.... I'd heard stories of people curing their tinnitus and I was willing to do whatever it took to do the same for me.

Over the next couple of months I devoted my time to finding out exactly how to cure my tinnitus. I read books, I surfed the Internet... I visited forums and tinnitus support groups... I got in contact with ex tinnitus sufferers... I litterally looked everywhere...

And guess what I discovered? Tinnitus is NOT impossible to cure. In fact, there is a lot of scientific evidence that PROVES that tinnitus can actually be CURED.



Though it would appear so, Tinnitus is NOT just a problem with your ears. It is a problem with your WHOLE body. (This is a good thing!) 

By making some simple lifestyle changes and adopting a new regime, it is possible to "reverse" the effects of tinnitus and become tinnitus free within a matter of weeks.

I know what you're thinking. You're probably as skeptical as I was...

But there was undeniable proof. I had read countless stories of people who'd managed to rid themesleves of tinnitus... heck, I'd even spoken to some of them on the phone!

So I developed a new "regime" for myself and tried it out. Besides, I had absolutely nothing to lose... why not give it a shot?

The result?

My Tinnitus Dissappeared In Just 5 Weeks...

I can honestly say that I saw improvements with my condition within days. The ringing in my ears gradually reduced and after about 3 or 4 weeks it was just a really gentle humming. It was no where near as unbearable as it had been previously. I was pretty happy at this point as you can imagine. I mean, what would it feel like if your tinnitus was to reduce to the point where you barely notice it?

But it got better:

I continued with my regime to the point where it bacame just a habbit. Another couple of weeks passed till one day I actually had to concentrate to see if my ears were ringing. I think I was just lying in bed one morning and suddenly realized that my tinnitus had gone! It was complete silence. Can you imagine how that felt? I was free again! I had actually cured my tinnitus.



"Finally... No More Ringing!"

Matthew, after nearly 15 years of tinnitus: silence. Finally, no more ringing, no more frustration and no more worry.

I feel ten times more alive than I did as a tinnitus sufferer. This was hands down, the best decision of my life.

- Jason, Texas



 "My Confidence Has Sky Rocketed!"

Mr Carpenter,

I am more than willing to give you a testimonial. Your guide has given me a new lease of life. I have more energy, my confidence has sky rocketed and I'm just a much more healtheir, happy person in general.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- Peter W, Sydney, Australia



"This Is Easy!"


The only reason that I was a bit hesitant about getting Diminish Tinnitus was that it all seemed to good to be true and that may be it required a lot of hard work and effort.

Thankfully, I was wrong!

This is easy! Anyone can do this stuff. Seriously, if you suffer from tinnitus then this will change your life.

Thank you so much!

- Caroline, Surrey, UK


I'm telling you, when YOU cure your own tinnitus... only then will you be able to understand the relief that I felt. It was HEAVEN.

And here's the best part.... you CAN experience the same success as me. After getting rid of my tinnitus I decided to document everything that had helped me and everything that I had learned.

I compiled all this information into a book to create a step-by-step blueprint that other tinnitus sufferers could follow to get rid of their tinnitus as well.

I know exactly how it feels... how you try everything but nothing seems to work... and how deppressing it is to think that you have to suffer for the rest of your life.

So are you ready to finally cure your tinnitus once and for all using this proven, step-by-step blueprint?


Diminish Tinnitus: "How To Cure Tinnitus Naturally... Permanently"

Diminish Tinnitus offers a step-by-step blueprint to become tinnitus-free within just a few short weeks.

This guide is filled to the brim with straight forward, easy to implement advice that gives you everything you need to know to diminish your tinnitus as quickly as possible...

It details everything I learned that took me from a depressed, frustrated tinnitus sufferer to the confident, healthy and happy person that I am today... within 5 short weeks.

This book has been rated the "Number 1 book on how to cure tinnitus" by many readers that have successfully used my techniques to finally overcome their tinnitus too.

Now it's your turn... 





  Here's what you'll gain from the Diminish Tinnitus program...
Finally... complete freedom from the "prison" of tinnitus. No longer will you have to suffer with a condition that nobody else can relate to. Imagine unleashing your new found energy without tinnitus weighing you down. Ged rid of your tinnitus permanently... so it never comes back and bothers you again. Imagine the confidence you feel after actually overcoming an illness as crippling as tinnitus. Become a more healthy person in general... beyond just curing your tinnitus. You can forget about ever having to just "cope" with tinnitus or resorting to worthless white noise therapy. Feel the immense surge of pride as you become in complete control over your future health. Imagine not ever having to just "live with it" like you've been guided in the past. Become the confident, happy and socially active person you were always destined to be. Overcome your tinnitus COMPLETELY within a matter of weeks... and see results within days!

And here's just a sample of what you'll learn inside Diminish Tinnitus: 
The specific components that cause tinnitus that you must know: it's not possible to cure tinnitus without paying attention to ALL of these components. Learn which ingredients to look out for that actually aggravate your tinnitus. Some delicious foods that not only taste nice, but will drastically reduce your tinnitus. Natural ingredients that actually work better than prescribed "drugs"... but with no horrible side effects! The specific steps to get rid of tinnitus PERMANENTLY so it never bothers you again. How to harness your body's "natural defences" to cure your tinnitus from the inside out. How to cure your tinnitus the right way... and why no massage or gadgets will ever heal your tinnitus. A proven, natural way to actually cure your tinnitus. This isn't just background noise therapy or other "coping" mechanisms. A specific type of vitamin that will have a profound effect on your tinnitus... and where exactly to find this vitamin. This guide doesn't just recommend hypnosis or white noise therapy. The important correlation between cholesterol and tinnitus. How to "reverse" certain habbits that you have that might actually be causing your tinnitus. How to identify the specific "tinnitus causing" ingredients on food packaging. Learn how to develop a specific mind-set that is mandatory if you want to defeat your tinnitus. How tinnitus can actually give you an indication of your overall, general health. Find out how tinnitus may be identifying other weakness in your health... and how to fix these weaknesses immediately. Simple, small, easy changes that you can make to your lifestyle instantly that will improve your tinnitus. Never again will you have to resort to "coping" techniques, gadgets and noise therapies. Discover the correct connection between your circulatory system and your tinnitus and exactly what to do about it. A popular food eaten by millions of people every day that could actually be a big cause of your tinnitus. The disturbing fact that a specific type of household item could actually be causing your tinnitus. A specific natural ingredient you can use to attack your tinnitus at it's roots. Discover a piece of electrical equipment that could cure your tinnitus within hours. Learn about something that nearly everyone at your work place does that could be the cause of your tinnitus, and how to stop it immediately. Find out why common, everyday products like toothpaste could be causing your tinnitus. The TRUTH about the effect of stress on your tinnitus. (Hint: it's probably not what you thought).
How a couple of simple supplements can have a profound impact on curing your tinnitus.

 "Diminish Tinnitus Is The Number 1 Book On How To Cure Tinnitus Naturally And Permanently..."

I recently surveyed my past customers of Diminish Tinnitus, many of which had bought other guides, books, ebooks, white noise therapy and many other pointless gadgets... and here is the general consencus:

Diminish Tinnitus was the book that solved their tinnitus problem once and for all. 
They would have happily paid 5 times the price that they paid, had they known in advance how effective the guide was. 
ALL survey participants would recommend it to a friend or family member if they suffered from tinnitus.
They wish they had read this book years ago!
Here's what some of them had to say...



 "Silence At Last"


For years I've been told to just "forget about it" or just "live with it"... mainly from doctors!

After following through with the advice in Diminish Tinnitus, my life has changed enormously.

Silence at last.

Thank you so much,

- Linda H, Canada



"I Can Feel My Tinnitus Going"


This stuff works. I've been following your program for 4 weeks now and my tinnitus has improved considerably.

The results are noticable. It's almost like I can feel my tinnitus going.

Give me a few more weeks and I'll be completely cured... I'm certain.

Thanks a million,

- Phillip P, Christchurch, New Zealand



"This Is The Book That Cured My Tinnitus"


Diminish Tinnitus is exactly what I needed. I must have tried everything! 

I've tried massages, back ground noise, hypnosis and read other books... and nothing worked.

The reason Diminish Tinnitus works is because it gives practical advice. It actually tells you what to do instead of giving theory of what "might" work.

Good work,

- Daniel K 



OK, So How Much?

The Diminish Tinnitus program sells very well for $79.95, and at that price it's a bargain. (But you won't have to pay that much if you qualify).

Let me ask you a question... how much would it be worth to you to become tinnitus free? How much would it be worth to be able to live a normal life again? Would it be worth $100? $1000? even $10,000?!

For most tinnitus sufferers that I speak to on a regular basis, the ability to live a life without tinnitus would be PRICELESS.

And that's why Diminish Tinnitus would be an absolute steal at any price.

But here's the deal: I want to give you an EXCEPTIONAL offer if you act fast and you get your copy of Diminish Tinnitus Today, ...

So here it is: If you secure your copy of Diminish Tinnitus RIGHT NOW, you can have it for just $99.95, $79.95, $59.95, $47.77. That's $47.77 for EVERYTHING. No hidden charges, no monthly fees. Just a one-time payment of $79.95 $47.77 to become completely tinnitus free within a matter of weeks.

But you must act TODAY,  to lock in this $30.00 discount. Once this offer ends, the price goes straight back to $79.95 where it belongs.

Let me ask you this... how much longer can you bare the suffering of tinnitus? Do you want to continue with it for the rest of your life?

Do you realize that if you bought Diminish Tinnitus a few weeks ago you could already have cured your tinnitus? You may have even forgotten that you ever had such a problem.


It Get's Better... You Can Be Reading The Diminish Tinnitus Book In Just MINUTES From Now...

What's so great about the Diminish Tinnitus program is that you can be reading it on your computer immediately after you have made your purchase. The program is in eBook format and will work on any computer... PC or MAC. You don't need to wait 3 - 10 days for delivery and there are no shipping charges! Upon completion of your purchase through our secure order form you'll be taken to a secure web page where you can download the guide to your computer. Full instructions are provided with your purchase and like I said, you can be reading it within minutes... and can even print it out if you want!

[ Click Here To Get INSTANT ACCESS To Diminish Tinnitus!](http://1.dtinnitus.pay.clickbank.net)


Here's My Unconditional, 60-Day, No Questions Money Back Guarantee...

I'm so confident that the Diminish Tinnitus program will work for you like it has for hundreds of previous tinnitus sufferers before you, that I'm willing to bare all the risk.

Here's how it works:

If you are not COMPLETELY, 100% satisfied with your purchase of Diminish Tinnitus, just send an email to [support@diminishtinnitus.com](mailto:support@diminishtinnitus.com) saying so, and...

You will receive every last bit of your money back. No hassle, no questions asked, no loopholes to jump through like other sellers make you do. If you are not completely happy with your purchase then I insist you ask for your money back. AND... 
Just as my way of saying "Thank you for trying", I'll let you KEEP the Diminish Tinnitus book free of charge! 
NO-ONE ELSE that claims to be able to cure your tinnitus has such a bold guarantee! (It makes you wonder how confident they are that their "system" or medicine works!!)

I am 100% confident that you'll be over the moon with your purchase and you'll be completely tinnitus free within a matter of weeks... that's why I will happily put my money where my mouth is.

[ Click Here To Download Diminish Tinnitus Backed Up By Our Industry Shattering 60 Day Money Back Guarantee](http://1.dtinnitus.pay.clickbank.net)


It's funny. With my experience selling this guide, I've noticed there are two types of people...

There are those that are just so skeptical that my guide can help them, so they do NOTHING. Yet, they happily go out and spend hundreds of dollars on hypnosis, white noise therapy etc... things that don't even come with a money back guarantee! Or worse, they do NOTHING at all and actually surrender themeslves to their illness, just like the helpful doctor advises. They pass up this opportunity because it seems too good to be true. (Which I can appreciate).

And then there are the hundreds of happy customers that send me testimonials on a weekly basis. These are the people that can see just what an opportunity this is and grab it with both hands... and these are the people that get results. These are the people that trully transform their health and well being and rid themselves of tinnitus as fast as possible.

So it's decision time: what type of person are you going to be?

If you take action today... right now... you will get the Diminish Tinnitus program at a whopping $30.00 off the regular price (a price that others have happily paid) and you will get instant access.

So what are you going to do? If you say "no" to this opportunity, what will your tinnitus be like tommorrow? Next week? Or next month? Do you think it's going to dissappear by itself if you do nothing about it? Of course not.

So please, take me up on this amazing offer while it's available. I want to help you. I want you to become tinnitus-free and I want your testimonial on this website.

People that follow the instructions in Diminish Tinnitus get results. Period.

It's time to harness your freedom again...


 YES! I'm ready to say "good-bye" to tinnitus permanently within just a few short weeks using the proven Diminish Tinnitus program.

Yes! I understand that I get instant access to Diminish Tinnitus and I can start reading in just minutes from now! Yes! I understand my purchase is backed up by your unconditional, 60-day, no questions asked money back guarantee. If I am not 100% satisfied with my purchase then I can get a full refund and even KEEP the book!

Click the "Add To Cart" button below to secure your copy of Diminish Tinnitus, the Number 1 guide on how to rid yourself of tinnitus, with a $30.00 discount (offer ends soon)...


  Regular Price $79.95, Today $47.77





Here's to your new life... tinnitus free and full of vitality.

All the best,

Matthew Carpenter

P.S. This special offer will end soon... may be later today, may be tommorrow. I cannot guarantee you this $30.00 discount for ever... [take action now to avoid dissapointment!](http://1.dtinnitus.pay.clickbank.net)

P.P.S. Remember, this is the only guide on how to cure your tinnitus that comes with an unconditional, no questions asked, money back guarantee... if you aren't satisfied with your purchase for any reason (or no reason at all), just shoot me an email... I'll promptly give you ALL your money back and let you KEEP the book. This guarantee is only valid if you ACT NOW!

[ Yes Matthew! I'm ready to end my tinnitus starting TODAY... and say "good-bye" to the constant stress and discomfort of tinnitus FOREVER!](http://1.dtinnitus.pay.clickbank.net)



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