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From: Joshua Jacobs
Tuesday, 6:48 p.m.

Dear Fellow Punter:

There's nothing better than being in the money. It's what horse betting is all about.

And now, for a very limited time, you can gain an unfair advantage to winning money that very few punters will ever discover.

See, to win consistent profits and earn a real income as a pro punter takes more than just a passion for the sport and a trusty gut instinct...

You must have a proven system for getting the best value odds on every race.

Knowing how and where to find value odds is the true secret of pro punters -- the guys who get to live the high life just by playing the horses.

And believe me, it's not that they've uncovered some mysterious method, or tapped into the mind of a psychic tipster. They've simply developed a winning system for hunting down value odds... A system they follow with deadly precision before they even think about dropping cash on a horse.

“Without A Proven System You Might As Well
Bet Numbers You Picked Out Of A Hat.”

A winning system starts with a list of stats to pour over... you must to look at weather conditions... track distance... a horse's age... experience in class... recent streaks... even stall position. Then there's the trainer... the jockey... and a roster of bookmakers to check odds against... all before instincts can have their say.

That's the system pro punters live by... that is what it takes to win big and win steady.

Is it worth the trouble?

When you consider that a bit of research can score you that one juicy odd on a hot pick...

And how that value bet can be the slim difference between a massive money day or a total bust...

The difference between compounding profits or a dysfunctional habit...

The difference between another soul crushing day at the job you dread - or waking up to the life of your dreams...

Then yeah, I'd say it's worth it.

The good news is... this knowledge isn't locked away in some crystal ball like those dodgy tipsters would have you believe. However, there is a sharp learning curve... try taking it too fast and you can quickly spin out of control.

“Developing A Value Betting System Takes Two Things That 98% Of Punters Do Not Have: Time And Discipline.”

Let's face it... we're all human. It's easy to miss a trick, or get lazy when betting. Especially if you're sneaking bets in at your job, or pushing one through at the last minute. All those “human moments” cost you money. Suffer enough of them and your friends and family will start handing you hotline numbers to call.

I know this because those are the same human flaws and bad habits that were costing me money... lots of money. In fact, I considered giving up altogether. I was just too busy with other things to research my bets correctly. And...

“When You Stop Researching, You Start Losing, And
When You Keep Losing, You Stop Having Fun - Fast.”

Fortunately, I've recently discovered a way to execute my proven system more accurately than ever -- while using only a fraction of the time and discipline required for doing it “the old way.”

This simple new tool has increased my betting profits drastically AND completely automated my solid system for getting the highest value bets on every race in the UK. It's an astounding combination of proven betting system and cutting-edge technology... and I'm making it available to fast-acting punters for the next 10 days. After that, I have zero plans to offer it again.

Here's what this is all about:

“Betting And Bots Do Not Mix!”

I’ve been hearing about these “betting bots” for years... but it always sounded too weird to take seriously. I mean, why would you trust your bank to a computer robot? And why bother betting if you're not calling the shots?

Where’s the fun in that?

Then I started paying attention to WHO was using them: The new breed of professional punters who bring home serious profits, and amateurs on their way to pro status in a hurry.

You know... the guys who take all your money if your unlucky enough to lay them on Betfair.

Hi. Joshua Jacobs here. After the release of my Betting Profits Formula last March, finding time to implement my best system for hunting down value bets became a serious problem. I was so busy keeping up with the success of the manual that I tried shortcutting my own system - the one that puts me in the tiny 2% of consistent winning punters - and for the first time in years, My profits began to decline.

It was all my fault. I know better than to bet without the proper data... that's relying too heavily on luck. And if you've tried betting that way yourself, you understand why...

“LUCK Rhymes With ____!”

Pro punters know the key to staying in the money is all about eliminating your need for luck. And the only way to replace luck is with a sound, proven strategy for locating the best value odds.

As I learned the hard way, even the best strategies demand a good deal of discipline. The discipline of a robot.

It may sound strange, but think about it:

A robot never gets distracted...

or lazy...

or forgetful...

...or decides to “settle” on what look to be decent odds from the first bookmaker it visits.

It just takes the information it's programmed to find, processes it into neatly organised data, and delivers it to you on a silver platter. So...

Research That Used To Take 90 Minutes (or More) Now
Updates Automatically While You're Going About Life...

In fact, that's the very definition of a bot: A computer programme that does repetitious work normally assigned to a human.

A bot is designed to take over the tedious task of collecting data so you can process it with a fresh mind.

A good example is internet search engines, like Google. We take those instantaneous search results for granted, but imagine if you had to personally search every one of those billion web pages individualy to find the information you need.

You'd become desperately sidetracked performing even the most basic search... and your mind would be so exhausted from the research you'd never put the data to good use.

It's the same when you search for value bets. When the information is delivered to you automatically, your focus is crisp, your decisions are wiser, and yor success rate skyrockets.

Of course, I know all this NOW, thanks to the patience of a brilliant computer software builder I met through a friend. I'll tell you more about him in just a second. He really opened my eyes, because until recently...

“I Swore I'd Never Let A Bot
Into My Betting Process...”

To begin with, I'm not what you would call a technical “wiz”... I'm so behind the times I still use my mobile phone for talking! Any computer programme more complicated than e-mail is more than I care to learn.

So, I'd always brushed away the notion of using a bot for betting because, frankly, the idea of it seemed ridiculous.

See, even though I'm still in my twenties, I consider myself an “old school” punter. I didn't learn my formula for finding value bets from internet forums, I learned them from those gray-haired chaps you see taking bookies to the cleaners... the underground punters studying pages of fine print inside the Racing Post.

You know, the blokes who can tell whether a horse's odds are true value just by giving him the once over as he walks to the starting gate? Those are the tips you can only get passed down from generations of full-blooded punters.

Stuff like...

If a horse is trotting casually through the paddock, he's focused and ready... but a jumpy horse is wasting energy and could sputter down the stretch.
When a horse's ears appear large and pointed, he's feeling confident. If they're pinned flat against his head, he's nervous and distracted.
And what it means when a horse is wearing blinkers - and if it's still safe to back him.
It's factors like these that trigger whether a horse's odds are truly high value - or just fool's gold.

Of course, to inspect a horse for these signals meant you had to be present at the racetrack before each race. The only way to make a living was to bet a large amount on one or two horses to make any money.

Punters operated that way for years... winning big, then losing even bigger - often in the same day. You needed a lot of luck to get any consistency in profits, and the massive swings take a nasty toll on your nerves.

Back then, my dream of turning pro would fade more with every bad loss that sent me back to my miserable job pulling weeds for near minimum wage.

I'll never forget the blistering hot day, my arms scraped and bloody from trimming a rose bush... when it hit me. The missing link finally came together...

“How I Used A £100 Betting Bank
To Join The Top 2% Of Winning Punters...”

The problem was... my method at the time limited me to betting at one race track at a time - forcing me to risk high stakes to make big profits.

But there were some new websites offering first-hand accounts of the information I needed. The same facts I use to determine a horse's value in the paddock before a race.

I gathered the information from the web... determining the best value bets... and made multiple low risk-high value bets in smaller amounts.

Then continued investing my winnings and compounded my profits.

Let's assume you start with a betting bank of just £100 and place 5% of the bank on each bet. Supposing you make 5 bets a day with an ROI of 15% (which is realistic based on past recorded results of my proven formula), it doesn't take long to earn terrific money. 

With the above example, watch how fast that cash adds up ...

Starting with a bank of only 100 pounds, and re-investing just the profits, you could grow your bank to over £41,579 over 8 months. Even if you started taking profits after month 4, you'd still be making £2,294 each month...

That's What I Call “Bugger Off ” Money!

Consistent winning and compounding profit means you get to do whatever you want... live on your own terms... and make money doing what you love.

It means no boss controlling your schedule. No getting stuck in traffic, or bitched at for being late. No threat of getting fired, downsized, or laid off.

It means freedom.

Here's the secret to sure-fire betting profits...

My System Triggers the Highest Value Bets By Researching
The Day's Races Through “Paddock Reports” Found Online...

That's right, all the same factors the old pro punters and the best tipsters use to judge true odds are available online... IF you know where to look.

My system processes this data with the same accuracy as those seasoned tipsters standing inside the paddock of every racetrack in the UK. It took me years to perfect this system and it has delivered amazing results...


But, there was a catch...

No matter how I tried to shortcut the process, it simply demanded hours of time to perform properly. That was no big deal when I had all day to research my bets. But when I got busy, my results sunk like a rock.

Still, I never considered that a computer bot could solve my problem. But, that all changed...

The Day I Met The “Magician”

I was at my mate Devon's flat when he announced that he'd invited someone over to meet me. See, Devon knew my betting dilemma and, being a techie, he believed a computer program could solve my problem. But as much as he tried to convince me, I was hearing none of it.

So he trapped me into meeting this guy he insisted was a computer genius. He said he's known as the “Magician”.

In walks this bloke with long hair, fingernails painted black, and one of those magician's top hats... like Slash from Guns 'n Roses. Have you ever met someone who dresses like it's Halloween all year 'round? That was him. I had assumed his nickname related to his computer skills - not his get up.

Anyway, I wanted to kill Devon for teaming me up with this oddball. But it's true what they say about not judging a book by it's cover... because when this barmy looking guy began to speak, he literally came off like a Cambridge-MIT professor. Everything he said was absolutely brilliant.

I know NOW that this bloke is a certified maths genius and building computer programs - bots - (exactly like the kind I needed) is his passion. The silly hat? I never asked. I was too wrapped up in questioning him about what these computer programs could really do.

And, wow! Was I out of the loop on this stuff.

Did you know bots now handle the majority of the world's banking transactions without the need for human assistance? And, as you read this now, a bot-piloted “drone” aircraft is spying on known terrorist camps... prepared to fire missiles on cue from a military command center hundreds of miles away?

Pretty amazing. The Magician (he's asked to keep his name private) had an incredible knack for explaining all this technical stuff in simple terms I could relate to.

Needless to say, the things I was sure a bot could never do... like comparing each horse's history on specific track conditions - to the track conditions of the upcoming race - and rate their performance under such conditions... are exactly what they're best at.

The Magician agreed to build a bot according to my best system. I wasn't sure what to expect of his work ethic, however, this genius programmer delivered even better than I'd even hoped. And he became just as passionate about creating this bot as I was.

Early in the planning we both realized that we were providing the missing link for punters who just can't put together a string of wins. This was more than a piece of software - it was...

“Exactly What Every Punter Dreams About!”

We spent over 7 months testing and tweaking to eliminate any snags. There was no way the magician was releasing this thing until it was perfect. And today, this bot truly works like magic.

In fact, it's MUCH better and faster than I could ever be at doing my own research. Plus, it can't get sidetracked, or distracted by outside influence...

It's Like Having An Army Of Trusty Researchers Feed You
Tips From Inside Every Track Before Every Race!

And here's the best part...

All the info comes to you color coded...so, you know instantly the value strength of each bet.

Bright green selections, for instance, are the very best value bets... you'll want to back those straight away! 

This gives you the power to decide how much to stake on backing each selection. Then you just click a link to see which bookmaker is offering the best odds.


“Placing High Value Bets Is Now Instinctive As
Following Traffic Signals On The Motorway.”

Even a total novice could use it to make money right away.

It's laid out for you in an easy to follow format.

You and I both know winning consistently is all about the research... knowing what to look for, where to find it, and acting on it quickly.

“This Is The Exact System That Can Be Used To Automatically Turn A £100 Betting Bank Into £41,579 Over Eight Months... And Secure A Place Among The Top 2% Of Winning Punters”

And now it's simpler and faster than ever.

I've turned down outrageous sums to reveal this system to famous tipsters and major publishers. But, no amount of money could convince me to print it out in black and white. It's taken me years to develop and it will provide my financial security for life.

And, frankly, if I revealed the whole system by spelling out each step the amount of work involved would overwhelm most punters. As I've said, the learning curve takes time and unwavering discipline... instead, the bot does it all for you automatically.

It's a total win-win scenario... I don't have to reveal every secret behind my system, and you don't have to struggle to learn it. The bot knows the system and simply delivers the most important part: The results... faster and more accurately than any human ever could.

I told you it was dream come true!



The Value Hunter
Betting Bot

Proven winning system for hunting down the best value bets on every race in the UK...

Like having your own team of expert tipsters inspecting horses and reporting to you before each race...

Increasing your betting profits drastically!

Now you can have a proven winning system for hunting down true value bets... get all the crucial info updated by the minute with the touch of a button... and never give up control of your account -- or the fun part of picking horses to back.

“The Thrill Of Victory Is Yours...And Now
It's Happening A Lot More Often.”

I call this amazing bot, the Betting Value Hunter and I'm offering fast-acting punters on my “hot list” an incredible opportunity to try it out for 30 days for just £1.

There's never been a betting bot that delivers like the Betting Value Hunter...

Every high-value bet from every UK track delivered straight to you. Imagine your own tireless army of value-seeking robots scanning the key websites for the best odds and delivering full reports to you in real time...

Every stat plus all the odds from key bookmakers laid before you fresh and color-coded for easy scanning and fast action, up-to-the-minute betting...

Super simple to use software does all the work for you. If you can work e-mail, you can master this program in minutes...

Ultra-intuitive control panel is laid out in a sensible pattern with every command is spoken in plain English. Plus, value bets are color-coded for fast reading...

Updates are delivered in real time, so you’re never scrambling to dump a bad bet. 

Every top value bet, no matter where they’re hiding that day. Most bots scan only Betfair while the savviest punters snatch up better odds from the bookie around the corner. Now you’ll see the whole picture in real time right on your computer screen!

Ultimate control over all your bets. The Betting Profits Bot has no access to your accounts and never makes a bet on your behalf. You read the value report, you choose your bets and you feel the thrill of victory...

Save hours of research and brain-draining calculations so your head is clear to make the best bets based on the best information...

Winning consistently with Betting Value Hunter's simple color-coded display is as easy and instinctive as following traffic signals on the motorway... and you never give up control of your bets or lose that awesome rush of adrenaline as your horse flashes across the finish line...
And much more! It doesn't matter what kind of results you have had up until this moment. 

You can be banging your head against the computer screen every night, feeling like your luck has run out, and ready to give up for good... It doesn't matter.

The truth is, every punter has a “natural” instinct for picking winners. It's the same instinct that comes through for you when you win. There's no voodoo involved.

You ALREADY have an amazing powers to predict winners lurking in your brain. (Yes, you. Even if you've never won big on the horses and don't think you couldt pick a zebra out of a stable of stallions.) Don't believe me?

Consider the World Series of Poker... where nervous, sweat-palmed rookie players take down more experienced and better trained legends every year. How do they do it?

They do it with research. The kind that teaches the rookie more about his opponent than he knows about himself. See, the rookie has the advantage of studying the legends on TV...

... he's watched the legend raise bets to scare other players out of big pot... he's spotted the “tells” that say he's drawing opponents into a monster hand... and he's learned how to knock the legend off his game.

When you enter competition with that level of insight, your only job is to play with discipline. And the result is,

“You Slash Your Need For Luck To Almost Zero.”

[SOCIAL PROOF - testimonials]

Until you start betting with a pro level of research, you can expect to keep banging your head against the keyboard, and yelling out things that rhyme with “luck.”

So, here's my offer to you: I want you to try out the Betting Value Hunter for yourself, without risk.

I want you to download the Betting Value Hunter software, its companion manual and the bonuses and use it right away during your £3.97 monthly trial period. If you decide to keep using the Betting Value Hunter, you will then be billed £97 each year you continue to use the software. It will take you just a few minutes to get up to speed on how to use the software. Like I said everything is color coded, so placing value bets couldn't be any easier.

Here's the great thing: If you place even a small amount, say £5, on these value bets, you'll still see a great return on your money. 

Then I want you to take just the amount of profits you've earned with the Betting Value Hunter and place more value bets. Now your investing RISK-FREE and watching your profits grow. Now simply repeat this process over the following days until you've earned enough to pay for an entire year of the Value Hunter plus whatever else takes your fancy.

Follow these simple steps and you should have no problem earning your membership fee and much more. Then just keep hammering home the profits. Every risk-free pound you earn will be yours to keep. All to try a whole month for just £3.97.

But WAIT. That's not all... You'll also get these valuable bonuses, easily worth hundreds - yours free just giving the Betting Value Hunter a try.

Profitable Football Betting
Secrets Exposed

Discover the common football betting mistakes that ruthlessly drain the accounts of even the most experienced punters?

This special guide arms you with the knowledge to recognize hidden value football bets, outsmart the competition, and make consistent profits from football betting.

The “Unfair” Betfair Advantage

I've concluded there is only one way to consistently win on Betfair - and it isn't by CENSORED CENSORED.

Because this report flies in the face of conventional betting methods touted by many of the top Betfair tipsters... it's sure to rattle some cages. But there's simply no disputing the proof.

See for yourself what the controversy is all about today - and start winning consistent betfair profits tomorrow.

Special Report:
$200 in 2 Hours - Guaranteed!

This quick report reveals a quick step-by-step method that guarantees you will generate enough cash to pay off your Value Hunter software in 2 hours flat.

Do it again the next day to double your investment... there's no limit to the profit you can make with this secret method.

This report alone is easily worth the thousands you could make in one month... But it's my gift to fast-acting punters during this exclusive trial offer.


A Full Month To Review The System And Profit!

That's my guarantee: If, after a whole month, you decide this system hasn't increased your betting profits, you don't pay any more. No questions asked. You don't even have to give a reason - you can simply email me near the end of the trial, when you've made your mind up. That means... you will have seen the system at work - and you keep all the bonuses for just £3.97, if you choose.

I figure a full month is plenty of time to show you the consistent, permanent power of this system. And that' show confident I am - this really is the answer to all your punting prayers.

You can put the Betting Value Hunter to work immediately, on your next round of bets.

And... The results will leave you flabbergasted.

Think about placing every bet knowing you've received the highest value odds possible - effortlessly and without doing any tedious research. Think about having pro-level confidence on every bet - and all that's required of you is following color coded signals.

Think about becoming a certified contender among leading betting experts - with a machine-reliable strike rate that never lets you down.

Your mates will envy you, and you'll love every minute of it. You've got to HURRY though, I'm not planning to offer this level of access to my hard-won system for very long. 

Simply put, the Betting Value Hunter will be off the market on DATE HERE. To protect the value of these bets, licenses of this software must be limited. That is why this software will be taken off the market on DATE HERE... for good.

This is a special privilage I'm offering to guys like you on my betting newsletter (or the newsletter of a few trusted betting contacts). By receiving a link to this letter, you have been prioritised to earn a spot for this trial, and so this is your chance to put this guaranteed system to work before the competition does and places fill up.

If you don't want it, do nothing... and I'll simply move to the next name on the list.

You may not get another chance at seeing this system though. This is, after all, a one-of-a-kind system and I only have plans to make it available until DATE HERE. After that, it goes away.

So, order right now while you're thinking about it.

I don't care if your in the middle of a hot betting streak - or frustrated and ready to toss your computer out the window. Doesn't matter.

Just see which horses the Betting Value Hunter finds to back... then go and make the most profitable bets of your life.

It's really that simple.



[ADD TO CART!](http://1.bethunter.pay.clickbank.net?detail=The%20Betting%20Value%20Hunter)

I'll see you on the inside,

Joshua Jacobs

P.S. Please don't forget - the Betting Value Hunter is reserved for you right now. You only have a few days. When the offer goes away, you will probably never get another chance to put this amazing system to work for you.

P.P.S. One last thing - I almost forgot! I have 3 FREE interviews for you. I've convinced a handful of legendary punters to get on the phone with me and reveal their best kept secrets for scoring the best value bets in other sports. You'll hear insight you can't get anywhere else for increasing your strike rate in other sports.

Winning consistently and living the pro punter lifestyle means knowing what they know and doing what they do. Now, you can have it, too. Just download these interviews onto your PC and let these experts fill your mind with the keen insights they've worked years to learn. You won't find these interviews sold seperately. And it's my gift to you, just for taking advantage of your exclusive £3.97 trial.


[ADD TO CART!](http://1.bethunter.pay.clickbank.net?detail=The%20Betting%20Value%20Hunter)

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