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Xtreme Teen Success


"Looking To Increase Your Child's Success Rate In School And Life...
Learn The Secrets In This "Confidential Report" That Will Ensure Your
Child's... Xtreme Teen Success!"

Dear Friend,

How much is your child's success and well-being worth to you...
everything I would imagine.

Suppose you could learn strategies that are not being taught in
schools that would enable your child to become more successful not
only in school but also throughout their adult lives.

Sound to good to be true?

Well, it isn't if you have the right strategies.

You see I have been a professional educator in the public school
system for 10 years and during that time I discovered many schools do
not teach certain strategies that truly equip students to be
successful in their lives... and that's why I want to let you in on
the secrets I share in this "Confidential Report."


Let me introduce myself, my name is Matthew Flinton, and I have been
a school teacher and administrator for the past 10 years.

I have always had a passion for helping children and just a few
years ago realized I wanted to help assist more students in becoming
truly successful throughout their lives.

Let me tell you a story about why I decided to do this.

A few years ago I was asked to attend a national educational
institute in St. Louis for a few days during my summer break.

I had a great time and was fortunate enough to room with a good
friend and fellow administrator. At the completion of the institute, I
found myself with my friend Joe eating at a Starbucks in the St. Louis
airport waiting for our flight home.

I'm not much of a coffee drinker but Joe needed some good coffee...
anyway...this gave us a great opportunity to discuss what we had
learned and share our own ideas on implementing these techniques in a
school setting.

During the conversation, I began to discuss key areas or pillars if
you will, for a student's success in which I thought some schools
remove from their curriculum. These, "Pillars for Success", as I told
Joe, truly can make or break a child's overall success.

One such pillar is a child's physical health. I told Joe how I felt
schools should educate our kids about the many benefits of dynamic
health and fitness...but they don't!

I experienced this first hand during my first year of teaching. I
was asked to coach the 7th and 8th grade boys basketball teams during
the year.

I accepted and was excited about the opportunity... actually I was
just grateful for a job... well, the season started and during one
practice I wanted the guys to scrimmage against each other. I didn't
have jerseys so I told them we would go shirts and skins... there was
an eerie silence in the gym.


I didn't think going shirts and skins was a big deal since I
experienced this quite a bit as a kid during my own athletic
practices... I didn't think twice about it!

Well, after the teams were divided... and shirts removed... I
realized what the problem was... most of the boys were totally out of

How could this be?

They were all young and should have been in the best shape of their

That was definitely not the case!

I truly was shocked by the number of overweight and out of shape

I realized right then and there our kids need some major changes
with their daily habits. I have also seen recently how doctors are
seeing adult health issues in young kids all across the world.

That is why I spend an entire section in this report discussing
strategies to help these kids shed the excess fat and become healthy
and fit.

Another "Pillar of Success", I feel gets left out of schools is
specific strategies and techniques to increase wealth accumulation.

We identify, as a society, many of our societal problems are a
direct result of poverty.

So why are we not teaching our kids to become wealthy?

Most people have been taught by schools and there families that they
need to finish school and then go get a good paying job.One they can
"move up the corporate ladder!"This way of thinking has created more
burned out individuals than anything else.

I share a story in the report describing a gentleman who did just
that... finished school and found a corporate job. He thought it was
the right thing to do because everybody told him it was. He later
learned avaluable lesson that completely changed his life forever.

I share his truly life changing secret in this report.

We live in the wealthiest country in the world though the
saying,"the rich get richer and the poor get poorer" is absolutely

Why is it true?

Well, I discovered why this is and so I feel it is my responsibility
to share these wealth secrets with as many students as possible.

The third "Pillar of Success" I shared with Joe consisted of helping
students find their true passion and destiny in life. When a child
finds their true passion they will be motivated to do whatever it
takes to be successful.

So... I decided after my flight home to create an instructional
manual that would educate parents and their children regarding these
areas. "Xtreme Teen Success... Empowering Principles That Will Ensure
Every Child's Success" was created!

This "Confidential Report" has information that I believe deep in my
spirit will help navigate your child through the tough times of
adolescence and into adulthood.

I know you are asking , what exactly will my child learn from this
information, well... they will learn

* How to increase academic achievement in one day!

* Improve self confidence and self esteem

* Learn to attract money like steel to a magnet without working

* How to manifest true wealth in your life

* Discover practical secrets of arbitrage!

* Simple yet unbelievably effective body weight exercises that will
shed body fat and increase brain power

* Foods that can make or break your child's concentration in school

* Learn ancient techniques to increase total abundance

* Why working for an hourly wage will keep you in poverty

* Secrets to discover their "divine destiny"

* Why are we here on Earth?

* Techniques to improve concentration in all activities...
especially school activites

* Secrets your future employer doesn't want you to know

* Improve these "3" areas of your health and it will change your
entire life!

* How to create "passive" streams of income

* Discover your true passion in life!

* How to become all that your Creator intended you to be!

* How to DOUBLE their overall energy and fitness without drugs or

*Discover your ultimate power source and learn how to tap into it

Okay... so what's the cost for this incredible resource?

Well... realize this collection of proven strategies and techniques
could easily sell for thousands of dollars. Just think about the price
you would pay to empower your child for any and all that life can
through their way.


I usually charge anywhere from $1000 to $5000 dollars for group
consultations, where I share this same information plus more intensive

But I'm not going to charge anywhere near that amount or even my
minimum consulting price.

In fact, your total investment for this "Confidential Report" is
just $97. These secret strategies can very easily prepare your child
for a life of health, wealth, and divine destiny.

Now, realize I can't guarantee you specific results because just
like any educational information ... if you do not add action to the
information... you will not see the miraculous results.

Though I do guarantee these claims if you and your child utilize the
information... and I know you will!

With this being said, I want as many children to have this
information as possible, so I'm going to reduce the price to $37.That
is over a 60% savings for your family.

So what's the catch?

Why am I practically giving these secrets away?

Well, it's really quite simple. Since you're accessing these
directly from the Internet I have no inventory and no fulfillment
costs. I don't need to pay anyone to take orders over the phone.

This way I can pass along my cost savings to you. So you win and I
win... and more importantly your child wins!

I truly know deep in my spirit that this information will help your
child in amazing ways... actually you can benefit from these effective
strategies as well.

Look at it this way...$37 is really a painless drop in the bucket to
help your child reach their full potential in life. That's why...


It's easy to get started right away. and you can have immediate
access to all of the proven strategies right on the spot. You just
fill in the blanks right on your computer. No retyping and no
recopying. It couldn't be easier or faster. Get ready to equip your
child with proven techniques to help ensure their "XTREME TEEN

Order now!

P.S. Remember these are strategies not taught in school and I know
for a fact they will benefit your child a thousand times over.

P.S.S. Just think. Your child will learn and improve areas of their
life that will definitely equip them with the confidence to suceed at
anything in their life! Now... you can access these strategies
immediately, by simply filling in the blanks.Order now!

If you have any questions please contact us at


Matthew Flinton, M.Ed.

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