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Step Mother of the Bride
My step-daughter, Rebecca, chose a very fancy cake for her wedding day. When she showed me the photo of what she wanted I thought it looked like a very difficult cake to make! However Amanda did an awesome job, she took Rebecca’s example and made a new original, the cake was exquisite. Amanda, without a doubt, is a gifted cake decorator, happy and enthusiastic to take on the challenge of making and decorating a complicated cake.

The cake fulfilled my stepdaughter's wedding cake dreams. And yes I had to eat one of the gorgeous icing flowers, but they were snapped up very quickly, as they were absolutely delicious! (As was the cake itself).

I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Amanda to help show you how to make your own wonderful cakes! You could only be delighted."
Carolyn, New Zealand.

Bride & Groom
“We thought the cake looked great and that Amanda had done a wonderful job of re-inventing a cake that I had showed her from a magazine into a true new original. The colours she used in the icing flowers matched my bouquet perfectly!

Our day was just amazing - we couldn’t have asked for a better location or nicer weather, and it was so special to be surrounded by all our closest friends and family. On the day and from photos, lots of people commented on how lovely the cake looked and also how great it tasted – Jarrod loved the icing the best!!!

Amanda seems very knowledgeable about cake making and decorating and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to those who wish to learn more about making and decorating cakes! Thanks Amanda for contributing to our special day - it truly was the most amazing day of our lives!!!”

Rebecca & Jarrod, New Zealand.

Cake Decorating Tool Supplier & Expert
Dear Amanda

I had read many positive things about Marshmallow fondant in many cake decorating publications. Today I was inspired to try and make it, after reading the recipe for it in your wedding cake tutorial. It really is as great as everyone says it is. I wish I had discovered it sooner. It tastes so much better than store bought fondant icing and only took me about 10 minutes to make. A great tasting fondant at an economic price - what more could you want! I'm sure no one will be pulling off "that rubbery icing" from my cakes anymore, now that I have MMF (Marshmallow Fondant) in my life.

Many thanks,
Sandra Boston-Kiwi Cakes

Amaze Your Family And Friends With These Fun New Cake Decorating Ideas. With Easy Step-by-Step Photos of Each Stage, Your Family and Friends Will Be Knocking Down Your Door With Their Cake Decorating Orders...
And Discover How to Turn Every Cake Decorating Mistake You Make Into A Stunningly Unique Cake Decorating Masterpiece...
Even If Your Cake Doesn't Cook
All The Way Through!

If You Want To Discover Completely Original
Cake Decorating Ideas To Help You...

Amaze your family, friends and clients Make a name for yourself Grow your business & increase sales Be THE person to call for any cake decorating jobs Gain confidence and increase your skill level Know you can handle any cake decorating ‘disaster’ that comes up Bring the FUN back into your business or hobby
Then .......... Keep reading!

From: Amanda
Date: Wednesday, 10:34am

Dear Fellow Cake Decorator ,

IMAGINE... The big day finally arrives. Your mother’s 65th surprise birthday party. She has no idea you’ve been learning all sorts of new cake decorating techniques. Wow – the look on her face when she sees her own portrait created on a birthday cake (and I don’t mean using a photograph!). How special is that?

IMAGINE... All your friends cheer as you bring in the cake! They all want to know, “Where did you get the idea? It’s so clever...it looks just like a real, cuddly stuffed moose! Amazing!”

IMAGINE... The thrill of landing your first paid cake decorating job. Yikes!! Now what do you do? You want the cake to be perfect – after all it’s for the big party of your best friend’s business associates ... but what if something goes wrong?!

You can do all this and more after you...

Read my personal story behind each cake ... where I found the inspiration, who I made it for, what problems came up and how I solved them. 

My dream of sharing all my years of experience – the tips & tricks, and fun, creative cake decorating ideas to amaze your friends and clients – is coming true at last!

I grew up watching my mother bake and decorate cakes – and of course – becoming “mommy’s little helper”. Not only that, she turned her hobby into a successful business when I was around 8. I’ve been following in her footsteps for years – decorating my own cakes since I could master the piping bag.

I never worry about making “mistakes” because she taught me how to change so-called disasters into creative opportunities. And I’d like to help you do the same.

I’m the ‘go-to’ cake decorating expert my friends, family and acquaintances call on to solve their decorating challenges. They know I can give them the advice they need to get through any problem they’re facing. I am the Blue Ribbon Winner for Best Fair Themed Cake for our Local Country Fair. 

Now I’d like to help YOU take your skills and business to the next level.

Whether you’re selling cakes full time, part-time or giving them away to
your family and friends ...
I’ve got fun, creative, stress-free ideas to really take your cake decorating to a new level of 'WOW' Factor!

In other words, you have your own personal tutor, right by your side, to walk you through the steps of decorating with a sneak peak into the art of making cakes from start to finish. Beginning, middle and final cake photos make each step crystal clear.

You’ll learn how I turned my own cake decorating challenges and blunders into works of art. And how you can do the same.

Your confidence will soar as your skills improve and sales increase, while adding new ideas to your cake decorating portfolio.

Even more important – you’ll be inspired to come up with your own creative cake ideas for your clients, friends and family.

How can I deliver all this to you?
Let me explain

With my own cake portfolio bulging at the seams, and regularly getting “HELP! I’m STUCK” calls from friends for cake decorating fix-it solutions, I decided to put all my years of knowledge and experience into a series of eBooks.

The first one is HOT OF THE PRESS and I want to get that out to you as soon as possible.

"Amanda's Fun Cake Decorating Ideas - Volume 1" is an eBook you can download to your computer for instant access to a treasure trove of new, creative ideas for your cake decorating business or hobby.

Here’s What’ll Happen...

You’ll soon be making cakes that touch people’s hearts, make them laugh and dazzle them with your skills. You’ll learn time saving tips so you can work faster and more efficiently – pulling in more orders than ever before. 

You'll be inspired by cakes like my "Bassinette Cake" that travelled down all the halls of the birthing unit of my local hospital. I made this cake for the birth of my best-friend's baby girl. The nurses loved it so much that they insisted on carrying it through all the halls, to all the nurses stations and to all of the new and expectant mothers to show it off before we cut it open to celebrate Shaina's birth.

My creative, playful, care-free approach will free up that perfectionist side of you to be more experimental. You’ll have a lot more fun trying out new techniques and ideas.

When your results truly come from your heart, your friends and clients will feel it. Free word-of-mouth advertising will spread like wildfire as your very satisfied customers talk up your business for you.

Whether you’ve been a cake decorating pro for years or are just beginning this adventure, you’ll be inspired with new ideas. And really, don’t you find that you learn something new from every teacher’s different twist to solving problems?

How Can I Make These Claims?

My cakes are totally unique, original works of “edible art”. I teach you how to find inspiration hiding in the strangest places – like the bottle of your kid’s chewable vitamins or the stuffed toy you brought back from vacation! Hobbies? Sports? Holidays? All rich sources for ideas.

You can scan through the table of contents to find 20 different cakes with Animal, Holiday, and Portrait Themes. From a sassy hen in honour of a wedding shower “girl’s night out”


... and a kid’s roly-poly hippo cake ... to a luscious Easter egg cake, complete with surprises hidden inside, you’ll find a ton of great ideas for your own projects.

Beginning, middle and final photos show you step by step how to create these fun ideas.

The “star and clock” rating system tells you at a glance if the cake is easy or challenging to make and about how much time you’ll need. 

You’ll discover not only delicious cake and icing recipes along with step-by-step decorating instructions but also...

How much fun working with fondant is ... remember play dough? Tips on mixing colours ... from a rich black to skin tones A simple solution to keep your own hands from turning blue or green! And you don’t have to wear gloves either. How to make a chocolate mould How “crumb coating” makes icing a breeze What NOT to do to keep your cotton candy decoration from turning into a sugary puddle! How to make life-like animal icing “fur” How using cookie cutters can speed your decorating time How a “hot knife” can smooth your way to a beautiful finish
Well, I could go on and on. I am so excited to share all these great tips and tricks of the trade as well as those I invented myself out of pure necessity!

And these are really just a tiny sampling of what’s in store when you sign up for my first ebook in the series – "Amanda’s Fun Cake Decorating Ideas - Volume 1".

Each cake presents step-by-step instructions, complete with photographs ... most showing you all the details. I reveal the full story ... the mistakes and blunders as well as the successful results.

No more throwing away cakes or icings gone wrong,
together we’ll make them go right!

I’ve even included some of my earliest cakes to give you a broad selection from quick and easy to more challenging creations.

But Hey –

Don’t Take My word For It!
Listen to what my customers
 are saying about
"Amanda’s Fun Cake Decorating Ideas - Volume 1" eBook...


you gave me some great ideas for different decorating ideas with your cake ebook. My cakes are usually quite simple. Thanks for the great ideas.”

Melissa C. ON, Canada


very creative ideas on the animals (cakes). This gave me great ideas and tools to create my own successfully. Thanks.”

James Y.ON, Canada

Just What Makes
"Amanda's Fun Cake Decorating Ideas - Volume 1"
 So Valuable?

You know, with over 1,000,000 online cake decorating websites, it can get pretty confusing! I’d just like to let you know this one is 100% Hype-Free. I want to share my adventures in the world of cake decorating with you ... so you can learn from my mistakes and be inspired in the process.

1.    I love decorating cakes. I love coming up with unique, unusual, “just-right” cakes for that special person or occasion. You will easily duplicate my fun ideas to get you started. But, in truth, I hope they’ll act as a “spring board” to kick off your own creative ideas.

2.    Except for a few of the earlier cakes, most of the 20 cakes have detailed, step-by-step photos and text leading you through the creation process. This in itself is invaluable! It’s not just one “perfect cake” photograph you’ll see – inspiring you – but maybe equally - intimidating you. No, I reveal each step clearly with text and photos.

3.    I didn’t “edit out the bloopers” either. I want you to see how to creatively figure out how to “fix” problems as they arise.

4.    I guess being a perfectionist has its plus side – but it can also be crippling, can’t it? I encourage you to jump on in! Don’t worry so much about creating “the perfect cake.”

For me, baking and decorating cakes is all about the “L” word. (Of course, the money’s nice too!) But it’s showing the people close to you that you care about them, you love them – this flows out to your clients who are aiming to do that for the people they love.

The little mishaps and “mistakes” are so often only seen by you. People want to “ooh” and “aah” over the cake – then can’t wait to dig in.

I surely want to create the very best cake I can too. But pouring a lot more love and a lot less stress into your cakes will make everyone who tastes them feel so much happier. Don’t you find that true?

5.    I guarantee once you take a look at these charming cakes you’ll want to get out your mixing bowl immediately! This will be one cake decorating ebook you’ll USE over and over again. The playful spirit of my cakes will spark your imagination. You’ll be thinking, “Who can I make this one for? 

Your best friend just had a baby ... Shaina’s Bassinet Cake will have everyone gasping at your cake decorating skills.

Lucia’s Fancy Lady Cake will be perfect for your sister’s birthday.

The cheerful smile on the black and white Doon Cat Cake will have your cat-loving clients calling you back for more.

6.    Signing up for "Amanda's Fun Cake Decorating Ideas - Volume 1" gives you the opportunity to send in feedback, ask questions, and swap ideas. I’ll guide you into tapping your own creative cake decorating ideas and expression ... turning any “mistakes” into works of art.

"Amanda's Fun Cake Decorating Ideas - Volume 1"
Represents Nearly 30 years of Experience
What’s That Worth To You?

Imagine all the classes, the workshops, the trial and error distilled into this one book. I’m constantly asked to give personal consultations for other cake decorators wanting private tuition. My fees are normally $150 an hour! I figure there’s at least 30 hours worth of tutoring in this one eBook alone – a total of $4,500 in value. My ebook is not going to cost anywhere near that. But that’s easily the value to you and your business.

Here’s what you get...

Instant download of

"Amanda's Fun Cake Decorating Ideas - Volume 1" eBook,
straight to your desktop.

This Gem Of Inspiration Includes:
20 cakes, from quick and easy to challenging and applause worthy. Flat, sculpted and 3D cakes are all here. Perfect for kids and adults alike. Beginning, middle and final cake photos show you step-by-step how to create the cakes in this ebook Specific tips, tricks and helpful hints to make your cake decorating experience fun and enjoyable  A “star and clock” rating system to help you see immediately how easy the cake is and about how much time you will need. Easy navigation to browse through the different themes. For this first ebook of the series I’ve focused on animal, holiday and portrait cakes. Believe me, you’ve never seen portrait cakes like these. Your audience will be delighted as you adapt these ideas to your favourite friend or family member. An easily printable format. Print out the entire book or just the pages you’re working on at the time. That way you have your guide at hand, but you don’t need to worry about spills on your book! My personal stories about the cakes, and how I transformed any of the cake decorating potential “disasters” into delightful works of art and how you can too... Plus you’ll get to know me personally and be able to contact me for other ideas or help.

To celebrate the launching of my first eBook of the series, I’m offering you a special introductory price ... for a very limited time only.

You Won’t Pay $87, You Won't pay $57, Not even $37, I will offer you this book for my Special Discounted Price of only $29. That's a 65% Discount!


I want to do everything I can to help you say YES TODAY! When you sign up right away, you’ll also receive the following []FREE BONUSES.

Bonus #1 (a $9.95 value)

"My Old Family Secret Sponge Cake Recipe"

(a special bonus chapter I'll include for a very limited time ONLY,
I can't give this one out to everybody or it wouldn't remain a secret!)

I share the ONLY Sponge Cake Recipe I will personally EVER USE! This sponge cake is perfect, not-too-sweet, light, and the refreshing taste is a beautiful compliment to ANY Icing.

This is my family's secret, so I won't be offering this bonus for long!

Bonus #2 (a $12.95 value)

My Favourite, Easy to Copy, Icing Recipes (bonus chapter)

All my personal favourites – icing recipes guaranteed to have people asking for a second piece of cake and make your decorating job a cinch. 

You Are Fully Protected By My
100% Money-Back Guarantee!

You Absolutely Cannot Lose With My 100%, Ironclad,

If you are not completely satisfied, within 60 Days of purchase – you have my 100%, ironclad, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

See for yourself. If it doesn’t ...
Spark your cake decorating imagination ... Turn off your “panic button” with tips and helpful “fix-it” advice ... Boost your cake decorating business ...
If you don’t find the book filled with useful information ...

or you don’t absolutely love it, just let me know.

I’ll give you every cent of your money back – no questions asked.

Order Now.

You have nothing to lose and many new cake decorating experiences to gain.

Oh and by the way, THE FREE BONUSES ARE YOURS TO KEEP – as my way of saying “Thank You!” – even in the unlikely event you do decide to use my no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.


[ ](http://1.funcakes.pay.clickbank.net)

And don't forget: To receive the Two Super Bonuses,
valued at $22.90 but yours for FREE,
claim your copy!


Amanda van der Gulik........Excited Cake Decorator

P.S. You will be able to decorate any cake for any occasion and you will never have to buy a cake anymore when disaster strikes because you will know how to handle them

P.P.S. Remember, to qualify for the introductory offer on “Amanda's Fun Cake Decorating Ideas - Volume 1” for only $29 and get 2 Bonuses, valued at $22.90 (but yours completely FREE).

P.P.P.S. Don't forget that your cake decorating future is in your hands now! No excuses, no delays, no ifs. Just do it! There is nothing to lose since you have a 100% no questions asked 60 day money-back guarantee and there is everything to gain since you’ll get to keep all the bonuses - no matter what!

[ ](http://1.funcakes.pay.clickbank.net)

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