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* The Density Diet - One Simple Rule That Will Change Your Life


You are about to learn the ONE SIMPLE RULE that helps you to:


Lose weight without really trying.

Eat healthy, nutritious meals.

Feel fitter than ever before.

Change your lifestyle for the better.

Reduce the risk of serious illness.

This is the last diet you will ever need. The ONE SIMPLE RULE is
very easy to understand and will permanently improve your eating
habits, your health, and your physical appearance.


Would you like to BURN FAT and LOSE INCHES quickly and easily,
without feeling hungry?

Would you like to do this AND improve your overall health and

If so, read on. What follows are a few extracts from the
introduction in my book "_The Density Diet_".

I would like to say right from the outset that _The Density Diet_ is
not a fad diet. Fad diets do not work. To lose weight, keep the weight
off, and not worry about putting it back on for the rest of your life,
you need something more. You need to understand that a healthy, low
calorie diet is the ONLY reliable way of doing it.

_This is not a starvation diet. There is no calorie counting. You
will eat fewer calories purely as a side effect of the ONE SIMPLE RULE
in this diet._

The problem with most diets is that they are too complicated, or
expect you to weigh your food, or to combine food in special ways, or
eliminate carbs, or eliminate fat, or have drinks that only they
supply, or liquidize ALL meals, or... I could go on, but I think you
get the picture.

The idea for the Density Diet came to me one day while shopping in
my local food store. I realized that there was no need to understand
complicated rules about food content, or to follow charts and add up
calories or points throughout the day. The information I needed was
right in front of my nose.

I immediately started applying the principles of the diet to my own
eating habits, and found immediate success. IN THE FIRST MONTH I LOST
15 POUNDS. In the next 2 months I lost another 13 pounds.


* You Will Eat Healthy, Tasty, Filling, Nutritious Food

You will not go hungry on this diet. You will enjoy your food. You
will get all the nutrients you need. Yet you will lose weight.

Contrary to popular belief you do not have to avoid cakes and tasty
desserts. Obviously you can't eat these all the time, but everyone
deserves a treat from time to time. _The Density Diet_ tells you how.
* You Will Lose Weight And Keep The Weight Off

Most diets cause fluctuations in blood sugar that make you alternate
between tiredness and hunger.

As soon as you stop the diet, you get cravings for junk food and put
all the weight back on again. Follow this diet and you won't want the
junk food. You will be among a small percentage of people who get thin
and STAY thin.
* It Helps Your Body To Lose Weight

It is important not to allow your metabolism to slow down, or you
could find yourself actually putting on weight! Yet that is precisely
what half the diets on the market do. By consuming too FEW calories,
or by eating the WRONG type of food this is exactly what could happen.
_The Density Diet_ encourages you to eat enough calories, and the type
of food that actually prevents your metabolism from slowing down.
* You Can Choose How Fast To Lose Weight

_The Density Diet_ allows you to choose whether to aim for fast
weight loss, or longer term slower weight loss.

Weight Watchers recommend a maximum of 2 - 3 pounds per week, but I
disagree. Double that is perfectly safe if the diet is nutritious
enough. However, if you find you are losing more than 6 pounds per
week you can easily vary the diet to compensate.
* You Can Eat Anything You Like!

Some food can be eaten as often as you like. Some food can also be
eaten regularly, but with reduced portions. Some food should only be
eaten occasionally, as a treat.

The _Density Diet_ is a very quick and simple way of telling what
category any given food falls into. The basic principles are very
simple, easy to understand, and lead you to start eating the healthy,
non-fattening food that will help you lose weight and, more
importantly, keep it off.


As well as quick and healthy weight loss, you will also see the
following benefits:


It will be easier to get to sleep, and you will wake up in the
morning feeling ready for the day ahead.

You will look and feel healthier. People will ask how you have done
it. "Have you been on vacation?". "You look 10 years younger!".

Your concentration will improve, with resulting benefits to your
career and social life.

Your energy levels will increase significantly.

The improvement in nutrition will result in stronger nails and
healthier hair.

People around you will notice that you have become a lot more
relaxed. You will handle stress much more easily.

There are numerous other benefits. I used to suffer from acid reflux
before following the diet; it stopped within a week and has NEVER come


I discovered the ONE SIMPLE RULE behind this diet several years
ago, and immediately noticed the health benefits. I wrote the book so
that others could also benefit.

I started giving copies away in 2006. Why didn't I sell it? Well,
it didn't occur to me that people would want to pay for a book
consisting of less than 30 pages, and my primary motivation was to
share in my discovery.

Everyone thought I was mad! The feedback I received was that the
information in my book has the potential to change lives. After I had
given away over 1,000 copies I finally realised that maybe I should
ask for a small sum in exchange for this life changing knowledge.

The next decision I had to make was _"How Much Should I Charge?"_ I
settled on an amount sufficient to pay my costs and leave me with a
small profit at the end. The price I decided on is just $14.77. This
low price is for a limited time only, so don't delay.



An eBook is a book in electronic format that you can read on your
computer screen, or print out to read at your leisure.

Immediately after making payment you will be directed to a web-page
where you can download the book straight away. It is in pdf format and
is read using Adobe Acrobat, which most PCs already have installed. If
not, I will show you how to get it free of charge.

You are just a few minutes away from reading _The Density Diet_ and
a permanent, but very easy and enjoyable, change to your eating

This is a diet that will change your life. Don't believe me? Try it
risk free!


I am so confident that _The Density Diet_ is the weight loss diet
you have been looking for, that I will give a full refund if you are
not 100% satisfied.

All I ask is that you give it a try first. If you decide to follow
the diet, and stick to it for a minimum of 7 days, and you don't lose
weight, look and feel healthier, and have double the amount of energy,
I will happily refund you the total cost of the book - no questions
asked. You may request a refund at any time for up to 8 weeks after

P.S. The Density Diet has already worked for thousands of people and
it can work for you too. If you're tired of all the hype, if you're
really sincere about wanting to lose weight, then don't put this off.

P.P.S. Remember, with the "no questions asked" total refund
guarantee, there's no risk on your part. You have nothing to lose by
at least trying it. So click on the button below to start reading _The
Density Diet_ today.

_If you have any problems purchasing the book, or you have any
questions, please and I will be happy to answer. Please allow up to 24
hours for my reply._

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