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Has This Terrifying Experience Ever Happened To You?


You Awaken In The Early Hours To Find You Cannot Move A Muscle!

Your Body Is Completely Paralysed
From Head To Toe!

You Try To Scream But You Cannot . . . And Worse Still . . .  Someone or Some Thing Is Present In The Room With You!

You Can Sense The Presence Of A
Malevolent Entity Very Near To You . . .
Sometimes Even In Your Bed!

It May Take The Form Of An Old Hag Or A Mysterious Shadowy Figure . . . It May Even Start To Attack You!


This Is Not Merely A Nightmare!

This Is Real! . . . It Is Happening!

But . . .


You Are Not The Only One!


"I have read other books on this subject which were very dry, academic and overlong but you have summed up in 40 odd pages what it feels like to suffer from this strange condition."

"Thank you, I no longer feel I am suffering alone and feel more confident in being able to talk to my loved ones about this subject - something I have been unable to do before."

A. Bennett - East Hagbourne, U.K.


From: Edward Rush


My name is Edward Rush author of THE SLEEP INVADERS.

In this Mini e-book I describe my experiences of living with the terrifying, yet fascinating phenomenon of Sleep Paralysis which I have suffered with since my early teenage years.


I recall my first ever experience of this phenomenon as a young teenage boy - I woke up one night to find myself completely paralysed and unable to move my body save for my eyes and mouth.

I was so terrified I tried to call out to my parents who were asleep in the next room but I could not summon the strength to even do that and so there I lay . . . paralysed, alone and powerless to do anything about what was to happen next!

I go into what happened next in more detail in the book and describe how my experiences changed over the years into ever more frightening ordeals.

Evil Entities In My Room!

As the years went by, my 'episodes' became even stranger and I started to feel a definite presence in my room with me - sometimes even in my bed right next to me! . . . an evil presence which I could not escape from!

The presence took the form of an old Hag or Witch like woman who gave off a feeling of total malevolence. In my mini e-book I describe how this female presence visited me for many years to come . . . and occasionally still does to this day!



"I have never suffered from this condition personally but my wife has for many years and was afraid to talk to anyone about it until recently in case people thought she was crazy. Your book has helped my wife to feel normal about her condition. Thank you"

S. Rogers - New Jersey


Suffering In Silence!

This frightening scenario is experienced regularly by more than a third of the worlds population, people from every race, creed and colour are affected by this and it is becoming more recognised by the scientific community who have been studying it for many years. They have given the condition a name - SLEEP PARALYSIS - and attempted to explain it's causes.

I have studied many different explanations over the years in an attempt to discover the reason for this strange phenomenon. My studies have taken me from science to spirituality, psychology, magic, mysticism, alien abduction and the paranormal right through to the weird and downright whacky.

In my book I explain my theories as to why I believe this is happening to ME . . . it may surprise you and if you are a sufferer it may even give you hope as is my deepest wish.


How To Order Your Copy Now!


This fascinating mini e-book is priced at just $24.97 and is available for you to download in PDF format by simply clicking on the order button below.

If you are new to buying e-books over the internet please do not worry, once you have started the buying process you will be taken to a checkout page at Clickbank.com - this is one of the most secure sites on the internet today so your purchase and personal details will be completely safe and private.

Once you have paid for your purchase, you will be re-directed automatically to a 'Thank You' page from where you can download the whole book in a matter of minutes.

You will need to have a copy of Adobe Reader installed on your computer in order to view your new e-book. Most computers today are installed with Adobe Reader as standard, however - If you don't have the latest version of Adobe Reader don't worry - I have made it available for you to download for FREE by clicking on the link below



Click this Adobe Graphic and you will be taken to the Adobe website where you can down load your FREE copy of Adobe Reader - then come back to us to start your order


Now that you have Adobe Reader, you are just a few clicks away from discovering more about the phenomenon of Sleep Paralysis/Old Hag Syndrome


Simply Click On The Order Button Below To Secure Your Copy Now!


I suggest you don't read it before going to bed but if you do then I wish you a good nights sleep.

Warmest regards and . . .


Don't have nightmares!


Edward Rush

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"This is the most frightening thing I have read in years, it made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. I have not experienced this myself thank goodness but my heart goes out to everyone that does"

T. Wallace - Galway, Ireland


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